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Fifth Avenue Beauty & Nails - 65 Reviews - 585 5th Ave, New York, NY - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (212) 355-1117

Fifth Avenue Beauty & Nails

585 5th Ave
New York, NY 10017
(212) 355-1117
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Fifth Avenue Beauty & Nails - New York, NY
Fifth Avenue Beauty & Nails - New York, NY
Fifth Avenue Beauty & Nails - New York, NY
Fifth Avenue Beauty & Nails - New York, NY
Fifth Avenue Beauty & Nails - New York, NY


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i went to 5th avenue beauty salon,not long ago. i went there to go for a brazillian wax. the lady who did my brazillian wax waz berta who was so awesome! the brazillian wax was...


I went to 5th Ave Salon after getting a Groupon deal (3 mani-pedis for $35). I had a 10:30am appt and the place was pretty empty when I arrived. Yeah, it is kind of dingy like o...

Just ok if you want a cheap mani/pedi 12/29/2011

I went to 5th Ave Salon after getting a Groupon deal (3 mani-pedis for $35). I had a 10:30am appt and the place was pretty empty when I arrived. Yeah, it is kind of dingy like other reviews stated, but I wasn't expecting a luxurious salon for what I paid. A nice enough asian guy greeted me and I told him I was in for a mani-pedi. He asked some russian woman and she yelled back "I'm busy!". .so he did it himself. While I was choosing a color, another woman asked me if I wanted eyebrow threading - I said no. First of all, my brows are quite small and neat. Second, I don't trust my brows to someone with the equivalent of two messy caterpillars on her own head. The pedi was fine - very very basic, but for less than $12 each for a mani-pedi, no complaints. He did try to upsell me to a "spa" pedicure, but I declined. The only thing I did say something about was when I asked him to close the door behind him - a woman was in the room behind him having a very loud argument in russian on her cellphone for at least 20 minutes non-stop and after a while it really grated on the nerves. All the other women (workers) in there seemed to have attitudes. The manicure was ok - very basic and done neatly. Would I go back there if I hadn't gotten this deal? Absolutely not. I can get a mani-pedi for only $20-$25 in a better place with much nicer personnel. more

Berta is awesome 11/26/2011

i went to 5th avenue beauty salon,not long ago. i went there to go for a brazillian wax. the lady who did my brazillian wax waz berta who was so awesome! the brazillian wax was painless, and berta did the best job in under 10-15 minutes. if you ever want to get brazillian wax, then go to berta in 5th avenue beaty salon. the best part was the pricing IT WAS ONLY 35$! (she also worked there for a long time, and she works there Monday-Friday) more

WOW! 11/8/2011

I am a mother of three girls. I love to have a wonderful, relaxing manicure and pedicure experience. I love walking into a salon and feeling undone. I recently went to this salon with my three girls. We decided that we should have the day to ourselves and we should get pampered. I looked up this salon, I read the reviews. I saw that some people hate it, and some think otherwise. I thought why not actually go and check it out and see for my self. I walked into the salon and I see that they were busy. I'm thinking: " If they are this booked, they MUST be good." I asked the woman at the front desk for four manicures and pedicures. She said: "Yes, of course! Please choose your color." I did as was told. The employees there work very quickly. You could tell by the way they greet you, that they are eager to work. I love that! Anyway, four of the employees approached my girls and I. They asked us to take our seats and just relax and worry about nothing. While doing my mails, I felt no pressure. They completed my manicure and pedicure quietly, quickly and did a job well done. I was very pleased and so were my girls! I suggest every woman to book themselves at this salon. It's truly great and they will make you feel good as new! My girls and I walked out feeling new and re-freshed! Thank you 5th Avenue Beauty & Nails!!! -Definetley going back there!! more

Im never going back there! 6/28/2011

I recently went to this place to get a pedi and a wax. I found the technicians to be very pushy to sell additional services which I had to decline a few times before they let it go. The woman at the front desk was not particularly polite. Some of the technicians were talking about the customers in Russian and a dialect of Persian (they had no clue I understood both languages). Overall - not a very pleasant experience. My pedicure was mediocre (to say the least). They didnt even bother to wipe my feet with a towel. They used a paper towel instead. Im never going back! more

Not Impressed 4/28/2011

There is nothing more annoying than the techs speaking Chinese and making obvious they are speaking about you. I went in (the following day after having it done) to have a botched nail job fixed because they inevitably manage to mess-up the OPI gel manicure each time (cracks or has zero shine). Michael proceeds to give me attitude. He is never nice but if he did his job well it wouldn't matter. He needs to learn customer service. It is not my problem that he cannot do his job well and his male ego doesn't allow him to admit it. Instead he talks back and proceeds to babble to Laura in Chinese. He needs to go and work somewhere where he does not have ANY public contact. more

GREAT NAILS!!! 12/28/2010

shellac gel nails are an extremely natural-looking enhancement: thin, non-yellowing, nonporous, resist lifting. I have these nails and its great because they can be used for natural nail overlays, tip overlays, and sculpted onto forms for short extensions. i also tried the new O.P.I gel soaking off, it was even better because the selection of colors is more. i have fallen in love with them. more

Did I go on a bad day??? 12/13/2010

I recently started working in the area and have been looking for a good place to get my hair blown out. I decided to try this place because it's close to my job and I read some decent reviews. I called ahead for a 3:15 appointment. When I walked in, I was stared at by two of the three women there. Not greeted or even asked what I wanted. Literally, they just looked me up and down. Immediately feeling awkward and uncomfortable, I asked for a wash and blow dry. One of the women just walked away. The other pointed me toward a woman who was washing someone's hair (Lena), and then followed me to her. Lena was the first person to greet me and smile when I walked up to her. When she finished, I took off my hat and sat in the washing chair. She asked me what I wanted and I (again) repeated myself asking for a wash and blow-dry. I asked how much it would cost (as the sign and the person on the phone told me $25 and up). After what sounded like a debate in Russian, the woman with the attitude told me $45. I thought it was too much (I've paid $30 for a good job in midtown), but agreed as I was already there and just wanted my hair done. Lena strenuously urged me to pay an extra $15 for some deep conditioning treatment that she insisted I needed. Stupid me, I caved. Then it came time for the blow-dry... I should've known this was a bad idea when I watched as a woman who was getting her hair blown out by someone else CAME BACK to that person's chair FOUR TIMES to have the job corrected. But I was hoping I'd have better results. Nope. Not even. Long story short, my hair ended up looking frizzy, and she didn't even do the hair at the hairline surrounding my face, which made it look even frizzier. I, too, had to ask her to correct this. At the end, tip and all, I ended up regretfully paying $70 for one of the worst blow-outs I've ever gotten. Lena was a sweetheart (the only nice one there) and she tried, but it just didn't work. I don't know what their other treatments are like, but do NOT get your hair done here. If you want a great blow-out and AMAZING highlights, go to Marc Joseph Salon on 40th St between Broadway and 7th Ave, and ask for Judy. She's a magician with hair and I miss her terribly. :( more

great fake tattoos 11/15/2010

I had heard from my friend about these really cute tattoos, she had them done in fifth ave salon. the great thing about them is that they are water resistant, opaque coverage and fast-drying. so when I saw this the designs they offered I had to have it. it was perfect for the night out. i always wanted a tattoo but not a real thing. they are the greatest because last long. more

body scrub 11/8/2010

Full Body Scrub I came in for a pedicure and had the green tea spa. It had made my skin from dry and flaky to soft and smooth. I realized no amount of body cream will have the same effect. I went back and told Victoria (who is a therapist who has been a licensed massage therapist for many years) about it. she then told me about the full Body Scrub. when I come out i felt like a new woman, with skin of baby new born. I am taking my husband there in 2 weeks with me. The result was amazing. more

The city greatest salon 10/6/2010

I love this salon!!!! I usually come here to get my mani/pedi and waxing done. I've been going to Roza. I've tried other places in between but she is hands down my fave. She does the waxing almost painless procedure. I've been to so many places to get a Brazilian, and finally I found a place that I can be loyal to.The price is VERY reasonable($ 35.00) and also the location is great! more

Avoid. 9/15/2010

I was walking by and I was given a flyer. I went in and it was kind of shabby looking, I should have turned away but for some reason I went in. The lady who did my brows seemed nice. I told her it was my first time threading and I was a bit nervous. She started threading and then not even a minute in she asked if I wanted to wax. I was a bit confused but I said ok. I was kind of shocked when she suddenly walked away, only to realize she was done. I looked in the mirror and it seemed ok but upon closer inspection I realized she had butchered my left brow. I now have uneven brows.... I'll never go again. The sad part is I had already chosen a more reputable threading salon, but I was so desperate to get rid of my caterpillar brows (that I'd been growing out specifically to try out threading), that I ended up going to the crappiest place possible. Now I have to go out and buy an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps that woman left on my left brow. Please avoid this place, growing your eyebrows back takes a long time so it's just not worth it to try this place out for that. I am only speaking of their eyebrow threading/waxing service, I don't know the quality of their other services. more

the worst experience! 7/31/2010

I went in this salon for a pedicure and under arm wax. they offered me everything under the sun...way to pushy and they treat the staff like crap! they did a half ass job and were way to pushy with their clients..It was the worst experience I've ever had in a nail salon.I would not recommend anyone here. Pros: none Cons: annoying more

Amazing Airbrush Tanning!!!!! 5/29/2010

Had the most enjoyable experience ever with my spray tan. I needed to get color for a wedding and they helped me out. I looked like I just came back from Caribbean. No smell and natural looks. I also was able to bet my eyebrows waxed. Thank you Fifth Ave Beauty salon. more

male waxing 5/20/2010

I totally recommend Micheal for male Brazilian waxing. It's the best I have ever had. Micheal is very professional in every service he offers. The place is very clean & you feel really comfortable. Thanks Micheal more

STELLA IS BACK!!!! 5/1/2010

STELLA is back!!! And my hair has never looked so good as it does now. She left because she gave birth (congratulations to her of course) but thank god she is now back and I'm ecstatic about it. Stella now only works on Wednesday's and I make sure to make my schedule so that I always come and see Stella. Stella lives and breathes hair. She knows what color and style needs to be done in order for me to look and feel GORGEOUS.... Anyone who's anyone needs to come to Stella for she will make you look and feel great. more

nice place to go to 12/22/2009

I just started working around the corner from Fifth Avenue Beauty salon. So i popped in one day at lunch to get a quick manicure and pedicure before the weekend. I type all day on a computer so I didn't realize how badly I needed this. My hands felt like they just wanted to float up on their own. My biggest and most pleasant surprise was how long the manicure lasted! It lasted 6 days without a single chip, despite me cleaning my apt, typing all day, etc... . Hands down, this salon is the best nail salon I've ever been to, and I will most definitely be back for all of my manicures and pedicures!? more

Bad Management = Bad Service 12/3/2009

I think the problem at this location as well as there other location (Nails On 54th.) is there management is horrible and money hungry. At both locations the person in charge literally yells at there employees while they are taking care of their customer. They are told to rush so they can take more people and end up doing such a horrible job, I wouldn’t recommend this place even if you are looking for cheap. Also, the pricing is completely inconsistent. I think they are just ripping people off honestly. At both places the person who was doing my nails ended up apologizing to me in Spanish for their rude bosses. Like most of the other posts they come off extremely rude, they are loud Russian women who are very pushy at getting you to do more than what you came there to do and if you say no they become very offended and come off like they are talking badly about you (which they probably are, hence coming off racists). I went to get my hair, eyebrows and a manicure done and that was the only place that I could do everything at once. In the interim I was offered a pedicure, bikini wax, facial, and to cut and color my hair along with some extra thing for my hair because “it looked dry”. You get what you pay for is the moral of this story, I would never go back here and I would again NOT recommend it. If you like this place I am 100% sure you probably being serviced by one of the Spanish or Asian women because they are pleasant and not pushy. I don’t understand how this business game plan works for them, I know so many people who have and will never go back there or would never go there to begin with. I think they have potential of being a good salon but then the owners would have to be fired, so I guess there is no hope for this place. Pros: Nothing Cons: Pressure into doing other services & Rushed Job more

The Best Manicures & Pedicures 6/20/2009

This place does the best manicures and pedicures. Not only is the price out of this world, but so is the service. The ladies know what they are doing and they do it efficiently. I always feel relaxed when I get my manicure & pedicure. It lasts for a full week without chipping, that is because the ladies work from the bottom of their hearts. They only have our needs and happiness in their minds, they always strive to make every person that comes in happy. Pros: Great Service and Price Cons: There are none more

Worst Mani/Pedi Ever 5/21/2009

DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU WANT A HALF-ASSED MANI/PEDI FROM UNSKILLED, RUDE, R A C I S T WORKERS. I went here for a Brazilian wax and a manicure/pedicure before going on vacation. The price wasn't bad ($35 for wax, $23 for mani/pedi), so I gave it a shot. I was done with a Brazilian, manicure AND pedicure all in under 30 minutes. I am all for expedient service, but not at the expense of quality! It looked like I painted my own nails (paint on my skin, uneven coating, unpainted areas of my nails, chipped within a day, etc) I can't complain about the wax; it's pretty straight forward... but this was by far the worst mani/pedi I have ever paid for. They did not do anything with my cuticles but poke at it a few times and the filing was crooked...the actual paint job: HORRENDOUS. I am non-white and was secretly told by someone (also non-white) from the salon that I was being treated this way by the Russian women because I wasn't white. I have never written a review on citysearch but felt compelled to because of my horrible experience. These women have no business doing nails. Pros: Price Cons: racial discrimination, unskilled workers more

LOVE IT!!!! 12/27/2008

i have been going to this salon for over a year. i get my hair colored by Stella and cut and blown by Ester. they are very warm and friendly and extremely talented! i highly recommend! more
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  • Full-service salon caters to professionals and visiting shoppers, who pop in for nail, hair and skin treatments.

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