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Federico Beauty Institute - 24 Reviews - 1515 Sports Dr 100, Sacramento, CA - Cosmetology School Reviews - Phone (916) 929-4242

Federico Beauty Institute

1515 Sports Dr 100
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 929-4242
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If you're looking for a great school, this is it! The staff is always doing things to make it a better place for the students. It's a great facility and a lot of fun for students....


The instructors are very immature. My instructor talked about during class how many guys she has and can get. The so called educators are so superficial, uneducated and two faced...

Immature and inadequate instructors 4/11/2014

The instructors are very immature. My instructor talked about during class how many guys she has and can get. The so called educators are so superficial, uneducated and two faced to each other. I'm there to learn and I feel like I'm back in grade school. This school stays on the students about rules, but their instructors are the ones who need to be supervised. The hidden joke amongst the students is what goes on in the staff parking. I can't wait to be done. I love hair, and learning. The top needs to do some house cleaning within with their educators. I think they found them right out of high school and despite them being educators they behave like children. I just want to learn hair. How to be professional and excel in my career. Not who is sleeping with who or who hates who. If they would tape a day in the classroom I bet they would be shocked what's discussed. Struggling to remain in beauty school more

Current student 1/5/2013

For someone who is extremely patient and easy going, I am sure having a hell of a time with this school. I can honestly tell you, all they care about is getting your money. Worst decision I made. more

Federico Beauty Institute - Worse than the Taliban 7/24/2011

This school needs to be closed down. I am reporting it to the Department of Consumer Affairs (right down the street and I suggest any/all past or current students do the same) and I am also reporting them to The Barbering and Cosmetology Board of California as their practices are discriminatory, harassing, and ILLEGAL in every way. Bullying, harassment, character defamation these things are all illegal and participated in on a daily basis by the Federico staff. My first week in class and I was written up for having an improper cup! No joke. If I violate this again, I was told my hours will be taken away. I am sure this is illegal too as just like a job, you can not take away hours that someone has worked and earned! Uh hey Tim, I do not like you so I am not going to pay you for last week. Do you see the absurdity?! The person issuing the citation or whatever they call it claimed I was in violation of an OSHA law which was supposedly stated in the Student Handbook. I consulted the Student Handbook and there is nothing about disciplinary action for improper cups. Maybe because it is the most ridiculous thing ever heard of, demeaning, and no one would agree to attend such an unrealistic institution. I have a pretty good inkling that I will be written up for some absurd nonsense again very soon but this time I will say absolutely no to signing their referral form, I will request a meeting with someone that runs the Taliban, I mean Federico Institution, take copies of all referrals, bring a tape recorder with me and report everything to my lawyer. What they are doing is not only wrong but illegal. If you are attending the institution and are being violated you do not have to take it. There are laws in California protecting people from this type of behavior. If you feel like a battered woman, there is probably a good chance you have been abused! Close this institution down, sue them, report them to their respective government agencies and most importantly: STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AGAINST TYRANNICAL AUTHORITY!!!! more

Informed 6/25/2010

Lets start off.....first, I have been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. I currently hold a cosmetology instructor/educator license, a cosmetology license and separate manicurist license. Most of the staff at Federico College of Hairstyling are on a power trip and are extremely rude to the students, customers and family members of the students. Some of the staff exercise their authority to the extremes. The students have to bow down to the staffs every command or face suspension, that they hand out like candy. The students can’t express there own thoughts, style or opinions if it does not conform to the staffs personal likings. The students are often in tears because they are the brunt of the instructors disfavor. The environment that these students are forced to be exposed to is comparable to that to a spoiled bully that lacks compassion, understanding, continuity almost everyday. The staff make up new rules regarding policies, test calculations and other matters, when it benefits them. If the staff can find any reason to write up a student the staff will. If the student is, for whatever reason written up or suspended(due to medical reasons, car accidents, the flu, expressed creativity, sick children), they then can disqualify the student, collect the entire tuition from that student, there by opening a spot for them to collect a new tuition fee from a new student without having any ramifications. Yes, they found the money making loop hole. You decide, read all the reviews, ask around, read their policy manual and then decide if that’s truly the school for you. more

cafe frederico 5/19/2010

Dude if the cheese is brown it is no good. Don't put it on the nachos. NASTY more

former student 6/24/2009

If i had the choice to put no stars i would but it didnt let me. I was terminated from federico after attending for 10 months because one of the teachers ms suzan set me up saying i forged a number on my time card. So it was basically her word against mine. They just accused me and kicked me out for no reason and told me i can reapply after 6 months. no way i was gonna come back to that prison. They tried to get me in trouble for anything to get rid of me and wrote me up for something atleast once a month. I went through a lot of worring and stress those 10 months.this is honestly the biggest mistake ive ever made in my life was going there, i was already registered in jerry lee a year before that but wanted something better and i was really really wrong. They treated students like kids there with no respect and a lot of discrimination. I am already attending a differant school and love it! more

about this hell hole 6/24/2009

There is a teacher there she calls her self ms t but her name is terry mason and she thinks she runs the school she is so getto and uneducated that she makes the whole school look bad.she talks about the dumbest things like how jesus used to be talked about and how everyone talks about her and she always sends people home for the most redicuolous things. She also treats white people very differant since she is black. I would highly suggest to go to any other school instead of federico. they are all very uneducated and it is always very dirty there. I also know that they are going thru a law suit right now for discrimination. more

Current Student of Federico Beauty Institute 1/27/2008

Stating that FBI’s tuition is competitive would suggest that their pricing is comparable, if not slightly lower than that of other local beauty schools. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Do your research. FBI is by far the MOST expensive around, by thousands of dollars! These people talk a big game, and let me tell you as a current student of Federico Beauty Institute, I feel sorely disappointed. It is only because I have already put forth so much into this school financially, that would not be refunded to me, that I have decided to stick it out. The “above-and-beyond” services that they claim to provide DO NOT EXIST. They do not have a career placement program. What they do have is a cork board in the hallway with outdated craigslist job listings. The externship program is also a joke. The “passionate educators” they speak of are fictional. With a couple possible exceptions, I would not describe any instructor there as enthusiastic. On the contrary, I would describe most of them as apathetic, unorganized, old fashioned and stale. These “educators” have no formal teacher’s training, and as a result are NOT effective teachers. Any knowledge that I’ve aquired while attending FBI has been through my own diligent studying of the text book. Not only could the management staff seem to care less about the students, but they seem to go out of their way to make things harder for us. FBI is notorious for treating their students like peons, or jevenile delinquents. We are most certainly not treated with the dignity or respect that is deserved to us as Federico’s most important customers. We are watched and recorded by the various cameras placed throughout the school, for no other reason than to try to catch us doing something wrong. The schools severe polocies do not seem geared towards benifiting the students, but the school. Quite simply, they make a lot of money sending girls home each day for trivial infractions. Many students are now filing complaints with the state against FBI. I don’t know what Federico’s was in the past, but what it is now is NOT good business practice. There is MUCH to be improved at this school. Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors. I would STRONGLY encourage anyone considering attending FBI to do your research. Speak to present students and those who have graduated recently. We know what’s going on. more

Motivate 1/2/2008

There was a specific instructor that motivated me was Mr. A, he rocks! He always made me feel like I could achive anything I wanted to & that I had the skill to do it! more

Federico Beauty Institute Response 11/16/2007

We regret to hear of any clients that are or /were not more than satisfied with the services we provide. This is not usual as our educators closely monitor students through a thorough checks and balance system. This system ensures services are not only performed as promised but that we exceed client expectations. more

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It's a beautys school 4/16/2006

I went there twice since a friend of mine was taking classes there. It was hard finding parking since they're always full no matter what time it is. They are also on the second floor so it took me sometime to figure it out. The inside is a beauty school. I went in to get a message and I think it only costed me $35 for an hour of massage. The massage room is dimmed with soft music playing. It was actually really nice. I felt so sleepy afterwards. This is a great place if you want a spa service but do not want to pay full price for the "experienced" ones. more

Federico Beauty Institute 8/11/2005

This is a beauty school where students learn about massage, hair styles, manicures and more. The location is open to the public. The students practice what they learn on the customers. Because of this the cost of massages and other types of services are very low. That is the good thing about this place. The kind of service you get can really vary depending on who you get. I got a body scrub and facial once. The girl scrubbed the front of me but she did not do my back. I was very disappointed. When I went home I looked at a duplicate coupon and it stated that my back would be scrubbed. I would recommend this place just to try but don't go into the place thinking that the service is going to be excellent. The place is big with a lot of customers and students. more
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  • We are a third-generation, family-owned and operated beauty institution that continues its 60-year commitment to educating cosmetology and esthetic students. Our mission is simple. We hold the highest standards so we can produce future leaders of the beauty industry.
    Accredited by the National Accreditation Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences, Inc. When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? We mean really nice - like a complete make-over or a day of pampering? Federico Beauty Institute wants to spoil our students and guests with a number of specialty services at a fraction of the cost of traditional spas and salons.

    From head to toe,we want to help our salon guests look good and feel great! Call 929.4242 to schedule an appointment today!

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    Tue-Fri 9:30am-8:30pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm
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