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1627 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 254-8804
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Fatty's - Los Angeles, CA
Fatty's - Los Angeles, CA
Fatty's - Los Angeles, CA
Fatty's - Los Angeles, CA
Fatty's - Los Angeles, CA
Fatty's - Los Angeles, CA
Fatty's - Los Angeles, CA


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Great mojitos. My friends and I all loved the food we ordered. I had the Moussaka which was incredible. For desert I had the vegan chocolate cake which was even better! Great fudg...


The service was pretty rude, and the food was only ok. I would not go back, even though it's a great place if you just want to look at a pretty restaurant. There is a wide selec...

eh... 8/18/2011

NO STARS, REALLY,-- BUT ONE REQUIRED I GUESS. Hiatus?... hopefully they are taking an course in manners. Not neighborly folk and more rules than offerings. Visually, even though on hiatus, cute building for the neighborhood. more

I loved everything about this place! Great food, service and ambience! 3/3/2009

Great mojitos. My friends and I all loved the food we ordered. I had the Moussaka which was incredible. For desert I had the vegan chocolate cake which was even better! Great fudgy center. I could eat here every day.\r Our waiter was great, very nice, very attentive, very cute :-)\r I have no complaints whatsoever about Fatty's and Co. Pros: Great everything Cons: Parking more

The people's food critic gives a big thumb's up to Fattys! 2/12/2009

I'm a picky eater and love my food to be simple yet tasty... restaurant quality yet remind me of home. Menue item of choice for me is their ""Margarita"" pizza... mmmmmm. Perfect balance of garlic, cheese and tomatoe sauce. End the meal with a nice chocolate fondue and I'm all set for the evening. Pros: Love their pizzas, friendly staff more

Gem of a restaurant in Eagle Rock! 2/12/2009

Hey... Fatty's is FANTASTIC!! I live in Orange County and am not that familiar with restaurants in Eagle Rock...but found this GEM of a place. If you're ever in the area and want to find a really nice place to eat, great atmosphere and great tasting food definitely eat at Fatty's!! The staff is welcoming and friendly, wine is great.... and the food heavenly.\r \r Lastly, if you order the dessert... you HAVE to try the Fudgey (Chocolate cake, with chocolate ganache, coconut and pecans) need I say more! Pros: Good food, all veggie and vegan options, great service, nice wine selection, great dessert menue Cons: $$ more

extremely small portions, worst service ever, charged us for their mistakes and still charged manditory 20% gratuity with only a 4 person party...arggg 1/26/2009

Make sure to be very clear when communicating to the wait staff, as they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. It took several attempts to get a glass of wine; it wasn't until we finally walked up to the counter and asked for it AGAIN that we got the response, ""I thought you wanted it with your dinner?"" Mind you, she came asking for drink orders and proceeded to bring everyone else at the table their drinks. We let that one slide, but the real doozy was what happened when we ordered our dessert.....we pre-ordered the chocolate fondue (it takes some preparation time) for ourselves and after about 35 mins we watched our waitress serve it to the birthday girl who wasn't even on our tab. After asking where ""our"" fondue was, the waitress pointed to what was now the community fondue and said that she thought we were buying it for the birthday table. wtf? When we explained that we were not buying the fondue for the other table, she asked if we would still like an order. Uh, yeah, we did; however, we were not willing to pay for 2 orders worth since it was not our mistake where the first one went. She proceeded to serve us our fondue followed by our check which she kindly charged us for both fondues ($20 a pop) as well as a 20% gratuity charge (we were a group of 4 & the rule on the 20% was tables of 5 or more). After confronting the situation, they refused to fix THEIR mistake & remove the charge from the bill, and they were extremely unapologetic for what they were calling a ""miscommunication."" Not to mention we spent over $200 for VERY small portions of overly priced food. Needless to say, we will NEVER go back and we HIGHLY recommend that you don't either. Pros: decent vegetarian food Cons: over-priced, bad service, small portions, rude staff more

Where have I been? 12/1/2008

We've lived in the area (Altadena) for years, I've been vegetarian for 20 of those, I've googled vegetarian restaurants/Los Angeles, How have I never been to or heard of Fatty's before friends told me of it last week? We had a friend here from Texas and when we get together, we love good food and wine. We found both at Fatty's, and I am Thrilled to finally have an excellent vegetarian restaurant within a reasonable radius of my home! So many veg restaurants are not attractive inside, even if the food is OK. The one out in the Valley is a little too far, too ""precious,"" and not a place for non-vegetarians.\r Fatty's is wonderful! My only small suggestion would be to slightly dim the large chandelier lights at night- it was just a bit too ""lit-up"" for me.\r If only, if only, they were in Altadena (we are seriously restaurant-starved!)\r I can hope for a sister restaurant, can't I?\r My favorites? The monster-sized ""little dishes"" plate is a great way to sample lots of things and gives you just the right amount of food (blackened tempeh was great) and oh, I hope they never stop making the fudgey- it would be a great loss to the planet.\r Remind me to see if they cater??? Pros: wonderful food Cons: can't think of one more

The food and service are excellent! 11/26/2008

The dinner was really good. I had the zeppelin pizza and my sister had the pear gorgonzola salad. We went with a large group - most which were not vegetarians and everyone liked it. The deserts were amazing! We split the fudgey and it was so rich. They also have a nice wine list that has a good range of prices. I have already recommend Fatty's to everyone I know! Pros: The food and staff. Cons: They are not open 7 days a week. more

Fabulous food, even better people 8/12/2008

Fatty is one of my favorite places to go eat on the weekends. The food is simply amazing, very fresh salads, and amazingly good mint Mojitos. The staff is all friendly and know their product. I am a fan of their cake too! Pros: Great food and service Cons: Could stand to be open during lunch more

My favorite place to eat! 7/31/2008

I happened upon Fatty's last year sometime and continue to eat there as often as I can. The food is amazing. The wine selection is fantastic and I've never had a problem with the service. Some nights they get pretty busy and so I recommend a reservation...but If you ever end up waiting you can order a drink and/or appetizer to keep you occupied. \r You have your choice of FREE soup or salad with entrees and I think the portion sizes are perfect. I never leave hungry. I am certainly someone on a budget these days and this is by far affordable for locally grown, organic and healthy food. \r more

fatty's & co. Behind the Music... 7/18/2008

Fatty's...what can one say? The genius behind every concoction is apparent, and Odie and Kim absolutely are stunning as chefs. Kim knows her wines and Odie's got desserts down, and they both refuse to settle for less, even down to the miniscule details like a more inexpensive sugar. \r \r But I've got you all beat: I worked there briefly. And learned an alarming amount of info in a ridiculously short amount of time. And it says something that even now, I'm snooping online to see how it's going for them. Despite the things I could possibly say, the food is phenomenal, so go. Yes, Odie and Kim are eccentric; everyone that knows them or has ever worked there will tell you that. And yes, they can be jerks, just like Anyone else on planet earth. Trust me, I know. But guess what? They can also dance around with you to blaring blues and discuss the pros and cons of tea presses, show you how to whip vegan frosting and argue the finer points of a mojito. I haven't found too many places with owners like that. \r \r And the chick complaining about the wine portions. Gimme a break. A standard glass of wine is 5-6 ounces, and we used a ruler to measure them at Fatty's. Seriously. If it's truly one of those ""jumbo flagon"" nights, Carlo Rossi is always an option, or just get the whole bottle and pour it yourself.\r more

Good in the eye of Beholder 7/14/2008

Fattys & Co. popularity seems to elicit a certain disdain from a small, flesh eating, reactionary group of conservative diners. It is painful when they lash out personally and publicly but it is nothing unique in our culture. The owners of Fattys do care very much about the product and services they offer. They are true believers in ethical, responsible and humane eating. It is a huge blessing how so many non-vegetarians support Fattys,[ people who just appreciate clean food]. If at times this restaurant is so slammed with business that service suffers, it is not really tragic or worth writing about that one had to wait 30 minutes before one could eat ones second course. It does NOT make us happy, though, either, and we apologize for upsetting you. Nothing you suffered was done to you intentionally. If you should ever find yourself in the same position in another busy restaurant, ask to speak to the owner or manager face to face and they will take care of you. I would have tried to make things better for you. Pros: owners care Cons: owners imperfect more

Re: ""Good is in the Eye of the Beholder"" 7/14/2008

Wow. To see your kneejerk reaction lash about so wildly is a sad sight indeed. I am none of the epithets you tossed at my friend and me. I haven't been a ""flesh-eater"" for nearly 20 years. I am neither a ""reactionary"" nor a conservative. The ""disdain"" you sense is in response to your apparent inability to a) take constructive criticism, b) to apologize for calling my friend a liar (this, indeed WAS intentional--have you ""researched"" any deeper?) and c) to acknowledge your error. Talk about reactionary! To recap: your accusation to my friend Samlap was that we dined on 5/11, ordered no wine and pretty much had nothing to complain about. However, since I still have the receipt, dated 5/10, your version holds no water. All you have to do, instead of trying to prove the customer wrong, Ms Dingle, is to is to accept that our service that evening was dreadful and that you made a mistake with your ""research."" Your efforts to be ""ethical, responsible and humane"" are laudable, but in food service, how you treat your clientele is just as important as how you treat the environment. If you indeed feel that ""good is in the eye of the beholder"" when it comes to fine dining, then perhaps you need to eat out more often. There are generally accepted ideas about how a ""good"" restaurant should be run. My review of our night in your establishment was in NO way a personal attack, as you claim. It was, instead, an effort to marry the promise of what Fatty's once was (and could be) with what IS. A great restaurant with terrible service IS a tragedy. If you can't stand the heat, then perhaps you should get out of your own kitchen. Pros: Used to be wonderful Cons: Attitude has plunged more

Fatty's on Colorado Blvd. is a place to be avoided! 6/8/2008

Fatty's is not so fat at all. After all of the time spent looking forward to tasting their fondue the end result was incredibly dissapointing. The portion of cheese that they gave was horrendously small leaving you with a pile of bread and veggies that have nothing to be dipped in. The service is average at best. It is a real challenge to get one of the four people working to acknowledge a waving hand even when there are only three tables being occupied. The vegan chili which was decent was the high point of the meal. The management has a customers come last policy which does not leave one wanting more of the place. My friends and I will not be back unless a major overhaul of the way things are done there takes place! While I generally enjoy most places an incredibly poor impression of this establishment was made with me! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! more

WOW WOW WOW 6/4/2008

I took my carnivorous husband here for dinner last Friday and he was highly impressed. I am a vegan and am always trying to get my husband to try my way of eating and vegan or non vegan this place puts out high quality cuisine. We got there early and the service was impeccable. The waiter was very knowledgeable on every item on the menu. We ordered from the tapas menu twice so that as first timers we could taste test alot of different items instead of filling up on a main dish. I would highly recomment doing this. The potato tacos were oh so good, the freedom flaps delicious, the bell peppers very refreshing as an interlude, the spicy tempeh mouth watering, and the stuffed mushrooms delish. I hadid the white wine flight which was perfect for me with everything and my husband tried the girlie martini drinks which honestly he would have much preferred were just a down and dirty martini but that said they were good for girls. We are both really looking forward to a revisit. Oh and the desserts!! WOW!!! The chocolate fudgy is TO DIE FOR!! I love chocolate and this is a serious dessert for chocoholics. My hubby had the apple pie which he loved also. The total cheque for this wonderful meal with wine and 3 or 4 cocktails was under $100, what a great deal. Healthy and humane, we love this place and wil make it our new fave once a weeker. Thank you Fatty's, you are in our backyard and we will see you often..... more

owners care 5/23/2008

We deeply researched the claims made by ""samlap"" [previous 5/12 posting] because we do care very much that every one has a pleasant dining experience. Our intentions were to get to the very bottom of these claims and do something about it . Fortunately for us we have a state of the art computer system designed for restaurants. We found ""samlaps'' order history . He dined at Fattys on 5/11, the previous evening. Their bill came to 105.00. At 5.22 they ordered two mango sodas. At 5.29 they ordered two more sodas. No wine was purchased at any time by anyone in this party of four. The newly changed Vegan Ravioli ordered for ""his wife"" was ordered at 6pm along with other entrees for 3 other guests. The NEW vegan ravioli is clearly described in the menu which apparently they did not read. At 7.10 dessert was ordered. One dessert. At 7.23 their final check was delivered to the table. It truly was a two hour dinner. ""samlap left a 14% tip for the server. Their kind and thoughtful server has 20 years experience, 10 years performing fine wine service. She is the best. ""samlap"",you did not order wine. You lied and exaggerated for whatever personal reasons and we would like to pass this tidbit on to the general public, some of whom might take your words seriously. All legitimate complaints or concerns we take very seriously and we continue on a daily basis to try to do our very best. Pros: compassion for all living things Cons: in a cruel world more

Worst service and the food disappoints 5/12/2008

We ordered a bottle of wine. It took 10 minutes to arrive and the waitress asked if I, who ordered it, wanted to taste it? That was my first clue things were going to be tough. We ordered at 645 and at 7:05 we got antsy. NO sign of any food and we hoped to catch a movie. By the time we saw our waitress again it was 7:15 and she was slightly apologetic and offered us a little bread. We all ate the bread in seconds and at 7:30 our food arrived. My wife had ordered a certain vegan dish which was totally different then the last time we ate there but did not indicate it on the menu. Instead of the any offer of changing her order as any restaurant that calls itself a fine establishment should do, she said ""yeah the owner changed the dish"" and walked away. \r \r The bill came which was 105.00 for 4 which seemed like a ripoff since we were there for almost 2 hours and no offer of apology or compensation was ever offered. We left and later had dessert down the street at Camilo's, which is cheaper, better and is a FINE DINING establishment!!!! Cons: everything from the wait staff to the prices, a screaming kid more

yummy food 5/9/2008

This is a great restaurant for a nicer dinner. The place looks pretty casual but the food is more high end. It was also very delicious. Also the drinks are excellent, I had the Pink watermelon martini and the lavender martini, both were yummy. I would go here weekly if I lived closer to it. Definitely worth checking out. Pros: food, drinks Cons: price more

Irrepressible Spirit; Devotion to the Diner; Sharp Attention to the Art of Cuisine 2/7/2008

My family is in town from out-of-state and so, of course, I wanted to treat them to a uniquely Californian \r bill-of-fare. I took them to FATTY'S. more

gourmet vegetarian 12/17/2007

Romantic, gourmet vegetarian food. Finally! We have had wonderful dinners week after week for the past three months. Consistantly good and changing with the season. We love their new crystal wine glasses {which are gigantic and that may be why some people think the wine pour is small but it is the glass that is extra large and that IS the proper way to taste good wine). We eat vegetarian at least three times a week for our bodies and the enviroment. Thank you Fattys for making it such a pleasure. Pros: beatiful plates and creative wine list Cons: short hours more


Went to Fatty's recently, had a cup of hearty, soul warming, vegan chilli... AS AN ACCOMPANIMENT! I could taste the effort in each melty morsal of this mere give away (choice of soup or salad with entree). I've been to several 'high end' places that, by the slight chance even offer a tasty appertif included in a meal, make a boring tomato or last week's vegetable watery afterthought, or the dreaded 'Soup of the day.' Easily, I could have had a bowl of this stuff and went on my merry way feeling fulfilled and nourished. However, I stayed for more... as I gazed over the extensively creative and extremely versatile menu slowly enjoying the aromas pouring from my hot chili cup... hmmm... wild mushroom strudel with vermont 'grafton' cheddar following a tapas including a melted onion torte with port reduction, marinated local bell peppers medley, stuffed seitan mushrooms, braised kale with onion confi... chestnuts over open fire with butter sauce and black salt... spaghetti squash with braised greens and red pepper sauce... well... I know the mousaka with roasted eggplant and fresh tomato sauce is 'to die for' .... wow! Heirloom tomato margherita... could go for the cheese fondue ... watercress and frisee medley with pan-seared crusted gorgonzola mm orange vinigarette.... Oh, by the way, did I mention the soup last week was creamy butternut squash, all vegan! Anyone who writes, bad mouthing this place ignorantly 'gets off' on meaningless gossip fueling their self-indulgent ego. Obvious hard-work and effort goes into presenting this fine cuisine, I can taste it. I used to be a chef in NY. Don't be fooled, Fatty's is where its at. Try the Spaghetti Squash pair it with their Napa, 'Jake Ryan' syrah, have a 'slice of heaven' vegan apple pie for dessert. Talk to the acutely knowledgeable and professional staff, inquire about the ingredients, have a laugh with Kim, ask her about the wines, just un-wind in the welcoming atmosphere, have a little of everything! Pros: Simple good service accentuating marvelous food more
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  • The menu at this striking converted art deco car garage is classic multicultural California with a twist: Everything is vegetarian, with some items purely vegan in preparation. Popular dishes...

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