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Farwest Taxi

20636 International Blvd 200
Seattle, WA 98124
(206) 622-1717
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i called in for an early morning pickup abt 4:30 am .. the driver was there in 10 mins and he was really polite. he helped take my luggage and put it in the cab.. and at the airpo...


My daughter took the cab on a Sunday night and thought she left her wallet and passport in the cab. She tried for 3 days to get ahold of someone. It was 3:00 p.m., and they were c...

disappointed 6/28/2012

My daughter took the cab on a Sunday night and thought she left her wallet and passport in the cab. She tried for 3 days to get ahold of someone. It was 3:00 p.m., and they were closed! The message said to call at 8:00 a.m. When we did, we were transferred to a voice message. No one called back. We called again, and again, no one called. So, I called administration, she said, "Oh, I can see him now walking into his office" and transferred me again, where I got voice mail. I was steaming now! Called admin again. No answer. Finally, I reached someone who took the info and went to talk to the driver personally. Thanks for that. I still don't know if the driver really looked...I understand it was her fault and that someone can't man the phones 24/7...but if you say you're going to be there, be there. Or if someone leaves a message, call them back. It seems like solid business practice. We probably won't go back, especially since it's not the first time it's happened. more


For over 70 years Farwest Taxi has been a transportation leader in the Seattle/King County area. We led the way as Seattle's first computer dispatched taxi company and we're still leading the way with GPS in every taxi which will assure you of fast, dependable service from our courteous drivers, 24 hours a day. Join the growing list of satisfied Farwest Taxi customers for all your transportation needs... LOL...this company is by far the WORST company ever. They have rude customer service agents and their drivers aren't better. The customer service agents talk to you as if you owe them something and the drivers drive you with attitudes. All the reviews for this company were all negative. I can't believe they've been in business this long. Their best service must've been 70 years ago when they opened up. And now I think it's time for them to shut down. They are NOT dependable, and DEFINITELY NOT curteous...customer service SUCKS, drivers SUCK, and COMPANY SUCKS!! Call anyone but FARWEST SOON TO BE OUT OF BUSINESS TAXI!! more

FarWest Taxi 6/25/2011

I work in hospitality industry, This company is not dependable at all , when you have already schedule a night before for a 3:30am pickup they dont show up and after you call to comfirm with dispatcher she replys with guest name and knows we need a wheelchair accessible van she decided to send a small passenger car that shows up at out of the question. For those who work in the hotel industry dont used this company at all call someone else that you feel more comfortable and that actually cares on how to run a business not like this one...they dont care about disabled person all they care about is how to nickle and dime other passengers.... more

Undependable Liars 3/8/2011

I called Farwest for my girlfriend. The dispatcher said ""20 minutes"". 15 minutes later, the driver calls and says ""I'll be there in 5 minutes"". 15 minutes later, no taxi still, driver won't answer the phone, dispatcher tries to claim that ""oh we couldn't find a driver for you"", and had no answer for ""so why did the driver just call me a while ago?"" Working theory is that the driver recognized the place as being where someone has used Taxi Scrip before (low-income assisted fare - not allowed to tip or somesuch), and decided to take a better paying passenger, leaving a disabled person standing on the street in the cold with no ride. But maybe it was less specific and they're just generally flaky rather than evil. Either way, avoid them. more

Good Experiences 7/23/2010

I take Farwest Cabs quite often and have found (for the most part) the drivers are very courteous and the cabs are clean. They are always on time, but you have to call before you want them - you cannot ask to have a cab come at a specific time. However, I have noticed that, very often, the driver turns off the meter and then just tells me an amount. Since I take this route a lot, I know what the amount should be, and none of them have tried to increase it. I figured they were just skimming cash from the company, but making a complaint could only be bad for me. more

not dependable! AVOID AVOID AVOID 6/27/2010

I called Far West the night before I was leaving for the airport in the morning. When the taxi was 5 minutes late to my house, I called dispatch and they told me they had no taxis available! I had to scramble to get another taxi company to my home. Luckily I didnt miss my flight. Avoid them! Cons: leaves you in the lurch more

Horrible Experience With Farwest Taxi 4/12/2010

On Saturday, April 10th I decided to visit my brother in Everett. I left Tacoma at 7:15am by way of the #577 bus from Federal Way and arrived downtown Seattle at about 8:10am to discover that the bus stop where I'd need to catch the #510 Express to Everett is closed long term due to construction. Being unfamilar with Seattle, I walked around to perhaps find an alternate stop and noticed a #510 coming my way. This bus passed me and continued on down to Olive and made a right, so I assumed that the next stop would be somewhere that direction. Because I was carrying a heavy suitcase and completely full military bag along with other shoulder bags, I was totally weighted down and knew trying to lug that stuff no telling how many blocks would be murder. I spotted a LINE of Farwest Taxi Cabs across the street (I'm thinking it was 4th & Union) and struggled my way over to the lead cab in line. The driver was reading a paper and having a conversation with another driver in the back seat drinking coffee. Sweating and aching from hefting all that luggage, I asked the driver if he were available and told him that all I needed was a ride for a few blocks to find the nearest #510 stop to catch the express, letting him know that I'd pay him $7 bucks or whatever for a few blocks of driving. His remark to me was, ""How is $7 worth my time?"" I was stunned. This guy was doing NOTHING, and wouldn't drive me a few blocks for $7? I obviously had more, but how foolish an exchange would that be? The guy then tells me that what I really need is to go to the ""NORTHGATE"" transit terminal, and that he'd take me there for $25.00!!!! I asked him how far it was away and he wouldn't answer the question. I asked him once more to take my original offer since it was beyond fair, and he told me that I'd have to walk. I was so flabberghastted at this lazy, greedy human being that I wouldn't have bothered to ask another Farwest Taxi driver to assist me, and so went looking for a Yellow Cab or some other. Two blocks over, I called to a fellow across the street and asked him if he knew where I might catch the express going north to Everett and he told me to go one block over and two blocks up and I'd be at 6th & Olive where I'd be picked up with no problem. Exhausted, I arrived that the stop, the bus came, and I was on my way. I asked the driver if the expressed would be going by Northgate station and she said, emphatically, ""NO!"" That's when I decided that - although I'm not one to go whining in public over this sort of thing - I had to put this affront out there for others to read. Farwest Taxi ignored my dilemma, attempted to take advantage of me, and lied to me. Farwest Taxi was willing to steal money from me through this attempt to scam me into taking a $25 (or MORE) dollar ride to be abandoned at a bus stop where the bus I wanted did not go to. I wil, from this point forward, always suggest that anyone I know avoid Farwest Taxi. Anyone who wants to debate the merits of this review is free to contact me personally. Pros: Easy to find one. Cons: Horrific Service! Lying Opportuntists! more

Taxi Ride 2/2/2010

I take cabs sometimes, I recently called Farwest taxi, the driver was late picking me up, when we got to my destination he didn't help to open the door even though he knew I had bags. more

Farwest Taxi is well below average in my opinion. 7/31/2009

I have used this Taxi service several times and they never can find my place. The drivers are always rude and act like it is my fault they can't take directions. I've only had one good driver out of being taken 12 times. Some even tell me I shouldn't go where I'm going and telll me to call another cab. They can't take directions at all. They say they have GPS but can't find my house. more

abusive cabby 6/9/2009

i wonder if that far west taxi driver would have thrown my credit card and the receipt in my face and demanded me to ""get out of his car"" if i had been a man more

great and quick service 5/13/2009

i called in for an early morning pickup abt 4:30 am .. the driver was there in 10 mins and he was really polite. he helped take my luggage and put it in the cab.. and at the airport he took it out and brought it to the doors.. talked really nice and i gave a nice tip!. thank you farwest. would love to use your service again. Pros: fast, polite, helpful Cons: they are just too good .... more

Excellent Cab Driver 3/30/2009

I don't know about other's expeperiences but this company really went above and beyond for me. I was in Seattle for the first time and had no clue where I was. When it turned out I gave the wrong directions, the cab driver called me and then drove an extra 20 mins to come and get me where I really was(no extra charge). I aplogized and tried to give the driver a little extra tip for the trouble, but he tried to give it back to me! I then left my cell phone in the cab and didn't realize it. The driver tracked me down and brought me my cell phone that night(when he was off shift). I don't know about the company, but this driver was excellent. more


This is the worst experience of service or ""non-service"" i have ever heard of. My 8 year old patient's mother was denied service from one doctor's appointment to our office for his cancer treatment. She is from out of town and has no car, little money, and is caring for her two children while her son is receiving treatment. Because of her situation, she has medical vouchers to take her from appointment to appointment.\r The cab arrived and told her ""cash only"" several times and was very adamant and rude about declining the vouchers. She explained the situation to him that she was going to the hospital for her son's cancer treatment and that she did not have nearly enough cash to pay him. He exclaimed ""I don't care where you are going or that your son has cancer, it is cash only!!!"" \r After pleading with him some more, the cab driver shouted profanity several times at her in front of her 8 and 5 year old children and gave her the finger before driving off... leaving her in tears hopeless and afraid on the sidewalk.\r \r This is the worst behavior I have ever heard, and I don't know what heartless person was driving, but I can tell you that I will never promote this company, and I hope for her sake and yours that you won't either.\r Cons: HORRIBLE CAB DRIVER, SHOULDN'T HAVE A JOB more

Same old story 3/20/2009

After our experience with Far West I am not suprised with the other responses on this post. After our cabbie took my girlfriend and I home we discovered that we were short on cash and had to pay with a credit card. I explained that we would tip him extra for the trouble and still he griped and muttered curses at us in his native language. I still gave him the tip that I promised and his horrible attitude did not change. When I mentioned on our way out that it wasn't right to treat us this way he swerved his taxi around in a squealing u-turn which we had to run to avoid. Luckily we got his cab number and called his company. However, the employee on the other line curtly brushed us off and hung up on us in the middle of our story. Obviously the apple does not fall far from the tree. By the way his cab number is #127. Pros: I made it home alive Cons: Where do I start more

Had great service for Christmas day during the snow storm 12/25/2008

There seem to be a lot of negative reviews, but this company totally made my day today. My husband was in the hospital, so it being Christmas, I was going to do anything to go see him. \r Firstly they were the only taxi company that would come get me in Sammamish (we were getting pelted really hard with snow), and were polite and nice on the phone (wishing my husband the best) when booking the trip. Amazingly, even with the snow storm going on, I was given an estimate 10-20 minutes. At about 15 minutes the driver called me to let me know he would be 10 minutes more as the roads entering Sammamish were pretty bad. He was right on schedule. Very polite fellow who maneuvered the snow banks and stuck cars very well. I needed a ride back so asked if he would be available. At 3:30 I called and he was there in 10 minutes. I'll definately use them again. more

Farwest is a bunch of theives 10/29/2008

They overcharged me triple what he said he'd put on my car.\r Every time I call the number I get no help and they say they'll call me back or that I should call back,\r I'm thinking I should report the charge as fraudulent. Cons: ripped me off more


So last week I got into a far west cab not knowing how extremely shady this company is...I was leaving kirkland and number one the rate meter was already at like 20 or something crazy like that when we got in..all of us were a little tipsy so we didn't notice this til we were already driving. It cost me 50 bucks from Kirkland to Bothell-it was only 25 on the way there! I paid the amount but ended up forgetting my debit card in the cab- I called the company the next day and they transfered me to a voice mail- I left a message, but no call back.. mean time I cancelled my card but it wasn't soon enough- the cab driver used my card twice!! Once for gas which was 45 bucks and another for oil costing 70 bucks!!! I just called the company but the guy who answered said he couldnt help me-that his manager ""Jim"" with no last name could during ""regular business"" hours. This company is SHADY!!! DO NOT USE FAR WEST unless you want to be ripped off and stolen from!!!!!!! Cons: Ripped off and stolen from more

Farwest is the WORST! 6/15/2008

This company is so awful...I couldn't even get a reservation because the receptionist was the most rude person ever! I simply asked for the cost of the ride I was booking and she yelled at me saying...""you should have asked at the beginning of all this!!!"" Don't bother with Farwest! Cons: Terrible customer service more

More like far fetched taxi! 5/18/2008

I took this cab home on a Friday night. The cab driver did not know where he was going. When we got to my apartment, I was paying with a credit card and as I was signing the receipt he put his hand on my leg and suggested we should go out sometime. I was so freaked out that I jumped out of the cab and left my credit card with the driver. The next morning I discovered $2000 if fraudulent charges. Seems like a scam of a taxi company. more

farwestsucks 12/30/2007

How can we expect people to use public transportation when you can't even get a cab? I took my 3 and 4 year old Granddaughters for a stroll along Alki on Sunday afternoon. We are having a lot of fun and get over 2 miles away from the car. Of course the 3 year old is getting a little tired so we get a bite to eat and call a Farwest taxi. Farwest taxi dispatcher tells me there will be a 20 minute wait, no problem. After 30 minutes I call back and the dispatcher tells me 10 more minutes, no problem. After 55 minutes go by I call Farwest taxi the dispatcher tells me that there is no cab coming because there is no cab in the area. This is not the first time Farwest taxi has been this way. With the lack of any respect for the citizens of this beautiful city I really don't know how they even stay in business.\r Sincerely Michael Larry Boone Sr.\r more
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