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Farmland Pets

PO Box 302
Silverdale, WA 98383
(360) 308-0415
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WE bought our little Shih Tzu from farmland after having to surrender a beautiful dog we adopted from the Humane society. The dog had behavior issues and wasn't a safe fit for our...



So so sad. They use a puppy mill for there inventory of puppy's and don't care for them. Price them at outrageous prices. These places are in humane and should be shut down. Very ...

Sad 9/10/2013

So so sad. They use a puppy mill for there inventory of puppy's and don't care for them. Price them at outrageous prices. These places are in humane and should be shut down. Very sad more

Sad puppies deprived 10/27/2012

Worse than any ive seens 2 per small grill floor exercise. No blankets.beds treats toys Sitting in water dishes. Fees 900..humane socuety near by got 20to little dogs and puppys from another chance rescue. Low fees ans you saved a dog from death. more

DEAD PUPPY 2/26/2011

I went into Farmland to see what kind of accessories ect. they had because I just got a puppy Chihuahua (not from Farmland). I decided to look at the poor little puppies inside the cages with my boyfriend and when I looked into the baby Pomeranian's cage, there were two. One was warm but no longer living and the other sadly cuddling with it's dead brother/sister. I was so traumatized. I called the Humane Society but I was so shocked at the time I didn't know what to say to the rude lady at the front desk. I left. I feel so terrible but I was in complete shock. I plan to go in every once in a while and if I find another situation like that I will raise all **ll for those people in Farmland. It should be shut down! Don't support Farmland. If we don't shop there, they won't be able to keep open. CLOSE DOWN FARMLAND! more

Can we say Puppy Mill?? 1/29/2011

Farmland absolutely sells puppy mill puppies... they are from "B J's & Guys" puppy mill "broker" in the midwest. She has over 1k dogs at any given time and many fines due to unproper care... Google it!!! Farmland keeps these dogs locked in those cages for months until they are gone, they should be thrown in jail. Keep calling the local humane society and complain, they need to take away their license. more

It's just horrible it is... 11/20/2010

I go to farmland every once and a while when I'm in town, just to see if things have changed and every time I feel horrible when I leave. That place is just too small for all the animals and supplies they keep. They don't clean it very well at all, every animal from the poor puppies to the Macaw's that sit in cages only as tall as they are, are suffering. I went in a little while back looking for a book on Indian Ringnecks (IRN) because I had just purchased one from a breeder that actually took care of them. I figured I'd give them another shot, boy I wish I hadn't. When I walked in I saw two beautiful macaws each sitting in a cage that was smaller than the cage I have for my IRN. Keep in mind that an IRN is slightly bigger than a cockatiel, I felt so bad for those birds. One was sitting in a cage where the perch was broken and could not support the bird's weight. Every time it tried to step on it, the perch would bend to the bottom of the cage. In another cage were two yellow IRNs, I was shocked, this cage was half the size of my cage at home and there were TWO birds in side! At that very moment I wished I was millionaire, not because it would benefit me, but so I could buy that damn store and save all those poor animals. This doesn't even begin to describe rest the store. Please do not buy anything from that store, I know the puppies are cute to look at and you probably want to save them, but buying them only keeps the store in business. That store should not be allowed to selling anything with a heartbeat. more

Are you sure all the puppies are from Puppy mills 4/29/2010

WE bought our little Shih Tzu from farmland after having to surrender a beautiful dog we adopted from the Humane society. The dog had behavior issues and wasn't a safe fit for our family. We decided to buy a puppy because of the trauma with the surrender of the adult dog. I was able to call the breeder and speak with her personally, She had sold her litter of puppies to farmland because of she was pregnant and didn't have the time or energy to sell them personally. She was definately not a pup mill. She had had raised those puppies in her home and at the foot of her bed and was very excited to hear about our little puppy we adopted. She gave me info on her family and how she trained the puppy before she brought it in to farmland. I don't know if this is the norm, but I do know that this was a very loving and caring dog breeder that cared deeply about her dogs and was so grateful I called and introduced myself as the puppies new owner. more

Tramuatizing Experience 4/22/2010

I purchased a puppy from this place only to have to rush the do to the vet the same day. The puppy was very sick and could not be brought back and passed away the same day. The store is very unkept and the puppies are in smalll cramped cages. (they have 4 dogs in one small cage). I felt sorry for the dog I purchased and that is why I did it but I willl never do it again. I would not want anyone to have to go through the same experience I did and that is why I am writing this to let everyone know. When I asked to speak with the owner about the problem the first time he was unavailable. Then the 2nd time I was in there he refused to speak with me and the final time I went in he was actually at the front and asked if he could help and once he found out what I was there for he quickly and would not speak to me. Just want to say BUYERS BEWARE. more

Puppy Mill Recipients 1/10/2010

SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!! Puppy Mill recipients. Animals are all loaded with parasites when purchased and the local vets are making thousands off of them due to the health (or lack of) the kittens and puppy's purchased from this place. Deplorable conditions. Cramped and dirty. Owners need to be run out of town on a rail! Get your pets from the local shelters and save lives! more

If you see abuse, call 911! 11/26/2009

PAWS suggests: call 911. Please don't leave abused animals without doing so first! Otherwise, it is YOU that are neglecting them! I have not been to this place, but I do call 911 *anywhere* I see animal abuse happening. more

Poor poor puppies 5/30/2009

Those poor scared puppies! They keep them in tiny cages with their little feet poking through the holes- I asked if they ever get play time and was told yes as they pointed below to a metal water tub full of cedar- The employees could care less about these puppies, it makes me sad every time I drive by there- how on earth are they still legally able to sell these puppies??????? They need to have their license revoked. more

Just awefull ! 4/21/2009

I have been to farmland 3 times in the last eight months to get grains for my horses,and there are four puppy's now full grown dogs stuck in those small cages. It breaks my heart that this is allowed. I don't think they are ever let out ( what a horrible life) I wish everyone that went in there would call the human society on them. I won't be going back,would rather drive further to get my grains. more

Puppy mill pups 4/18/2008

I am so glad to see the concern regarding Farmland and their association with puppy mills. Would anyone be interested in joining me to organize a campaign against the selling of puppy mills pups here in Kitsap? Starting with Farmland. Farmland states that their pups come from a "great" breeder in Kansas. After seeing your posts, I set up the following email. Please contact me at ~Concerned in Hansville more

Don't Support Puppy Mills! 12/5/2007

All the dogs they have are from a puppy mill. Have you ever looked at the broucher they have on each individual dog?? I HAVE! The place they get thier inventory from is a puppy mill... anyone that breeds more than 3 different breeds of dog is a puppy mill. I looked at a pedigree of a Boxer they had in there NOT one kennel name I could recognize...and I KNOW BOXER PEDIGREES & ALL THE TOP PRODUCERS with shows etc etc. I WILL NEVER shop and support anyone that supports puppy mills. Its dispicable and the prices that Farmland sells those "quality" dogs are astronomical. My pet price from a champion sired and all the dogs on pedigree are health tested are not even that high. FARMLAND SELLS PUPPY MILL DOGS. Dogs that are bred for money and no consideration was taken if the comformation or health of that dog is to the AKC standard for that breed. Not to mention the temperament of the breeding dogs. When we buy a pet or even shop at a store that sells puppies, we contribute to a heartless underground industry that forces dogs to spend their entire lives in cages constantly breeding to support consumer demand for puppies. DISGUSTING, OUTRAGEOUS and OBSCENE! more

Over Priced, Poor Conditions 10/7/2006

It would be good store if they just were selling supplies for animals and NOT actually Selling Animals. Their pups are kept in VERY small cages or horse watering containers. They are EXTREAMLY over priced, and I’m very sure they are from puppy mills. We have 1st hand experience from a Beagle a family member purchased there. Lets just say he was not all there. They staff is not very friendly and they actually use to have farm animals under the store in a basement for long time, till they were forced to close it due to poor conditions. hmm I wonder why..... more

Farmland 7/23/2006

Judy, I recently went into Farmland (Silverdale, Wa.) this past week and I was utterly horrified at the conditions of this store. It was dirty, cramped and smelly. After talking a walk around this store, witnessing the conditions the live animals (puppies, birds, rabbits, etc) live in, I wanted to cry!! I was wondering what the Washington state laws are and how can a nasty "pet shop" such as this can still remain in business? I was also amazed at the customers shopping in the store were actually were making purchases and okay with the conditions of the store. I am not sure why and how this "store" operates and why they are allowed to remain in business, but I was offended and upset after leaving. -Horrified in Silverdale, Washington more

farm store 12/28/2005

They offer lots of farm items . from horses to dogs to pigs and chickens. Very nice selection on fencing too The parking is a tad tricky because it is right on the main road in Silverdale. and by a busy light. I bought a bunny from them once before and she was a nut. Not a good pet. I have bought suet from them in the off season and it was only .59 cents more
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