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Fairbanks Plastic Surgery

1151 E 3900 S, Suite B-110
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
(801) 833-0990
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If you want to have privacy and great work done, this is the place to go. I do not talk about what I had done, and we know some of the same people, and they have kept it privat...


I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Grant Fairbanks (Sr.) about two years ago. Unfortunately, I was not pleased with the outcome. I had visited with Dr. Fairbanks sever...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/2/2013

I have used Dr. Fairbanks's services for 25 years. He is a very concerned and gracious individual. When one gets to know him, he, or she learns, that his directness is because he knows what he is talking about and a person is very wise to follow his counsel. He also has a professional and caring staff. I decided it was time to have my face done. I would let no one else touch me. He gave me 20 years. Loved the results!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/14/2013

Recently I decided to take the plunge and have fat injection grafting to my breasts. Dr. Fairbanks was very knowledgeable and took the time to thoroughly answer any questions I had. I always felt safe and taken care of throughout the surgery and recovery process. I am thrilled with my results and would definitely recommend Dr. Fairbanks for any plastic or cosmetic procedure. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2013

Our Journey in finding Dr Grant Fairbanks Sr. was long but worth the find! Our journey is as follows....\r \r My son had septal surgery in February 0f 2013 with a local ENT. Immediately after surgery i noticed that his nose was crooked. (It was perfectly straight going into surgery) I brought this to the attention of the surgeon, and he said that it was due to swelling. Weeks later at a follow up appointment, his breathing had worsened as well as his nose remaining crooked. The dr gave him a nasal spray hoping that this would clear up the ""swelling"" that was causing the crooked nose. After a few weeks, and now my son not being able to breath at all out of his nose, we knew that something was definitely wrong. The Dr. referred us to an ""ENT plastic surgeon"". Later we discovered that he was just an ENT after a visit to his office.\r \r Feeling very frustrated we started sharing our story with friends. Luckily, while talking with a friend, Dr Fairbanks name and his reputation came up in our conversation. We were given his number and we called Dr Fairbanks office immediately. We explained our situation to the wonderful woman who answered the phone and she scheduled an office visit with our son that week. A few days later we met with Dr. Fairbanks. His expertise is truly one of a kind! His bed side manor is so genuine! After meeting with him, we knew this was the Dr. for our son. He is a true artist, and i would trust his skill with either of my children. \r \r In the future, if there is ever a need in our family to have any type of plastic surgery done, I would personally recommend Dr Fairbanks!!!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2013

Dr. Fairbanks was absolutely amazing. I can not thank him enough for his expertise, knowledge and awesome rapport with my son, who had to have a previous sinus surgery ""fixed"" (the previous surgery was NOT done by Dr. Fairbanks). My son was very apprehensive going into the second surgery and Dr. Fairbanks made him at ease with full confidence that all would be well. He also now, through his kindness during one of our appointments, made my 6 year old want to be a doctor when he grows up. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/19/2013

Approaching my 60's and watching my face sag with the same type of jowls that my grandmother had, I researched plastic surgery. But seeing online photos and reading the horror stories of those who'd had face lifts, I almost talked myself out of it. Not that I didn't want a younger looking face but seeing the stretched and taut skin of those who'd had a face lift (or 'quick lift' or 'lunch hour lift') worried me. A lot. Then a close friend recommended Dr. Grant R. Fairbanks. She'd been delighted with his work in correcting an earlier surgery performed by a different doctor.\r \r I researched Dr. Fairbanks online and learned that art is in his DNA. He's the son of world-renown artist and sculptor Avard T. Fairbanks. Impressive! I met with Dr. Fairbanks and was awed by his obvious dedication and commitment to both his profession of surgery and to his passion for classical sculpture. He's one of only a handful of surgeons in the world who know how to combine fine art and superior surgical skills for natural-looking results.\r \r Dr. Fairbanks is simply the best. I couldn't be happier with the results of my facial rejuvenation. I feel beautiful! My friends and family tell me I look 20 years younger but they attribute it to more rest, or better skin care, or just good genes. If I don't tell them, they don't seem to realize that I've had plastic surgery. After four months, my scars are fading and barely noticeable. If you'd like to learn more about my personal experiences, contact Dr. Fairbanks' office and they will put you in touch with me. \r \r But here's a warning....don't expect Dr. Fairbanks to compromise his integrity and commitment to optimum anatomical proportion and classic beauty. If you're a big man seeking a Tinker Bell nose, or a woman wanting to look like a Klingon, go elsewhere. Dr. Fairbanks refuses to do the faddish or bizarre. Only contact Dr. Fairbanks if you want a face that you (and your family) will love for decades to come. I highly recommend his services without hesitation.\r \r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/15/2013

I am thrilled with the results of the procedures received at Fairbanks Plastic Surgery. Dr. Grant Fairbanks, Sr. has performed 4 procedures for me - two on my face and two on my body. Dr. Fairbanks has taken twenty years off my appearance with his artist's eye and surgeon's skill. I cannot thank him enough. I would not even consider having another plastic surgeon touch my face or my body. I have complete confidence in his abilities as a surgeon. I have recommended Dr. Fairbanks to many friends and relatives who have also received excellent results from the Dr.\r \r I once used a different surgeon with horrible results and he refused to stand by his work. He was so expensive and did a facelift for me in two hours. Ridiculous!!!! Dr. Fairbank's facelift lasted all day and the difference is remarkable. With the other surgeon, I had a great deal of bruising and swelling. With Dr. Fairbanks, I hardly had either.\r \r When I see Swiftlift advertised on TV and they brag about the procedure taking as little as one-and-a-half hours, I compare that to Dr. Fairbank's procedure, which lasted all day and I think who would want a Swiftlift when they could have a skilled surgeon taking all day to perfect the facelift.\r \r Again, I'm so happy with the results received from Dr. Fairbanks and his attentive, caring staff. I could not be happier with my results and I recommend the Dr. for any plastic surgery procedure that he offers. I promise you that you will never be sorry that you chose Fairbanks Plastic Surgery for all of your surgery needs. I love the results! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/8/2013

When I learned that Dr. Grant R. Fairbanks was an artist and sculptor, and a famous one at that, I knew he would most definitely be a fantastic plastic surgeon. After visiting with a friend of mine that had a secondary rhinoplasty from him, I could see that he is probably one of the best plastic surgeons around. I went in to talk to the doctor concerning having something done for myself. I had the chance to visit with a patient of his that was six weeks out from having a full facelift. She looked great! She had such a natural look, not a pulled or stretched one. Her cheeks had been pulled up just enough to make her look youthful. After looking at her scars, which were very slight, even at six weeks, I was convinced that his facelift had to be one of the best. The regular stigmata that I have witnessed on friends that have used other surgeons was just not there (no hairloss, no stretched skin over the tragus, etc). This patient was extremely satisfied. \r \r I am on Dr. Fairbanks' schedule for my own surgery, and I am expecting that I will be 100% satisfied. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/6/2013

Before I had my consultation with Dr. Grant Fairbanks, Sr. I was seriously considering having my rhinoplasty procedure in another state where there is a larger Asian population and a lot more plastic surgeons who have experience in performing rhinoplasty on ethnic noses. \r \r I was trying to find the best surgeon who is highly skilled with not only nasal surgery but experience with ethnic noses. After meeting with Dr. Fairbanks, Sr. and learning that he has a background in art, which sets him apart from other surgeons, I decided to select him as my surgeon.\r \r I cannot tell you how pleased and happy I am with the results of my nose. Dr. Fairbanks, Sr. was meticulous and detail oriented. I would highly recommend Dr. Fairbanks, Sr. for not only rhinoplasty but other forms of plastic surgery. I believe he is the best plastic surgeon in the state of Utah, if not the nation. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/22/2013

After many years of searching and numerous doctor consultations, I chose Grant R. Fairbanks, M.D. at Fairbanks Plastic Surgery Center to perform my rhinoplasty. A traumatic accident had left me with a disfigured nose. It was asymmetrical, with a very noticeable scar running the full length. The tip was turned up and kind of bulbous. I also had difficulty breathing. I was told by several doctors that the scar tissue and the former trauma made any corrective attempt risky. Dr. Fairbanks was the only one who had a definite plan for what he wanted to achieve. Through his drawings, I was able to see what we hoped to be the final result. He made it clear that it wouldn't be 100% perfect. Honesty is a virtue not many possess. Dr. Fairbanks immediately earned my trust, respect, and confidence; my fears quickly ended. I found a surgeon that I was comfortable with; now willing to accept the challenge in spite of the risks. I was so happy with the individual treatment i received from the staff, they were all remakable. He first corrected the scar and after that had softened he was able to correct the shape. My nose, which was scooped out, turned up and strange looking, now looks normal and i can breathe well. I appreciate the incredible artistic and technical expertise of Dr. Fairbanks. I am very pleased with my results. It turned out better than I expected. I strongly recommend Dr. Grant R. Fairbanks. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/2/2013

My experience with Dr. Fairbanks could not have been better. I had rhinoplasty when I was 19 years old performed by a Salt Lake City surgeon who was reputed to be skilled. Three years later the tip of my nose began to buckle. I lived with an asymmetrical nose until I was in my thirties and referred to a nationally renowned plastic surgeon in Newport Beach. After one major open revision rhinoplasty and a second closed minor revision my nose was turned up and still asymmetrical. I didn't believe my nose would look normal again. I was referred several years later to Dr. Fairbanks. I was skeptical that anyone could help me. Dr. Fairbanks spent more time with me in consultations than both of my previous surgeons combined. In my third revision rhinoplasty he used my rib to completely regraft my nose and fixed my deviated septum. The packing for 10 days after the surgery was not pleasant but so worth the result. Dr. Fairbanks is an extraordinarily skilled surgeon and a perfectionist. For the first time in my adult life I have a symmetrical, unoperated looking nose. Dr. Fairbanks is not only a skilled surgeon but also an extremely gifted artist and he merges these skills in the operating room to create a nose that matches your face and body. His attention to detail is unmatched. \r My only regret is that I did not go to him in the first place. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/4/2012

Who would have thought that lil' ole' Salt lake would be home to one of the world's best plastic surgeons! Dr. Grant R. Fairbanks is a talented surgeon, artist, and sculptor and I personally feel very blessed to have trusted him to do my facelift in 2000. Now, almost 13 years later, I still look much SO much better than I did in my 'before' photos way back then! The methods he uses for face-lifting are not faddish and the lovely results are long lasting and totally natural looking. He recently performed breast reduction surgery on me and am SO pleased with the results already. I've looked at lots of 'before and after' photos from other doctors all over the country and there is no comparison with my results. I've been given my '20 year-old' breasts back! Thank you, Dr. Fairbanks, for your meticulous work.\r Dr. Fairbanks is generous with his consultation time and has always helped me feel assured and prepared for my procedures. His staff is wonderful as well as discreet . The office is a bit 'vintage,' but obviously, doing fantastic work is more his priority than redecorating!\r Thank you, Dr. Fairbanks, for your fun personality and outstanding work. I wish I had an endless 'punchcard' for more! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/3/2012

DR GRANT R. FAIRBANKS SR. is known to be the Best of the Best of plastic surgeons in the nation. His incredible talent for sculpting and art work have earned him top notoriety for his work as a surgeon. (Other top plastic surgeons have brought their wives to him for face lifts.)\r \r I have known Dr. Fairbanks for many years and have recommended him to friends and family. I have seen his Rhinoplasty work, Breast Augmentation, Face Lifts and much more. I have never known anyone who was disappointed . . . . only extremely satisfied. \r \r Dr. Fairbanks performed Rhinoplasty on my broken nose 25 years ago. I was very happy with the results. Recently, I had a basal cell skin cancer on my nose that grew to the bone. I was so worried that I would lose it altogether and be disfigured for life, but Dr. Fairbanks performed what I call a miracle surgery, not only saving it, but creating a beautiful nose. (I'm so sorry that Kurt S. was not satisfied with his. In my opinion, knowing Dr. Fairbanks, I'm sure he did his best work for Kurt and probably felt that anything else would have been totally inappropriate for his patient.)\r \r I want to thank Dr. Fairbanks for being the Best of the Best and I'm so grateful that he is here for all of us. I will definitely be considering more surgery with him in the near future!\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/22/2012

This is a review on Dr. Fairbanks senior. I recieved a rhinoplasy operation from him in 2011 and it was a huge setback for me. I came to this doctor because of his reputation for doing a thorough job. I mistook his arrogance as a sign of skill and confidence. He accomplished none of the goals with my nose, and I am now having to seek out a revision rhinoplasty. You only have a few chances to operate on a nose and still maintain its strength and integrity. After the swelling went down it was time for the assesment. He said that the goals for my nose were not in line with his idea of how a face should look. He said I was tall and NEEDED a big nose. He then handed me a paper with several different doctors on it and told me to try with them. I of course was angry and asked why he didn't refer me to other doctors during the initial consultation instead of after going through this painful and expensive procedure if he had not intended to even try to give me the nose I was looking for. I would not recommend Dr. Fairbanks to anyone. I feel he has taken my money unjustly and was unwilling to take any responsibility for the unsuccessfull surgery. I regret my experience with him and hope to help others in avoiding him at all cost. more

I did have some work my close friends know about....but.... 5/4/2012

If you want to have privacy and great work done, this is the place to go. I do not talk about what I had done, and we know some of the same people, and they have kept it private. I did have some work my close friends know about, but the embarrassing stuff....very quiet. - CooperC more

Fan of Fairbanks! :) 12/16/2011

I did a lot of research and had several consultations with diferent plastic surgeons. I had concerns because I'd had a baby and had significant changes in my breasts after breastfeeding. I am happy I chose Dr. Grant R. Fairbanks Sr. He is a true artist. His passion for art and sculpting is beautifully portraied in his work. He truly cares about the satisfaction and well-being of his patients. Dr. Fairbanks is knowlegeable, skilled and talented. He has been generous with his time during my appointments and I found his sense of humor and bedside manner quite delightful. His staff has been wonderful in their care of me and assisting Dr. Fairbanks with my appointments and surgery. I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgery and highly recommend him. more

The World's Best Plastic Surgeon 12/3/2011

Speaking as the parent of a child born with a cleft lip, I have to say that my experience with Dr. Fairbanks was a one in a million reward of a lifetime. After seeing many other little ones that had had their cleft lip repairs done by ""other"" Dr's, it only reinforced my confidence in Dr Fairbanks and his miraculous skills. My tiny little girl was turned into a beautiful young woman at the hands of Grant Fairbanks. I offer to him a huge debt of gratitude, love and appreciation for his excellent work. It was such a pleasure working with him throughout the many surgeries with my daughter. He is meticulous and next to perfect in the work that he does. He is truly an artist when it comes to remodeling his patients appearance. I proudly have recommended his magnificent skills to many friends, family and even strangers looking for help.When it comes to your child and what can be done to help them, you have to turn to the best that there is. Not only did he reinvent the face of my sweet little girl, but he repaired the webbed fingers of a friends little son, did a breast augmentation on my niece, a breast reduction on my daughter in law and I would suggest that anyone looking for ""the ultimate"" plastic surgeon will find that exact thing in Dr. Grant Fairbanks. more

Utah's and Possibly the Nation's Top Plastic Surgeon 7/27/2011

After surgery from two other plastic surgeons in Utah and talking to others who have had multiple plastic surgeries from Utah surgeons, it's clear that Dr. Fairbanks, Sr. tops them all. I am convinced Dr. Fairbanks ranks as one of the top two or three plastic surgeons in the nation. His artistic background, keen mind and his dedication to excellence are unsurpassed. Dr. Fairbanks meticulously spent nine long hours transforming me from a 72 year old to a 50 + year old, leaving me looking so natural people are convinced I look so good because I have lost weight. My new looks have even enhanced my career. More and more of the media are interested in having me on their shows. The TV industry has no appreciation, and little tolerance..for old. Not only do I look younger, I feel younger and have more energy to devote to advancing my career. Thanks Dr. Grant and all your wonderful staff for making my experience with you so positive, so nurturing and so ultimately--life enhancing. Hugs and blessings to you all. cn more

Fairbanks Plastic Surgery 7/12/2011

Fairbanks Plastic Surgery is located across the street from St. Mark's Hospital. I've had two separate liposuction/fat injection procedures done by Dr. Fairbanks (Sr.). My experiences were both something I would do over and over again. The consultations (as many as you want) were no charge and all of your follow ups (for years) are no charge as well. I felt very comfortable knowing that I could ask as many questions as I wanted and I was confident in every response I was given. Dr. Fairbanks is honest, sincere, and extremely knowledgeable of human anatomy and healing processes. He is the most meticulous, careful, and thorough surgeon I have ever met with and can't imagine anyone more so than he. I love my results and if I ever choose to have more work done I will be right back in his office for his opinion and expertise. His work has literally changed my life and my self-esteem. I am more confident and comfortable in my skin than I have ever been in my life. So thank you Dr. Fairbanks and his wonderfully comforting staff. -Cnit more

No Worries, Be Happy! 7/12/2011

Dr. Fairbanks is a skilled and maticulous surgeon. He is concerned for the well being of each and everyone of his patient's. If surgery is needed, I recommend visiting his office. You will be pleasantly surprised! more

Excellent Service and Results 5/27/2011

I recently had to have surgery and selected Dr. Grant R. Fairbanks (Sr.) as my plastic surgeon. I noticed that he had some reviews on Citysearch, so I thought I'd add my own. When I read the reviews, 4 of them spoke highly of Dr. Fairbanks and echoed the positive experience, professionalism, and pleasing results I received. One, however, described something quite the opposite. My experience with Dr. Fairbanks was so completely contrary to Amy Crawley's that the only conclusions I can possibly come to are that ""Amy's"" is a fake review, or she's mis-clicked and wrote a review for a completely different doctor. Dr. Fairbanks has a website full of before and after pictures. Why not visit there and decide for yourself. more
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  • Welcome to our practice of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery located in Salt Lake City, Utah. At Fairbanks Plastic Surgery, we offer a full line of plastic surgery procedures, including: facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast enlargement (augmentation), breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, body contouring, abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck), thigh & buttock lifts, and upper arm contouring (brachioplasty). We make every effort to ensure cosmetic surgery is affordable for our patients. So, a full-scale operation room is maintained at the Fairbanks Plastic Surgery Center for patient convenience and mitigate the excessive costs of major medical centers. Our highly-trained and caring professional staff is dedicated to making your time spent with us a pleasant experience. Every effort will be made to achieve the goals you are seeking from plastic surgery. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to meeting you.

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