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Evergreen Terrace Apartments (etsu/jcmc) - 8 Reviews - 902 Ashley Rd, Johnson City, TN - Rental & Roommate Agencies Reviews - Phone (866) 578-2417

Evergreen Terrace Apartments (etsu/jcmc)

902 Ashley Rd
Johnson City, TN 37604
(866) 578-2417
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I have lived here at Evergreen Terrace for 2 years and plan to stay 2 more, or until I graduate from ETSU. The apartments are clean and the employees are nice, fair and very helpf...


Do not rent here. Every negative review is 100% true. All the good reviews have to have been written by a memeber of the Evergreen Staff. The list of negatives includes: outda...

Near ETSU, Best place yet 4/16/2012

I have lived in 5 places through 3 companies in the nearly two years I've lived in Johnson City (On Campus and in Campus Ridge were the other two) and this is the best place yet. I'm nearing the end of my current lease and about to renew which I rarely do as I tend to move around a lot. Apartments are a little pricey, there's no arguing, but when considering location, they're the cheapest you're going to find. As most people say, pest control is a bit annoying and intrusive. However, with 8 a.m. classes every day, I never had to worry about it too much. Though once, I came back late at night (about 16 hours after pest control came through) to find my bathroom light on with urine sitting in the toilet; they used my bathroom, didn't flush then left the light on. That along with trying to deal with touchy internet have been my biggest annoyances. The walls are thin; sometimes I can here my neighbors cough. So when a partier or late-night drum player comes through, it can get unpleasant. For the most part though, my neighbors have been quiet and considerate of others. Most of the office staff is very helpful; I once ran into the owner outside business hours, had a conversation, mentioned an issue with internet in my building, and he immediately went out of his way to help me. The only unpleasant experience I've had with staff was with the owner's daughter one day, though I can't really blame her; what other highschool-aged girl would want to spend a nice summer day working in an office instead of hanging out with friends? Though even then, she either answered all my questions or quickly found out the answer from another staff member. As a previous reviewer said, this is a great place for college students, but not really one for families. This is a wonderful place to hang out or lay your head between work and school, but not the best environment to raise children. Put simply, if you want a quiet place to sleep and do homework, come here. If you want to spend your college career partying, PLEASE go to Campus Ridge where you are the majority and leave the rest of us in peace. more

Not so bad... 1/16/2011

I have lived here for about 6 months, and so far it has been great. I have had no problems with the staff. They've all been very friendly and polite. I suspect that they treat you in the same way you treat them. They do come and do pest inspections once a month, but they email you ahead of time and let you know what day they will be coming so you can be prepared. My front door was cracked one day because I was about to leave, and they just came in, which I thought was kind of crazy, but they offered to lock up for me since I was leaving. They were only in there for literally 2 min so I don't know what kind of inspection they could have done that quickly. I can't say anything about the pool, fitness, or laundry facilities. Every so often they have social events for the tenants. They also sent out a late night treat to everyone during exam week, which I thought was thoughtful. The only major problem I have with the place is their internet. I'd say it only works 50% of the time, which is a huge pain. You can't have pets, which is a bummer. Someone said it was always cold in the apt, I've never had any problems with my heating and air. It's hot when I want it to be hot, and cold when I want it to be cold. I don't have any complaits about the appliances either. The carpet looks a bit dated. The walls are very thin, so you can hear your neighbors. Yes, they are loud somtimes, but that is not the apartment complex's fault. They're fees when you move out are kind of steep, and you can tell they are all about getting every penny they can, but they're a business. What do you expect? The location is great, and the price for rent reflects that. So far, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. So, I say it's a pretty decent place to live. more

Take My Word...DONT RENT HERE 8/11/2009

Do not rent here. Every negative review is 100% true. All the good reviews have to have been written by a memeber of the Evergreen Staff. The list of negatives includes: outdataed appliances, thin walls, TERRIBLE management, Monthly pest control aka they walk in whenever they please, I have come home to my door unlocked by a member of the staff, one knock does not give enought time for you to prepare for pest control, they notify you after they come respectful phone call to discuss their need to enter YOUR apartment, rude staff especially D.......A who cannot professionaly address any issues but loves to cop an attitude...she is very unwelcoming, She thinks because she was relocated to her own office she can take authority when not necessary, but truth is she couldnt manage a lemonade stand at a garage sale, the whole place is very unprofessional. You can definitely find something better at a cheaper price. If they cared anything about their tenants they would take some of the money they have ripped you off with and update their 1990s apartments. Pretty much they take advantage of college students who need to live near campus. I found a much nicer place only minutes from ETSU thats cheaper, two stories, and has professional management. I have also lived in Campus Ridge and I would suggest renting there before evergreen, at least they have the courtesy to treat you as the adult you are and not have monthly pest control...aka...Snooping and invading your privacy. In my opinion any kind of interaction between the staff and a tenant shoudl be schuled by appointment and not treated as a ""room check."" If I can give any advice...Dont rip yourself off and settle for Evergreen. There is much nicer you just have to look. Pros: close to ETSU Cons: everything else more

average to above average 7/20/2009

i moved into evergreen as a freshman and have lived there for 3 years. over that time i have had noisey neighbors and some quiet neighbors. its something that i have just gotten use to and learned to live with. a couple months back my fridge went out and i called the maintenance number around 2 am. the little guy came right out and by 3:30 i had a new fridge. he didnt even complain about being woke up at that hour. i had had previous issues with the old manager, but she is no longer there and they promoted devina. things in the office seem to be running much more smoothly and im pretty happy with my current neighbors. i will be graduating in december and moving on. i definately would say that evergreen is the place to go for JC apartments for college student. Pros: maintenance Cons: no pets more

Evergreen Terrace 2/27/2009

I lived at Evergreen for 2 years. My fault I didn't bail sooner, but oh well. The construction was crappy and no matter what we did our apartment stayed cold. We also kept having issues with out dishwasher and no matter how many times we called about it, we were either put off, or it was temporarily fixed for like a week. and even though we busted our butt to clean after we left, we didn;t get any of our deposit back. It was horrible!! I get that in apartment life you hear your neighbors, but it was like they picked and chose who got warned. I had crappy neighbors on both sides, but only one side was warned and got letters even though we complained a lot! If someone stays over at your apartment more than 3 days a week, and they do not have a sticker on their car, they will tow it. If they feel someone is there to much you will be charged $25.00 a month to your lease extra and you have to add their name! The property manager was a JOKE! She was horrible and never around. When you did talk to her about anything she wasn't helpful at all. I tell anyone who asks that the place is horrible!! Pros: The swimming pool Cons: everything else more

good for students, not for families 8/13/2008

I called Evergreen Terrace home during my last two years at ETSU. I have to say that I enjoyed it. Yes, I often heard my neighbors. But its a college complex, what else could you expect. I'd reccommend for college students, but probably not for families. Rent is a little on the high side but with the location, you cant really find anything better. Trust me I tried. They do monthly inspections, which I found annoying but what can you do. The office staff wasn't so great. There was a younger girl that worked there and everyone knew she was the only one to go to with problems. Otherwise nothing would get taken care of. Pros: Location, Living area size, pools Cons: Small kitchens more

All that glitters is not gold... 5/22/2008

You have to know that the apartment complex types up some of these fake reviews to make the place look nice to live in. All apartment complexes in this price range are the same: shoddy construction, inept staff, and noisy neighbors. Let's all get a clue and realize that this ain't 5-star living we're talking about here!!! I don't even live at Evergreen but they sure kept my non-refundable $100 deposit when I cancelled my apartment, BLOODSUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!! more

Great place to live at ETSU! 4/18/2007

I have lived here at Evergreen Terrace for 2 years and plan to stay 2 more, or until I graduate from ETSU. The apartments are clean and the employees are nice, fair and very helpful. The 2 pools are great and kept clean. They should have W/D hookups, but the laundry room in each apt. building is OK. Pros: Clean and well maintained-good value Cons: No pets allowed more
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