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Etiquette Lounge - 32 Reviews - 1108 Market St (at Seventh Street), San Francisco, CA - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (415) 869-8779

Etiquette Lounge

1108 Market St (at Seventh Street)
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 869-8779
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Etiquette Lounge - San Francisco, CA
Etiquette Lounge - San Francisco, CA
Etiquette Lounge - San Francisco, CA


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You might drive down market street 100 times and wonder about the sign outside this lounge...It says "Love will solve all your problems, Love will only let you down." It was some...


I went to Etiquette Lounge with two my girlfriends one Friday night. The website described the spot as an up-scale lounge. Once we arrived we discovered that everyone there was in...

Nice Place 9/6/2009

malulloyd Provided by Partner
Go here with friends. Its a lot of fun. Spend time by the bar, the bartenders are quite friendly. Pros: Good Vibes, Good Drinks & Food Cons: Sometimes there is a line more

Not what I expected! 7/22/2009

capioneer Provided by Partner
I went to Etiquette Lounge with two my girlfriends one Friday night. The website described the spot as an up-scale lounge. Once we arrived we discovered that everyone there was in a leather vested, biker group. Not what I expected to say the least. Pros: None more

Ok place for after work 5/11/2009

holly94123 Provided by Partner
I guess it may not be fair to rip the place a new one, but some of the people there were real jerks. The staff was fine, but could have been a bit more attentive. Pros: Music and drinks Cons: Some of the patrons more


funkybuttons Provided by Partner
I was invited here by a couple friends that told me they knew one of the bartenders. I think that's the only way they can get people in there. there were about 15 people there and they were all friends of the bartenders. its pretty bad when you are paying for bad expensive drinks, and right next to you, the bartender is obviously giving everyone else free drinks (which is pretty hard to hide, with that few people around). The dj was okay, but they could have been playing KMEL and it would have sounded the same. It's very difficult to ignore someone waiting for a drink when there's that few people at the bar, but sure enough, they accomplished this task. I guess the bartenders were more interested in chilling with their friends than serve a "paying" customer. Both arriving and leaving were dangerous affairs. with parking so far away, and the streets riddled with crackheads and bums, you find your self running to and from your car with the scent of fresh throwup and urine all around you. I heard from a friend that they are opening up during the day as a coffee shop.... are you serious.... in the tenderloin??? they are obviously on the way out... Never going back there again, I'd rather go to starbucks! Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: everything more

Bad Etiquette Lounge 4/21/2009

freebee3000 Provided by Partner
unfortunately I went to this east bay gangster hang-out spot, on a friday night. There were three different people at the front all trying to charge me seperate covers one said $15, another said $20, I mean.... come on!! so after barely avoiding paying two probably b.s. covers, I arrived inside to find one small bad smelling, non-ventilated sweaty room with no real decor. If you like going to the bathroom in rubber boots, this is your spot, because there was at least 3 inches of toilet water with god knows what on the ground! in addition to a guy snorting stuff in plain site in the WOMANS ROOM!!! After being subjected to the same top 40 bad radio songs being poorly mixed together, I went to close my bar tab, and there were about $70 of drinks on my tab that I didn't authorize to be put on my tab. So after all that, you might ask... what else can make this experience worse? well how about a giant fight right outside the club seemingly between rival gangs or groups. Needless to say I'm not ever going back, and I advise you to not go either unless you like being present during multiple stabbings. Pros: none Cons: Seedy / Rowdy crowd, Weak drinks, Small, and Smelly!!! more

awesome little hot spot 7/1/2008

ellainSF Provided by Partner
You might drive down market street 100 times and wonder about the sign outside this lounge...It says "Love will solve all your problems, Love will only let you down." It was some time before my friends and I decided to venture to this mysterious and alluring nightlife spot, but since we did, we have been going back time and time again. This is an AMAZING place to have a party or do bottle service. The interior is hot. The crowd is hot. The staff is hot. The abiance is hot and romantic...are you getting my drift? It's a change from the regular nightlife that can get somewhat blah. Great music mixed with great cocktails. They also have a variety of performers that come in and do surprise shows. I have seen beatboxers, belly dancers, samba dancers, djembe drummers...I would recommend it. Pros: great place to celebrate, reasonable prices, very comfy VIP Cons: parking is 1.5 blocks away, the place can get busy early more

worst night club in San Francisco 6/27/2008

elo1155 Provided by Partner
we had to wait 1:15 on the line although we had RSVPed. Then the stupid bartender got me a wrong drink and when i told him that this is not what i asked for, he got kind of angry and gave me my drink(apple Martini) and as soon as i drank it, i started feeling dizzy and i was about to faint. Never go there too crowder you can't breath...... more

Great place to go with the girls! 6/26/2008

cantgetmembername Provided by Partner
Great place! We went last Saturday first time and I absolutely loved it. Great music. Very friendly staff from the front door ppl to the bartenders. Just enough space to get your groove on, but never too far from some comfy seating if you want to relax. The decor is fabulous and I know my girls had a great time. We'll be back. Pros: music, drinks, fun people more

Etiquette Lounge is the place to go! I loved it! 6/25/2008

rachel_sf Provided by Partner
Went here last Saturday night for my girlfriend's birthday. We had reserved a VIP booth which was very comfortable. The place is absolutely beautiful and evokes a very romantic fun feel. We had a FABULOUS time and I will be back. At midnight, they had a beatboxer do a special performance which was really cool and at the end of the night, a saxophonist accompanied the DJ. The DJ played the favorites and lots of cool mashups ranging from hip hop to rock. At one point, I think he had every single person in the bar singning. At least it felt that way. Pros: great drinks, great music, great for parties! Cons: parking can be hard- cab it, dont drink and drive! more

Poor Management 6/21/2008

mikeluv Provided by Partner
Decided to check it out. Well I should of not waisted my time. Got there around 11:30 pm, hardly anybody there but employees and some groupies around the DJ. I couldn't figure out who worked there or not. I asked who the manager was then I was pointed to a Asian Female named Joanna (i think) who shockingly was all over a male partner & drinking with some guest that really surprised me a lot. Management mingling with others, HMM. that right there put the red light up and told me that is NOT the type of atmosphere and unprofessionalism I want to be around. Well being a business man that I am, I REGRET 2 SAY, NEVER AGAIN. Etiquette will not be around long and definitely I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND. Cons: BAD MANAGEMENT more

A club that would have potential but with New Management and be relocated. 6/21/2008

Izzyozu Provided by Partner
I was invited to come as VIP guest on 6-21-08, eventhough we had other plans after dinner that night I decided to give it a try and took a crowd of 8 - 10 people. The location of Etiquette was very bad and unsafe. Most of the staff was friendly the DJ was cool, until and issue came accross the matter that was not resolved professionally by Joann who stated she was management, later I found out they were personal friends or employees. To me customer service is #1, being a former club promoter I KNOW THAT. I and others will never be back there again. So beware and do not take a chance. more

Best Saturday Night! 6/17/2008

jackiecol Provided by Partner
This place is a hidden gem...except it's not that hidden I suppose because it's always very lively with a great fun crowd, a hot atmosphere, and amazing DJs. Some of my favorites like DJ David Carvalho and Zhaldee have residencies here. Try the Etiquette Iced Tea for a cocktail with that extra something. I have been to 3 birthday parties and I really feel it has the best environment in the city to host a special event. Pros: amazing parties, great vip areas Cons: parking is 1 blk away more

Stylish, Hot, Groove! 6/3/2008

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
Now, the place is small and nondescript, so small I drove by it twice without noticing it. But the joint is definitely a hot spot in every ... more

Good Time! 6/3/2008

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
I went during happy hour and was very pleased with the personal service (above average) and comfortable, unique surroundings. Later on, a da... more

Great find on Market Street. Etiquette Lounge is FUN! 5/28/2008

sittinnpretty Provided by Partner
Etiquette manages to be swanky without being snobby. Delicious libations, eclectic music and an upscale ambiance make this lounge a must for anyone on Market Street. Just a stumble from the Warfield, you can either begin or end your night here. Check this place out, but don't forget your manners. Pros: fun, nice staff, sweet owners that are very friendly. Cons: parking was a bit hard. more

Watch your purses and pockets! 5/24/2008

teresa123 Provided by Partner
I had great expectations for this place until some low life stole everything out of my purse! Ladies be careful, there's some aggressive gross men in this place trying to get all over you so they can rob you blind! And worst of all I think the security at this place is in on it! My friends saw the guy who we thought took my stuff tip the security guy on the way out of the club, who does that?! Security didn't even try to stop the guy when we said that he was the one and let him slip away! I have to get on a plane in a few days and now I have no photo id! Also the camera had irreplaceable photos from my graduate school graduation! BE WARNED, WATCH YOUR PURSES AND POCKETS AT ALL TIMES AT THIS JOINT! THERE ARE SOME SHADY CHARACTERS HERE! Cons: GET ROBBED more

Awesome Bachelorette Party! 5/23/2008

lacey1724 Provided by Partner
I took my sister's bachelorette party to the Etiquette Lounge on May 17, 2008. I chose this club because of the decor and colors: red, white and black - my sister's wedding colors. I worked with the manager Brandon to reserve a lounge area and bottle service. The day before the party he had the floor manager call me and make sure all the details were in place. When we arrived at the club our corner lounge area was roped off and there was a lovely sofa and seating area plus flowers and a cute "Reserved" sign with my sister's name. Our hostess brought our champagne quickly plus extra glasses. We had a great time, the music was fun, the birthday party next to us was a ton of fun to hang out with. Overall it was a great experience. I would even go back if I were into the club scene! Pros: Ambiance more

Great service, great party, amazing music!! 11/25/2007

joanncinsf Provided by Partner
hello. i just had my birthday at Etiquette in the Boudoir parlor room and I was extremely happy with the night...the crowd was really fun, not pretentious, the service was good, and the music was amazing! too bad lounges close at 2 cause we were having too much fun. i would definitely recommend doing a birthday or gathering at this new hot spot. Pros: great service, fun crowd Cons: can get crowded if you don't have seating more

Didn't really seem to care about there VIP lounge guests 11/9/2007

frnchmani9 Provided by Partner
We chose etiqutte 4 my sister 25th bday mostly based on ambiance. We walked into our VIP lounge 2 find spew on our seats. I found someone to clean it but it took 30 min to do so. 45 minutes to see our host, and 30 more to get our bottles. A rep came in to appoligize 4 this & offered a free bottle of champagne 4 the inconvenience. No one drank champagne so I asked 4 shots. They brought 6 shots for 12 people, leaving 6 without & sitting in the stentch of spew. Our host was never around. We only saw her 4 times, to take the drink order(most VIP lounges ask 4 this prior 2 & have it ready when u get there),to bring the alcohol, take our money while taking a shooting our $250 Patron, & to drop the credit slip. I was shocked to see 20% gratuity added. Very upset I went to find the owner. Their website boasts "Ettiquettes event planners will coordinate & manage every detail to match your expectations." After making reservations I never heard from them again. They never asked 4 a guest list, funny because our room included cover. 2 guests had to pay & all stood in line, so much for VIP! Very frustrating when I payed someone to manage every detail and expectations, pretty hard to do when u don't bother to ask what they are. The owners response to the tip being included in the price of the room (I was told on the phone)"It is included, we added it." I guess someone needs to look up the definition of "included". I would have no issue paying if the service fit price, it did not. His only compensation for their weak attempt at customer service was to give me his card & tell me that he wold take good care of us NEXT TIME. Don't bother because I won't be back. Not recomended for parties/group reservations. Dress for heat & get ready to be shoved around the dance floor. Rough hood especially 4 girls night out. The bouncers stood by and watched a druggie KO a transient. Has potential if the staff & owner will realize without customers you have no club Pros: Nice decor Cons: Small, hot, crowded, no customer service, bad area, VIP treatment more

Best Saturday Night Ever! 10/2/2007

melaniek1982 Provided by Partner
I have lived in SF for 4 years and I ventured to Etiquette last Saturday to check it out. The place is amazing! Intimate, busy, great crowd, fun music, not pretentious. I will definitely be back. My friends had the Boudoir VIP area which is amongst the best I have seen in the city. Perfect for people watching, lounging, or dancing with friends. more
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Owner Message

  • As a stimulating addition to San Francisco's nightlife, Etiquette offers partygoers with refined and fun-filled experiences. From 4 PM till 9 PM, the lounge bustles with patrons enjoying delicious signature drinks in sunlight soaked setting to relax, mingle, and meet. At 9 PM, the darker side of Etiquette reveals itself through a change in the format. Patrons can be seen dancing, flirting, and enjoying the VIP amenities such as private parlor rooms with bottle service. As the decor and service playfully test social boundaries, will proper Etiquette be maintained?

    Etiquette welcomes birthday parties, group reservations, and private events. With Etiquette's keen attention to every detail, your gathering is sure to be exquisite.

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