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Ernie's Bar-b-que & Lounge - 25 Reviews - 1843 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-2939, Fort Lauderdale, FL - Family Restaurants Reviews - Phone (954) 523-8636

Ernie's Bar-b-que & Lounge


1843 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-2939
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

(954) 523-8636
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My family has been going to a time share in Pompano for nearly 30 years, and we've been eating at Ernie's every year since we started. The food is ALWAYS wonderful. And the pric...


Living in South Florida for most of my life, I was suprised to find out that there was such amazing food right around the corner from me that I had never tried! But by the end of ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/2/2013

dirty ernie,s has some great food,and I wanna know if you got any dirty ernie caps,or t-shirts 4sale?thankyou. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 7/7/2012

Stopped in last night around 5:00. It's been a few years since I've been here but since we were on this side of town we figured a drop in was in order. \r I ordered the wings (imagine that) medium and they were perfect. My dining partner ordered the open face BBQ Pork which I had to sample. The Pork was good and the sauce is not the traditional thick sauce that most people are used to. Like others have mentioned the Bimini bread was soaked with sauce, since it's an open face sandwich I guess that's how it comes. Next time I would order the bread on the side. Our waitress was spot on and attentive, offering food and drink suggestions. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 6/25/2012

This restaurant serves the worst food I have ever had.\r \r We stopped in to kill some time while waiting to pick someone up at the airport. First impression was that it was empty on a Saturday night. Whenever I see that, I wonder how long the food has been sitting around. \r \r Physically, the property is a dump and it smells. \r \r I tried the BBQ beef sandwich. The meat resembled roast beef slices but had a lot of gristle and fat on it. The meat was hard to chew through and had no seasoning whatsoever. Completely tasteless except for the chewy fat. There was "Barbecue" sauce on it. The BBQ sauce was really vinegar with chunky salsa in it. Tasted disgusting. Sent the order back.\r \r The wife-unit ordered the conch fritters. They were a strange color, one not usually associated with conch fritters so I didn't try them. She tried a bite and almost gagged. We disassembled the fritter and could not identify what anything was, especially the dark mass in the center. We sent them back. The waitress behind the bar agreed that the fritters are really bad there.\r \r The service was very slow considering how few people were there. \r \r .I suppose if you work nearby and want a quick beer after work, it'll do but why bother, the re are a lot of bars in this area. If you decide to try the food, well, you have been warned. more

Disgusting 6/19/2012

by FIDO at Menuism Provided by Menuism
This restaurant serves the worst food I have ever had. We stopped in to kill some time while waiting to... more

Disgusting 6/19/2012

FIDO Provided by Partner
This restaurant serves the worst food I have ever had. We stopped in to kill some time while waiting to pick someone up at the airport. First im... more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 6/15/2012

TERRIBLE! Don't waste your time. I'll start with the service. It was about as bad as you can get. Our waitress was busy watching the soccer game. We had to seat ourselves & get our own menus because the waitress was busy running around yelling (literally) about the soccer game. She was entirely preoccupied with the game and chatting with the kitchen staff. She continually rushed us to the point that between the awful service and awful food we asked for the check and left. She was actually happy about bringing us to go boxes so she could get back to watching tv. Along with her poor service I didn't enjoy having her sit at the table next to us yelling and cheering on her soccer team while cursing and burping. COMPLETELY classless. Now, for the food. I wanted BBQ pork. To start, me personally, BBQ pork sandwiches are best when the pork is shredded and covered in BBQ sauce. This is not the case. They bring you a pile of sliced pork, tastes like it had been sitting around a while and considering it took about 3 minutes for our entire order to come out I'd say it's safe to net that the food wasn't fresh. My slices of pork were slapped in between what they call soggy Bimini bread and their BBQ sauce served on the side was nothing that resembled BBQ sauce. It was more like a runny sloppy joe sauce with lots of tobacco for "flavor" which it was lacking. Also the BBQ came with fries and slaw, the fries had obviously been sitting under a heat lamp and because the sandwich didn't come with baked bean like any good BBQ does I ordered that in place of the slaw, their brand like the rest of their food were not even remotely enjoyable. My friend ordered the "stuffed tomato" which was supposed to be a tomato stuffed with tuna salad and other things but what they brought him was a tomato cut into slices and a scoop of tuna on top and a hard boiled egg that smelled so awful it was immediately wrapped in a napkin and set to the side. All in all the entire experience, food & service was a disaster and though I usually give places a second chance, there is NO way on earth I'll step foot in there again and will highly recconend that anyone AVOID this place. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 2/29/2012

We ate here last night after a long hiatus - long as in 12 or 14 years and we do not plan on returning. The food was outright awful! From the very thin fish dip to the luke warm tasteless conch chowder and disappointing bimini bread right through the soggy, very unremarkable pork sandwhich served with french fries that had been sitting under a heat lamp for a long time! And this was just my order - I used to frequent this place when it was Dirty Ernies about 35 years ago when it had character, great food, a great bar and was a fun place to go. My first sign of a bad dining decision was when we stepped in the restaurant last night during season and there was NO ONE in there - and my experience never fails me on this one - run fast from an empty restaurant! more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 11/16/2011

Delicious BBQ beef on Bahamian bread with crisp fresh fries and coleslaw washed down with cold ice tea. Who wouldn't travel the world for this treat? more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 10/11/2011

Amazing - just don't order the BBQ. Kinda funny hearing that considering its a BBQ place, right? The BBQ sauce is a terrible, watery, onion-based mess. That said, everything else on the menu is amazing. More-so, the fish sandwiches are about the best in South Florida - you simply can't beat the Cajun Tuna sandwich or Blacked Tuna Hoagie (if you're in the mood for cheese). Just stay away from the BBQ and this is one of the better restaurants in South Florida and they're open pretty much all the time! more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 7/23/2011

Ernie's has the best ribs I have ever had. The meat completely falls right off of the bone. The sauce is extremely tasteful. Yes, there's a lot of sauce that comes with it, but it also says it's smothered in BBQ sauce. Hint hint! And I see why they put so much sauce because I would definitely ask for more. The bread is also so soft and yummy. I dip it in my "extra" sauce. Hands down 5 star ribs! The onion rings are really good too. I was satisfied to the max. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 7/22/2011

The Conch chowder is like a Minstrone with 1/4" pieces of fish in it. Pretty good. Seems like a good place to chill and have a couple. I'll try the BBQ next. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 7/16/2011

It's a shame most people haven't a clue about food around here. Seems like they'd rather eat at some snooty place where you have to dress up to eat. Thank goodness there's a place like Ernies. I immediately felt at home. All I can say is that if it ain't for you, don't go there. It's right down my alley - late night food, full menu, good service from real people (if they don't like you, it's not their fault), and mostly safe. One of Lauderdale's oldest restaurants, great sandwiches, awesome burgers and generally good deals. It's hard to get a good late night meal in a dark, friendly place for reasonable bucks, but this (and maybe the Flo) is the place. It's a real man's place, full bar, smoking allowed upstairs outside, cool and dark inside and comfortable in a manly way. I guess i'd tell somebody to try it, and if they don't like it, go to a froo-froo place. Here, you get good food, late at night, not too expensive and quiet, dark privacy with decent background music. Good luck... more

Good food 6/17/2011

The food was yummy. It DID rain the night myself and friends went and unfort we couldnt enjoy the outside deck upstairs as much as the waitresses had to put the plastic folds down which made it a tad hot. Given the fact that its S.Fla tho, we cant complain too much about heat! Good times! more

Been going to Ernie's since 1974... 6/6/2011

Known to we old-timers as ""Dirty Ernie's"", but it has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the place. Rumor has it that Ernie was run out of the Bahamas way back when, and according to the story told on the menu-back, he disappeared some time later. I was turned onto this place by a crusty old Texan named Buster. The walls back then were covered in anti-IRS and pro-liberty slogans and a hand-drawn bird character named ""Dodo"", who lamented the corporate-ization of America. Well, the walls have been painted over since then, but the BBQ sandwiches, Bimini Bread, Conch Chowder and Fritters are still the best in Florida, bar NONE. The Sandwiches are overstuffed with your choice of beef or pork, and come with a small tub of chunky barbeque sauce they make on premises. It has just the right spiciness to make a great sandwich that much better. The conch chowder is thick with big chunks of conch, carrots, peas and potatoes, and a few drops of sherry (available on request) makes it perfect! They Bimini bread (which is what they use for the sandwiches) is always super-fresh, cut thick and tastes amazing. You also get a slice of it with the chowder to sop up every delicious drop. The Conch Fritters are big, and not at all greasy like some places serve. With the cocktail/horseradish sauce on the side, they're not to be missed. I'd recommend the cup of chowder & half BBQ sandwich combo with fritters as an appetizer - but you'd better have an appetite!!! The rooftop dining area allows a breezy spot to enjoy all this food, and is almost always my choice, even with the traffic from US1 blasting by. Is it the Ritz? No. And it isn't intended to be - Ernie's is a tradition in Ft. Lauderdale, and it's fine just the way it is. I'm headed there tomorrow night. more

Most Amazing Food EVER!!! 5/27/2011

My family has been going to a time share in Pompano for nearly 30 years, and we've been eating at Ernie's every year since we started. The food is ALWAYS wonderful. And the prices are so cheap, that even when we're too broke to do anything else on the trip, we can still have Ernie's. We always get the conch chowder, conch fritters, and pulled pork bbq sandwiches. The sauce is amazing. The pork sandwiches are always piled high with tons of meat so big I can hardly get my mouth around for a bite. The conch chowder and Bimini bread are out of this world!!! Honestly, nothing else on the menu has ever looked appetizing enough to bother trying. Those items keep us coming back year after year, 3 or 4 times per week we stay. I've had a bad loaf of Bimini bread, where the sweet part was almost nonexistent throughout the loaf. But that is so rare. It's a shame when somebody experiences that on their first visit and won't give it another try. It's usually very sweet, and melts in your mouth. We take a loaf to our condo and get a small container of butter at the grocery store (Publix, of course) and eat that for breakfast throughout the trip. Four generations of my family have been there, and it's one of the very few things ALL of us love. For my siblings who haven't even been to the condo in years and could care less about Florida (heaven forbid...I know), they always wish we could bring back some Ernie's. It's been a local, hidden treasure for decades that you can always see the local cops at. I've rarely been when there weren't a couple cruisers in the parking lot and a table full of cops inside. (So I always feel safe there, too. lol) It's lost the atmosphere it used to be known for, with Ernie's personal sayings and drawings all over the walls. But the food is the same, and will continue to draw my family for generations to come. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 5/24/2011

Everyone says you have to try this place. I have news for you - everyone is wrong. I got the 1/2 BBQ chicken and my boyfriend for the baby back ribs. Both were soggy wet and covered in too much sauce that had too much vinegar in it to be a good bbq sauce. We also tried the zucchini sticks appetizer and they were crunchy on the outside, soggy on the inside. Very sad.\r \r We sat upstairs on the patio where they blared country music for the hour we were there, and apparently smoking is allowed - gross. Our waitress was the opposite of friendly, AND once she dropped our check off, she clocked out and left without notifying us. Another waitress finally noticed us and explained to us what happened.\r \r I don't understand how this place has made it for so long - you can get better bbq at Shorty's or Scruby's. Anywhere really. I would NEVER go back. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 5/21/2011

Love the conch chowder served w/ Bimini bread. The BBQ pork also served on Bimini bread is also worth a try. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 5/6/2011

Awful "BBQ chicken sandwich" was grilled breast w/sauce on side. peppery yet tasteless sauce, smoking allowed outside, No thanks! more

Good food, good ambiance...great little neighborhood spot! 3/16/2011

Quite honestly, I really like this place. I enjoy the food (tasty, large portions and moderately priced), I like the staff, I like the ambiance, and I'm guaranteed to see a familiar and friendly face every time I visit. I agree with the last post, it ""is a great neighborhood BBQ place"" (and breakfast place ....and lounge). My only gripe is that although the BBQ is good (and the Bimini bread, out of this world) the BBQ sauce is horrendous....definitely sneak a bottle of your favorite sauce in with you. I guess some of the other people I've spoken to have had the same experience...I keep trying to convince them to give Ernie's another chance. I would recommend trying this place. I advise eating upstairs on the patio. Enjoy! more

Ernies is a great neighborhood BBQ 3/2/2011

Ernies is a great neighborhood BBQ place..the food is moderately priced and the servers are very friendly!! I have been going there for more than a few years and when I see some negative gets me upset...they must be those who eat the food, use the servers and don't tip properly..if you want ""hoitie toitie"" restaurant....go someplace else. This place is a comfortable, down home, good food and ambience type of place ;) THIS PLACE, FOR ALL THE YEARS OF SERVICE NEEDS SOME LOVE AND CARE...IF YOU ARE THE OWNER'S PLEASE CONTACT ROBERT IRVINE'S RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE...I LOVE THIS PLACE AND DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END. more
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  • Known for its chowder, the restaurant serves all American fare including hamburgers and cheesesteak sandwiches and offers outdoor dining.

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