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As a client of the English Nanny and Governess School, I think my written comment here may be insufficient. The experience I have had with this school and the nannies they have ha...


Editorial review from Citysearch 1/22/2013

Having attended the English Nanny and Governess School, I feel as though it is a wonderful program for those looking for a career in childcare or for parents looking for a caregiver. The curriculum was thorough and informative, the professors knowledgeable, and the staff supportive. The best part was the hands on experience every Friday with our practicum families. Being able to use what we were learning on a weekly basis helped me retain what was taught in the classroom. I use what the school taught me on a daily basis with my charges. I was also impressed with the help we received formatting our resumes and with our interview skills. I believe the school helped me to become the best governess I can be, and I am so thankful to have attended.\r \r To prospective clients, I can tell you that the school does take care in admitting its students. We have to go through numerous background checks and evaluations. Each of the girls I met through the program are truly wonderful individuals who are amazing with children. I am sure this is true with all of their classes. \r more

Thanks to your program 10/15/2012

Hi Mrs. Roth and Mr. Gaylord, more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/25/2012

I can honestly say that going to ENGS was on of the best things I ever did. The education I received was above and beyond what I expected. They also helped me get a wonderful job that I love going to everyday. more

Client of ENGS 6/29/2010

As a client of the English Nanny and Governess School, I think my written comment here may be insufficient. The experience I have had with this school and the nannies they have have presented has been extraordinarily positive. When using other agencies, I have repeatedly run into trouble. However, with the ENGS, any prospective problems have been taken care of prior to an issue arising. In my opinion, it is never easy to entrust your childs' care with another individual. But, my experience has proven that there are amazing, caring, qualified nannies available who have been taught lessons from knowledgeable and informative instructors and who have been given the tools they need to succeed - and, thus, are invested enough to help my children succeed. My experience with the staff of ENGS has always been effective and productive. And, while I can write on and on about how wonderful the English Nanny and Governess School is (including both the staff and graduates) the proof is that I have happy, healthy children at home and I have the comfort and peace-of-mind that they are being loved, cared for, and taught valuable life lessons - whether I am with them or their nanny is. And, ENGS provided that to me. As stated earlier, words are not enough to express the gratitude and praise I have... for ENGS, for my childrens' nanny, and for the satisfaction I have in knowing that my children are always being cared for... Pros: Quality overall service. Cons: None. more

Family/Client of EGNS 5/19/2010

Read the ACCET accreditation denial. It says it all. Pros: great website and self-promotion Cons: very poor costumer service more

ENGS Graduate 4/21/2009

I've read most of the reviews on this site, and I can tell you that I believe I received a good education at the ENGS. Like any school, you will get out of it what you put into it. They endeavored to bring in well qualified faculty and presented a well rounded program. more

ENGS Experience as a Mother of a Graduate 4/3/2009

I am 100% satisfied with the ENGS. As an educated stay at home mother of 3, I appreciate the value of the hands on nurturing. My position has allowed me to oversee the success and development of our 3 now, adult children. An assesment of the love, care and attention that is required to aid in the healthy development of a child should be non negotiable. My impression of the ENGS is in keeping with the values inherant in positive child care. more

Recent Graduate, ENGS Superior Experience 3/30/2009

I am a recent Governess Graduate from the English Nanny and Governess School in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. My experience went above and beyond the expectations I had before entering the program a mere 12-weeks ago. From start to finish, there was not a detail skipped or shortened. The personalized education, hands on experience, and gain of knowledge surpassed my previous thoughts of what I would accomplish and learn throughout the duration of the program. more

This place is a joke 3/2/2009

As a former student I can tell you this place is a joke. Most of the girls in my class were doing something that they shouldn't . They say they will get you a job ha don't pay all your money up front!!!! O and for the poor families who think they put their heart and soul into finding you a Nanny they don't we had one family come into interview with people who they thought were picked for them --- no they came into class and begged 5 to 10 people to sign up cause they forgot they family was flying into town. Just watch your back with these people. Pros: in ohio Cons: everything more

To Clarify Misconceptions 1/13/2009

Some of the concerns expressed on this site have been brought to the attention of English Nanny & Governess School. We take any concerns expressed very seriously and always strive to do our best. Our history and reputation of advocating for children and establishing standards in the childcare industry are very important to us. We are a 25 year 501(C)(3) nonprofit educational institution with full accreditation. We have tried to find the ?clients? who have expressed these negative comments but we have no record of them. We welcome them to contact us at the school and we would be happy to address any concerns. Pros: Excellent Faculty, staff, and placement services more

Can I have a refund? 1/1/2009

As a graduate of ENGS (I prefer to keep my name and class number confidential) I feel like I have been completly taken advantage of. From the begining I was harassed into applying to the school. The CEO told me repeatdly that I would be placed immediately after graduation becuase the demand was so great. After enrolling in the school and spending an enormous amount of money I began to see the truth to the ""to good to be true"" success stories unfold. Many of the students in my session were completly UNFIT for the job. SOME had ZERO experience with children. Others were psychologically unstable. The ""school"" will accept anyone willing to pay the fee. They make money off the students regardless of if they are able to be placed. I can say that a few of the teachers are very educated and know their facts. Others are a complete waste of time and money. One ""class"" involves going to a mall and shopping at SEPHORA. Laughable. The trip also included a stop at Crate and Barrel. I am still trying to find the connection to children. THERE ARE VERY FEW JOBS AVAILABLE. There are a FEW lucky graduates out there with decent jobs. I would also caution any parent thinking about using ENGS. Please, look into the background of the studnets personally. It is true that there is extensive screening prior to enrolling at ENGS. However, regardless of what is found YOU WILL BE ACCEPTED. The school wants your money. BE CAUTIOUS. I fell for it all.... more

To clear up any misconceptions 12/15/2008

In response to complaints expressed on this website, the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools forbids any member school to guarantee employment. All qualified graduates throughout our 25 year history are eligible to apply for the positions that are available. As in all fields, employers select the best candidates. All applicants to the school must submit to a psychological assessment conducted by a Licensed Clinical Counselor and not all are approved. During the course of the program, we are able to observe performance that is not appropriate and assist in improvement. Students visit shops to learn how to select professional work attire (other than jeans and lettered tee shirts), suitable makeup, and correct china and silverware for table settings. Our discerning clients expect their employees to be well groomed role models, knowledgeable about fine dining, and a gracious style of living for their children. Pros: Helpful staff, qualified faculty, exceptional graduates! more

ENGS is the best for qualified Certified Professional Nannies & Governesses! 12/14/2008

Several months ago my husband and I made the decision to hire a Governess to help me with our three children. My two boys are in private school and we have a toddler. Pros: Very helpful staff, qualified, exceptional canidates! Cons: None! more

Best governess/nanny school 10/18/2008

The English Nanny and Governess School is the top school in the country for training students to become a nanny or governess. As a recent graduate of the school, I will say the school went above and beyond my expectations in teaching me the skills necessary to become a governess. I know I was more than ready to take on the responsibilities required of a highly trained governess. The administration is very supportative of their nannies and governesses that graduate from their program. They protect their students from taking positions that would burn a governess or nanny out due to jobs that require very long hours or little respect. The school does have high expectations of all their students and graduates as well. I would highly recommend this school to anyone considering the profession of governess or nanny. Even though I have several teaching degrees along with certifications in psychology, I continued to learn even more about children while going through this program. It is an amazing program with an outstanding curriculum and an incredible group of staff members! Pros: An amazing program in which life time friends are made. more

The BEST Nanny /Governess School in the county! 8/30/2008

I'm amazed by the past reviews about English Nanny and Governess School. I have a Governess from English Nanny and Governess in my home for over 5 years! I have been completely happy with the professional manner in which I have been treated. The fee was more then fair. The time it took my my husband and I to come out, visit the school, sit in on a class and meet with the owner and staff was very helpful. The background checks, talking with their refernces and interviewing several candidates until we found the perfect young lady for our three small children. Also, to say that these girls do not have any training in infant care is false. I have talked with the practicum family my governess worked with and she took care of twin infants and a 2 year old! My Governess is amazing and I consider her one of my family. I have had other nannies in the past from other agencies and I will never deal with an so-called trained Nanny/Governess coming from some agency that does not even have a long standing reputation like English Nanny and Governess. This school had been recomended to me and I have never been happier. They have been doing this for over 20 years. Who else can say that? The owner is amazing, kind and professional. I would never call her snarky or beligerent. Not unless someone mistreated one of her studentsor graduates. The customer service is great also. They still call and check in after all this time to make sure that I'm still happy, what other agency does that? I would recomend this school to anyone who is looking for the best for their children and my Governess is still friends with many of her classmates and she says they all have great jobs like her! I think the school is the best in the county and I don't understand the past reviews other then maybe someone didn't meet the schools standards? All I can say is visit the school and take the tour like we did. That is how I made my decision and I couldn't be happier! Pros: Location, reputation, quality of graduates, curriculum Cons: None that I'm aware of! more

ENGS is the best school for Nannies and Governesses in the country. 8/28/2008

I am a graduate of ENGS and a professional nanny now for over 10 years. To say that the alumni are untrained and unprofessional is Completely False and ridiculous. I was very well trained in Child Development / Child Psychology and extensively in Infant Care. I have been placed ( 3 x) total. The staff works closely with their alumunus/ alumni to place him or her in the appropriate position. I learned through experience that other agencies do not do that, before you get to speak to anyone, they send you straight to a voice mail, then send out your resume/ profile to potential employers and then you don't hear from them again for weeks. At other times, I encountered just plain rudeness/incompentence from other agencies. I found that there is no comparison between ENGS and other agencies. The coursework that the school offers is topnotch and is equivalent to the coursework I studied at a community college for my ECE certification. I would have never considered going to any other nanny school that did not have their great reputation. The owner (s) and staff have unselfishly gone out of their way to assist me with my needs/concerns. In my opinion, I attended a Real School. I have difficulty believing that the school provided poor customer service. Perhaps, the below reviews come from clients not willing to properly compensate an experienced candidate. The school has high standards. As ENGS alumni; we have made an investment in our child care careers as professional nannies and governesses. At ENGS, I am known by name and I am treated as a valuable asset, with respect . ENGS has had a outstanding reputation for a quarter of century placing and educating nannies and governesses. No other agency or school can claim that. Yes, it was expensive, but I believe that the education recieved there was more than worth it. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in a Real education as a nanny and or governess. Pros: Top notch education, caring staff, worth every penny spent. Cons: none at all as far as I am concerned. more

Worst nanny-hiring experience ever! 6/25/2008

They claim that nannies are well-trained and experienced. Nanny arrived. Did not know how to bathe infant or have knowledge of most basic infant-care skills. Mind-boggling. Then had to deal with belligerent, snarky owner. They can put on a good front to lure you in. But watch out! What you are hiring is a babysitter with a few months of ""nanny school."" Keep that in mind if you try to work with them. more

ENGS is a great school! 6/2/2008

I have just read two reviews that were sent on the some day, and they both sound made up by someone who is trying to hurt the school. more
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