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Emerald Court - 8 Reviews - 4000 S Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT - Rental & Roommate Agencies Reviews - Phone (866) 550-9602

Emerald Court

4000 S Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
(866) 550-9602
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Emerald Court - Salt Lake City, UT
Emerald Court - Salt Lake City, UT


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All reviews seem negative


Everyone was very nice except Allison she was very nice when I moved in but a B--ch after. The MAINTENANCE here SUCKS!

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/25/2013

Do not move into these apartments. As you can see ton of reviews online about these apartments which are negative and the same experiance. First they will get you on cheap ad rent deal then will hit you with crazy hidden fees at end also to get out of your lease it is like $ 2000 dollars plus attorney, lexus fees etc.. You get little for big dollar amount the apartment could use re model, new appliances are from 1970's. I could go on about this place, save your money go some where else if you can. And yes no deposit refund it does not matter if you took 5 hours cleaning the place before moving or not they will take it for cleaning fees and damages and if your really lucky they will charge you extra for damages. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/24/2013

First off, i cannot stress how bad these apartments truly are, but here is a start, Emerald Court was formerly called Scottsdale. This name changed because somebody was murdered here a few years ago and there are plenty of news stories about it. The apartments are infested with roaches and Black Mold. Maintenance does nothing helpful to get rid of this mold and pest control likes to pretend to bait your apartment. Pest control has literally walked up to my door and turned around before even knocking more than once and when you confront management about it, they argue and tell you that pest control came, when i am home waiting and watching them skip my apartment!! I have witnessed car break-ins and even a car get stolen from this place. There are police here non stop arresting people, my neighbors are constantly brawling with eachother and screaming ALL hours of the day and night! they are constantly overdosing on drugs and asking me if i know any place they can get some. In fact, the first day i moved there i was asked if i wanted to buy some weed right in front of my mother! my neighbors also smoke on my side of the porch when you are not allowed to smoke on there in the first place. they also throw their trash on my side and tweek with the porch lights, and they always park in my parking spot. What does management do about this? absolutely nothing. These apartments are constantly falling apart and are very poorly built and rigged. The shower tile is crooked, the caulk and grout are severely damaged or completely gone. The ac/ heater units rarely turn on and never have they functioned to heat or cool my apartment. the washer and dryer only work when they want too. the fridge has gone out a few times and management refuses to fix or replace any of these things. The walls were so dirty when i moved in that if you wiped them down or splashed liquid on them they would fade to the original color of paint, the windows and doors are very hard to open and close, and the locks don't work. They advertise things like year round hot tub, computer lab, free cable, newly updated apartments and gym, this is all false. The apartments are far from modern. the hot tub has been closed all year except for a month in august but the water was always ice cold. the gym machines are cheap and broken, the computer lab is never up and running, the computers are all broken and children are always hording them anyway, the cable is not free and there are two very nonfunctional places to hook it up too. Management told me i would pay 589 for a one bedroom. after i signed the lease, i got the hidden monthly fees that make my rent over 700 dollars instead of the advertised 589. There are people that stalk my girlfriend whenever she goes out so she has to carry tear gas mace just to check the mail. Please, spread the word of how bad this place is. I am not exaggerating and there is plenty more bad things about this place.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/12/2013

I HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE WHILE LIVING THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\r \r And I'm no the only one, many others have had the same experience, you can tell just by reading the other reviews on this site for emerald court apartments..........\r \r *OUT-DATED NOISY IN-WALL A.C \r \r *REALLY REALLY SMALL UNITS\r \r *WATER HEATERS TOO UNEFICIENT!!!!\r \r *NOT ENOUGH COVERED PARKING SPACES\r \r \r *UNPLEASENT TENANTS always getting in trouble, couple fights, an I remember a time when a young guy was screaming ""I WANT MY F%$#$ MONEY BACK"" and he broke a car window\r \r *POLICE IS CALLED TOO OFTEN FOR THIS KIND OF THINGS\r \r *OFFICE STAFF VERY PLEASENT AT FIRST BUT ALL CHANGES AFTER SIGNING A LEASE AGREEMENT (specially Katy, the manager)\r \r THINK ABOUT IT 2, 3, EVEN 4 TIME BEFORE MOVING IN OR SIGNING A LEASE more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/7/2012

I would have to agree that this is the worst place to live..... i have lived here a year and a half and havent really had any problems until the last couple of months ... the tiles in my shower fell of and they didnt fix it for three weeks no matter how many times i called and had to ask them about it.When they finally got down to it they said that they didnt replace my tiles because they couldnt find the same color.. all i wanted was to take a shower in my own shower and not my neighbors house. Then my freezer kept freezing over and when i talked to them about all they said was to defrost it and then turn up the cooler again.. i did that about six times already within the year and a half that i lived here and i agree with one of the other comments i threw away more food than i ate..WORST PLACE TO LIVE IN THE WORLD may seem nice at first but it is not a good place to live more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/16/2012

""Renovated units are also available and feature: Faux hardwood floors, upgraded carpet, new light and plumbing fixtures. Washer and Dryer provided in some 1x1 units."" Sometimes you have to kinda read whats on their website..I went in to look at the studio today and I made sure that I was getting the upgrade which will be freshly painted and before I move in and sign 1 year of my life away to them I will make sure everything is the way it is suppose to be, if not, their loss. I guess sometimes you just have to be a jerk in return to get what you want also...If renters see they can screw you over...they will..Just saying. more

Emerald court worst place in the planet 2/11/2012

DO NOT MOVE TO THIS APARTMENTS! .... Water from toilet came out everywhere and nobody did anything to fix it I called in and they were so so rude and they didn't bother to asked what apartmet # it was or anything, there is a blond lady at the office who do not have good manners they are there just for the money and when you moved out the are mean and even if you clean the apartment they will charge you more. These apartment need to disappear from the planet with the entire staff. more

A warning 9/28/2010

I agree with the other reviews and experienced the same issues while living there (bad plumbing, unsafe area, poor craftsmanship and design, lame amenities etc.) I would not recommend living at Emerald Courts but if you do this is a warning. They will charge you an ""initiation fee"" when you move in, probably $150. They may lead you to believe it is a cleaning deposit. It is not, regardless of how clean you leave your apartment you will not get it back and it will not be used to cover any cleaning they do after you move out. Expect to be billed around $200 additional upon moving out. Beware of doing business with emerald court. more

Watch Out for Allison nice before move in B---h after! 8/18/2010

Everyone was very nice except Allison she was very nice when I moved in but a B--ch after. The MAINTENANCE here SUCKS! more

DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!! 5/17/2010

So iv lived here for six months and everything seemed okay until the last week in April. My car was sitting in my stall, i had worked the midnight shift and was up til 3ish. my boyfriend and i woke up around 8 and found that our car window had been smashed in and the gps gone. they never even bothered to take what was left of the charger. andy way later that week i had asked the front office if they would send someone to clean up the broken glass because it was getting everywhere. To this day the glass remains. well we had a friend over this past week and he had his car parked in the stall they had past out but i was still up good thing to because guess what they decided to hit again. now these must be the stupidest people i know because they go for the most expensive looking car there with a VIPER ALARM (DUH HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET!!!) anyway his alarm went off and we booked it out side just in time to see them get in a car and leave. Dont be fooled by there prices because its BS. The apartments are horrible. no assigned parking the carpets are gross and stained and the ""hard wood"" floor is actually lanoleum tile that looks like wood. they didnt even seal it right its got bubbles and its uneven. there are ants every where!!!!! the paint sucks it peals worse then nail polish. the power is always going out whether you pay your bill on time or not. the maintenance people suck they dont even come out to look at anything. they dont take any complaints seriously at all. the lady above me is in a studio with 5 kids!!!!!!! you are suppose to get a back ground check credit check and all that. well if you illegal and have no SSN or green card its only and extra $500 down. IF YOU LIKE YOU CAR, IF YOU LIKE YOUR SLEEP, IF YOU LIKE YOUR POWER TO WORK, A POOL THAT WORKS AND I SINK THAT DOES NOT LEAK DO NOT MOVE HERE MOVE SOMEWHERE THAT IS WORTH YOUR MONEY Cons: YOUR CAR WILL GET BROKEN INTO!!! more

The worst place ever lived yet 2/8/2010

I would recommend no one to stay in emerald Court. i had the baddest of baddest staff answers that i get everytime i talk to them. The staff was so nice when i moved in and when i am out and talking about my balances, they are so rude and bad. Even the one year i stayed their, everytime i had a complaint logged against, they had very rash and ignorant answers that i get from them.Real irritating people are working as staff there. and the apartments has baddest of baddest Air condition system, the rooms are too cool in winter even though you put on the heaters. I really had a baddest experience with the staff. The staff completely changed while i am moving in and moving out. People who are working now are real irritating and very rude once that i ever saw. Pros: no Pros more

NOOOO WAY IN HELL! 11/26/2009

I don't even know where to begin. We moved in here because they had a ""good deal"" to move in. This is the first apartment my wife and i rented and it will be the biggest mistake we've ever made. The staff was great when we first came in. Very kind, willing to work with us....for the first three months. Then everyone got fired and they hired an entire crew of complete and utterly moronic people. They are rude and pompous to us everytime we see them. We were put in an apartment that had a completely different layout than the one shown to us previously. Don't let their model fool you, trust me when I say it's a lie. We live in a total of 412 square feet, and we are paying $1.66 for each square foot. The prices may be convincing but trust me, there is better out there for 50 more dollars and its worth it! We filled out a list of all the damaged things when we moved in. After 3 months of absolutely no help from the management and repairs, I took matters into my own hands. I fixed two outlets (completely had to rewire them--they didn't transfer any electricity) and fixed the shower head because it was completely covered in calcium deposits and rust. We had to go out a buy a new one in order to shower. The toilet seat had an experiment growing on it like it had not been cleaned for ages. So i replaced it too. The carpet was covered in dog food from the previous owner so we had to rent carpet cleaners. The water was disgusting. The cabinets don't close all the way because the hinges are worn and broken. The weather striping is non existent and lets the cold winter air come right in, and what makes this worse is that we are expected to heat our apartment with electric heaters from 1970. They are brown, and plugged into the wall. Our first electric bill was 140 dollars just because we ran the ""A/C"" to keep cool. Please note we turned it on for a total of 4 hours and gave up since it didn't make a difference. Our stove quit working a week into our lease, we had someone come look at it. The maintenance team laughed when they found our stove was only plugged half way in--which is a fire hazard, HELLO! Then we go to our ""walk in closet""....if you walk sideways then it works, but for someone who expects real ""walk in closet"" this closet falls short and then some. In the closet you have the water heater..and if you're unfortunate you have a washer and dryer. These two monsters take your entire closet. if you try to walk to the back of the closet you literally knock several hangers of clothing to the ground. This gets very cramped and annoying, not to mention this is against city and fire regulations. Our living room is a joke. we have a two seat love seat that measures 50"" from arm rest to arm rest. That is a small couch. It takes up half of the room and makes things very crowded and very small. We had a great dining table, but had to change it out for a puny dining table so that we have room for two to eat. The fridge is an antique and literally freezes everything on the top shelve. We throw out more food than we eat. The stove is a camper stove, it is half the size of a real stove. We can only put one cookie sheet in at a time and have to prop something up against the door to keep the door closed because the cookie sheet barely fits in there. The property is not a good place either. There are cops here all the time and drug deals just about every night . There are domestic disputes here all the time as well. There is so much more to say. If i could only give this place negative stars. Horrible place to live. DO NOT waste your money here! I promise, please listen and take my word. You will be better off not living here. Pros: couldn't tell you Cons: Everything more

I just moved in (7-29-09) 8/25/2009

Hi there. I just moved in about a month ago. So far I have not had any problems. I take classes at the Salt Lake Community College and find that it takes me 4 minutes from my front door to the parking lot at the SLCC. NICE! Let me tell you about my apartment. They showed me four different apartments. Some of them were kind of worn out. When I came into sign the lease, they took me to the actual apartment that I would be moving into. I liked it. The carpet is brand new (just remodeled days before) and the wood floor in the kitchen was new looking too. I am almost sure it brand new too. The walls are geat looking. No nail holes in the walls but a couple holes in the walls ( I took pictures of them and plan on emailing them to myself for my personal records). The fridge works great and the oven works fine too. The oven is small, but serves its purpose. The dishwasher works fine, I have used it twice but prefer to hand wash my dishes (old habits). The water in the shower takes its time to drain, but there is always hot water (I take long showers). There are two A/C - heater units. Both of them work just fine. They are the older models but yeah, they work just fine. Since I moved in (one month ago) I have kkiilleedd two earwigs, I have only seen two so far. I hate insects! No spiders yet. Pros: 4 minutes from Salt Lake Community College Cons: shower drain not draining fast enough more

HORRIBLE place to live. 5/31/2007

I would STRONGLY recommend that NO ONE move into these apartments. When I moved in I was told to put down a $200 ""deposit"" which would be partly refunded when I moved out, upon my move out though, I was told that it was a lease initiation fee, & all of it would be kept. The apartment I moved into was dirty, & the carpets were trashed, in the model home they show a dishwasher, but in the actual apartments there isn't one. My water heater was broken, & when I asked that they repair it they wrapped it in insulation & then taped it together; not really fixing anything at all. None of my drains worked in the least, & they refused to fix them. I only got hot water for 10 minutes, & even after a 10 minute shower I was left standing in at least 6 inches of water every time. My heater/air conditioner was also broken, & made very loud & annoying noises every time I turned it on. I was told that I would be receiving a student discount when I moved in, but every month I was charged with ""late fees"" & had to go in & talk to them to get this fixed every single month. When I finally had only one more month on my lease, they attempted to evict me & refused my check as payment for my rent for absolutely no reason. They then attempted to charge me $1800 for their attorney fees, & damages to the apartment, including replacing everything that was already broken when I moved in! They told me that they ""lost"" my move in checklist, the lease I signed, & any other documentation that I wanted copies of. They changed my locks half way through the month, & also ""lost"" all of my belongings that were in my apartment when they did so. I have lived in several different apartment complexes, but this one is by far the WORST. The people who work in the leasing office are rude & incompetent & have no respect for you once you already live there. The amount you pay per month may seem like a good deal when you first move in, but after a few months, you'll be dying to leave. Pros: Good location & price Cons: Every other feature more
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  • Emerald Court Apartments... an exceptional blend of amenities and convenience. Unmatched resort-style amenities include a swimming pool with large sun deck, year round Jacuzzi, jogging track and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Our studio and one bedroom apartments feature pantries and oversized closets.

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