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Elegant Alterations - 12 Reviews - 4004 Hillsboro Pike Ste B235, Nashville, TN - Apparel Reviews - Phone (615) 297-7227

Elegant Alterations

4004 Hillsboro Pike Ste B235
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 297-7227
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Elegant Alterations - Nashville, TN
Elegant Alterations - Nashville, TN


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I first went to Elegant Alterations over 2 years ago in a panic. My wedding dress had been completely misshapened by an alteration shop out of the city. I only had a few days le...


Rude! Rude Rude! I went there to have my wedding dress altered. When she was fitting me I asked her a ballpark quote. She kept saying ""why does it matter? don't worry about th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/27/2013

I have shirts, pants, jeans and dresses altered by these wonderful ladies. I have never had such a GREAT experience at any alterations place! They are quick and very accurate. They actually amaze me with their accuracy and ability to make my shirts and jeans fit PERFECTLY! They can do things that many other place just don't know how to do. \r \r I have an alterations place down the road but pass them up every time to go to Elegant Alterations. My mom turned me on to their company and I will be forever grateful to her because we BOTH refuse to go anywhere else. :) \r \r I have and would definitely recommend this place to my family and friends. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/15/2013

I've posted this elsewhere, but I want everyone to know of my experience with this company. Reviews unfortunately make or break a business. Just remember, you hear more about the bad than the good. But, just because you don't hear good doesn't mean the company isn't worth your time. Elegant Alterations comes highly recommended by myself. Here is my experience...\r \r A girl's big day, the one she always dreamed of, is her wedding day. Everything HAS to be perfect. One small detail can throw everything off. One of the most important parts of the day other than the groom of course, is the dress. Hundreds of pictures are taken. The dress is what makes a girl feel like a princess.\r \r When shopping for the ""perfect dress,"" the price tag ended up being $3,000. Knowing that was high for what my parents wanted to pay, I found a beautiful dress at a consignment wedding sale going through town. $300!! Amazing deal, but the dress wasnt perfect yet. I REALLY wanted a sweet heart neckline and off the shoulder. Everyone told me it was possible the day of the buy. So we got it! \r \r Long story short... I went to an alterations place I had heard about in Franklin. As I stood there excited with my dress on, the woman told me because of the lace, it was impossible. Tears began as I started a little bit of a panic attack. I sat in my car afterwards and called several places which also told me it was impossible, until I got ahold of Elegant Alterations. They said come right in, we can do it. During the fitting, the lady was very sweet and told me not to worry. She showed me how she was going to do it. Not only did they make the sweet heart neckline. They gave me off the shoulder and took care of any fine detail that was needed. They had everything ready on time, the dress was beautiful and it didn't cost an arm and a leg. It was perfect! I've had so many compliments on my dress and I will never forget Elegant Alterations! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/25/2012

I more than highly recommend Elegant Alterations!! For the past 12 years, I have been traveling all the way from Paducah, Ky., to have my alterations done and these folks are worth each and every single mile of it. Kathy and all her staff's professionalism and experience totally amaze me! This is the only alteration shop I've ever found in Kentucky or Tennessee who consistantly gives me above top of the line sevice. The finished product is perfect every time!! They listen to what I want, and when needed, will offer suggestions according to their experiences with that particular project. I have experienced only one or two times very rude customers coming in her shop complaining about a bridesmaid dress being hemed too short. Kathy and her staff always ask beforehand if this is the correct heel size they will be wearing with their dress, etc. But this particular customer had worn a lower heel to the alteration shop but then decided later to change to a higher heel for the wedding. Kathy and her staff handled the very rude customers with loads of class and professionalism. Once again, they totally amazed me. This past weekend my family and I celebrated Thanksgiving Holidays. No doubt, I included Kathy and her Staff as one of the top blessings in my life I'm most grateful for. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/24/2012

Elegant Alterations has always been an A+ in my book. Kathy has always perfectly executed every task I have asked of her. She has altered everything from dresses to costumes for me for years, and does an excellent job! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/18/2012

I highly recommend Elegant Alterations! I took my wedding dress there for extensive alterations, and the ladies there were quick, kind, and professional. My dress fits perfectly, and the cost was really reasonable! They had great suggestions as to how exactly to alter the dress, and they also really listened to what I wanted. I would take any article of clothing to them again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/27/2012

I continue to receive top of the line service here, this is the only alteration shop in town that gives me good work everytime and I've been to 4 total in Nashville. more

Above average experience everytime I go there! 3/7/2012

I first went to Elegant Alterations over 2 years ago in a panic. My wedding dress had been completely misshapened by an alteration shop out of the city. I only had a few days left to my wedding and a friend of mine recommended that I go to Elegant Alterations for a fix up. At that point the damages were so severe that I really didn't know if anything could be done to salvage my dress. To my surprise she was able to undo and redo all the damages within a couple of days that I had requested. She knew that I didn't have time and she did everything I requested to get my dress ready for my wedding. My husband and I are both regulars at Elegant Alterations. The quality of work is imppecable. She is a character and has a great sense of humor, most importantly, she will get you what you want...whether you need it in a week or the next day, she makes it happen. Its a high pace environment. I always call before I pick up clothes and I will continue to get my alterations done there in the future. more

NEVER GO THERE!!!! 12/13/2011

Rude! Rude Rude! I went there to have my wedding dress altered. When she was fitting me I asked her a ballpark quote. She kept saying ""why does it matter? don't worry about that, it is your wedding day and you want to look beautiful"" Yes, I do want to look beautiful but I would also like to know the price I am paying. She gave me a specific day and time to come pick up my dress. At the time I was living out of town so I drove in to pick up my dress. When I arrived at the shop she had not even started on my dress AND I saw my dress in the corner on the floor.I did not say anything about it being on the floor but asked her very politely why she had not started on it. She blew up on me and said I should have called to ask her if it was ready. I am sorry I believed if I had a scheduled appointment then she would be professional and honor that appointment. She told me to come one week later to pick it up and when my mom went to go pick it up she had to wait 2 hours because she had forgot to finish the bustle. Every time I asked how much it would cost she was rude and wouldn't tell me. Finally when I got the bill it was very overpriced for a simple wedding dress hem and bustle. Also, the hem was crooked. I wish I had read the reviews before I had taken my dress there! I am sure she does fine work for some, but she is very unprofessional! more


A few months ago I went to Elegant Alterations to have my wedding dress hemmed a few inches and add a bustle. Everytime I went to pick up my wedding dress the dress was not ready like promised and the owner was very rude to my mother and me. The dress was not ready until the day before the wedding!!! The owner acted like I was bothering her everytime I came to pick up my dress (the day we had both agreed I would pick up my dress) She could never find my wedding dress in her pile of clothes and when I finally got the dress back it was wrinkled and the stich work was SLOPPY! She always seems like she is having hte worst day ever. She was always insulting me because I wanted to know how much it would cost. She kept saying ""IT is your wedding...don't worry about it"" Well when I went to pay it was 5x's the amount of the other quotes i had received!!!!! I kept watching her drag people's clothes across the floor, drop them, and step on top of them. Every time I was there to pick up my dress other people were there to pick up their clothes, which she could not find or had not begun!!! no customer service! more


I went to Elegant Alterations to have a pair of shorts taken in at the waist and to have a dress made smaller. When I dropped off my two items, the woman acted as though I was bothering her. She had no customer service skills at all! I figured she was just having a bad day... I returned exactly one week later on the day that my items were promised. The same woman was working. She acted as though she had no knowledge of my shorts or my dress. She searched for my clothing for several minutes, all while acting as though I was a HUGE nuisance. I started to realize that every day is a bad day for customer service at Elegant Alterations. She finally found both of my items crumpled up in a big pile of clothing. Neither my shorts nor my dress had been altered. The woman asked me to return later in the day. I returned and paid over $70 for the alterations. The woman then grabbed my full length dress from the sewing machine and walked across the room all while dragging most of my dress on the floor. She then stepped on my dress! I politely requested, ""I would appreciate it if you did not walk on my dress."" She laughed and said, ""Oh, I can press the dress."" The point is that you do not take someone's brand new dress and drag it across the floor and then act as though it is not a big deal!?!? Anyhow... At home I tried on the shorts. The alteration was OK, but the sewing looked sloppy and the thread used does not seem the best match for the material. But I can live with the shorts. The dress, however, was brand new and could not be worn without alterations. After taking the dress to Elegant Alterations, I could not wear the dress WITH alterations either. The seamstress made the top of the dress so small that I could hardly move my arms/shoulders. So I begrudgingly made yet another visit to Elegant Alterations. I tried on the dress in the shop, and the woman let out the top. Stitching marks, though, from their botchy sewing job remain. And while I was having my dress fixed as best as they could, another customer came to claim her items. She said her clothing was promised two days earlier--but the seamstress had not yet done the work. Ahhh!! The absolute worst part of my final visit, however, was that the woman made a comment to me indicating that I should not be upset over my dress because it was not too expensive. She said, ""We work on dress that cost $6,000,"" and she could see from the tag that my dress cost $140, which is actually a lot of money for a new dress in my closet! experience at Elegant Alterations was anything but elegant. I felt as though they LIED to me, CHEATED me, and INSULTED me. more

Worst experience ever 1/16/2010

I recently went to Elegant Alterations to have four pairs of pants hemmed. I picked up my pants and a few days later when I went to put on a pair I noticed that they were uneven. I inspected the other pants and noticed that out of the four pairs two were uneven. There was an inch to inch and a half difference in the length of the pant legs. I took them back in to see if they would re-hem them or give me my money back. When I showed the lady the pants she said that she could not see any difference and refused to look at them. She told me I was just crooked. I told her that may be but why would only two pairs of pants reflect that. I again told her that I felt the pants were uneven and wanted them fixed. She told me to try them on. When I did it was obvious the legs were of differing lengths. She told me that they were even. I pointed out to her that they were not. She then pulled the shorter pant leg down making the pants set uneven on my hips and said now they are even. It was obvious she was not going to repair the pants or reimburse me. I told her that she had not acted in a professional manner and that I was not satisfied. I said I was going to file a complaint with the BBB. At this point she began yelling at me. Threatening to take me to court. I said ok. I just want to take my pants and leave. I tried to leave and she said to leave the pants she would fix them even though they were fine. I again stated my desire to leave. She proceeded to yell at me about suing me. She would not let me leave with out my contact information so she could file a court case against me. I have never been treated so poorly. I was in fear for my own personal well-being. As a customer you should never be harassed like this by an company. I would recommend everyone to stay clear of this establishment. They do poor work, are very rude to customers and threaten them. Pros: convenient location Cons: poor alterations, horrible customer service more


To their credit I needed a bridesmaid top altered in February in a hurry and the got it done beautifully. So my mother who is 80 and needed many of her clothes altered due to health issues and weight loss from these issues wanted a dress altered for my wedding. I picked up the dress they over charged me then when my mother tried in on it was still as big as was when we dropped it off. My wedding was in 4 days and she lives in another city so re doing it here wasn't an option my sister paid a second seamtress to redo it and I was out $60. I will NEVER ALLOW THESE PEOPLE TO ALTER ANYTHING AND YOU BETTER BE CAREFUL!!! THEY NEARLY RUINED MY WEDDING Pros: Convenient to my office Cons: Dishonest, Poor Customer Service, more

My Wedding Dress looks PERFECT 7/18/2007

For my wedding it was recommended to me to go to elegant alterations, the dress came out beautiful a perfect fit it even made all my imperfections look great I was and am very happy with them. They are all great at what they do its Alterations done right I highly recommend them it was finished as promised and looked beautiful Pros: Great job, well done, Friendly Staff, Personal Service more


Some of the best most professional people I?ve ever worked with I have a lot of clients in the Music industry and they are delighted to work with Kathy the work is finished at TIME PROMISED TO PERFECTION I USUSALLY DON?T POST THESE THINGS BUT WHEN I SAW THE UNTRUTHFULL REVIEWS I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING they are great I?ve been going to them for 15 years I?ve tried the rest but they are the best Never had a Problem with my work or my clients that I?ve sent to them over the years I highly recommend the. Personally I have nothing to gain to lose by saying this but I?ve always been more than happy with Kathy?s work Pros: perfect worksmanship friendly people personal service Cons: not even one more

I hope you have weeks to wait 6/19/2007

I had a bridesmaid dress I needed altered and was referred here. They told me it would be ready in a week so a week later I went to pick it up (this was a Wednesday). It hadn't even been started on. There was also a lady there that was picking up a few articles (one for that weekend) and none had been finished. She told me it would be ready in another week, so I called on Monday to make sure it would be ready. She told me it would be ready on Tuesday. So Wednesday I go to pick it up after work. I arrived at 5:15 and they were still working on it! I had to sit for half an hour and wait for them to finish my dress. When it was done, I thought the sash was still too long but I didn't want to wait anymore. I finally left a little after six and was very unhappy. I thought she charged me way too much considering all my inconviences. I looked at the hem when I got home and was not very pleased. I could've done the same work on my personal sewing machine. Pros: the alterations in the top of the dress looked good Cons: didn't complete work on time, poor customer service more

The Worst!!! 9/26/2006

Terrible!...They ruined a pair of pants (took them in way too much and cut out all of the extra fabric) and expected me to pay for the alteration anyway...The lady who owns the place literally threatened to call the police if I did not pay...Since the pants were ruined, I left them with her and ran out the door! Pros: their obvious pride in their craft Cons: not really a con, but if you want your article on time, you might want to call them the day before and remind them (has always worked for me!) more

Unprofessional 5/29/2006

A friend getting married took her dress in for alterations - hemline let out on front and breast cups sewn in. They told her a week; a week later we went to get it. It was where she left it, untouched. We were very frustrated. She said it would be ready 9:30 the next morning. We went at 9:30; the cups hadn't been purchased. When we walked in the door, she gave an associate $20 to run and buy them. While the bride was trying it on, another customer asked about some alterations turned in a week before, and the seamstress saidthey hadn't been touched. The woman was not pleased. Overall, a bad experience. The owner/manager was not apologetic, and the hem stitch was very wide - poor quality. We still paid full price, despite the inconvenience. Pros: vicinity to work, good parking Cons: not completed on time, poor quality stitch, not apologetic more

Master Tailors 7/27/2004

The staff at Elegant Alterations are pros. I have worked with tailors all my life (off the rack clothes never fit me) and EA delivers work on the highest quality. If you need it in a rush, they will work with you too. Pros: Quality, Customer Service, Friendly more
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