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El Compadre - 23 Reviews - 1449 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Group Dining Reviews - Phone (213) 250-4505

El Compadre

1449 W Sunset Blvd (at Sunset & Alpine)
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 250-4505
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El Compadre - Los Angeles, CA
El Compadre - Los Angeles, CA
El Compadre - Los Angeles, CA
El Compadre - Los Angeles, CA
El Compadre - Los Angeles, CA
El Compadre - Los Angeles, CA
El Compadre - Los Angeles, CA



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I was with a party of eight. The service was great, and I really loved the food. The margaritas (on the rocks) the best I have ever had, stronger than I usually like, but so fla...


I went to this place based on other reviews. Noone mentioned how dark it is in there or the fact that the entrance places you at the bar and there is a ramp that I am sure someon...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/6/2014

The food here is good. Great atmosphere with music through the whorls place. The chips and also are made fresh. The service however was not good. The waiters were more interested in talking to the their friends instead of beig a waiter. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/27/2014

Flaming margarita is a neat drink here, and I've also tried a handful of dishes that have been really tasty. The crowd is lively on evenings and weekends. more

Be careful if you're a large party 8/8/2011

My family has been dining here for the past three years. We've always enjoyed the retro environment, the service, the live band and the food. Tonight we were a party of 14. My father and I decided to split the bill. After providing the waiter with our two credit cards, he came back with two bills, but not the original bill. When we asked if he had added anything to the tip, his response was ""sometimes the restaurant adds 10%, sometimes we don't."" This didn't sound quite right, so we asked him to confirm. He came back a couple minutes later and said they had added 15%. We found this a bit sneaky and left the tip at 15%. After departing the restaurant, none of us felt right about the way this was handled, so I called and asked for the manager. He (""Mario"") had a real attitude, and said I should have asked for him at the restaurant. When I explained that we had talked to both the waiter and the host about our concerns, he said he ""didn't have time for this,"" and then he hung up the phone. I called back, same thing. Wild. So....either we had an unfortunate misunderstanding, and an unprofessional manager, or El Compadre is scamming large parities. Whatever the case, we won't be coming back. If you're a large party at El Compadre, please check your bill carefully. more

Amazing Mexican Food! 3/14/2011

There are a lot of Mexican food spots in Los Angeles, not all of them are very good. El Compadre is one of the best. Great service, fantastic traditional dishes, chips and salsa done right (one of the best parts of eating at a Mexican food restaurants - they do it well!), also great drinks/bar! Cant go wrong with their flaming margarita. If you're thinking Mexican food in the Hollywood area, this is your spot. more

Fresh, Delicious Mexican Food 4/21/2010

I was with a party of eight. The service was great, and I really loved the food. The margaritas (on the rocks) the best I have ever had, stronger than I usually like, but so flavorful I could still drink them. I had a chicken tostada salad. The chicken was lean, the lettuce was fresh and crips, the guacamole was fresh, and the sour cream was very fresh. I think they have the best salsa I've ever had. I wasn't crazy about the tortilla chips, a little greasy, but overall, this was a very good restaurant, and I will definitely go back. Pros: Food, Magaritas Cons: Parking, but you can't have everything more

BAD BAD 2/11/2010

My friends asked me to join them for Mexican food and we ended up at the EL COMPADRE. When we arrived I was not comfortable with the atmosphere. The bar is to close to the. The dining area the people at the bar drinking were to loud Swearing and getting crazy, these suppose to be a family restaurant but the atmosphere is geared more towards adults.this restaurant attracts the bad elements of the surrounding area This place is no El Torito, the food is of second rate, the food is too dried, and in fact we all got a bit of diarrhea the next day. I was in law enforcement for ten years while at this restaurant the people that work there seem to be doing some sort of transaction in the restroom and also noticed a couple of transaction in the back of the building as we were exiting the building. I would avoid this restaurant if you are looking for good food or a relaxed place. This place is neither. See for yourself if you do visit el compadre Pros: worst place Cons: bad Environment more

flaming margaritas 12/30/2009

the thing with el compadre is really the novelty of the margaritas. The food is good as well, but not ""the best in los angeles"" by any means. a good time though Pros: fun novelty more

Legendary margaritas? Really? 12/6/2008

I really like the ambiance of this place. The decor is nice and dimly lit and occasionally there is a band playing. Sometimes I'll just watch sports on either of the two tvs at the bar. I've been here a few times and usually have a good experience with drinks and food, but tonight the drinks were pretty disappointing. My friends and I ordered margaritas at the bar which tasted more like sweet tarts mixed with pixy sticks. We could barely taste any alcohol in them and it left me with more of a headache than a buzz. On the upside the table service was fast and the burrito that I had was pretty decent. It was very reasonably priced for a sit down joint. Usually I wouldn't hesitate if someone asked if I wanted to meet them here for dinner, but now I might, at least if I'm in the mood for margaritas. Pros: Food is reasonably priced Cons: Margaritas more

Bomb 12/2/2008

El compadre is my fav mexican getaway in LA.. LOL. Their tamales are the bomb.. order the corn tomales and tell you dont like them.. if you don't your taste buds got problems more

Yuck. 12/1/2008

This place is disgusting. I have too many friends that like mexican restaurants based on their chips and salsa and their drinks. The drinks might be alright, but the food is terrible. The salsa is good, but the chips are just heated store bought chips, nothing special. I've been here a few times and I can't do it anymore. Their huevos rancheros plate is an unrecognizable blob of grease on a plate. Their chicken in a burrito is oven roasted whole chicken with skin fat and just yuck. Do yourself a favor and don't eat here. If you want quick and just a stand type burrito or taco then go to Yucca's on hilhurst. Order the Carne Asade or Conchinita pibil. Also Terre's Mexican Grill on Melrose is amazing. There's no wait staff, but their empanadas are pretty special. more

horrible service, so-so food, wrong address 6/2/2008

first of all, it's the wrong address for whatever's actually 1449 w. sunset blvd...thought the food was going to be good after reading the reviews. the food was okay. i got the huevos con chorizo with rice and the chorizo, but barely any egg... so so-so on the food. a friend got the torilla soup...wouldn't recommend it...for 8 bucks and some change, it was a very small bowl of torilla soup...and the taste was overall, the food wasn't horrible, but not great...\r \r BUT the SERVICE was horrible! we had 3 different servers throughout the whole night who didn't really want to serve or take our orders...our wait time for everything was very order, to get our food, to get our check...and the place was not busy! about 60% of the restaurant was filled...we expected better service because it looked like it was a local favorite. \r i asked for my left over portion (which was half of the meal) to be boxed, and they took it but never returned with it....the server said he didn't hear me when i asked for to be boxed so he threw it away, and then shrugged his shoulders...without an apology! then just walked away....\r never going back and would not recommend it until the service gets i hope the owners of el compadre read this site because i would absolutely not recommend it based on SERVICE! Pros: good ambience, good margaritas Cons: bad bad bad service more


Absolutely Terrible!.. Went went here for a birthday party thinking it would be a fun place to be with margaritas and mariachis. The flaming margaritas didn't flame in two drinks, the service was about the worse I have ever experienced and the food was AWFUL(cold and the cheese in the enchilada wasn't even melted). On top of it all we were seated next to four girls that were only drinking and screamed and yelled with every song. The management did nothing about it except to say that perhaps they would be leaving soon. We asked politely if they could tone it down so we could try and enjoy our party a little, and they started hurling insults at us. When the mariachis came over to sing happy birthday they started yelling at us that we were being too loud. We brought a cake and it took the waiter three trips to bring 8 forks. We had to get up and go find the waiter on 3 different occasions. Pros: Can't think of any more

Best chips and salsa 5/29/2008

I love love love mexican food and this was the first restaurant I was introduced to when I came to LA from Santa Barbara 4 years ago. I fell in love with the chips and salsa. Major turn-on. Its spicy, so if you don't like that ask for an alternative or do what we do, ask for a side of sour cream which you probably won't be charged for. \r That said, I come here probably once a week and have turned all of my friends on to it. The margaritas are to die for. I've read about the poor service, I've sat at the bar, at a booth, outside, etc. I've waited an hour for a table and the hostess felt bad and gave us a shot on the house. I love this place and this is a place you should experience yourself. The mariachi band is a plus.\r I think this place deserves better reviews. Pros: chips and salsa, flaming margarias Cons: parking, seating more


me sooooooooo happy with el compadreeeeeeeeeee. yummiii. i so like drink margarita coconuts!!! my husband no like friendly man who bring big big burrito. i like man who rough with coconut. mean like meanbull. hot like fire. drink like cowboys. me go many futures times for drink and big big fatie food. next time take cab. more

Not what you expect..too dark to trust, no rating in sight.. 3/2/2008

I went to this place based on other reviews. Noone mentioned how dark it is in there or the fact that the entrance places you at the bar and there is a ramp that I am sure someone has fell on. The host desk is in the middle of the place (in case you go). This place is too dark to see how clean or dirty it is. The inside of the enchilada was cold, the order should have read rice and ""cheese"" on the side based on the amount of cheese they placed on the beans. We sat in a corner booth and the silk flowers they had as decor were dirty and you could tell noone had cle3aned the corners in months (I ran a tissue and noted the dirt). The water smelled of chlorine. I ordered the famous fire margarita, and that was creative as to how they keep the fire flaming in the drink. The service was good, but overall the place needs to be cleaned. Pros: The Margarita's are creative in appearance and the salsa is good. Cons: Not all dark restaurants have the same ambience... more

Best Margarita, Love the Enchiladas Verdes and Live Mariachi 2/15/2008

This has become the spot to go to. It can get super packed on the weekends, but its worth the wait. I always order the Enchiladas Verdes and Strawberry Margarita and my husband gets the El Padrino, which is amazing! I always have to have a bite of the steak that comes with it. I love that the margaritas come on fire!! They're delicious. The Mariachi is great and the service is friendly and fast. I love the chips and salsa too!! YUMMY! I just went again for Valentines and it was awesome! Don't listen to the few people who say not to go here. They are crazy! Totally recommend you try it for yourself. Why would it have 4 and a half stars!! There are no reservations but if you call 30 min. before you get there in advance sometimes they will put you on the list so by the time you get in you can be seated or at least not have to wait as long to be seated. Pros: Inexpensive and yummy food, great margaritas, live mariachi Cons: long wait on weekends, $10/margarita (but worth it), parking, no reservations more

Worst service....EVER! One Gringo special coming up. 11/3/2007

I used to frequent El Compadre at least once a month. Decent food, good margarita.\r The last 2 times I went I sat at the bar and waited at least 5 minutes before the bartender bothered to ask me if I wanted a drink. Not a big deal on a Fri or Sat nite but this was Monday and there were 10 people in the whole place. \r \r The old bartender was more interested in talking to his pals. \r \r There are far too many other mexi places in LA to frequent one that doesn't give a cr*p about it customers. Pros: ummm.... it's open? Cons: service service service... that old crank of a bartender more

I don't understand all the hype 11/2/2007

I walked over to El Compadre last week and I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from the experience. The food was bland and the drinks were way too sour. The staff just as sour. I cannot understand the attraction to this place.\r There are many other Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles where I would rather spend my money.\r Never again. Cons: food, service and the margaritas more

Great Mexican Food 8/19/2007

I love El Compadres. Their salsa has something in it that makes the company I usually eat with giddy and the drinks are certainly heavy on the liquor. Great Margaritas, Love the Chicken Chimichanga!!!! The Ambiance is nice, dark and private. The Band is wonderful. Can get a little out of control. I once had to wait over an hour to get my food and it was the wrong order/ However that was an isolated incident. I have been many times and always leave full and tipsy. Pros: Traditional Mexican, Magic Salsa, Heavily Liquored Drinks Cons: Sometimes disorganized. more

Great margaritas, good food, great ambience and music 1/7/2007

I visited this place because it was within walking distance of my brother's place, and he likes to go there. The margaritas were great -- and not just because of the gimmick of the flame on them... I thought they were flavorful and really packed a wallop. The food was good... we all had chicken dishes. No complaints. The guac was also pretty good, though it has shredded lettuce in it, which I found a little strange. In the end what I really liked about this place is the ambience -- I always fall for a dark restaurant that you can spread out in with your friends and laugh and talk while still enjoying some good music (that isn't so loud you can't hear yourselves.) Great place to hang. I've read the complaints about the service, too, but ours was very attentive throughout the night. more
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  • El Compadre brings old school Mexico to Hollywood. Come enjoy the live music every night at 8pm at the "Home of the Flaming Margarita" and enjoy the wonderful food and friendly service. The family-owned restuarant features two locations filled with red vinyl booths and original Mexican decor, allowing you to feel the essence of Mexico right here on The Sunset Strip. Get the tacos or enchilads verdes, it's all delicious. Come early and stay late. Enjoy this wonderful fiesta every day of the week at El Compadre Echo Park!


  • Maybe it's the kitschy-gothic Mexican hacienda decor (think moody red light and wrought iron lanterns and chandeliers) or maybe it's the flaming margaritas. Whatever it is, this Eastside favorite...

  • 2/12/2010 Provided by Citysearch

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