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Eilenberger's Automotive - 28 Reviews - 7625 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (913) 648-3767
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Eilenberger's Automotive

7625 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS 66204
(913) 648-3767
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Eilenberger's Automotive - Overland Park, KS
Eilenberger's Automotive - Overland Park, KS
Eilenberger's Automotive - Overland Park, KS
Eilenberger's Automotive - Overland Park, KS


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I keep going back to Eilenberger's Automotive because I trust them. I am a widow, and i don't know anything about cars. They have always been honest about telling me what is essen...


The vehicle was dropped off on 07/15/2010 and was not diagnosed until 08/5/2010 because Paul changed our verbal agreement and decided to charge me for the diagnoses. I did not jus...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/12/2012

They initially said I need new brakes and rotors. I told them the rotors should be fine. The service attendant went back to the mechanic and came back and told me that I didn?t need rotors. They told me that I needed an oil change after I had dropped it off. I didn?t find out until after the fact that my wife had my oil changed about 2000 miles earlier. When they were doing the work, there was a sticker in the window and my car has a computer maintenance reminder so I feel they knew my car did not need an oil change. Lastly, they called me up to let me know my rear brake calipers were leaking. This was covered under my Honda Warranty so I asked them to just button it up and I would take to Honda tomorrow. Honda looked at it and told me there was no leak. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/18/2012

The price I was quoted over the phone was $150 less than the final bill with no real explanation for the difference. We won't be going back anytime soon. Goodyear Auto World also at 75th and Metcalf had fixed the same issue with a different window a year before and came in at the same amount quoted over the phone. We should have gone back to them at least their quote was accurate and they provided excellent service. Learned my lesson. more

Trustworthy shop! 2/3/2012

I keep going back to Eilenberger's Automotive because I trust them. I am a widow, and i don't know anything about cars. They have always been honest about telling me what is essential and needs fixing and what can wait, they never push me. They keep my car in good, running condition. I've been a customer of theirs for about 10 years and will continue to be. more

They do a great job, so I keep going back. 12/1/2011

I have had great experiences with Eilenberger's Automotive. There was one time when they installed a tire backwards so I had to go back the next day to get it corrected, but their service was impeccable, and I didn't hold it against them. I think they do a great job, so I keep going back. more

Always kind and openhanded. 8/1/2011

I really like Eilenberger's Automotive. I was in a pickle. My car had just quit. Eilenberger's Automotive has always been very kind to me, and very apt to tell m the truth and explain well to me. At the same time, they're not talking down to me. I'm a woman of age, and they are always kind and open handed to me. more

Most reliable service I have ever had. I recommend them to all. 7/24/2011

If you want quality service and honest treatment, this is the place to go. Good people. They always go a step beyond. more

great service and honesty 6/16/2011

These guys ROCK!!! My Father was a lifelong mechanic so I know how hard it can be to find one you trust. Eilenberger's is the place I trust and recommend to anyone with the same hesitation towards mechanics. They'll walk you through the repairs and bill. They DO NOT do unauthorized work and more importantly, their fair and honest about the work that needs to be done. If I had a sister, mother, or daughter, this is the place I would tell them with all confidence to go. more

Eilenberger's Automotive provides good, honest service. 6/2/2011

I've been going to Eilenberger's Automotive for awhile. All my family goes there too. They're great when I go there for an oil change or if I need something else done. They don't do certain things unfortunately, like when I told them there was a roaring sound my car was making and they told me I needed a new muffler and tail pipe. They sent me somewhere else, I was disappointed in the other place and thought they charged too much. I wish Eilenberger's did everything! Sometimes, you can be on hold for awhile, and that's never good, but I just hang up and call back. I guess there are always a few hiccups with any business. Overall, I like the service over there. I think Aaron is very nice. He is an honest and good person and runs a good shop. more

Great service 5/26/2011

The people at Eilebergers have done nothing but treat me fair every time I have been in there. I was hesitant at first to take my Acura in there since it was an import but they did a great job at a fraction of what the dealership wanted to charge me. They didnt try to upsell me on things I didnt need and were up front with the work that was needed and the cost. I am not a car guy and have always been leery of working with an auto shop that isnt associated with the dealer directly. With these guys, I know if I have an issue, I will be treated fairly and not get jammed. more

Eilenberger's Automotive rates off the scale! 5/2/2011

Eilenberger's Automotive is wonderful! I have really grown to enjoy them and think that they are funny, kind and honest people. I appreciate their services to no end! If I could give them all 10's I would! They are family-owned and are interested and concerned in making sure that things are done correctly for their customers. They are very thorough and sometimes "timeliness" is defined on what needs to be done. They won't give you back your car until it's safe and ready to be driven. And the service they provide is top-notch. I really appreciate how attentive they are, especially to a person of a certain age like me, that's very important. They really take care of their older customers, making sure we are picked up and given rides to where we need to go. They really take care of us. I'm sure they treat everyone of their customers like that, but still it's very good treatment. I trust them because I know I can depend on their honesty. I never feel like they're feeding me a line of malarkey. I won't go anywhere else! Peggy Smith more

Owner stated one thing then changed the whole deal and became very shady. 5/1/2011

The vehicle was dropped off on 07/15/2010 and was not diagnosed until 08/5/2010 because Paul changed our verbal agreement and decided to charge me for the diagnoses. I did not just leave my vehicle for two months. Paul was aware that at this time I had no job or reliable source of income which is why I was willing to trade one vehicle to get my other one fixed. This is why is sat so long due to his shady way of business practice changing what he says on the phone to something different when he see fit. I was also told that no work would begin until I had brought up most of the money for the initial estimate which was over $500.00. At this point I was desperate to get my vehicle running and had to sell me Blazer to get $450.00 to give to him so I could get my car fixed. There was no mention on his part that this might not be the problem. The bottom line is I paid the man for a service which he failed at miserably. I am now out of 450.00 because he replaced the wrong parts evidently because the vehicle is still as broke down now as it was before I took it to him. As far as countless hours of time spent on diagnosis I don't believe that for a second. No mechanic spends anytime fixing anything without some kind of log stating how much time was spent on the particular project. When we talked on the phone I was told that all the parts he replaced did not appear to be the problem. I was at a loss for words that all this alleged time and all of my money were wasted. It just seemed to me that whoever was doing the work on my vehicle was either very much untrained or just not fit to be working with cars in the first place. I don't think that because in fact that they were not able to locate the problem I should have to pay anything even if they replaced parts. It's obvious that I did not need them in the first place. In his own response he states that a new computer was installed and programmed to accept a new key. I was never given a new key and my old key still turns the ignition. So I ask what new parts if any were even installed? Paul was not communicating with his employees. When I called I got the run around time after time. I had to finally get a ride up to his shop to get any answers. At this point one of his employees became rude and told me to shut up several times in front of other customers. Only after the owner Paul was brought to me in person by this employee was anyone aware of the situation with my vehicle. As far as the unregistered vehicle statement that was reported the state of Missouri requires an inspection of the vehicle prior to the vehicle being tagged. How was I supposed to achieve this when the car did not run before I took it to him? I was not treated fair in anyway shape or form I have never been instructed by a shop to bring payment before work was to be started as in this situation. The only reason my vehicle was brought to this shop was from a deal that a third party who knows the owner had set up. This was to trade my Chevy Blazer in order to get my Pontiac Sunfire fixed. Paul was supposed to come to my residence to look at the Blazer. I was also told on the phone by Paul the diagnoses fee would be waved in lieu if the pending trade. He never followed through I had to have the Sunfire towed up to his shop. It was only after he had diagnosed my vehicle did he stated that there would be a $100.00 fee to diagnose. I would have taken it somewhere else. I live approximately seven miles from this shop. And there are many other shops in between my house and his. This is just to show validity behind my statement that there was a verbal deal in place on trading vehicles. more

Very courteous, knowledgeable, and customer oriented. 4/12/2011

Eilenberger's is very courteous and knowledgeable. When you call in and have a question, or you want to set up an appointment, they get back to you, tell you what wrong, explain what the problem is, why it needs to be fixed, and all of that. They're very good, and very customer oriented. more

Eilenberger's Automotive is excellent! Those guys are good people. 3/3/2011

I've been going to Eilenberger's Automotive for probably 8 years. We take my vehicle, my wife's vehicle, and my mother-in-laws vehicles there, and also half-a-dozen people I've referred to them based off my own experience. They're super good guys. Probably the biggest thing people fear when they are getting work done on their cars is a bunch of hidden things that come up. Eilenberger's is pretty straightforward about what's going wrong with your vehicle. You don't get that feeling of weird surprises from them. If something is messed up, they'll let you know what to put on your radar for repairs, and to start saving up to get it fixed if it will be costly. On my last vehicle that I had, just being a guy, I was trying to do the kinda work I thought I could do on a vehicle. More than once, I get halfway and find out I had no idea what I was doing. Whenever it came to that time, I would drive down to Eilenberger's to have them finish up. They never gave me any guff for it either. If I can't get it done, I just bring it in there, and they take care of it. Shawn Spry more

Reliable and Honest 2/27/2011

I have been a customer at Eilenberger's Automotive the past 3.5 years. They have taken care of numerous issues for both domestic and import autos I own. These repairs have included suspension, electrical, tire mounting/balancing, tune-up and other areas. I have found the shop to be extremely competent and honest, which has allowed me to avoid the prohibitive costs and complications of dealer-based repairs. Paul, Aaron, and Mitch also allow you to feel as much a friend as a customer. Numerous neighbors have had similar experience and makes Eilenberger's the Overland Park shop of choice in my opinion. more

A reliable place to go for a positive experience every time. 1/31/2011

I've been going to Eilenberger's Automotive for almost six years. They are very honest, personable, reliable and reasonably priced. I feel comfortable taking my family's cars there because not only are they are trustworthy, but they always remember our car issues. They even helped my son find his first car. We've not had one negative experience there. I highly recommend their services. more

Excellent place to have your car worked on! 1/7/2011

Every one at Eilenbergers is professional and friendly. I have used Eilenbergers for several years now and recommend them to everyone at work that asks for a nearby mechanic. They are trustworthy and have the skills to repair anything. more

Excellent service, friendly, and trustworthy. 1/3/2011

I have been going to Eilenberger's Automotive for a couple of years now, and they have always been really helpful. I don't feel like they are just trying to get more money out of me. Especially as a woman I often feel that I have to be on the lookout for getting scammed by auto places. I have never felt that way at Eilenberger's. They will list and point things out, including the severity of the problems. If they think it can wait 6 months, they will let me know. At times, they have even fixed little things for me free of charge. I have always had good rapport with Aaron and the other people at the front desk. I have actually recommended them to several friends, and they were all pleased with the service they got. I have always had good experiences there. more

2007 Pontiac G6 12/21/2010

I was having some anitfreeze leaking from my car. And to save a buck (I thought) and i have been taken my cars to them for years. I took my car to see them. The first time it was my overflow cracked and leaking, second time it was my radiatior and my third time it was a blown head gasket. Car never overheaded, light never came on to justify that find. I refused the third time for them to work on it and had the car towed to the dealer ship and they found NO HEAD GASKET blown, what they found was when Eilenberger's Automotive swapped out my radiator the fluid had ran on the frame and that was the fluid we were seeing on the ground. $1000 dollars later to Eilenberger's Automotive and I had to take it to the dealer to have them tell me the truth. So, in all honesty what really was the trouble with my car... Why was it leaking?? That question will always be an UNSOLVED mystery. If you trust them now you might want to keep an close eye out on them they might just catch you by surprise and take you for as much as they can.. Just beware. more

Great Guys, Smart - Honest, helpful. 12/8/2010

Took my '94 Camaro in because it wasn't running right, and they looked at it for a couple of days, figured out what was wrong, but didn't fix it!!! Here's the catch - since they know me and my "weekend mechanic" abilities, Aaron simply told me to get new spark-plug wires at O'Reilly, and some spark-plug boot protectors, put them on myself and that would do the trick. Charged me $0.00 - Nothing, Nada, Zilch! 9 out of 10 other shops are doing a full tune-up at least and charging me a couple of hundred bucks. These guys are the best. By the way - he was exactly right. The fix I did by myself and the car has never run better. more

The only people I trust with my car. 12/2/2010

I have been using Eilenberger's Automotive since at least 1996, and I think they are great. They are honest, I think their prices are good, and they will not start work without talking with you first. And, they give you an honest opinion about what needs done. I have gone to them for everything from oil changes all the way to replacing a radiator and a transmission. The work is always great. I would recommend them to anybody. Jennifer Chmel more
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