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Edwards, Sara, Dvm - Vestavia Animal Clinic - 16 Reviews - 1471 Montgomery Hwy, Birmingham, AL - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (205) 823-7485

Edwards, Sara, Dvm - Vestavia Animal Clinic

1471 Montgomery Hwy
Birmingham, AL 35216
(205) 823-7485
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Edwards, Sara, Dvm - Vestavia Animal Clinic - Birmingham, AL


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Dr. Edwards was awesome when my dog Aubie jumped into a window shattering it as his front leg went through the glass. He was a little agitated at the mailman who was delivering m...


Please people check out the reviews on this facility. A beloved PET WAS BEAT TO DEATH BY ONE OF THE WORKERS. HOW AWEFUL!! who could do such a thing? Why was a person this craz...

Aubie Goes Through Window 10/4/2009

Dr. Edwards was awesome when my dog Aubie jumped into a window shattering it as his front leg went through the glass. He was a little agitated at the mailman who was delivering mail to my front porch. I took Aubie into Vestavia Animal Clinic and Dr. Edwards was looking at his leg in less than 3 minutes. She took him directly into surgery and repaired his leg which was cut up pretty bad. He has made a full recovery and even made today's Birmingham News. He won an award for the most unusual pet claim with VPI Insurance for the month of September out of 80,000 claims. I am so thankful that Dr. Edwards was working on the day of the accident. She was awesome! Pros: Best Veterinarian in the World! more

A human life is more important. GET REAL!!!!! 7/8/2009

What is more important, a man's life or a dog's. If a dog was BRUTALLY and VICIOUSLY attacking you, for no reason, would you not do what ever necessary to fend it off? I would. Before posting neg. comments or passing judgement on these people please get the facts straight. This is nothing but slander. Pros: Caring, Responsible, Respectful, Professional Care! more

Best vet in Birmingham area 2/23/2009

I have used this vet for years & they are wonderful. I dont even live close, I live 35min away & I use them. They are friendly to me & my pets. I would & have recomended them to everyone I know. I dont know the whole story about the beaten to death dog, but it was one person, not the facility. Also, you dont know how the dog was. sometimes dogs in a strange place arent as loving as they are at home, It could've been self-defense. more

Great Care 1/20/2009

I have taken several pets to this facility and they provide excellent professional care.\r Perhaps the bad reviews were for another facility with a similar name...there are MANY ""insert name"" animal clinics around. I have a family member that works there and know how much she and the rest of the staff care about OTHER peoples' pets as well as their own. Pros: Great pet care. Caring staff. Cons: None. I think other low scores are people are rating without using the facility. more

your sister probably deserved to lose her ""sweet pet"" 12/25/2008

i feel sorry for your dog, but not for you or your sister.\r \r scram, troll. these people are a respectable business and the vets are very professional. Pros: Professional Cons: N/A more

Best clinic to take your pets in Vestavia area. 12/12/2008

I have taken four generations of dogs to this facility and have gotten no less than the utmost care for my pets here. Everyone is so friendly and the vets really know what they are doing. I will actually be taking Murphy there tomorrow for a checkup with no hesitations at all. They really are loving people who care for our animals, especially Dr. Edwards. Pros: Knowledgeable staff, loving care more

Best Animal Clinic on the Planet 12/7/2008

I have been a client of VAC for 20 years, several dogs and cats and I know first hand that this is the very best care you can get for your pet. I ahve dealt with every vet there and never have been let down. They have restored the health of rescued animals that I have adopted. And the dedication that the doctors have shown over all these years have given me the partners that I need to care for my pets. I have named one of my dogs after Dr Sarah Edwards, she is brilliant and dedicated (the doctor, not the dog- well, the dog too!). Dr Shane West has saved my dog Elvis' life, doing life saving surgery on a Sunday evening! and he did not charge any extra for the surgery. He also saved numerous other dogs that would have died had we not known of this facility. Dr Frank McClure has an understanding of the animal, their emotional as well as physical pain that they may be in. Dr Murphy helped me care for my dog Bogie in the last months of his long life, giving him and us enjoyable borrowed time. I cannot thank the doctors enough, and for their caring staff. I drive 30 miles one way to see these amazing doctors. To me, there is no place on the plantet better to help me care for my pet. Pros: Best surgeons, doctors and staff more

Top notch professional animal clinic 11/9/2008

We take ALL our pets to Vestavia Animal Clinic (VAC) , even though there are have TWO reputable and excellent animal clinics MUCH closer to our house. We go to the trouble because the quality of care our dog and cats get at VAC is superb. VAC is a first-class facility run by caring and professional people. I watched their work for years. If there were ANY signs of lack of commitment for the welfare of animals or the slightest inclination toward lack of kindness, I would know, because that?s what I do for a living ? assess people. I haven?t got the foggiest idea what motivates the reviewer started the disingenuous thread about a dog beaten to death. There must an ugly personal issue here, because it simply could not have happened. If it did, I would know about it. The writer does not know that the facility owner is a lady (called the doctor a ?he), which lets me know that what s/he is either a badly intentioned individual with a personal agenda, or a patsy who passes on hearsay events, but never bothers to verify the ""information."" If I were the manager of CitySearch, I would not allow anonymous reviews. Anybody can write anything anonymously. ""A lie, repeated often enough, will end up as truth."" This quote is usually attributed to Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda (1933-1945), one of the most evil people who has ever lived. Goebels exploited the German radio, press, cinema, and theater to launch propaganda against the World. Luckily, he did away with himself after Germany's defeat. I know what motivated Goebels: hatred. What motivates the person who started this lie about a dog being beaten at VAC remains a mystery to me, but I can take a couple of guesses, none of which are kind. To those who read these reviews: Do yourselves a favor, don?t believe lies! If you live near VAC and need a pet clinic, trust VAC to be absolutely the best service you can get at the fairest prices in town. Pros: Kind, complete, excellent prices more

Sad that these caring professionals are getting a bad rap 10/28/2008

I have no idea what happened with regards to the posting about someone's dog being beaten to death at Vestavia Animal Clinic. Hard for me to believe that someone just went ""crazy"" and beat an animal to death at this clinic. Not saying it didn't happen...just saying it's hard to believe.\r \r The vets and staff at V.A.C. have always treated my animals like their own. My entire family uses this clinic and no one I know has ever had anything negative to say about their services - including boarding.\r \r I'm sad that someone lost their pet. But I'm also sad that the genuine, caring, professional staff at V.A.C. is getting such a bad rap on this site (and others). Pros: Awesome staff, great clinic hours, my pets seem to enjoy being there more

Positive Experiences 10/28/2008

I have used Vestavia Animal Clinic for all of my pets for more than 5 years now. I have never had anything other than a positive experience with the vets, vet techs, and receptionists. I have found every employee I've ever encountered to be caring, genuine, intelligent and beyond friendly. In fact, I will not take my animals to any other facility! I have no problem highly recommending Vestavia Animal Clinic to all my friends and family. Pros: Skilled vets, caring employees more


Please people check out the reviews on this facility. A beloved PET WAS BEAT TO DEATH BY ONE OF THE WORKERS. HOW AWEFUL!! who could do such a thing? Why was a person this crazy working with animals? Who hired this nut and why? The owner of this facility should be ousted from ever working with any animals for the rest of his life, the one who did it should be doing community work and paying a fine. I would not use this facility and you should not either. KEEP OUR PETS SAVE, HEALTHLY AND MOST IMPORTANT ALIVE!!!! Pros: i see none Cons: beloved pet beat to death more

No Problems 9/11/2008

I have been boarding my dog at this facility and have never had any problems. To my consternation, my pet is always HAPPY to arrive at the office and seems to enjoy staying there. I have complete trust in this facility and its employees. Pros: Friendly, Caring and Organized staff. Clean Facility. Great operating hours. Cons: I can't think of any. more

2 Sides 2 every story 8/17/2008

This facility is known for its good treatment of animals, it has a reputation of treating animals as if they were their own. I board my animals here whenever business calls me out of town and when I vacation with family, and I never once had a horrific experience as this. The workers at this facility are caring and compasionate, considerate and respectful to life being humans or animals. Miss I am sorry about your dog, but maybe there is more to this story. more

2 SIDES 2 EVERY STORY! 7/18/2008

HEY 2 SIDES BEAT TO DEATH DOES NOT SOUND LIKE CARING FOR A PET!! Do you really understand what happened here? What were you told? THE TRUTH? I THINK NOT! If I were you, i would not use this facility again, your luck could run out at any time. THEN LET US KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!! Cons: THIS COULD BE YOU PETS LAST DAYS ALIVE more

2 sides 2 stories 7/18/2008

I am very glad your dog survived his stay. This poor little dog did not. Do you think that any one at this clinic is going to tell you the truth? A dog BEAT TO DEATH. Do you understand the concept of this? If it happened once, it could happen again. This person who BEAT THE DOG TO DEATH, is it a loving, caring person? What about the employees who turned their heads? I SAY IT HAPPENED AND ANY ONE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT BOARDING THEIR PETS HERE SHOULD BE AWARE OF THIS VICIOUS ATTACK. I WOULD WANT TO KNOW. I say lets keep our pets SAFE, HEALTHLY AND MOST IMPORTANT ALIVE!!!! You were lucky this person did not go crazy on your dog...If you continue to take your pet here, it just could happen to yours.....THINK ABOUT IT!!!! Cons: YOUR ANIMAL COULD BE BEATEN TO DEATH NEXT more

beloved family pet abused and died at hands of workers 6/13/2008

My sister's beloved dog was abused and died at this clinic. Please ask for information as to why t;here is a new kennel manager.and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not kennel your dog here. Pros: There are none. My sisters sweet dog is gone Cons: Your dog could very well wind up dead if kenneled here more
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