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Eddies Sweet Shop - 20 Reviews - 105-29 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hills, NY - Family Restaurants Reviews - Phone (718) 520-8514
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Eddies Sweet Shop

105-29 Metropolitan Ave
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(718) 520-8514
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Probably the best shop in the area for anything sticky and sweet !


What a major disappointment! Decor is a blast from the past. The owner simply never sunk a dime into the place and now it's considered retro. Turkey Hill Ice Cream in the supermar...

Fantastic 3/19/2012

Probably the best shop in the area for anything sticky and sweet ! more

A positive experience 7/10/2010

I'd like to start off by saying i read all the reviews of this shop before i visited and they were very helpful. Unlike some other reviewers i definietly enjoyed the experience. \r \r The icecream was very good, right out of the freezer it was not too hard which some other establishments suffer from and it's flavorful but not too sweet. The toppings were the best i've ever had though and really make the icecream something special. Sprinkles are flavorful, not just wax like and the whip cream doesnt just melt away and they give alot on a bannana split. The fact that they use the same syrups to top the icecream and make the malts seemed weird at first but both tasted great. (A friend of mine had a malt and i had a split) \r \r Now the only downside i would say is the price, a two scoop split with the works was seven dollars so if you are tight on cash or just want a quick scoop this may not be the place to go. The lighting also seemed very dim and this didnt bother me in the least but you might feel differently. The waiter I had was very conversational and friendly but i cannot speak for the rest of the staff so you must see them for yourself. I myself was only there for about 15 minutes and I sat in the front so i wont comment much on the decore, but what I saw, I liked. I wont call Eddies sweet shop THE ice cream experience but it's definetly worth checking out. Pros: Icecream, Toppings, Atmosphere Cons: Prices, Lighting more

best malts in the city 6/18/2010

when I am in the mood for something from my past, be it a lime rickey, real sundae with homemade whipped cream or a true egg cream- here's where I go and I always try to bring friends to hare the experience and make converts..\r though the decor could be brighter and staff could be more engaging, Eddie's is a throwback to the 40's in both malt shoppe ambience and flavorful delights. Everything is fresh and homemade- don't believe the snobby manhattanites who trek here and write a misguided review - their idea of a malt shop is cold stone creamery; let 'em stay in the city; this is a place for connoseurs; Ya want a malted? they make the best- and not a milk shake or a thick shake, I mean a MALTED, with just the right amount of malt, smoothly concocted in an old fashioned green hamilton beach blender. An ice cream soda? you got it! ( I recently went to a baskin-robbins and asked for a black and white ice cream soda - the "" soda jerk"" asked me what that was and told me to pick out my own soda from the beverage case. When I asked for an egg cream instead, he said ""we have no eggs here"" -no lie; even Maggie Moo 's,- no seltzer for an ice cream soda! They thought I was crazy and I told them if they are in the business of ice cream delights, either learn it or get the frig out of the business.\r anyway, ignore the (lack of) ambience (though I find the old fashioned lighting and tin ceiling charming, while others may find it dreary) and the sometimes indifferent staff. Just go, have an egg cream or a real banana split with all the toppings, try a cherry rickey (if I have to explain, you don't belong in NY), but please - definitely have the malted - vanilal is my personal favorite - in an old fashioned malt shop glass- with just enough left over from the metal container to put in a small jelly glass as a side car! \r some 40s or 50s music would help, most definitely- but hey it's really just about the ice cream and other delights - that's the charm and magic of Eddie's. Pros: sundaes, real egg creams and soda shoppe fanasies Cons: not many more

reat personality 5/8/2010

This is the place to go to re-live the past. Good fountain drinks.\r I Loved the decor.\r Took my mom there for Mother's day. We live in Rockland County. It was worth the ride. She enjoyed it.\r Just a typical candy sweet shop. Not a lot of extras but then again what do you want if everyone else is closing down.\r Good prices also. Pros: Atmosphere, Fountain, staff, and price. Cons: No food more

Homeade Ice Cream 4/14/2010

What a major disappointment! Decor is a blast from the past. The owner simply never sunk a dime into the place and now it's considered retro. Turkey Hill Ice Cream in the supermarket beats this ""homeade "" ice cream.Definitely not worth the price. The whipped cream tasted like it was made with sawdust. I really wanted this to be a great place, but do yourself a favor and save your time and money. Pros: nostalgic setting Cons: poor quality & overpriced more

Fabulous Homemade Ice Cream and All the Trimmings!! 7/25/2008

Yes, the ice cream toppings and whipped cream are home made. The place transports you back to a more innocent and sane time in our history and the nostalgic kitsch collectibles are for sale. The only complaint I have is no matter when I have visited Eddie's - and I am going back years (since I don't live far away from it), the counter staff leaves much to be desired. They are slow in noticing you - often appear overwhelmed, and sometimes sullen. I have yet to get a ""thank you"" or ""have a nice day"" from anyone working here. But the ice cream sundaes and banana splits are heavenly and the malteds are real malts, made with malt powder. A Black and White Ice Cream Soda hits the spot too! They also make Lime Rickeys and real Cherry Cokes. This is one of the last of a dying breed in NYC - go and enjoy and ignore the rude kids behind the counter! Pros: Atmosphere, homemade sweets. Cons: Rude waitstaff, parking. more

Old School 6/20/2008

This place is fun, it's like a theme ice cream shop. I love the marble counter and the old fashioned metal ice cream saucers. Forest Hills really needs more charm, and more non-chain establishment like this, the dining scene on Queens Blvd on Austin is pretty boring. That being said, the young and somewhat incompetent staff unfortunately is where the charm ends. The ice cream sundaes are just sloppy with the content overflowing out of the cup and making a mess in the saucer. The staff also needs to be a bit more polished with their manners, (or just say thank you?) The staff also isn't very efficient and seems overwhelmed even by the smallest crowd, so expect to wait and be ignore for a while if you don't go during senior hours. All in all, I want Eddie's to continue its existence, but Forest Hills desperately needs something real like this. Pros: Old fashioned, fun Cons: Incompetent and inexperienced staff more

Awesome Ice Cream Sundaes--a step back in time 5/22/2008

Eddie's Sweet Shop is the ""Creme de la Creme"" of old-fashioned sweet shops. I am a total ice cream snob/fanatic and this place is absolutely on my top 5 list. I travel all the way from Connecticut for an Eddie's sundae! All homemade ice cream and that big bowl of homemade whipped cream?!? It is just nirvana!!! As for the decor--I think the fact that it isn't updated gives it an authentic nostalgic, kitschy charm. When I go there--I feel like I am transported back in time, wearing my new poodle skirt waiting to meet my boyfriend Chachie for a malted. Eddie's is totally worth the trip in my book!!!! Pros: Fabulous homemade ice cream, whipped cream more

Historically Charming Icecream Shop 3/9/2008

I visited this place with my girlfriend on a Sunday afternoon around 4 pm. It wasn't too busy and street parking was pretty easy to find, although I can see how on other days of the week this may not be the case.\r The shop itself is a little grungy, but has it's historic appeal. It doesn't look like they've ever really put any money into maintenance or upkeep. There is an old fashioned serving bar with bar stools and old fashioned table seating. The scoops of icecream are served in cute, antique pedistal dishes. The dingy appearance of the place however leaves you wondering about cleanliness in general. The icecream was very good in my opinion and reminds you of homemade, full flavor icecream people made years ago and doesn't taste like the stuff from the grocery store. The store was being run on this day by two, twentysomethings who were playing loud, alternative rock music on an iPod. I thought it seemed a bit inappropriate for the clientele and the historic nature of the place. Pros: Historic Charm, Ice Cream, Serving Dishes, Price Cons: Appearance of Shop, Music, Payment options more

High fat Ice cream for those who want the real thing 6/4/2007

Eddie's Sweet shop. I read the reviews on Citysearch and put on my list of things to do if ever in Queens to get some Ice Cream at Eddies. It was a bit of a drizzly Sunday when I dropped by with my relatives. Found they have a variety of ice cream flavors, variety of syrups and a variety of toppings among other choices. I picked out the two scoop with vanilla chip and chocolate. My compadres had either coffee, vanilla or chocolate, nothing too daring. I asked for a combo of butterscotch and caramel toppings which the friendly waitress accomplished for me with finesse. So, this place gets an A+ for the ice cream, very fresh, high fat content and great whipped cream. The ambience, though overwhelmingly antique, like the tin cieling, the mosaic tile floor, and the wood and glass display case and counter, could use a little spruce up. The place had the feel of a business just hanging in there for the ride, rather than an actively managed business set to draw in new customers. They could really clean the surroundings like the area behind the display case which appears to be highly visible storage for unused items, and maybe make some more space for more customers. I also suggest sitting at the counter where you could observe the making of the sundaes. Pros: great ice cream and whipped cream, good service Cons: could clean out the clutter more

As close to homemade as it gets 4/30/2007

I have been going to Eddie's for over 30 years. I have eaten ice cream on many continents and YES I have been to Manhattan too. Eddie's is among the best ice cream around. And even the whipped cream is the real thing not from a can. I have celebrated victorious Little League games when my son was 10 and also consoled him on lost games over a banana splits. Every flavor is top shelf (try the PEACH in the summer) and if the person who wrote the previous review knew anything about ice cream they'd know that Haagen Dazs is junk at this point in time, due to the many different owners over the years after the Mattus family sold it!!! I remember Haagen Dazs when you had to dig down to the bottom of the ice cream case in certain deli's to find a pint of vanilla. And even then Eddie's was as good! Pros: Creamy delicious ice cream that is very fresh in great flavors. Cons: ??????????? more

Not the best 11/19/2006

I searched for a dessert place to take a friend to and saw this place was rated a 10!! I have never seen a 10 rating ever on this site soi decided to go try it when i got there i was about to walk out just because of the 20 kids running around....the ice cream was not good at all we ate the whip cream on top and left.....people that gave this site a 10 rating has probably never step foot in manhatten. I would have been happier if i bought some haagen daaz from the corner store instead. STAY AWAY!! Pros: NONE sorry Cons: Ambience, parking, ice cream more

Best Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlor Anywhere 9/27/2006

If you ever had an ice cream soda or a sundae at some ice cream parlor which you're sure is good, because it tastes as good as it can probably, YOU'RE WRONG! You obviously haven't been to Eddie's. It's about as old fashion New York as you can get as far as the atmosphere is concerned. The ice cream sodas are second to none. My personal recommendation is a vanilla soda with Mint-chip ice cream, as odd as that may sound. Sundaes and splits...just go down then list, because you can't go wrong with any of them. And the whipped cream...words can't describe after you've had the canned stuff everyone else switched over to. I just found out about Eddie's about a month ago, and it beats anywhere else like it that I've ever been to. Pros: Where should I start?! Cons: Nothing bad about this place. more

Wonderful homemade ice cream in a delightful old-fashioned ice cream parlor atmosphere. 7/12/2006

For ice cream officionados and children of all ages, Eddies is worth a trip from anywhere. The ice cream is always fresh and creamy, with fruits tasting like they should--like themselves. The chocolate is rich and delicious. A great touch is the when the bowl of homemade whipped cream is pulled from a refrigerator to be used in topping a hot fudge sundae--nothing industrial or canned here. A basic sandwich/burger menu is also served for pre-ice cream nourishment--just always remember to leave room for dessert!!! Pros: Homemade ice cream; authentic old-fashioned ice cream parlor atmosphere Cons: closed on Mondays; can be very crowded after the movie next door lets out more


I've been reading about this place for a long time, and I hear nothing but good things. So, finally, I decided to go there, and I'm so happy that I did. The best ice cream sundaes and banana splits, EVER!!! I even work out harder in the gym, just so I can come here as often as I can. Pros: Inexpensive, Atmosphere, Good Parking Cons: NONE!! more


Eddie's is the BEST experience you will ever have when it comes to ice cream. I have been going here since I was that I'm 22 I still wouldnt change my mind about this place. The ice cream is all fresh and homemade and they are the only place in New York who have a special license to make their own special whipcream and it's the fluffiest, creamiest, and lightest thing in the world!! the toppings are to die for, the ice cream is rich, flavorful, and delicious!! There's a reason it's been around forever and always will be..because it's the real thing....maybe SOME people are used to imitation and processed things, and thats why when they have the real & best thing they dont realise that's how it SHOULD taste...too bad for you because that means more for the rest of us! :) Pros: High Quality, Inexpensive, Fun Atmosphere more

The Sweetest Place in Forest Hills 8/27/2002

Eddie's Sweet Shop has been around since I was a little girl and I am 42 years old. My brothers and I went to school with his kids. Everything is homemade inside. Not only the ice cream. My girl friends and I would go to the Cinemart Movie theater across the street and then go to Eddie's sweet shop for dessert. It should be a landmark! more

Best Hot Fudge Sundaes in New York 8/16/2002

Eddie's is a Forest Hills institution. Homemade ice cream and whipped cream are served in an ice cream parlor straight out of the '50s. more

Old Time Good 7/29/2002

It's great. Sit at the counter and watch as they make magic. I love the old refrigerator with the huge bowls of homemake whipped cream. more

to die for 7/26/2002

They make their own ice cream. Coffee chip is incredible, but then again so is the banana, maple walnut and all the other flavors. FORGET aerosol whip cream. They bring out huge bowls of fresh whipped heavy cream for sundaes and ice cream sodas. Don't even think about your diet!!! Pros: old fashioned, worth the wait Cons: movie across street more
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  • The Scene
    Everything charming and naive about small-town America condenses into this early 1900s-era ice cream joint in Forest Hills. Piglets of all ages congregate here for a scoop or...

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