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Ed Debevic's - 61 partner Reviews - 640 N Wells St, Chicago, IL - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (312) 664-1707

Ed Debevic's

640 N Wells St
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 664-1707
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Ed Debevic's - Chicago, IL
Ed Debevic's - Chicago, IL
Ed Debevic's - Chicago, IL


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My class and I are visiting chicago on a school trip, and we liked the experience of eating here very much. The waitor named ""Swan"", a.k.a Tractor, is the coolest. We all miss...


The food is OK, nothing great though. The staff was very rude but reading from other reviews, it seems like that's on purpose - why would the do that? I'll never understand.. ??

Editorial review from GrubHub 7/21/2013

Great food, despite orders arriving cold twice now... Menu is clear, sandwiches do come with fries but we ordered extras because the menu doesn't list fries for all sandwiches- what a waste. more

Editorial review from GrubHub 6/6/2013

Received wrong order. Don't order ice cream-came melted. more

Weird place... 10/21/2010

The food is OK, nothing great though. The staff was very rude but reading from other reviews, it seems like that's on purpose - why would the do that? I'll never understand.. ?? more

Read this if you're thinking of taking a young kid here 9/13/2010

I realize that being rude is their schtick . I just feel sorry for the random out-of-towners (like me) who don't know any better and end up there with their kids. Did the waiter really need to yell at my six year old as we sat down that he was a bed wetter? I agree with charlie8822--don't take tired or sensitive kids there and would take it farther and say you shouldn't take any young kids there. It will either leave them feeling hurt or it will teach them behavior you don't want them copying. more

Don't bring tired or sensitive kids here 8/11/2010

I grew up in Chicago and always enjoyed eating here. Now I am 29 and I thought it would be fun to go with my niece and 3 nephews. My oldest nephew is 9 and he is absolutely delightful. He doesn't misbehave or make scenes in public. (The other kids were a little rambunctious). Our waiter was so rude, and didn't adapt to the vibe of our table. We had one special needs child so when he first came up, we told him we have one kid who can't speak and please be nice to us. I guess this was a terrible offense to our waiter. He started yelling at us. When he left, our 9 yr old was almost in tears and the 11 yr old asked us if the waiter was serious. The waiter continued to be incredibly offensive (yes, I know the drill here) and it wasn't just us. A large family had been seated next to us. They weren't even there for 10 minutes when our waiter made on of their children cry. That family left. Our waiter changed his approach and softened up. The 9 yr old started to cheer up. We had almost salvaged the experience for the kids but the host ruined it on our way out. The 9 yr old was telling me a story when we were interrupted by the host who yelled at us to ""shut that brat up"". I tried to deflect the situation and said ""I'm not a brat!"" but he pushed it and said ""no, not you. the brat next to you."" My nephew didn't talk for the next 30 minutes. It's one thing to be rude and funny. It's another thing to be downright mean. And if these people are really such great actors, they should also be able to gauge their audience and modify their act accordingly. Also the food is really just okay. you would not be going there just for the food. It's the atmosphere. It can be a fun place to be... just be careful who you bring. more

What an extreme disappointment and they do not care! 3/21/2010

We came from Minnesota to spend 3 days in Chicago to celebrate my daughters sweet 16 birthday. Someone recommended this sham of a place to take her. The food was terrible, the staff was rude and to top it off there was a man running around making balloons for the kids. He came to us and she had seen some princess crowns he had made for several other girls. She requested one as well. They were cute - he made her something terrible, it was ugly and tried to call it a crown. It looked nothing like a crown. Then he was finished and he stood by the table until he was tipped. I asked management if he worked for them and explained what he did and he acted like her could care-a-less. But ya know this was a big day for us. And it was HER birthday - she didn’t deserve that. I will never recommend or come back to this place again.\r The cheese sticks were so greasy they made me sick and she didn’t even eat what she ordered. I wanted this to be a great experience for us. I'm a single mom and we hadn't taken any type of trip in 12 years - I guess I expected it to be something special to make her laugh. It was a joke! The management was absolutely sorry. I'll never recommend or return to this place again!\r Thank you for such a lousy time for my daughter’s birthday!!\r Pros: Not much! Cons: Too expensive for what they deliver and more! more

Brilliant! 5/19/2009

My class and I are visiting chicago on a school trip, and we liked the experience of eating here very much. The waitor named ""Swan"", a.k.a Tractor, is the coolest. We all miss you already!!! And next time I visit I will definately come here again. Great food, service, and humor!! more

Fun for a group 6/23/2008

I went with a group of friends here and we had a blast! Be prepared because the music is loud and the decor is ultra-retro. The waiters are hilarious and purposely rude, so don't be afraid to have fun with them! Breaking out in song and dance is common here for all workers! The whimsical atmosphere didn't affect the food, which was very good. I recommend the burgers and malts. A great place for parties or kids Pros: fun atmosphere, good food more

where is your sence of humor? 5/20/2008

ok in order to go to a place like this you must have a sence of humor and be happy, cuz if not then you will hate it. lame ppl should not go here cuz this is a place to have fun and laugh. its obnoxious and fun to yell at your waiter cuz he is yellin at you. thats the main point. the food is pretty good....the dessert is very very good. i got a salad cuz i wasnt too hungry and it was good, it was funny to hear my waiter complain about everyone and then he turned to me and was all like thanks for being all easy with ur order and i was just like UMMM can i have more ranch? and he rolled his eyes and he was like NVM i take that back lol.....our waiter made us laugh the whole time....and that random dancing is SOOOOO this place is cool its entertaining and the food isnt bad, and its not expensive at least i dont think so, if ur paying about 10-15 dollars for one person at a sit down reasturant with entertainment i think its a steal. and its in downtown... come on now and have some fun with your life and enjoy this is a must....especially for kids, teens, young adults....older ppl just dont get it i guess......... more

Worst restaurant I have ever been to 5/3/2008

I had the misfortune of going to this dump back in 1993. I was part of a high school art class (who didn't care about the Art Institute at all) on a field trip.\r \r ""Gotta go to Ed's! Gotta go to Ed's!"" they kept screaming.\r \r My only choice was to stick with the group, so we walked umpteen blocks in the cold to ""Ed Debevic's"". Apparently, they all knew about its ""shtick"" but I didn't. It was a long day and I just wasn't even hungry.\r \r So we went in there and good grief. I thought I had walked into a diner that ""Sesame Street's"" Oscar the Grouch would go to. Loud, screaming music blared from the speakers, competing with the loud, screaming insults the waiters and waitresses yelled at the customers.\r \r The student group I was in lit up like a Christmas tree when a bellowing waiter (a failed actor from some community college) led us to a bunch of dirty, grimy booths near a window.\r \r Everyone yapped how ""good"" the fries were, I looked at the terrible prices. My appetite was shot by this point, so I ordered a can of creme soda. (It was ten times the price than for a can of soda from a vending machine).\r \r So as I looked at the menu, someone in our group said they needed styrofoam cups to the waiter. A moment later someone said ""Look out!"" and I looked up from my menu just in time to see a package of syrofoam cups smacked me in the face. The entire class roared with laughter at me as the waiter sneered ""Yer s'posed ta CATCH EM!""\r \r The fries came, and thankfully I didn't eat any. They were your basic fries you'd get at a real restaurant like Bennigan's, TGIFriday's, etc. only these limp things looked like they had been stepped on and were literally floating in a grayish-brown lumpy substance. The menu called it ""gravy"". It looked and smelled like something my cat hacked up on the rug.\r \r Remember that one South Park episode: ""Hey Kenny! I'll give you 5 bucks to eat that spleen!""\r \r Given the choice, I'd rather do that any day than eat at Ed Debevic's. Pros: Nothing! Cons: Everything!!! more

Great experience all around!! 3/22/2008

We had sassy service, which is even better when you are quick witted enough to comment back to the waitstaff. Anyone who doesn't appreciate the idea behind this resaurant is probably old enough to be put in a nursing home, because it is for the hip, young and energetic. I recently turned 22, and went with my 45 year old mother and we had a blast!! On top of the fun experience with the service, the food was great, and we were nothing short of entertained. I definitely recommend going whlie in Chicago! more

Worn out schtick and cruddy food. 2/9/2008

What was once clever and well-produced diner-sass is now lame, forced, unfunny attitude. If you like moronic screaming and dismissive wait staff, then this is your place. There really is no reason to waste money on below average food served by Columbia College rejects. \r Avoid the ""Pulled Pork Sandwich"" like your life depends on it......because it just might! Pros: Parking in front, but it's $8+tip to watch a guy drive your car 10 ft. Cons: loud wait staff, bad food. more

You have to be kidding :-( 10/23/2007

The loud verbal assault by the barman at least got the hostess to get us a table, however being purposely ignored by every waitresses was too much to bare, definitely not the place for kids (unless they enjoy watching a barman getting knocked out). Avoid like the plague. more

Sooooo Awsome!!!!!!!! 7/25/2007

i dont know what you guys are complaning about iv been here a million times and each time i hade great food and a lt of fun!!!the waiters and waitreses are so funny i went for a birthday party and they sang a song for her when they were dancing on the window sills. it was so cool. I go at least twice a year and every time iv been satesfied so to all those people who wrote bad and mean reviews you have no sence of humor, noone or nothing can make you happy and your just wierd for not liking it!!!!!!!!!! ( sticking tongue out) Pros: Every Thing!!! more

Can I give this place less than 1 star? Anyone giving it more than a zero, they work there and are saving their jobs. 6/8/2007

The place is the worst. The people working there are total tampons. The people that eat there only go once for the nostalgia... what a shame to burn your hard earned money eating cardboard. Pros: nothing Cons: all more

Not my cup of tea...... 4/26/2007

I have been there a few times and I honestly have not enjoyed one thing I ever ordered on the menu. The kids like it, they get a kick out of the wait staff and costumes. But I even felt that they were a little too rude, they got my order wrong one time and they were so nasty about fixing it! I understand that they put on a show for everyone but come on it is still a restaurant and I still expected much, much better service and food for the cost. Pros: None Cons: Too many to mention more

Funny, rude wait staff, it is part of the ambience 3/27/2007

The food is so, so, particularly on a busy night. The ambience is fun and lively. Waiters are wise cracking and intentionally rude, but that is part of the fun. \r \r It can be quite crowded and they don't take reservations, so get there early. Pros: Fun atmosphere, wise cracking wait staff Cons: Long wait, average food more

I got burned on my credit card 3/25/2007

These guys charge you 20% extra on your credit card without any authorization. What a bunch of snakes. Crumby food, terrible service, over priced and they are trying to cheat people. Thieves. Pros: nothing Cons: Don't go more

Check you credit card bill 3/17/2007

I just left the Chicago Ed Debevics... which was a bad experience. When I got home I was looking through my online credit card statement. I noticed that the bill was higher than I had authorized. I didn't leave a tip because you should only leave tips for good service and good food. \r \r The credit card bill was for higher than my charge so I called the restaurant and they told me ""the credit card company automatically adds 20% to the bills but that they would correct it"". \r \r What a bunch of B.S. Imagine all the people that don't check their credit cards $$$$$ 20% on each credit card transaction.\r \r Ed Debevics doesn't only give you poor service, lousy food, expensive prices... they are also robbing you. Pros: Nothing Cons: Everyhing more

Rude service. Bad food. Over priced. Dirty conditions. Why are people still going? 3/17/2007

It's ? that keeps people coming. I gotta think that the one time people eat here, they would rather go someplace else. It hurts to spend money like this.\r \r There's more grease in the employees hair than in the fryer. About the employees: Odd and petty nasty in a ha ha I finally can be mean way. Doesn't look like any of them take showers before coming to work. I gotta believe they don't wash their hands because the bathrooms didn't have paper towels. \r \r It's a pretty scummy operation. Pros: Downtown Cons: Everything else. Not worth a dime. more
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  • The Scene
    Come on in and take a seat at Ed's down-home diner, where bobby-soxers, nerds, greasers and cheerleaders sing, dance and take your order. Retro relics and witty signs ("No...

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