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425 SW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

(503) 223-2292
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A friend steered me to Echo Audio several years ago and I've bought and sold stereo equipment there. They don't just sell gear, they solve your entertainment problems. And, they r...


I bought $3000.00 tube amp and preamp. The preamp began to weaken in one channel noticeably in two to three weeks. Turned out to be tubes. Took it back, they replaced the tubes ...

'Could' be a great place to buy stuff.but be carefull 1/17/2011

I bought $3000.00 tube amp and preamp. The preamp began to weaken in one channel noticeably in two to three weeks. Turned out to be tubes. Took it back, they replaced the tubes (with cheep tubes).This took about a month. Six weeks later tubes again became week in the same channel. By the time I got it back Kurt said it was no longer under warrantee. Took it to a couple of repair shops, one said he could not find the problem. The other wanted a retainer of $300 and wouldn't guarantee any longer then 90 days. Just sold it cheep on the internet for a fraction of it's cost. The amp turned out to be decent. Still use it, The amp was a minimal part of the $3000 spent there, however. Later found a really choice piece of MacIntosh. It quit well within the warrantee period. They did fix it first rate. All I'm saying is, you can find some good stuff there but know what your doing.. Some of this high end gear can cost as much to fix as the original price. If Kurt can get out from under the warrantee he won't hesitate unless your a really big spender. I would agree with nearly all the positive said here by others, however. more

Echo Audio makes enjoying music easy 7/22/2009

A friend steered me to Echo Audio several years ago and I've bought and sold stereo equipment there. They don't just sell gear, they solve your entertainment problems. And, they really know what they're talking about. I went there when we were living in temporary housing before moving into our house. We needed equipment to fit a small space and the ability to trade up when we moved. They got me into a great little system with new and used equipment. Then when we moved back to the house I used that equipment in another room and traded in my big floor standing speakers for smaller B&Ws that fit our needs better. You can sort of think of it as renting equipment. They are extremely trusting and will let you take gear home on loan to see how you like it. These guys really aim to please with the kind of customer support and experience one rarely sees in a retail establishment these days. I would recommend them to anyone. Pros: Flexible, accommodating, knowledgeable Cons: Only open four days a week more

Greatest audio store in Hi-Fi history 4/8/2009

Echo Audio is the complete opposite of every audio store you have ever been to. They try their hardest to accommodate the needs of their customers. They don't treat you like an ignorant moron who doesn't know anything about audio. Sometimes they get busy and can't help everyone or get to the phone, but they try their hardest to help everyone and that's what matters most. They carry tubes, headphones, record needles/cartridges, and lots of cool vintage gear. Check them out sometime! Pros: Good attitudes, great service Cons: parking more

brooding & snobby even by audiophile standards 1/14/2009

heres a tip, if you walk in here, mention right off the bat your dissapointed with your Mac club parking spot, or your on lunch from a hectic day of surgeries at OHSU or ask in a loud voice from the center of the room if its at all possible to spend at least 8000 on a decent used amp, preferable one that came from someone important like a Trailblazer or something. If you decide to ask normal questions and act like a normal person, expect to be treated like your an idiot that got lost on your way to Fry's after stepping in dog mess and accidently walked into their store. Then if you actually buy some Garranteed! item, IT WONT BE. unless of course you are capable of spending silly amounts of money on gear. Have fun. Pros: some good gear Cons: attitude, prices, parking more

They let me down. 1/3/2009

I'm just getting into quality audio gear and loved coming into Echo. The people were really nice and knowledgeable and I thought the service was great. Only had 2 problems. They often left me to simmer when their regulars came in, meaning i spent a long time waiting around. Secondly, I was told i could return an item i purchased as long as it was within 90 days, no questions asked. They have a very cool service at Echo wherein (with a deposit) you can ""borrow"" an item for a limited amount of time to check it out. Alternatively, you can buy it but return it within 90 days. Since i was told i could return it, i simply paid for the item. But when i tried to return it, they wouldn't take it back. It was a consignment they said, and there were no returns on consignments. It can be assumed that i was given misinformation by an employee but the fact that i was left holding the bag put a sour taste in my mouth. Basically, they didn't stick to their word. I'm not going back. more

Best audio shop I have been to in years 9/29/2008

I just moved to the Vancouver area 3 weeks ago from Los Angeles. I wanted to purchase a Shanling MC30, and found Echo Audio online. I called to see if they had one in stock, and yes they did. I went over on a Saturday and picked it up. WOW - what a great shop! I remember ""two channel"" shops like this from years gone by, prior to the ""home theater"" 5.1 channel craze. There are no stores like this anymore in LA. I picked up the MC30 and headed home. Upon arrival and setup, the unit was basically dead. I called Echo Audio, and Kurt was great about it. He offered to meet me at the shop on his day off, and exchange it for the store demo unit. Well, all is well with the demo, and I can't wait to get my new unit in a few weeks. The customer service at Echo Audio is amazing, and I can't believe I was lucky enough to find such a great store. I only wish I had more stereo needs so that I would have more reasons to shop there. I am sure I will find ""something"" I need. Hmmm, new cables, a new cartridge... Pros: great selection, good prices, Cons: none more

This women loves Echo 9/8/2008

If you are looking for high quality, super friendly, informed people to help you out, this is the place. I don't feel like it's a boys club at all, and I have never been treated like a dumb girl though I initially knew nothing about high end stereo equiptment. Echo makes quality accessible to everyone. It is the only place in Portland to shop for stereo equiptment and the only place that can recommend an installer that actually knows what he is doing! He fixed a collosal disaster the competitors in Lake Oswego left me with for a fraction of the price. The crew is great! Pros: Great deals and repairs offered, awesome installer Cons: parking is tricky. more

These Guys are Honest and Fair! 4/26/2008

I thought I needed to buy an expensive piece of equipment but it turns out there was a way around the purchase. They pointed that out and lost the sale! But they sure earned my future business. Pros: honest guys, good customer service Cons: parking (downtown) more

Echo Audio the best service in the biz!!! 4/25/2008

Customer service...what does that really mean. Most retailers believe that it has something to do with great salesmanship or making the buying experience pleasant...all good and well. But not enough for some...that's where Kurt Doslu and the folks at Echo Audio come in. more

Great products, great prices, great service 4/9/2008

Every transaction I've completed with Echo Audio during the last six years has been flawlessy executed. I have always been very pleased with the products purchased (always in near-flawless or even new condition) including Thiel speakers, Krell digital, VTL preamp, Meridian sources and amp, etc. Kurt and staff have always provided excellent service in a very friendly, sincere manner, with great enthusiasm and highest integrity. Highly recommended more

Echo Audio for a fun stereo shopping experience 4/6/2008

I've been in audio stores all over the country because my job requires some travel. Many of the Hi-Fi shops I've been in have made me feel uncomfortable because they've got their noses in the air, and God help me if I've got a question. ""Obviously he's not an audiophile like we are"", is what I imagine they're thinking, or at least that's how they make me feel. more

Not your typical audio ""boutique"" 4/3/2008

I personally find that this store is free of the ""boutique"" snobbery that I frequently come across. Kurt is a very nice guy and he has gone out of his way to help me on several occasions. He's knowledgeable and resourceful. Plus, their website is excellent and frequently updated, so if I'm looking for something specific in the pre-owned category, I can grab it within a day of it coming into the store. Highly recommended. more

best audio equipment in town 11/26/2007

I wrote the ""male audio geeks only"" review and want to take it back. However, I was very mad the last time I went here because my order was forgotten, and I was treated like a child (I'm a 35 year old ER nurse). I went back to this store because I did not want to drive all the way to Seattle, and the store has what I wanted, and they loan it out to you. I tried to find another good store with used and rebuilt quality stereo equipment, and couldn't find one. It also was recommended to us by someone we know who has collected records for years, and has built his own turntable. So I ate crow and hoped that they would not recognize me (alas they did!) This time Evan helped my husband & I and he was very patient, listened to me, and helped me find equipment that I am very happy with and plan to purchase. I adore my new audio system-to-be ! Love it!!! Thanks Echo Audio more

For Male Audio Geeks Only 7/19/2007

Ladies, shop elsewhere, unless you like patronizing and condescending treatment. The testosterone is cranked up so high here, and the audio snobbishness so thick, I really did not want to spend my money here. more

Fantastic Service, Great selection 8/7/2006

Echo Audio is great - I've bought several systems from them, and they've all worked wonderfully. Over the years I've bought 2 systems from them, and one for my kid who has just gone off to college. They have a stereo for every budget. This place sure beats the hell out of going to circut city or best buy. Locally owned, small shop. Definately reccomended. Pros: Smart, helpful staff. Great value on used stereo equipment. Cons: Sometimes parking can be hard to find. more

The Perfect Path to High End Audio 3/3/2006

I've been into audio for, well, many decades. Some time, I think in the 1970's, high end audio emerged, and the gear was wonderful, but unaffordable. Used audio is _the_ way to go, and this store is a gem. The staff are friendly and helpful, the service excellent and the products are a bargain. If you love hifi, this is the place to go. Pros: value, staff, service more

Great Store 6/3/2005

They always have a great selection when I go there, and it's nice to see someone give warrantee on used items. Also their long term customer service is fantastic. I bought and old 70s turntable from them and had issues with it over a year and a half later. The fixed it for me for free if I remember correctly, and if they did charge me it wasn't very much. I haven't been in there for some time because everything they have sold me still works great. I feel their prices are a good for the quality and service you get. If you want a stereo for cheap buy it at Walmart. If you want a stereo for life goto Echo Audio more
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