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East Shore Athletic Club

677 Long Pt Rd Ste 101
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
(843) 284-5502
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So I have never felt compelled to write a review online before, but after my new experience East Shore I felt I absolutely had to... and then I log into the page and see all of th...


the bottom line is, don't sell memberships to a pool that is either shut down for service or taken up by classes most of the time. i don't have any problem with the rest of the c...

Motivating staff, wide variety of equip, LOVE THIS GYM. 2/9/2012

So I have never felt compelled to write a review online before, but after my new experience East Shore I felt I absolutely had to... and then I log into the page and see all of these terrible reviews?? I don't get it! Maybe it is the location but I have been a new member at the ESAC on Johnnie Dodds, and I have had such a great experience. I have been a committed gym member my entire life, so my expectations are quite high. I was pretty nervous moving to a new gym location, but thankfully I was SO satisfied. First of all the staff is great. I am from up north, and as soon as I walked in the door I was welcomed with a friendly face and a motivating spirit, and every day since my 1st I have been approached and welcomed by my first name, from the majority of the staff! I have never belonged to a gym that makes such an effort to connect with customers, especially in a gym environment where people need all the motivation they can get, this gym is great. A lot of variety with cardio machines, everything relatively clean, and there is a downstairs for weights as well as a room for yoga, pilate classes. ALSO, I started the new Gofit program... and all I can say is WOW. I have never felt so strong before in my life and I have only been to a few classes! I was super intimated in the beginning because the routines seemed pretty vigorous but with the help of the trainers and fellow participants it was tough but physically and emotionally so worth it. Thank you esac for making my move down south so much easier and more enjoyable! more

Don't even consider this gym! 2/7/2012

If I could give my experience a 0 star rating I would. East Shore has so many issues (especially the Dorchester Rd location) that I cannot begin to state them all. Smelly facilities, mediocre equipment that is poorly maintained, and a nightmare to have ANYTHING done via the corporate office or through branch managers, to name a few. Customers that call will be greeted with constant scrutiny and terrible customer service. They just don't care. I had an accident at work a while back and broke my neck, back, and shattered my ankle. Even though we paid for our year in advance, they refused to refund our money and told us that they could put the account on hold. Took them three calls and two months of waiting for them to actually get the hold in place. Now I am moving 40 miles away from the nearest location and they still won't refund our money. The place is garbage and a scam. Don't sign the contract. more

This Place Is the WORST! 1/20/2012

Out of all the gyms I've ever gone to these are by far the worst. If you want to use more than one location you have to pay EXTRA?! Dumb. The equipment is always broken (TVs and heart monitors on the cardio equip for ex.)? Yep. The keyswipe doors at the 24 hour locations are always broken?! Also true. What's the point of having a 24 club if you can't get in at 10 in the morning? They are always dirty - ALWAYS... and smelly, like mold. And forget about the bathrooms! Some have more room than others, but most are too small. No room to stretch or work out abs. The free space room in the coleman location can only fit 2 people. Ugh, don't bother! more

Great club 7/26/2011

I have been a happy member for over a year and am a big fan of ESAC. The equipment has tvs on it and the exercise classes are great!!! I also have used a couple of their clubs because I travel for work so it has made it really easy for me to workout around my schedule. I suggest this club to all of my friends. more


BE WARNED!! I’ve had nothing but problems with ESAC. At first it seemed like a good idea to join because my wife wanted something physical to do and they provided child care for a small fee. Shortly after joining though, they continually messed up our bill and I found myself on the phone for hours with the most incompetent people I’ve ever met. Additionally, their childcare play room stinks like urine because they’re never cleaned and our son came down with strep throat and ear infections multiple times as a consequence. I’ve tried to cancel the membership because we no longer have a contractual obligation but they make it next to impossible. Instead of having a streamlined process, you must mail in your request and it may take up to 3 months to cancel the membership. I put the account on hold while trying to accomplish this because they told me it would only charge $10 a month, but later found out they lied and actually putting the account on hold extends your contract 3 months. They charge way too much for the worst service and mediocre equipment. If you’re thinking about joining, seriously think twice. I’m in the military, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt like I’ve been taken advantage of so much before in my life. Recommendation: save your money, go elsewhere, and hopefully put these people out of business. more

North Charleston Location 9/26/2010

The North Charleston location is a dump. A dump. Machines go unrepaired, the facility is in shambles, and it looks like nobody working there has ever heard of a mop. They are incapable of providing spray bottles and clean towels for each machine. e-mail complaints go unanswered or after several repeated attempts, someone will promise improvements that never happen. Apparently, they change managers every month. Recently, I went in with my wife and the music was loud enough for a night club. My wife asked one of the employees to turn it down and he said he couldn't, she (my wife) would have to ask the manager. She had to go find the manager. The manager then told her that the people liked the music loud (even though most of the people were wearing headphones). Eventually, he asked her which section and did turn it down some. Of course when we went to the other areas it was just as loud. It seems like the place is run for the employees, not the customers. I'll be gone when my contract is over. There has to be a better place. more

ESAC WORST club in US! 9/13/2010

This is the absolute worst fitness company out there. I've been everywhere, but have never experienced or seen such incompetency. The owner has NO fitness experience and doesnt even visit the clubs. The upper management has NO fitness experience and no emphasis on customer service. It is rumored that the GM came from Circuit City! Haha. Are you kidding!? Blind leading the blind. This is a company that is trying like heck to hang on to the box gym mentality of the 80's and cant even accomplish that. The clubs are dirty, the staff under qualified/underpaid, and could care less about service. Stay far far away. You've been warned. They would not have gotten a single star if it had not been required for the review. more

do not join east shore athletic club 8/2/2010

anyone writing a good review of this gym has never belonged to a real gym. I have belonged to various gyms in the several cities I have lived in in the past. Until now I have always enjoyed going to the gym. ESAC has been by far the most horrible gym I have ever joined. the staff is rude and unhelpful, the management is awful and the facilities are run down and not clean. i joined prior to moving to charleston after doing some research online. joining this gym was a HUGE mistake. the group fitness instructors are mediocre at best and rude, the general staff is unhelpful and the lockerooms are disgusting. the management has no regard for customer service and it shows. you cannot even contact someone direclty to address a question about your bill. you have to send an email and wait for someone to get back to you if they deem your concern worthy. The Johnnie Dodds location is the worst of al the locations. DO NOT JOIN ESAC. Pros: none Cons: terrible management terrible staff horrible locker rooms more

Hell No! 3/21/2010

Please shop around before you sign up at ESAC. There are many cons to write about...but I will list a few. The entire business is based on the principle of hiring underqualified staff, pushing them to perform way too much until they finally quit, then they hire another unqualified person, pay them next to nothing until they quit....etc etc etc. Ask any current member and you'll find out how crazy the turn over is. The equipment seems to be pretty nice, once you wipe off the dirt so you can see it. I honestly don't think they have a cleaning company to come in and help. When the equipment is broken it takes forever to fix it. Also, there is one gym in West Ashley that leaks like crazy and they are always out of shake supplies. Please search around, Blue Fish Downtown and ECO are excellent facilities. Pros: Numerous Locations Cons: Too many to list more

ES24 Coleman Blvd. 7/13/2009

I was a member at the old Coleman Blvd. location, which was a very old school gym and when I learned they were moving locations, I was pretty upset. However, after getting in a routine again with the new equipment, I actually like it better than the old location. The place is and stays clean for once! The 24-hour barcode reader is a whole lot easier to use. The staffed hours are great. They have done a lot for the members in trying to do everything they can to keep them happy. Only problem I have had is with the TVs on the cardio equipment, but I hear they are getting those fixed real soon! Pros: Brand new equipment, actually clean, new barcode scanner Cons: TVs on cardio more

NO experience needed 2/23/2009

I went to the gym close to my home (right near Publix-the JOHNNIE DODDS location) to find out about rates, hours, schedules, child care, etc. I was quite impressed with the gym. As soon as I walked into the child care room (with my two kids) the child "care" provider began bitc_ing that she just started for the very first time at 4 p.m. She only "got" (sic) the job because she knows the owner of the kids fitness club right next door. She told me she was 25 and had a real degree in graphic design. She kept asking me what I thought she should be doing in that room. She told me that she hates getting paid 7.50 per hour. She hates it so much that she had decided it was not enough to interact with the kids. She told me that she has no kids of her own that they would make her crazy. This girl told me that when hired she believed she would be working the front desk and just got thown into the kid room. This gal asked me if I could believe she had to clean up at the end of the night and vacuum;she opened that statement by saying Jesus Christ in front of all the kids. I am Atheist so please do not even respond thinking I was all bent out of shape over a curse word. This "worker" told me that she does not do diapers and has to wait a whole year for her Dad who is a CFO to get her a "real" job. I asked this girl about a long list of the gym's policies on a lot of things. Her response was that she had no idea. She asked me if I thought she should work there to which I responded by saying that I had been incredibly rude and had not even asked her, her name. After that I told the guy at the front desk not to worry about me or anyone I know or anyone who might read Craig's list (w/ kids) signing up for a membership with people like this gal (who until 4p.m. that day had never been around kids)"working" in the childcare room. Pros: Front desk staff was extremely friendly and professional Cons: Child "care" gal was TERRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

What a Difference.... 1/27/2009

I was a member of East Shore Health and Raquet before they changed over to East Shore Athletic Club on Dorchester Road, and I will say I am truly impressed. I am so glad that ESAC came in and did a total makeover. They have all new equipment, and fell in love with their new Body Pump Class. I had to get a personal trainer to show me the new spiffy equipment. Since ESAC came in, I have seen more and more smiling faces and the place is much cleaner. The staff is friendlier than the old staff too. There is one new guy there, I think he's the sales manager or something, either way he is hott.(good I candy). I really like what ESAC has done to the place and they tell me there is more to come. I can't wait. Pros: Massage Club, Nutrition Classes, Group Fitness Classes, Staff. Cons: Pool needs a little work but that is the next part of their renovations. more

Not recommended... 12/29/2008

After ONE complimentary day visit, I decided not to join. As many people have already written...The pool is either not available due to a class of some sort, or it's out of use. I was disappointed that they only had a dry sauna and NO steam room. The jacuzzi was out of order. Some excuse about people clogging the vents with magazines...??? The staff I met were friendly and helpful, but as soon as I saw the PRICES, I was ready to forget the whole thing. I'd love to find a place in Charleston where I could swim in a warm pool for a few hours a week, jump into the steam room and sauna and then into a relaxing jacuzzi for a while. All the workout machines are good for those who want them, but I just want to trim a little off my love handles and then unwind. I have no plans to become a muscle bound ad for bowflex. Unfortunately, in this town that's not going to happen. Charleston could be so much more but falls flat. We lack in so many areas of entertainment and relaxation... I'm sure it has to do with the poor leadership handling the growth of our community.... what a shame.... Pros: Staff I met were friendly Cons: Unrealistic prices, poor upkeep of pool, jacuzzi and lack of steam room. more

Pool is a problem 6/2/2008

the bottom line is, don't sell memberships to a pool that is either shut down for service or taken up by classes most of the time. i don't have any problem with the rest of the club, the employees, or the equipment, but the pool was part of the reason i joined, and now it's basically off limits. more

I miss the blonde at Park West!!!!! 6/1/2008

As far as gyms are concerned, ESAC is alright. Alot of people are complaining about the rates but I've lived in areas where I paid much more for YMCA memberships. The Park West facility is fairly nice and well-maintained. I would give it five stars, but my favorite staff member is gone. If Joy was still there it would be perfect!!!!!! Where'd she go????? Pros: Decent facility, ideal location. Cons: Could have better weekend hours, Joys gone. more

The Best Part of my Day 5/22/2008

I've never written one of these reviews before, but after reading some of the ones below I felt I needed to. It upsets and confuses me what some of these people have said. I've been a member now for 2 and a half years and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I work in a high-stress environment, so my workout time is my time to unwind and release some stress. But what really does it for me is the staff at East Shore. I can joke around with the front desk staff, the trainers, and even the managers. They all know me by first name now, and they have my routine down. I love the classes they offer because they are Les Mills and it has been hard for me to find that in this area. I feel so comfortable going into the class and knowing what to expect each time, but the instructors make each class fun and entertaining. (the new summer classes just started and they're a BLAST!!!) I think people complaining about the classes "not changing" just weren't familiar with the Les Mills style of teaching, but ESAC offers other classes that vary each time too if that's what they are looking for (try Burn and Firm!). I also think this membership is totally affordable - especially considering you're getting ten gyms for the price of what one normally costs you. I like this a lot because on the weekends I don't get out of work until 8pm...and even when my regular location is closed, I can go to one of the 24-hour facilities nearby. Same thing goes for holidays... they are never really "closed" because the 24-hour gyms are always open. Anyway, I just hope if you're "shopping" for a gym, you check it out for yourself rather than depending on reviews so you can make your own opinion. I think you'll like what you see. I've recommended it to two friends who've been enjoying it just as much as myself. Pros: Les Mills classes, 24-hour facilities, friendly staff more

Just Right 4/25/2008

Let me start out by saying I am not your typical gym member, a little older and a little softer then some. I finally decided to make a change and join a gym a couple months back. I joined East Shore after some recommendations from friends and I am very pleased with my decision. I am retired and typically work out during the day, all the staff know who I am and encourage me to keep going. They also know which protein shake I like (try the one with chocolate and peanut butter YUM). They just added a class that caters to a little bit of an older population it?s low impact and not too fast but still gives you a good workout. The equipment there is really nice and well kept, I always see someone cleaning when I am there. I am excited as well because my granddaughter is moving in with me this summer and going to the college of Charleston in the fall. I bough her a membership and she can't wait to work out with Grandma, she is even got involved with a volleyball league that they are offering over the summer All and all east shore was exactly what I needed, my only regret is that I didn't join earlier! Pros: Silver sneakers class, friendly staff, clean more

Locker area is dirty and smelly, poorly maintained. Fee is overpriced for service provided. 3/11/2008

Dirty. Shower area has alot of mildew. Carpet and bathroom area poorly maintained. Exercise area needs good cleaning. Business is poorly managed. Pros: 24 hour excess Cons: Condition of facility. Price. more

Pathological Disregard for members and staff makes owner rich 3/10/2008

I have seen this gym go down hill since it was sold several years ago. There is a pathological disregard for members and no comments or complaints that i have ever heard members make have been addressed. Staff turnover is high, with no management with any authority to do anything. The facilities in Johnnie Dodds and Coleman just get dirtier all the time. The Real Life "nutrition" program is nothing more than a sales seminar to hawk supplements from which the owner gets a cut. I do find many of the class teachers great, but as with members there is nowhere else to go and teach now that the owner has used our membership money to buy up every bit of competition. Many are really dedicated to their students, though. The justification for the high fees has been the pool, however it was broken most of the past two years and is closed to swimmers evenings and mornings for aerobics classes though these are scheduled at the only times families with children and workers can use the pool. Though most of the water classes have just a few participants and use a small section of pool, many members have requested simply a single open lane and this has never been accomodated. The classes must pay extra. Its hard to feel valued or like a member in this gym, when there is a new face at the counter each time you enter and when it is so apparent that one's value is as a walking wallet and one's membership monies go not to improving services in any meaningful way, built simply to buy up every other gym in town so his is the only choice besides Ecco w/o pool or sauna, or MUSC's Wellness Center. Pros: Locations, Pool Cons: Filthy, Heavy Turnover more

Don't count on swimming 3/2/2008

I would give ESAC an ok rating except for one thing, and for me it's major: the promise of a "swimming pool " at the Johnnie Dodds location is a cruel joke. It's closed down for 5 hours every Friday afternoon for cleaning, raising questions of exactly what kind of contamination is going on there. The weekday morning hours are taken up with wall-to-wall water aerobics classes. Weekends the pool is filled with kids. The manager did absolutely nothing when I complained and she didn't seem to know the pool was not available Friday mornings due to their aerobics schedule. She also said this would probably be a temporary situation, but 4 months later, it seems to be permanent. I cannot understand why the management feels it's acceptable to clean the pool on members' time rather than during their own (plentiful) closed hours. If you like swimming at 6am or 8pm, which I've had to get used to, then this is the right pool for you. Otherwise, keep looking. Pros: Machines and cardio equipment are relatively well- maintained Cons: No consideration for swimmers more
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