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East Forest Park

150 East Forest Park Drive
Dickson, TN 37055
(615) 446-1771
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My husband and I have lived at East Forrest Park for about 3 years now. We totally enjoy every day that we are here! We looked and looked for awhile to find the perfect place for ...


Okay. I've lived at East Forest Park Apartments since the year of 2005 when it was ran by a different manager. And I honestly can say it was the best time I ever lived here.\r \r...

East Forrest Park Apts 3/19/2012

My husband and I have lived at East Forrest Park for about 3 years now. We totally enjoy every day that we are here! We looked and looked for awhile to find the perfect place for a family type setting. We have a teenager and we all feel totally safe here. It is a beautiful Apt Community with no trash and everything is kept up like it should be. U couldnt ask for a better staff anywhere!! Everyone and I mean everyone is so totally nice and if u ever need anythng they are always there to help u! If u have an mainteneance issue Jason is always there to take care of any problems u might have and is always taken care of in a timely manner, and with a smile always!!! Peggy the Apt Manager, goes completely out of her way to make each resident feel appreciated!! SHE IS THE BEST AT HER JOB AND THT IS WHY EAST FORREST PARK IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO LIVE!!!!! I would recommend this community to anyone i know looking for a great place to live!!! We are very happy to live here and I hope anyone looking for a very nice place to live that u come on over to East Forrest Park!!!! WE LOVE U PEGGY, JASON, AND JAKE, THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Immature and unruly tenants 6/15/2011

I have lived her for 4+ years and yes I have had ups and downs simply because i did not follow the ""LEASE AGREEMENT POLICIES"" that I signed, as far as the maintenance entering any ones home and wondering around without informing is a complete and total lie he only enters your home if you have a maintenance order or if your water bill shows an excessive amount of water usage that is irregular for your unit to make sure there is not a leak, for your benefit of course you will not find a better maintenance man he always knocks real loud and hollers maintenance, if you don't answer then he will come in early morning if you consider a little after9:00a.m. early he does not start work until then unless you call him after hours. He has the best interest for the tenants in mind to keep them safe and happy,whom ever has something bad to say about him is an UNGRATEFUL LYING MORON! . You will only have problems if you don't do what you agreed to do that you signed on paper in plain black and white. The reason why there are so many bad reviews is because people don't know how to behave, act their age, and do what they are supposed to do. It is that simple. People are always quick to blame there issues that they have and get called out on someone else.In the long run it is still their stupid ass fault. Every body always wants something for nothing. Makes me nauseous. If you cant say anything nice don't say anything at all! You people need to look at yourselves. EFP is a great safe community to live in and I don't have any plans on moving any time soon no reason to.Simply because I do what I am supposed to. more

East Forest Park- No Concentration Camp 6/12/2011

I got divorced last year and needed somewhere to move. I went to all the apt complexes in Dickson looking for a suitable temporary home for myself and my kids. East Forest Park ended up being the only complex that I would have chosen in this county. The other complexes were dirty and old. EFP is kept clean, and I feel my kids are safe here. Yes, Peggy is outspoken, but if you think about all the people she must deal with on a daily basis, then you would know how hard a job she has. This is a great community, with great residents living here. All you need do is treat this property like it is your own, and you won't have any problems here. more

Horrible Place 8/10/2010

Okay. I've lived at East Forest Park Apartments since the year of 2005 when it was ran by a different manager. And I honestly can say it was the best time I ever lived here.\r \r But a year later, some fricken' reason I don't know why, the owners hired this old hag named Peggy. I thought at first, alright that's cool. She was sort of nice in the beginning, I could tolerate her. Then she began to abuse her powers.\r \r When you first move her, she will use her lies and maniuplating ways to con you to live here. Don't get me wrong, this place is very beautiful. We have a fitness room, a swimming pool, lots of nice people (some of them are dumb, ha). I mean I've made my best friends here, I really did.\r \r But a lot of them moved out. Why do you think? Peggy. Peggy has ran off a lot of people and you wonder why? She is a bitch. I mean don't get me wrong, it's good to have someone strict to set down the laws so the whole damn place doesn't go crazy. But this bitch, excuse me for my language, abuses her powers.\r \r She is a liar. And if she is nice to you, she's faking it. Alll she cares about is money. She cares only but herself. My best friend is kicked out of this place FOR NO REASON! She is racist, and my best friend is half-black and he hasn't done anything. Anything that goes wrong here, she blames the teenagers. Hello YOU DON'T HAVE A GATE, ANYONE CAN COME HERE AND VANDALIZE!\r \r My friend's father died here a few years ago and Peggy told the family it was okay and they had nothing to worry about staying at the apartments because of what happened. I actually thought that was beneficial. But no, what happened? A month later, she kicks the family out. Real nice.. -_-\r \r This place is not the place to live. If you can face the fact to have a lying, stupid, two-face of a manager. Then God bless you living here. It really does have a nice environment, but not the Manager. The only nice person who works here is the Maintenance man Jason. more

nazi boot camp 6/30/2010

well first thing first do not move here this is a nazi boot camp.. and the Hitler is our manager and her name is peggy.. so if u do then welcome to the hell :) other then that place is nice but some ppl who lives here are dumb they just dont know how to have some fun,, but we still have some few great ppl who lives here and are awesome to hang out with hell idk wat i would do with out them.. if we had a diff manager i would love to live here but once u got in lease then u done for that year everyday of ut life u gonna feel like why did u move here and regret every bit of u life.. well that will teach u a lesson that next time i should pay more attention to the review then how good apps looks lol.. but thats all i have to say bout this damm boot camp Pros: pool,work out room(to small), fun at night Cons: manager more

We had to get out of this place 5/5/2010

Luxury apartment settled in the hills of Dickson or a concentration camp. Management is rude and very nosey. (keep reading it gets worse) Management is attentive alright to the point of you feel like you are being watched at all times. And when she can't do it she sends maintenace out to do it for her. Police presence is often...unfortunately they are not there for your protection...they're most likely arresting someone for dope or a warrant of some kind. Scenery is nice...take your pick brick walls or cows or Peggy the manager coming to find out what your ""up to now"". I'm 40 years old and a father of 2 small kids....I don't party and don't go to them. I am quite and enjoy my peace as well. Yet it seemed like on a daily basis I was being checked up on. The staff on the other hand was helpful but they were doing everything they could to keep the tennants and their jobs. Luxury? hardly!!! I now live in a 2 bedroom/2bath apt with the same sq footage in Hendersonville with a fireplace next to a lake and pay $65 less a month for rent and don't have to pay for water or sewer (which was in the fine print of the lease) but not disclosed in the signing process. They use their own ""utility company"" to manage that. So don't be surprised of that $100 water/sewer bill. The apt itself was ok but definately not luxury by an means. If you have an option to live somewhere else I would highly recommend NOT HERE!!! I spent over $1500.00 to terminate my lease early and it was worth every penny. Pros: Staff is nice Cons: Management is the WORST more

Great Apartment living !! 6/29/2009

My daughter and I moved to EFP a week ago. As far as I can tell so long as you follow your lease agreement you'll have no problems here... the location is awesome if you have the dreaded comute to nashville! Ms. Peggy was very nice to me in the pre lease and lease signing, has been quite attentive to any request I've made along with answering any questions promptly. Point to remember is an apartment complex is not your own personal property, there are rules for reasons... I do wish we had some type of play set for my kiddo...other than that it's apartment living and all that goes with it..good, bad or indifferent !!! \r \r Thanks Ms. Peggy and Jason too... You were both very kind to me !! Pros: Great location! Cons: Really needs a play ground. more

Great Place to Live!!!!!! 5/9/2009

I love my townhouse at East Forest Park Apartments. I share my apartment with my Mother and our baby - Miss Amie, a silky terrier. Our manager, Peggy, is strict, but that is why we have a nice apartment community, unlike others in the Dickson area. If you do not run a complex with diligent attention, you will have undesirable people as your neighbors. Think about that! I feel safe at night, I never have to worry about maintainence and Peggy has been very kind to me and my Mother. She has always accomodated us in any way she could. These people may have not been able to afford the complex, or had a few bad neighbors, but when you live in an apartment community things like this just happen. Peggy, Sherry, Jason, Shannon, we love you!!!!! Pros: Excellent Location - Central to town Cons: We need a Spa - Ha!!!! more

Great Location - Nice Apartments - Management ? 4/20/2009

The apartment - on site manager - needs training to be more diplomatic towards her tenants and her employees. She can be hot-headed, then she can be nicest person you would ever want to meet. She has treated tenants badly, but, of course, if you want a secure place to live, you need to be strict, but to the long time tenants and the great tenants, you need to be treated kindly. Be friendly, Peggy, that is all you need to do!!!! Pros: Everything but Management Cons: Management more

horrible place 3/19/2009

I'm on a short lease here. the so called manager is a real peace of work. im 23, so i got the all your going to do is party, i dont. well every time something around this sh** hole happens it gets blamed on me and the other guys i live with. she needs to get over her power trip. i wouldn't live here again if my life depended on it. I would give a lower rating but thats as low as i can. Cons: manager is a u no more

It is horrible, very rude manager. Her name was PEGGY!! BEWARE! 2/24/2009

OK, I was seriously thinking it would be a good place to live at when I got there. But it is hell on earth. It is really HELL. The manager as I stated in the heading Peggy is a total ( i want to swear but I don't think I can). Ugh, We paid $925 a month on a six month lease. We stayed on the second floor. The floor was totally squeaky and when I walked it would squeak and my very kind(sarcasm) neighbors would ban g on the ceiling. Even if I tried making little to no noise they would ban g on the ceiling. They were relatives of the manager so the manager was partial towards them. I thought I should complain to the management and I told this Peggy that my neighbors would ban g on the ceiling everyday for no reason. She said she would talk to them but apparently she didn't. The next night the banging presumed and I had to go downstairs and try to tell my neighbors to understand but apparently they didn't want to talk to me. They slammed the door in my face and complained to the management that we were causing problems. We got a notice from the lawyer saying that if we caused any more problems we would be kicked out and we would get none of our rent back and plus we would have to pay the rent even if we weren't staying there. It wasn't our fault anyways. After 6 months when we moved out we got a 1,000 dollar bill saying that we had damaged the property. We didn't do anything to the property. We had actually left it cleaner than how we had gotten it. When we got it it was dirty and the carpet had stains and oh to add to the disgusting atmosphere they had chiggers in the apartment. I could not sleep well one night. I told the management and they said it was our fault for leaving the balcony door and windows open. The neighbors come from hell, the manager is a red neck who comes from hell. Her voice is just so aggravating. Ugh, thank god I don't have to see her hideous face again. She is heartless and treats people like animals. I ran out of characters. WOW!! Pros: none at all Cons: manager, peggy, rude management, price more

Terrible place to live. 9/20/2008

I have a limit of 2000 characters, and I doubt I can do true justice to this terrible place with the limited space I have, but I'll try.\r \r The apartments are listed as ""luxury,"" which I suppose means ""comes with washer and drier"" because this is the only thing in the apartments that are anything close to luxurious. It is way overpriced at $729 for a 2 bedroom. It's on the outskirts of Dickson, away from any kind of attractions or stores. The manager is a mean, vindictive woman who takes joy in seeing others in pain. My father died about a month ago, and as he was the only person in the apartments with an income, my mother was left in a very bad position. When it first happened, the owner of the apartments said that she wouldn't have to worry about where she was laying her head at night, which I assumed meant that if she couldn't come up with the rent, he would understand. What I don't understand was her being evicted a month after we buried my father. They turned what was a difficult time for my mother into a nightmare, and it hurts me to see her in such pain. If you don't know how anyone could be so heartless, you haven't met the manager of East Forest Park Apartments.\r \r She was never helpful, never had anything nice to say, and the only good thing that I can find in this whole situation is that we'll never have to see this person again.\r \r Everything wasn't bad about the apartments. The lady who works in the office with the manager is a very nice person, and the maintenance man was great, and both helped my family through a very difficult time. Other than that, the place is a sorry excuse for ""luxury apartments."" Hopefully before long the owner will realize that the entire problem revolves around one thing: the manager. If he would nip this problem in the bud, maybe he wouldn't have so many empty apartments. Pros: Washer/Dryer, Maintenance Worker, Receptionist Cons: Manager, manager, did I mention the manager? Too pricey. more

Mold problems. Management is not very helpful OVERPRICED!!!! Says it is luxury apartments WHAT???? 6/18/2008

Overpriced apartments !!! Management could use more training in customer service!!!! Apartments are not luxury as listed. Mold problems. Noise level very high Pros: Location Cons: Management, value, Noise level more

East Forest Park Apartments, Dickson, TN 2/12/2008

My husband, 2 children and I lived at East Forest Park for 6 months and had to pay extra to get out of the 1 years lease, which was understandable, except when the ""so called 'MANAGER"" inspected the apartment on our departure she charged us for damages we had no control over, broken windows that neighbor boys did from the outside ($278.00). Furthermore, the apartment was much cleaner when we left it than when we moved in. I would not recommend these apartments for anyone, unless it was under different management. Pros: location Cons: management, paying for previous renters damages, cost of rent more

Don't go here 11/17/2007

The apartments are good, but the neighbors are like neighbors from hell. They also have lice or fleas in the apartment, it looks great in the beginning but then when we went and stayed there it was not fun. The rent is the highest in town being $875 per month and if you want a six month lease it is $904 a month. We paid the rent a week in advance and they said they would clean the apartment for us but when we got there it looked like someone just moved out of it. We had to clean it ourselves. The management is prejudice, they hate colored people. We lived on the first floor and the people living on the ground floor were the management's relatives so they could do whatever they wanted. They were racial too and they told us to go back to our country and called us nigg*r*. Well all I would say is that I wouldn't even stay there if they gave me a free apartment. It is up to you.Not a great place at all. Pros: looks Cons: management, prejudice, racial, lice and fleas and price more
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