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East County Dental Assoc - 22 Reviews - 700 N Johnson Ave, El Cajon, CA - Dentists Reviews - Phone (619) 444-3127

East County Dental Assoc

700 N Johnson Ave
El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 444-3127
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These people who work here are absolutely amazing! From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, these people made me feel like family. The way they greeted me at the front de...


sleeping with the lady at the front desk helps you get your teeth fixed.... thanks :) but other than that...its east county

Beware 2/13/2012

Friendly outgoing staff. But they operate like a shady auto repair shop. They quote a price but continue to add to it after you're committed. I'm over a $1000.00 into a procedure that ended up they could not complete. Either they don't know what there doing or they are shady. The end result is the same for the customer. BEWARE! more

Got me out of PAIN! 10/20/2011

I called around several offices and no one could see me until the next week! Finally, I called this office and they said come right in! I had a terrible toothache, I was miserable! This office saw me right away, with no hassles, the Dr, did a procedure to get me out of pain, and I felt 100% better! I am going back to see their specialist to finish my tooth! Thank you East County Dental Associates! more

Feeling like family 10/12/2011

These people who work here are absolutely amazing! From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, these people made me feel like family. The way they greeted me at the front desk was with smiles and nothin but politeness in the way they spoke. They made sure that I was comfortable and asked if there was anything I needed to make my time there more enjoyable. The service was quick and easy and Dr. Baileys was a one of a kind. Very personable and he explained to me what was wrong in a way that I would understand it. They did not try to cheat me on anything or try to get money out of me for procedures that did not need to be done yet. I love this place, and I highly recommend it to everyone who needs dental work!! more

Amazing 10/12/2011

As soon as I walked in, I felt an instant feeling of comfort, like that of a family. Everyone was so smiley and sweet, but organized and professional. I can't say anything bad about this place, I highly reccomend everyone to go to East County Dental!!! more

Love these people 10/3/2011

Very pleasant. Especially all the ladies in the front. Helpful when you need a little timein financing your dental work. (I don't have insurance)\r I love that they are friendly AND efficient. Dr. Chang is wonderful and doesn't push. He noticed an OLD crown and said that I might have a little trouble with it later, but I could wait awhile. Sure enough, a couple of years later, it needed replacing. I had time to save up. I also like the way they explain eveything. Dr. Baileys too is really really nice. more

We Feel Like Family!!! 8/29/2011

I was referred to East County Dental Associates by my husband, who has been a patient for a number of years. I started out going to them because I had an abcessed molar and was in misery. I had not been to a dentist for about ten years prior to this ... I'm afraid of dentists and have had some really bad experiences in the past.\r \r This first experience was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be (the staff did everything possible to lessen my anxiety) so I decided it was time to take care of some other dental issues that I had been putting off (several broken teeth, root canals, etc.).\r \r I have been so happy with my experience. I just love all of the staff and Dr. Chang is wonderful. We told our son he should come here to have his two remaining wisdom teeth pulled. He had already had two teeth pulled (by another dentist) and it was such a horrible experience for him that he was really scared to have the other teeth pulled. His experience at ECDA was completely different -- like night and day. He was happy and told me that if his first experience had been as good, he would not have been nearly so nervous about having the other two teeth pulled.\r more

Horrible customer service 7/24/2011

This place is horrible. Do not ever go here! Front desk lacking on customer service skills, they charge you $25 even if you have an emergency and cannot make your appointment. I have never been treated so badly in all my life and I am in the medical field. I will never go here again and I recommend the same for you. more

This office is amazing 6/14/2011

The people who work there were very nice to me and made sure that I was comfortable at all times. The people who worked on my teeth were very careful and very friendly. Everytime I call, the people who answer the phone greet me with cheerful attitudes and it makes me feel very wanted in the dentist office. I would recommend this office to anyone who needed dental work. I was very comfortable and the dental work was outstanding. I have been a patient for years and I have never found anything wrong with the service provided there. Through braces and cavities and teeth cleanings, I have always had the best service imaginable. Thanks you so much guys! more

I feel like family as soon as I walk through the doors!! 3/1/2011

I have been visiting this Dental office for approx 10+ years. I also bring my son as well as many other family members. My son sees the Orthodontist as well as the general dentist. The staff have always been very patient with him, even when he was younger and was scared to open his mouth. They made him feel very comfortable, and worked every angle to make sure that he was able to get a full exam and cleaning. They even allowed him to take breaks and wear my cool sunglasses to help ease his fears. \r \r When I had a toothache, and was technically there for my son...the office staff was very flexible and was able to fit me into their schedule. \r \r When I had a billing issue I was able to make payment arrangements that were affordable and convenient for me. When something came up and I had to skip a payment the office manager was very understanding and let me pay a different amount.\r \r I love this office and would take any future children here as well. I feel like family when I walk through the doors!! more

very friendly and Helpful 3/1/2011

I really enjoyed my experience at this office! I have not been to the dentist for 5 years...which in itself is along time. I was very nervous for this visit. The staff were very friendly and put my mind at ease. \r \r The ladies at the front desk were very helpful with my insurance billing questions and were very quick to get me an appointment, even though I was a new patient.\r \r I will be recommending this office to family and friends!! more

Great Office 2/8/2011

My family and I have been going to this office for 3 years. My daughter got her braces there, and I also had an implant done there...I was able to make payment arrangements on the dental work, and the girls up front are always friendly and when I need an appointment they can usually see me the same day...oh, they also have late hours on Tuesdays, which is great! I would recommend this office to my family and friends! more

watch your wallet 5/25/2010

Where to start. First, It took an arm and a leg to get them to give me an estimate for using two insurance carriers. I still had to pay $400 out of pocket. Then a month later, they tried to charge $123 for my daugher when she was fully covered for the cleaning. The dentist worked on my wife, and her teeth were sore for months afterward. Not sure what he did to cause this, but never happened before. stay far away from this place... Cons: overbilling, no cooperation, rough dental work more

One Stop Shop... Really a time saver! 5/11/2010

I have been bringing my family to this office for the past 5 years. Although we have a choice of what office to go to, we really love East County Dental Associates. The friendly staff makes us feel welcome and are very flexible when im trying to schedule appointments around school, work, etc... The staff is down to earth and seem to enjoy their work. Dr. Baileys is very thorough at explaining what dental procedures we need done. He is friendly and funny. His assistant is really helpful at breaking down costs and explaining what is covered. My mother ,as well as my son are very apprehensive of going to the dentist, but Dr. Baileys along with his staff make them both feel very comfortable and at ease. My daughter had her braces done there and at one point needed a root canal. I was able to have all her work done by specialist at the same place! Such a time saver! Its a beautiful office! My family and friends wouldn't go anywhere else! Pros: Location, All Dental needs under one roof... friendly staff more

Very Expensive! 3/19/2010

I recently stopped going to this office because the charges were so outrageous that I couldn't afford them. The staff is very rude and short with customers. I got the impression that all this office wanted was money and thats how you are treated when you go there. Pros: The Dentist was nice but didnt spend time with you. Cons: too many to name. more

Most Unprofessional and Unethical I have ever encountered... 10/6/2009

It is rare that I speak or write a review about a place-especially a dentist's office but I felt compelled to save others from the horror of this so-called ""dental"" office. Dr. Bailey and his staff (including treatment coordinator and office manager) are money hungry low-lifes. \r \r If you do not select the more expensive service that Dr. Bailey suggests via his patient coordinator and dare accuse them of making a higher profit, they will refuse to provide any further service of course after they have done the x-rays and exam and made you ineligible to receive coverage for at another office which you will have to have done b/c no one will see you without doing their own x-rays.\r \r When you attempt to contact the office manager in regards to this matter and all the negative feedback from this and many other sites in hopes of somehow retifying this obvious lack of professionalism and compassion for patients, they must have caller ID because they do not answer the phone and the office manager does not return your call.\r \r What is unethical isn't always illegal so it is no surprise that this entire dental office does not belong to the ADA or CDA because they would have to respect patient autonomy (choices) and follow professional and ethical guidelines. \r \r In short, Dr. Baileys office practices ""patient dumping"" and will throw you out on your butt if you disagree with him and don't want to bend over so he can rape you from behind. \r \r After doing a little research on Dr. Bailey, it seems he has had offices in LA County, Orange County, and now in El Cajon. Looks like to me that every time his office gets a bad reputation he packs up and goes to the next county where no one knows his tricks and scandals. Oh and he used to be the CEO of the Safeguard Health Insurance (dental), so your minor services are pennies and chicken feathers not worth his time which is why he will not waste his time with patients who refuse to bend over and let him have his way.\r \r Dr. Bailey and Dr. Sutherland were both executives at Safeguard Dental Insurance and surely are well off. They are not concered with helping the common person since they can afford to pick and choose the best PRIZE patient.\r \r Just google their names and Safeguard and you will find all you needed to know.\r Pros: Location Cons: Rude, Unethical, Unprofessional more

Worst Customer Service-High Pressure Sales Tactics 12/30/2008

Worst customer service in 53 years of dental visits. Employees are surly, inconsiderate and treat customers as if they were an inconvenience to their daily routine. Dr. Bailey and associates also use every trick in the book to get you to spend as many dollars as possible. Should you object to their expensive offerings they become ever more rude, insensitive and dilatory. \r \r I spent over an hour waiting for a crown recementation, and that was with an appointment two weeks in advance and not a last minute emergency! Not enough money in recementing a crown, so you will wait until his emminance, the GREAT Doctor BAILEY graces you with his presence. He then proceeds to size you up the way a con-artist does, probing for your vulnerabilities, fears or general ingorance of your rights as a patient and consumer. Any signs that you're on to his deceit and you're shuttled to another chair, or another appointment; you provide too little income for the good, ahh Doctor. If you wondered where all the two-bit traveling circus carney men went, take a good look at Bailey: he traded in his geek-house barking for a dentist's smock.\r \r If you're a new customer, count on paying for a full set of mouth Xrays, the better to ascertain how much money you're worth to these money-grubbers. All I needed was some cement until I could get back for more extensive repair - I DID NOT NEED A FULL MOUTH XRAY! But, if you refuse, they won't work on you at all. Charlatans, medicants, low-life thieves. Worse still, when my wife declined flouride for my two children, she was treated with contempt and derision. Do yourself and your self-respect a favor and avoid this office like the plague. Leave the over-charging and bad treatment to the ignorant masochistic sheep who make up the bulk of this practice. Remember the motto of this kind of establishment ""there's a fool born every minute"" and don't be one. Pros: Lots of magazines in the waiting area; you'll need them. Cons: Surly employees, pressure to have more done than you need. more

Overcharge Patients With Insurance 9/16/2008

They tried to charge me $428.00 for a crown that my insurance told me should be free or a max of $250.00 if I chose to upgrade to the most expensive materials. They refused to talk to the insurance representative and told me to file a grievance which could take up to 30 days if I didn't want to pay. When they finally let me speak to Dr. Bailey (supposedly one of the owners) he told me that, ""I was diagnosed to receive an all metal crown"" and that was all I was going to get. If I wanted to challenge the situation he would respond with some ""medical language"" that would make me ""medically ineligible"" for an upgraded crown. How ridiculous and unethical it is to threaten a patient in such a way. Truly unbelievable if I wasn't there to hear it myself. You can bet that I will never go back to his practice. I opened a grievance against him with my insurance. Can't wait to see the ""medical language"" that will supposedly make me ""medically ineligible"" for a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. Avoid at all cost!!!!! Pros: Location Cons: Ignorante Rude and Unproffessional Office Staff and Unethical Dentist (Dr. Bailey) more

Horrible Customer Service 8/11/2008

This is by far the most unprofessional dental office I have ever dealt with. After not being a patient for over two years, I received a bill for $70 indicating I was given ""medication"" during a cleaning. I tried to work the issue out with both the person in charge of billing (obviously she was a moron if it took her 2+ years to bill me) and the main Dentist, Dr. Bailey. Both were incredibly rude and inflexible. Basically I was told to pay it or go to collections. I would have no problem paying a bill that was truly legitimate but there was no way to dispute it due to the length of time that had elapsed. Needless to say, neither I nor the rest of my family will ever be returning to this practice. Even prior to this incident, I found the office and its staff to be mediocre at best. more

east county dental associates 7/10/2008

I was really impressed with the office.First of all, i hadn't been to a dentist for a long time, and i was embarrassed and scared. It was very clean, which made me relax . Dr Baielys was down to earth and very patient. He answered all of my questions. Dr Chang was great as well. I kept reminding him how scared i was, and he was patient, and explained to me what he was doing as he went. It was a bit more costly than i anticipated, but but that's because i didn't want the basic materials that are my HMO benefits ,but hey I pay only $4a month for my HMO, i cant expect to pay nothing for my dental work. the staff was very knowledgeable about how it all worked. I am very satisfied with the service Pros: great dr, good staff, short wait Cons: it is a big office more

i've had better 6/20/2008

sleeping with the lady at the front desk helps you get your teeth fixed.... thanks :) but other than that...its east county more
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