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Eagles Club/The Rave/Eagles Ballroom

2401 W. Wisconsin Av.
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 342-7283
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We just saw Social Distortion last night at the Eagles / Rave in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Having never been there, I read a few reviews that had been posted. Many claimed it was a...


Pros - good crowds Good Line-Ups Lots of Promotions: 21+ Free ticket, and 2 drink tickets Penthouse is nice Neutral - Had the ballroom rented out to a 15 year old birthday...

Love this place! 7/14/2011

I have been to the Rave/Eagles Club too many times to count. The last show I attended was a sold out Mac Miller show in the Eagles Ballroom. Mac himself put on a hell of a show, and I had a great time myself. I was up in the balcony, which allowed me a great view of the stage, however, pretty much wherever you stand in the ballroom you can see the stage. It was in late May, so the room became very hot and humid. Although, I was jumping around a lot so that may have been the reason for why I was so sweaty. The new ladies bathroom is wonderful. It is very nice, everything works correctly, the doors do not stick when you try to open them, and the sinks run well. When my friends and I arrived, there was a long line to get past security, however, they check you rather quickly so it moves pretty fast. It is quite simple getting up to the ballroom, following the large staircase up to the beautiful room with a large painted ceiling and wonderfully detailed trim. The room was already packed with people when we arrived. Going up one more set of stairs, we arrived in the balcony. Security checked our passes, and we were lucky to get a box pretty close to the center. When the show eventually started, Mac Miller walked out and the crowd went crazy. His performance was amazing. At one point, my friend and I got up to get a drink from the bar. The prices there are a little high, but I guess they are like that everywhere. However, the water could have been a little cheaper. I understand the Red Bull being priced high but water and soda should be a little cheaper so that people have money to buy merch and such. We took our soda up to the penthouse, which has a spectacular view over Milwaukee, with three plasma screens above the bar, so that we did not miss any part of the show. When the show was over, it took a very long time to get down to the lobby and out the door. However, I guess this is a problem at pretty much every concert venue. I was recently at Marcus Amp. for Kid Cudi and Kanye West and it took my friends and I about 30 minutes to get back to the Summerfest grounds. The only cons that I really have are: the location is not the best, but if you stay away from the West side of the building where the not so friendly neighbors live, you should be just fine. Also, everything is pretty pricey, so bring enough money to buy merch and drinks. Overall, I had a pretty good experience at the Rave. I go all the time, and I almost always have a great time there. more

Great place to see a concert! 7/14/2011

The Rave/Eagles Club is a great place for anyone to go see a concert. This venue offers every imaginablbe music genre you could want. With a number of different rooms, the venue is HUGE is size. It is spacious and has a beautiful architechtual structure. Basically you can see the stage from anywhere in the room, especially the ballroom. It is very easy to find the venue and VERY easy to find the room which the band you are seeing is playing in. I would DEFFINATLY recommend ANYONE to see a show at the rave. I know I always feel safe when I am there (unless I am seeing a ghetto rap show, which the crowd itself is somewhat scary). more

Not bad at all 4/23/2011

My first time there was last night...and this is how it went. Location: Okay, I heard the area is ghetto, but it wasn’t actually that bad. I mean, it’s kind of inner-city, so it’s not exactly nice, but unless you’re a moron and wander off down side streets and into sketchy alleys, you’ll be fine. Just make sure someone’s walking with you. But that’s something you do in every city. How to get in: There’s a big front on the place, but when I went there, there was a lady standing outside telling everyone to go in the side door. Where’s that? Go on the left side of the building to a random little door. There might be a guard standing next to it, and he might not say anything to give you a clue as to whether or not you should go in this door, so just do it. Once you’re inside, congrats! It should smell like a haunted house (that’s what my friends and I thought it smelled like), and it’s a little reddish room. Staff: Didn’t seem particularly friendly or mean. Just kind of there. Dunno about the bartenders, because I didn’t buy anything to drink, but everyone else was fine. What to do when you’re in: When you get to the reddish room, keep walking down the ramp, and go to the big open door (there are a lot of random doors…just go through the open ones). Eventually they’ll take your ticket, and eventually you’ll get to a little room with a stage. If you’re not in a hurry, and there’s a band, stay a while! If you need to get up to the ballroom, there’s a little door in the back. It says exit on it, but it’ll take you to the ballroom. Just keep going up and up and up and up and up the stairs. When you get to the ballroom, you’ll know. It’s freaking huge. Sound quality: Meh. It wasn’t particularly great, but I’m guessing that’s because all of the sound waves are bouncing around and echoing. I was in pretty much the middle of the room, and I could hear most of what the people on the stage were saying when they weren’t singing, but a little bit of it was kind of hard to hear. I also saw a review that said the sound quality sucked even more in the balconies, so I guess stay away from those. All in all it wasn’t that bad. Overall quality: I didn’t have to deal with any bartenders, or the bathrooms, or anything like that, but it seems like a nice venue to me. I’m a little easy to please, but come on, this is pretty much the best review you’ll find on the place. Wish I could have found something like this yesterday when I was looking so frantically. more

Been going there since '97 11/17/2010

I've been at the Rave/Eagles Club multiple times, and this is how I feel about this club overall: THE GOOD: *Easy to get to--only a mile from the Expressway exit ramp and is a great alternative to going to Chicago. *Internet contest has a great chance to win shows for free. *Numerous great acts have played here. THE BAD: *The sound, especially up on the V.I.P. balcony. There are no extra speakers placed away from the stage, so all you hear is a droned echo up there. On the stage floor, it gets bad on the sides and in the back areas. *The ""2 Drink Tickets"" are deceiving and were $10 - $15 to get in back in '97. Now they only save you a couple bucks off the full ticket price. The only good thing about them is that you get 2 free drinks at the bar. *They are extremely lax about the ""No Smoking"" policy at shows on the Ballroom stage. Their attitude is basically ""Oh well, nothing we can do about it..."" *No re-entry. If you forget something or wish to get some food during a long concert event, you're screwed! Fork over tons o' money for their lame pizza... *The parking prices are ridiculous. Just find a parking space on the street. If it's extremely crowded, head down to Clybourn--it never fills up, but watch for fast traffic. THE ULGY: *The neighborhood is ghetto. I've seen peddlers along Wisconsin Street (just like Chicago), drug deals, a cop warning me about auto theft on 22nd street, and even a frantic woman trying to get into my car many years back! *The drink prices. Yes, come on, $7.00+ for tap beer?? $9.50 for a simple mixed drink?? Only airlines or big stadiums can get away with that! Tailgate BEFORE you go in. *NO A/C. In the swealtering, hot summer, you just sweat your balls off here. *The security can be major dicks here. Years back at a Sevendust show, they had a mini-balcony half-open. The security yelled at everyone on it, so we went back in. One of those people mouthed off at the security, and they yanked ALL OF US out without questioning--not just the mouthy person. *The toilets--they're either splashed over with pee, or clogged with poop. The cleaning staff doesn't come out until the show's already over. Overall I put up with these negatives, but if Milwaukee got another venue to replace this one, I'd happily go to it instead. The Rave--great, but could be better. more

soso 11/14/2010

Pros - good crowds Good Line-Ups Lots of Promotions: 21+ Free ticket, and 2 drink tickets Penthouse is nice Neutral - Had the ballroom rented out to a 15 year old birthday party while the other room was packed to and out the exits. Smoking Ban: Make you walk up 8 flights of stairs to the Penthouse. Cons - Drinks Are Overpriced; $3.50 for a water Poor Sound Directed us to the wrong show and took the wrong ticket Security stole my lighter Cramped beyond comfort levels more

Decent venue that draws great live music 6/17/2010

I have attended several shows here and have always appreciated the line-ups that the venue coordinates, but find the venue a bit lacking. The sound is poor no matter where you stand and the neighborhood is a bit sketchy. That being said, I would still see a great act here. Pros: great acts Cons: location and poor sound more

Overcrowded, smoke filled hole 2/7/2010

I've been going to The Rave since they opened it with that name. I was at the ""grand opening"" night with Ugly Kid Joe as the act (yeah I know). Hanging out with Laser Bob who was working on lighting. I've been to countless shows, and the place just gets worse and worse. Some of these problems were always there (outrageous drink prices, poor ventilation, horrible bathroom conditions) but it has gotten to be a joke. How many times have we heard bands come back to Milwaukee and make fun of their time playing at The Rave and Eagles ballroom? The sound in the Ballroom is horrible, but at least you can have some room in that venue. The last show I was at, DRI a couple nights ago, they had us packed in the bar of the Rave. 2 bartenders, 1 bathroom, and enough smoke to make my money still smell like smoke 2 days later. Inconsistent drink prices depending on the bartender and even then sometimes the prices aren't the same. So as DRI was ending I was standing by the broken glass by the doors that exit the bar to the foyer thinking that I would rather be in a hole then ever see a show there again. It's too bad because the people are fun and the bands are good. Pros: Only place to see some of these bands Cons: smoke filled, crowded, drink prices are a joke, few bartend more

Not my favorite place to go 12/4/2009

They book some good acts and you can experience some real crowd energy here sometimes but the way they pack in the crowd brings out the worst in people\r \r Never had any problems with the staff, they've always been decent if you don't give them an attitude, although some of the bartenders are off in their own little world sometimes.\r \r To park in their lot they want $25. Don't do it. There are private side lots a block away for $10. Safe? Don't wander drunkenly down dark side streets after the show lets out at midnight and you'll be fine. If you want beer, they ask $7.50 for a small plastic cup. Outrageous but I guess it keeps the drunk population down. Which is good because they oversell and pack people in like sardines here. Be prepared for a lot of shoving/posturing/whining from idiots who think they should be able to see the band clearly from the back of the room. At least since there's no assigned seating you can always go to another part of the hall if you are surrounded by obnoxious a-holes. Which never seem to be in short supply of at this place unfortunately. Too bad. Pros: more interesting than an arena, good bands Cons: overpriced amenities, oversold, drunks aplenty more

Worst Club in the entire country 8/28/2009

I've seen shows at the Rave since I was in high school. And it is the single shittiest club I have ever been to.\r \r Here are a few things to note:\r \r -They charge $20 for parking--(concert tickets usually go for about $22.50). I actually paid for parking (when I didn't know better) and somebody smashed my window during the show. No The Rave did not assume any responsibility.\r \r -They don't run the basement hall through a PA system. I paid $20 to see Toots and the Maytals a few years back. The only amplification was the stage amps. I paid for an indoor concert THAT I COULDN'T EVEN HEAR!\r \r - I have seen standing water flow out of the men's room on more than one occasion.\r \r -There are more security staff members than bar tenders, yet nobody enforces the no smoking policy. \r \r -They will cancel a show without notice--The Wailers were scheduled to play on Aug 27. The show is STILL advertised on Decider and express Milwaukee. Yet the place was empty with no explanation at 8PM yesterday. I was lucky--I didn't pay for my ticket. The people who drove up from Chicago....not so lucky.\r \r -The ""Free Ticket"" promotion w/ 2 drinks?---not exactly. You still pay to get in. I saw Spearhead a while back. I presented 2 vouchers, but couldn't enter the venue until I forked over $45. Just say you're charging $22.50. What you're doing is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT\r \r -They will overbook a show. Coincidentally the last overbooked show I saw at the Rave was one week after the Whitesnake tragedy in Rhode Island. I wouldn't expect the Rave to learn from anyone's mistakes.\r \r I've had enough bad experience at that sh!t box club to question if it's even worth going when a good artist comes to town.\r \r Thank GOD Turner/Pabst/Riverside understand how to put on a show. Honestly, I hope they put the scumbag Rave owners out of business.\r \r Pros: will book solid acts Cons: standing water flowing out of the men's room more

Social D never disappoint 8/2/2009

We just saw Social Distortion last night at the Eagles / Rave in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Having never been there, I read a few reviews that had been posted. Many claimed it was a Bad Neighborhood. These people are so ignorant. I guess if you see a few Black People your in a Bad Neighborhood. My Wife and I were not scared at all, this area is very nice, the buildings are well maintained. Marquette University and the Pabst Mansion are just down the block. The Venue itself is just fine for a Rock Show. Yes the Drinks are overpriced. What Venue like this has Cheap Drinks? Get your Drink on before the show, have one or two at the show, then Drink more somewhere else later! If you have trouble seeing the show because there is a column in your way, get up and move! It is a GA Show. The Staff are not rude to you if you are not a Idiot. If you throw drinks and act like a idiot, be ready to be dealt with. The Sound is just fine. I hate everyone that acts like they are some kind of Audio Genius. It is a Live Rock Show! If you don't like the sound, stay at home and listen to a CD! I had a Blast at this Venue. For the rest of you that hate it, you don't have to go. Stay at home and Cry on your Computer! Pros: Good Rock Venue Cons: Drunken Idiots more

BUYER BEWARE 5/19/2009

Went to see the killers: this venue pretty much bites, sounds horrible, was way oversold/overcrowded, the VIP balcony/lounge was not as advertised by The Rave's website AT ALL!! very few seats AND you needed a special ticket to sit in one (which is a sham cuz our tickets had ""NO RESERVED SEATING"" printed on them. So you have to stand 4-5 people deep to try to watch the show through other peoples bobbing heads. Didn't enjoy the venue at all.....would not go again. Pros: some pretty good acts come here Cons: overcrowded, smoke, VIP is a total sham! more

Truly horrible 11/21/2008

We had a truly horrible experience. We just saw Jason Mraz but his amazing talent was totally undone by the vile atmosphere of this place!! First off--the balcony ""vip"" section is a joke. Only a few seats and none of them reserved. Unlike other reviews I read, the staff was friendly and helpful enough but many people in the crowd rude and obnoxious (sorry Milwaukee!) If you enjoy a smoke-filled overheated place to stand and not even be able to see or properly hear the show then by all means go. I wish I had heeded the reviews I read and skipped it but wanted to see Jason. If you get a chance you will enjoy his show but check out the venue before plunking down your hard earned cash!\r more

Worst venue in Milwaukee, no contest 9/4/2008

anyone who would give this venue a good rating just doesn't have anything decent to compare it to. the sound is awful. the staff is belligerent. no beer selection--and seven bucks for a miller lite, people. be prepared for the show to be ridiculously oversold to the point of fire hazard, and expect to leave the poorly-ventilated cesspool reeking of smoke. also, keep in mind that instead of supporting local bands, this place makes THEM pay to play. don't support this place. Cons: all of the above more

Pretty Sweet 4/14/2008

The Rave is far better than any other venue in the midwest. It gets the best bands in Milwaukee and doesn't sell out as often as Chicago shows do since the building is so big. Pros: great lineup more

Best venue in Milwaukee!! 4/9/2008

I recently went to my first concert at The Rave, and it was an amazing experience. It was a bit crowded, but I forgot all about it once the show started. The acoustics in the basement are excellent, and the bar staff was incredibly friendly. I would recommended The Rave to anyone. Pros: great sound, nice staff Cons: -- more

not much to rave about 10/10/2007

The Rave absolutely is an awful place for music and beer. Extremely overpriced. small plastic cups of beer for $6 something? God awful sound system. The set up of the upstairs ""VIP"" section was horrible. I had to pay extra for it, thinking, maybe I'll get better sound and sight. I was wrong, I'ts croweded, small and every 10 feet, they had pillars that blocked a quarter of the stage. The chairs were set up so that you could possibly not see over the balcony. Terrible. Over priced, overrated venue. Cons: overpriced, hot, no parking, rude staff, bad sound more

Pure torture 9/22/2006

Eagles ballroom has the worst sound of any venue I've been in. It's a big oval room with all hard surfaces, so it's like being in a big echo chamber. You have to stand near the back wall to have tolerable sound.\r \r The Rave has OK sound, but the night I was there, it was easily 90 degrees inside, no ventilation, no AC. Granted, this the day after a heat wave, but the low the night before was in the 60's. Open a window already!\r \r Both venues offer little seating, pack you in like cattle, and charge $6 for a beer. \r \r For some shows to get people in they give out passes: buy two drinks up front and get in ""free"". They charge $20 for the two drinks.\r \r I pity the person that buys two tickets to a show here, pays the ticketmaster extortion fees, parking, and two drinks. For two people, you're looking at $100 to see a c-list band. more

O.k. Venue, rude event staff, lousy acoustics 5/24/2006

Although the neighborhood is a little unsafe, I had no problems parking in the Rave's parking lot. It will cost you $10, but I figured it was worth it for the peace of mind. It was really refreshing to see an act in the Eagles Ballroom where everyone actually sat for the concert. Much more comfy than standing for 2.5 hours ala your typical area experience. The sound absolutley stunk as there are basically no soft surfaces in the entire place other than the crowd, so sound just bounces everywhere and it's really boomy. There were a few people smoking, but the ventilation is above average and it wasn't terribly bothersome. I will second what some other reviewers have said about the event staff. They were really unecessarily rude and hostile. Pros: plentiful bathrooms Cons: rude event staff, expensive parking, lousy acoustics more

real music for real people! 9/3/2005

If you prefer pre-fab cookie cut-out arenas, don't even THINK about stepping into this historic building/ballroom turned into a rock solid party haven! Naturally Gothic, this gorgeous mansion welcomes you with portable bars and servants at every entrance to the showroom(s). Ther'e also a regular bar the size of your average tavern, with good food & drink & great service. No air conditioning, so if you can't stand the smell of Milwaukee in Summer, don't breathe! Just go & rock & dance & sweat & experience the down & dirty side of life for once, you wimpy bastards! Pros: security, lots of bathrooms, powder rooms Cons: bad neighborhood, $$ for safe parking more

Mosh Pit City 8/18/2003

If you want the best mosh pit atmosphere around in the Wisconsin/Illinois area, this is the place to be. Every major band has played at this venue at one point in their career. Pros: Great Mosh Pits, Good booze selection, Cheap with free tix Cons: Staff/security suck, bad neighborhood more
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