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E T Television SVC

730 W Stassney Ln Ste 160
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 462-4554
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My Philips plasma 47"" TV didn't show an image but I could hear sound. So I called the the folks at Philips only to be told that my warranty had expired about a month before. Sa...


I agree with other reviewers---there needs to be a negative star!\r We bought a $2000 65"" tv through HSN with an extended warranty--and ET TV was the loser company they hooked u...

They Steal Your TV PARTS!! 5/12/2011

I agree with other reviewers---there needs to be a negative star!\r We bought a $2000 65"" tv through HSN with an extended warranty--and ET TV was the loser company they hooked us up with.\r They took over a month to order a part for the tv, then they said they ""could fix the tv right in our home"" when they came to ""fix"" it...they explained they needed to take it for 3 DAYS to replace ONE part in the shop ---ok fine---3 days later---""nope sorry-your TV is in PIECES---OH and another piece is broken that we need to order""???\r the OWNER was rude & laughing at us when we said we wanted it back NOW! ...\r nothing against Arabs, but this guy is a TOTAL A$$HOLE!!!\r I think they are picking apart tvs and selling out parts!!\r really convenient how suddenly another part is ""broken""? \r DO NOT USE THIS REPAIR SERVICE!! more

HORRIBLE X 10 12/23/2010

I can not believe what I am reading about this place. It is the same exact thing over and over. I had the misfortune of this place with my warrenty work on my 52"" TV. I think everyone should complain to the BBB and put an end to their practices. I don't even have to go into detail about my run in with them because it is the same story. If you need work done and your protection plan service provider even mentions their name. Demand another company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more


I wish they had a negative star! I am just now reading the reviews and OH BOY do I wish I had read them before this turd came and picked up my T.V. We bought it at Best Buy and purchased the extended warranty. Well it has ""only"" been 10 days, and haven't heard nothing! Oh yeah the part has been on order for 7 days so Best Buy can't give us a loaner or anything else. I tried to call this crappy company, and guess what? Their mail box is full! Probably with complaints from other customers! I want my TV back so I can get it to a REAL repair shop, also to one where I can understand what he is saying!\r After reading all the reviews I DO NOT trust these people and would really like to be able to watch TV. My husband and I both do not see well and are watching a 19"" TV as opposed to a 42"" TV and we just cannot see! I have already wrote to Panasonic as well as Best Buy. Needless to say, as long time customers,both will NOT be receiving my return business, as I do not even remotely feel like a valued customer!\r So if you read this before you have this rip off shop take your TV...don't do it!!! I am just curious as to weather this will be published!!! more

TV Repair with no issues even after a year... 8/4/2009

My Philips plasma 47"" TV didn't show an image but I could hear sound. So I called the the folks at Philips only to be told that my warranty had expired about a month before. Sadly, they did not want me to send the TV to the Philips repair center, instead referring me to E.T. Television. I was a bit nervous since I had heard mixed reviews. When I mentioned it to my step-father, he told me he had gotten his big screen floor TV fixed at E.T. and it was still kicking and going strong. So I went ahead and called E.T. Television and within 24 hours I was able to set up an appointment for a home check that same week! A home visit from a TV repair company? Nice! The E.T. staff came to my house and as soon as I turned on my TV he knew exactly what was wrong. The E.T. repair person also knew that the repairs could only be done in his store. He loaded my TV into his van, strapped it in and took it down South. I admit now, I was worried. Towards the end of the week E.T. called and told me it was a 'inverter kit and needed both the master and slave inverters' but to not fear, because my TV could be fixed. They asked if they could order the part before they ordered it and asked if it would be okay to have it delivered to the shop. I agreed and also ordered a back up from a parts company I found online (just in case). The part they order took about 6 weeks to arrive and mine took about the same time. While I did have to stay on them occasionally with phone calls for status, it was well worth it since they where able to confirm the tracking for the part they ordered each time I called and they didn't try and jack up the price once the part arrived. They also confirmed, without hesitation, that the part I bought was the correct one and could be used if this ever happened again. Not only did they fix my TV as soon as the part came in, I spent less that $300 to get it done. That's including the extra part I bought on my own! Per the title of this review, I have held off on posting any reviews on E.T. Television for about a year now. After all, I didn't want to review a TV repair shop after getting my TV back for only a week, only to have that TV breakdown on me after posting a positive review!! Ha! Know what I mean? Everyday I see tons of bad reviews but I wanted folks to know that you can find good service out there. I am very happy with E.T.'s repair services and overall technical knowledge. I would strongly encourage anyone to give them a try and to check out the shop for themselves. Pros: Technical Knowledge Cons: Follow-Up more

Run away as fast as you can! 9/24/2008

Seven days ago I called Best Buy customer service to have my television repaired. It is covered under the extended warranty. They called me back within two days to tell me they had a repair service that would be contacting me to pick up the TV and fix it. Four days now and still no call from ""E T Television"". I called Best Buy back and while I was on the line with them they tried to call E T Television. The customer service representative told me that she got no answer and no answering machine. I tried to call them and got no answer and no answering machine. I looked up E T Television on line and Lo and Behold this page came up. After reading these reviews I'm convinced they won't be calling and I'm happy that I found this page and saved myself some trouble. I called Best Buy customer service and now they are sending out a technician. Thank you city search! Cons: They never called me. more

I'm Annoyed I Even Have to Put one Star.... everyone else is right 2/21/2008

So I thought I was having a unique experience with ET television and then randomly decided to google the company. I was trying to fix my TV under warranty as well... for about a month now. They were supposed to show up at my house on a Tuesday morning and never did. I called them and they said they didnt have my information and the warranty company never called them. I called the warranty company three times to send my information over and ET simply told me they didn't have my information or refused to call me back. I thought it was a misunderstanding until i read everyone else with my exact same experience. Do NOT take your TV here if you want it fixed within a month or at all. Pros: it was close Cons: everything else more


Hands down the worst service Ive ever had with any product. I read the reviews and decided to take my chance because I didn?t want to travel north to the other dealer. WORST IDEA EVER. My TV has been in the shop for MORE THAN TWO months. First, I was told I would receive a call in 5-7 days telling me the problem and an estimate on cost. I ended up calling them 14 days later to find out the problem. That call and the several there after lead to a dead end of ""Im sorry the tech is not in... we dont know what is wrong you have to call when he is here"". This went on for 3 weeks. Finally a month later I was told the ""part"" was ordered and on its way... although he wasn?t sure what the part was and for what. Two weeks later I called again because no one had called me. At that point I was told ""We just found out today that the part was on back order and wont be in for a week"".. Believe it or not I was told that line Verbatim 2 more times over the course of 3 weeks. Finally, I asked if they had a scripted they were reading from because I was given that excuse previously.. At that point I went pick up my TV and bring it else where... GUESS WHAT its now 2 months out of warranty and the manufacture will not cover the TV. \r \r PLEASE STAY AWAY.. Ive requested that the manufacture take this service center off their list. They informed me I am about the 5th complaint they have had on this center. STAY AWAY!\r Pros: NOTHING.. Absolutly usless, Lied to me over and over.. NO concept of customer service Cons: Absolutly usless, Lied to me over and over.. NO concept of customer service more

One great service ! 7/25/2007

When my philips plasma 42"" TV started to show double image I called the mfg and they refered me to E T Television. Their friendly staff called me to set-up an oppoinement to check the TV for me in two days. The repaire man came and tolled me that he had to pick up the TV and repaire has to be done in his work shop. After he left I called Philips and found it was normal for an authorized service center to remove a TV from a cutomers home for repaire. Next Monday they called and tolled me they had to order the power supply for my TV and TV will be fixed and delevered on Thursday. The repaire man deleverd the TV on Thursday and I am very happy with their timely service. I am 56 years old and have had several bad expieriances with services. But ET is definitly a good profesional service I would return. Pros: Reliable, Timely more

Beware! 6/4/2007

My television is under warranty and I was referred by the manufacturer to ET Television Service. I called, they made an appointment with me for a few days later to come and pick up my TV between 9am-Noon. They never showed up. I called, no one answered. I called again, several times, same thing. I called Philips to complain and let them know what kind of company they were referring business to-they didn't seem surprised. ET isn't too far from my home, so I drove by a few times, no one was there. About 2 weeks after the missed appointment, I get a non-chalant phone message from them basically asking me to call them about my TV repair. I called back, no one answered again! I went by there the other day, people were there-I told them that I was not happy that they did not call me back, show up for their appointment, etc. I ended up taking my TV about 25 miles away to a place in Cedar Park and I'm now waiting to hear back from them...I would definitely ask for another referral if your manufacturer recommends this business to you. Cons: Ambivelance, Poor Customer Service, Unreturned phone calls, no voicemail, missed appointment more

I would say that it's the absolutely the worst service, but what they do isn't service. 3/19/2007

I have a poloroid tv under warranty that I've been trying to get repaired since October of 2006, it's now March 19, 2007 and my tv is still broken. On March 2nd the order was finally put in for me to get a replacement tv. The tv was shipped to ET TV's office on the 7th. They never called me. I called them and they didn't answer the phone at first, after speaking with Polarroid customer service, that's when I found out what the tracking number was and that it had been delivered on the 7th. I called ET TV back and someone finally answered who knew nothing and said they only had one box in the office and it wasn't a fedex box. If the tv is missing then I'm reporting it stollen. Pros: they make other service places look great Cons: they will never call, they will not provide service, they may have even stolen my replacement tv... more

Worst repair service 11/16/2006

I have a TV that was still under the mfg warranty and needed repairing, I was referred to ET by the mfg. I was told to bring in the TV between 11-2 on Thursday; seemed odd that they would have a scheduled time to come in. I asked several times if they meant for me to bring it in or for them to come out and pick it up. They confirmed that I was to bring it in, ok whatever. Thursday came and I missed the pick up, I had to re-schedule. When it was finished they dropped it off without notifying me when so of course I missed the drop off.\r The guy answering the phone is a moron and void of all common or business sense. Every time I call it?s the same shenanigans, I have to waste time explaining my situation. The TV is now broken again and I have to keep working with them per mfg because they started the repair. I have missed valuable time working with these clowns since they apparently do not understand that most people work for a living and are not waiting at home for them to pickup or drop off televisions. I would rather get kicked in the nuts than deal with them again. Do yourself a favor DO NOT USE these clowns. Cons: Time, Quality more

Worst Service of My Life 7/25/2006

I had to get a brand new television repaired that was still under warranty. The television manufacturer referred me to ET Television. From the very first call, they were difficult and unhelpful. No one returned my calls, no one wrote down any of my info. Every time I called I had to explain my situation to a new person. Finally, I offered to bring the television to them. That began a month of lies and run arounds. I gave a long, very detailed description of the problem. The technician wrote down ""Pitcher is bad"" on my service ticket. His spelling mistake, not mine. Finally, after a month of ordering parts because it was ""messed up internal"", they said it was ready to be picked up. The television was not repaired and they said they could not fix it that it was just ""a problem with these televisions"". I explained that none of the televisions (same make and model) in the store exhibited this problem, the technician shrugged and told me to call the television manufacturer again. Absolute waste of 1 month. If your television is under warranty and you are referred to this place, ask for another repair center. Most manufacturers have a list of 2 or 3 that you can go to. Cons: will lie to you, very slow, never return phone calls more

DO NOT HIRE! 5/24/2006

Hired this company to repair television. Was told it would take a week or so for part. TV was gone for a month. One day after it's return, started having the same problem again. Called company and left repeated messages over many weeks. Kept being told service manager would call. Never came back to fix. Never gave me a refund. Took my $375 and ran. Last time I called, they hung up on me. Cons: ripped me off, lied, rude more

Stay away 9/30/2005

I attempted to have a television repaired here under the manufacturer's warranty. After requesting service and explaining the problem, I was told that this business would research the problem and contact me. They called me twice in two weeks, stating that they were working on a solution and would contact me. After one month of waiting, and my warranty nearing expiration, I called the business owner, who said that he would arrange to pick up and repair my television. One week later, I called and left messages. No one returned my calls, and my television was not repaired. Pros: No service, Lied about their work more
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