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E Z Breathe

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We noticed that our basement is dryer and warmer, doesn't take up much space, too. So far, so good, thanks


Purchased EZE Breathe last winter on Jan special. Heard about it on Gary Sullivan show. Worked well in winter seemed to keep air clean and fresh. But when the furnace went off and...

Good product 11/23/2017

We noticed that our basement is dryer and warmer, doesn't take up much space, too. So far, so good, thanks more

Ray 11/16/2017

Courteous effeciant and professional more

Bought 2 systems, I liked it that much! Thank you, EZ Breathe! 4/26/2017

Thrilled to have both of my EZ Breathe systems installed, both at my home and business! Basement smell, gone!!! Btw, I received a discount for buying 2 systems. Great company, great product, highly recommend! Thanks!! more

Quite a Difference 1/19/2017

We have noticed a definite change in the humidity level in the basement and throughout the house. The musty smell in the basement seems to be gone. Also wanted to mention that the two gentlemen who installed our EZ Breathe could not have been nicer...they explained how the unit works, answered our questions and did a great job at clean-up. So glad to have heard about your product on Gary Sullivan's program. more

The difference with EZ breathe 5/13/2016

We have noticed a difference in our basement air smell is gone and it really helps with the circulation throughout the home. more

Humidity level 2/23/2016

I had dealt with a musty basement for several years, using a dehumidifier which increased my electric bill. I debated about the E Z Breathe and finally decided to try it. I have been completely satisfied with it. My basement is dry for the first time and the humidity level in my house has remained constant. I do not understand how it works, just that it does. more

Fresher air 12/8/2015

After moving into our house it became quite clear that there was an air quality issue on our basement which seemed to impact the rest of the house. We just had an EZ Breathe installed and our basement no longer smells and we are no longer coughing. VR, Ramsey NJ more

life is better with EZ Breathe 8/12/2015

Before E Z Breathe, I woke up coughing every night. Since my EZ Breathe installation, I am coughing less and vacuuming up less dust. The air in the basement is cleaner, without a doubt! Very expert and helpful installer, was flexible with placement and took all the time that was needed. Claudia, Dobbs Ferry NY more

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E Z Breathe Works Great! 7/23/2015

Getting our E Z Breathe unit was a good experience with great results. Sales and service people were very helpful in answering our questions. The installer was right on time and got the job done very fast. We have noticed the air does feel cleaner, the mold problem in the bathrooms has cleared up and I even have not needed my allergy medicines since the installation. For all this convenience and comfort we feel the price was reasonable. A plus, so easy to take care of and takes up very little space. JL, Georgetown KY more

EZ Breathe 3/23/2015

The air seems lighter and less humid in the basement. No more high electric bills to deal with in the summer months. My husband and I are well-pleased with this product. SK Hermitage, PA more

Great Ventilation System 3/20/2015

Our renters are very satisfied. The air is a lot less humid and there is no musty smell now. And they even helped me get this job financed with an interest free loan. L B. Middletown OH more

EZ Breathe 9/13/2014

We had the EZ Breathe installed on 4-19-2014 after a friend recommended it to us. We are well pleased with it. The basement smells lots better and we don't have the dust like we used to have. We don't have to use the dehumidifier any more. HLB Centerville, Ohio more

Amazing ventilation system 9/9/2014

This was recommended by a neighbor who has one. We got it to replace an old dehumidifier. Our basement always felt damp,and musty. In the summer we could never keep up with the dampness. When we went on vacation we always would turn the dehumidifier off and come home to a damp basement. Now we never turn our EZ breathe off and our basement is dry and the damp feeling is gone.. It gives us continuous ventilation and has not seemed to effect the electric bill. I am not sure how it is able to do this but it does.our basement smells better and no more mold growing anywhere.wish we would have known about this years ago.installers were very nice and did a clean job. Answered any questions we had.i recommended it to anyone. You won't be disappointed only amazed how fresh and dry your basement is. Linda R. Cortland, Ohio 44410 more

just couldn't get it to work 7/31/2014

Purchased EZE Breathe last winter on Jan special. Heard about it on Gary Sullivan show. Worked well in winter seemed to keep air clean and fresh. But when the furnace went off and the outside air got warm with humidity it failed. we had to get our dehumidifiers out and use them along with the EZE Breathe units and we still have a damp moldy smell in our basement. We were hoping we could get rid of our dehumidifiers all together and keep our electric bills down. We contacted EZE Breathe several times and they told us to caulk around the top of our foundation which we did. They were going to come out and look things over but that never happened. I don't want to throw them under the bus because they did seem like they wanted to help and were disapointed that we couldn't get it to work right and even offered to compensate with a small refund. Really love the idea of changing and drying air but just not doing what we were told or what we hoped for. J G Ashland Ohio more

Amazing little machine 3/8/2012

Ok I want to first start by saying the people who posted bad reviews about the EZ Breathe system must not be using it correctly or something because this thing is great! I have had pretty bad allergies for about 5 years now and have tried just about every allergy med out there... Since the EZ Breathe I havent needed my allergy meds AT ALL! I repeat, I no longer need my allergy meds since I have had the EZ Breathe installed. I would def recommend to others especially if you have allergies like I USED TOO!! :) more
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