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Dynasty Movers was the best movers I have ever used.\r They are great!!! David was so helpful in my move. He did'nt over charge me and they showed up on time. The movers work ...


I'm going to keep this short but basically this moving company is SHADY. They will quote you 2 or 3 hours and then stick around for 6 or 7. Moved a two bedroom apartment wit...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2013

Dynasty movers - do not use these crooks unless you want your valuables moved out of your possession. We made the misfortunate decision to use these thieves last minute without review – luckily for you, you are reading this beforehand. Simple summary – they stole our brand new laptop and a DVD player. They charged us more that quoted, they poked holes in walls while moving furniture, they hooked up appliances incorrectly and they failed to reimburse us as they said they would. My wife refused to be left alone with what she described as tattooed thugs. We had the police come out and take a report. They let us search their truck for our missing stuff. We found the DVD player, but the computer was gone (they had left and come back so it could have been stashed). We also found in their possession several silver coins in individual holders – they claimed the coins were owned by one of the workers – a gift from his parents – just the kind of stuff you would expect someone to keep in their backpack right? I suggested the police contact the previous victims from that day and let them know their silver was found.\r Bottom line – take your business to a reputable company, don’t give these criminals a chance to harm you and your family.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/23/2013

AVOID. Would give 0 stars but doesn't allow.\r \r Still waiting on my sweet check for $40 bucks...\r \r Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. \r \r I had used this delightful (note: sarcasm) company to move from Huntington Beach to Laguna Niguel on April 20th 2013. Generally I would have just rented a truck and moved myself. With my wife being 7 1/2 months pregnant and myself on a limited time schedule we decided to hire a moving company. I am usually very good about reading reviews and usually try and make decent decisions. HA, not this time. Got me.\r \r I had originally contacted another moving company, however they canceled last minute and referred me to Dynasty Movers. Speaking with David on the phone I was very confident on receiving a great service.He seemed very detailed and asked a bunch of questions about specifics. I was provided with the ""quote"". Apparently these ""quotes"" are legendary in the low priced movers world. Generally when receiving a ""quote"" it shouldn't nearly double upon completion. Quote was for around $300 tops, which was eventually $500 with tacked on time. They informed me during the move several times that it was taking a bit longer than originally expecting, so price inflation didn't bother me much. Just make sure if you are budgeting, make sure you tack on more funds.\r \r I was actually very happy with the moving guys they sent out. Both of them did a pretty good job and worked hard. They did have a few breaks here and there but can't fault them for that. I even went as far as getting them a pizza and my wife and sister even ran out to the store to buy them a few drinks. I also tipped them both as I was happy with service......so I thought.\r \r The true frustration didn't begin until the next day. Here is a small clip of the email I had sent to Dynasty Movers.\r \r ......... When I tried to turn on my Sony 42 inch TV yesterday it does fire up at all. Light won't even turn on. There is also a chunk of plastic that was chipped off the left side by the plug. The chip was brought to my wives attention after she heard some grunts and bangs while he was traveling upstairs. He replied: I am ok, It was just a piece of plastic that chipped.\r \r It was obviously either the stairs or the move over in the truck with items piled on top of it that killed it. Very dis-hearting as everything else was very smooth, and they did a great job. Unfortunately a larger TV is a pretty bad ""ding"", it will cost we a trip to the repair shop and its cost to repair. I have already gotten a quote for $50 to even inspect it. I debated even sending this e-mail as to not have my comments fall negatively on the guys, but can't simply overlook such a large purchase........\r \r Since sending this email I have called Dynasty several times, sent numerous emails and have been nothing but patient in the meantime. In return I have gotten about 5 poorly handled vague responses through email. One that offered me the typical ""can't be bothered"" .60 insurance rate. 2 or 3 more emails promising a phone call from David that has never came.\r \r Excuses in vague broken emails range from:\r - On Vacation\r - Doing payroll ( must have a ton of employees )\r - Has estimate today ( must be a huge job )\r - Busy with family vacations\r - Out for ""periods of time"" ( that's my personal favorite for a good laugh )\r - Business matters ( obviously mine was not )\r - Will speak to movers and call back next week\r - Will get in contact Tues or Wed, as is a slower day for us.\r \r All emails are typed from David's email, however someone else who never uses his/her name.\r \r It has now been about 5 days since hearing anything from Dynasty, not even and reply e-mail at this point. Perhaps mine are tucked nicely away in a SPAM folder.\r \r Perhaps I can get a reply on here? So yeah, wouldn't recommend them. Sure there are a lot of phony accounts on other sites that would. ( Do some searching and you will find ).\r \r Still waiting on call....\r Mike\r \r more

dynasty movers saved the day! 3/9/2012

i just cant tell you how much their services were appreciated. When i had scheduled with the first movers they didnt show up which made me frantic! i called dynasty movers that same day and the moved me out the same day. The prices are reasonable and the guys are very helpful. they sat everything where i wanted it ,which elimated even more stress! i will definetly use them again. more


Dynasty Movers was the best movers I have ever used.\r They are great!!! David was so helpful in my move. He did'nt over charge me and they showed up on time. The movers work fast and careful and the guy spoke english and did'nt look like they were homeless.\r My husband and I were very pleased and will use them again. more

Terrible, the other reviews on here are written by them 8/2/2011

I'm going to keep this short but basically this moving company is SHADY. They will quote you 2 or 3 hours and then stick around for 6 or 7. Moved a two bedroom apartment with literally 15 pieces of stuff, most were small some were big. It took them 6 hours. The new place was less than a mile away. Do NOT hire this company. Rent a truck and do it yourself and it'll go faster and be 1/50th of the price, or get a real moving company. more

Best Movers! Proffessional and Affordable 12/7/2010

.Very proffessional and courteous.The price I ended up paying was exactly what they quoted me, and the movers showed up on time and were quick and proffessional. My things were delivered in great condition, and the men who moved us were very helpful and did a great job. I would definitly recommend Dynasty Movers to anyone who is moving. Thanks! more

The Other Reviews here are FAKE. Here's the Truth... 11/3/2010

If you want to spend 3 days moving, and if you love being charged 4 times the original estimate, then be sure to hire Dynasty Movers. \r \r My girlfriend called them as a last resort to come over and move her small 2 bedroom home on a Sunday. They quoted her $295 for the move. They arrived and got right to work. A few hours later, the head mover (who looks like Jesse ""the body"" Ventura in his younger days) informed us that we'd misled them and that the move would require another man. Sure, fair enough. \r \r The new man arrived and went to work. Then after a whole day of moving, the head mover informed us that they'd have to spend about an hour TOMORROW to finish the move. Oh, and they wanted a check right now for $550! We had no choice, we paid. \r \r The next day came. Instead of spending an hour to finish up, they spend another EIGHT hours and charged us ANOTHER $494!! So this move, which they offered for $295, ended up costing us $1000!! If this is what you want, then hire them immediately. If not, then dont walk, RUN. Avoid them at all costs. Your wallet will thank you. more

Excellent, Superb, Profesional 5/18/2010

Saved me when the other movers I hire never showed, I called Dynasty Movers they were there within 1 hour and got the job done. The 2 men they sent worked the whole time and were like moving mahines. WOW! Best move I have done. Definetly Recommend to everyone ! Tell them to send you Steve and Marty the moving machines.\r Happy Customer\r L Macgee Pros: Service with much concern and consideration more

Best Movers..rescued us from a nightmare 9/25/2009

Back in March 09, We called Dynasty movers at the VERY last minute because our hired mover was just a plain cheat! \r The movers I had previously hired did not tell me all the hidden costs UNTIL he came in to our apt to start moving. The amout he quoted for moving was 10 times over than what he had previously quoted, he quoted $100.00 for wrapping one TV!!!! We havent' even started abt the furniture yet!! Needless to say I was fuming & told them to take a hike. I was almost going to call the cops for trying to rob us in broad daylight !! \r \r Thank heavens I had internet & looked up the Dynasty ad in craigslist. They came within an hour, they did not try to take advantage of the messy situation I was in. I was willing to pay any dollars to start moving, but the price that they quoted me was very reasonable. These guys were so nice & very professional. They really took care of my furniture and yes, my tv was carefully wrapped and it was FREE. These guys rescued us from such sticky situation. Movers (Les Hurst & other gentleman) were very nice & really helped us out a lot. I'm recommending these guys to my colleagues & friends. I'm definitely going to use this movers again if I ever were to move. Pros: price reasonable, very nice, reliable more

Fast Service, Excellent Customer Service and Friendly Employees 9/5/2008

In July 2008 I relocated from Stockbridge, Georgia to Huntington Beach, California. My company?s relocation plan did not cover the entire cost for a professional moving company so we decided to move ourselves. When we arrived in California, I was desperately in need of assistance to off-load our 26 foot moving truck. To complicate matters the truck was due the next day and therefore we needed a company which could accommodate a last minute reservation. Calls to several local moving companies were unhelpful because but none were able to accommodate a last minute reservation. \r \r I contacted Dynasty Movers and spoke with owner, David Troup who was able to help with our moving needs. Dynasty Mover?s prices were competitive and Mr. Troup offered customer service which was second to none. The 3-man team who arrived the next day were professional , efficient and extremely helpful during the whole off-loading process. Price, timeliness, professionalism and great customer service exceeded our expectations. We could not have been more happy with the service Dynasty Movers provided and highly recommend them for your moving needs. ?\r \r Mark M. Pros: Thumbs Up!!!! A++++ Highly recommend more

Good Job!! 9/2/2008

Thanks dynasty movers for making my move successful. :) Your guys were awesome. They packed everything nice and it was all returned nicely to me. The prices were great. I rather pay for professionalism than cheap labor where I am risking my items in being damaged. I will definitely being calling you guys back for my next move. more

best movers 7/11/2008

dynasty movers arrived on time and were very professional (they were even kind to my dog)\r the steps they took to protect my furniture was unexpected (unlike other movers i have used in the past)\r they even pointed out other ways i could save money on the move\r the went beyond what i had come to expect from movers\r i gladly recommend dynasty movers and will use them anytime i need to move\r C.G. more

Issue resolved 5/20/2008

Our matters have been resolved. Dynasty did a nice job repairing our desk and returned the fuel surcharge to us. In the future, I will get a quote in writing. This will hopefully prevent me from paying more than the verbally quoted amount. \r \r Thank you David for resolving our issue. more
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