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1830 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230

(718) 376-7923
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My name is Jenna and i was at DYC twice. and i made the mistake of spitting because at that point in my life i wasnt ready to face reality of my decision making and i ""THOUGHT' i...


i was on heroin for about 2 years i went to detox then right from detox i was taken upstate. Pros: YOU ACTUALLY MAKE FRIENDS Cons: NASTY COUNSELORS

Shame on The one who wrote a bad review 3/3/2011

My name is Jenna and i was at DYC twice. and i made the mistake of spitting because at that point in my life i wasnt ready to face reality of my decision making and i ""THOUGHT' i knew everything. all i was was a stubborn girl in my early 20's who wanted what she wanted...i know now that although i stupidly split... that i walked away from the best thing that ever was put in front of me...I have been to plenty of rehabs but DYC was the best one i have ever set foot into. I walked away from there with knowledge of why i did what i did. and no im not using anymore and i am doing good... but it took me forever to do so. DYC and the staff members yeah they are hardasses but thats because they actually care about us... cuz lets face it... who else has cared that much to give you that tough love? i know my parents enabled me until i ended up in jail more than countless times. I owe some of my saving to DYC and yeah i might not a completion but i am blessed and i thank god everyday that i was put there. So please for anybody reading that one bad review i am a splitee and i am promising you that DYC is the best place you can go, put your loved one, your child or whoever... You will save there life... Dont be afraid of change. because this change i for the best.... Jenn,Jill,Mikki and Pete will always be in my mind. and i will always be grateful for the love they showed me while in treatment and i miss them all very much and wish i could rewind time and finish.... Unfortunately at 28 i am now to old... But i will pray that everyone struggling/at DYC or wherever you are keeps the faith and realizes that this is a program that will make u a better person. more

Where it all started for me 12/18/2009

I was 15 years when I entered D.Y.C one of the youngest members at the time. It gave me so many tools which i utilize in my life today. I am active in recovery. An asset to my community. A clean and sober mother to my children. It was not easy anything worth doing usually isn't. Dynamite gave me a gift that I now share with others. Alot of memories and a bond that is unique and can not be duplicated. My family and myself will forever be gratefull for the education i received from Dynamite for the three years I lived there. Pros: Sobriety Cons: Getting called on my shit more

Mind Controling 8/18/2009

Excuse me...? you people were high, ""eFFed up"".... now your not. Great, good for you..., but a terrible, ""not high"", ""sober"" decision would be to let ex-""junkies"" decide what is O. K., fun and going to be in your future. People need to stop being baby's and flowing with society, and be a little harder on yourselves. Quit the ""poo"" because its not healthy and because you want to run your own lives. Do you think your councilors wanted to be councilors?, no there ex-junkies. They got so sucked into what there small community, a miniscule percent of the city. state and nation believe on what your life may consist of , or what if will not consist of. they never became what they wanted to be. be yourself and just quit the ""poo"", because it is what needs to be done. ""poo"" and a good life don't mix <---- theres your 12 step program and your C.A. Pros: it will get you off the poo (no poo at dynamite) Cons: but keep you off the poo? more

Joe Mike And Mrs.Kelly good Role Models From The DYC!!!! 11/14/2008

Hi My Name is melissa i am 13 years old and learning and/ or going to be experimenting with drugggs and alchahol. Mike and Joe came to my school from the dynamite youth center.I Really understood there stories and mike and joe are real role models for kids at young ages experimenting with drugggs and alcahol.also my teacher Mrs. kelly also works for the dynamite youth center and it is very generous how she helps out with our community :*) Pros: thumbs up to the people who work there to help people of any ages experimenting with druggss and alchahol more

If you want to get clean and stay clean this is it. But it becomes your life. 10/14/2008

The only negative is you lose your friends if you leave before the three years of recovery is up. Besides that Dynamite saved my life. It was my third program and i left, but it taught me how to live. I am engaged, off the streets and pregnant and off dope. I would recommend this program to any inner-city junkie kid out there. Sending my blessings! Pros: The friends and family you make. Cons: The friends and family you lose if you leave early. more

The best experience next to fatherhood 6/2/2008

I truly feel sorry for the one individual who wrote a bad review. DYC is more than an incredible asset to New York, but it is also the primary reason myself, and many others like me, are still alive. I entered DYC in 1999 and have been free of substances ever since. The strengths and abilities I gained while learning about life In Dynamite not only stays with me today but allows me to carry myself in a manner of a responsible and mature individual. I went from losing every oppurtunity in life to openning any door i do so choose thanks to the amazing staff, program, and friends that surround you at DYC. More than just a simple ""rehab"" facility, Dynamic Youth Center offers adolescents a new chance at life. True, it's not easy. But prison and death sentences aren't either. Anything worth achieving is certainly worth working for. Pros: Trust me, find out for yourself! Cons: none what-so-ever more

Remarkable<3 5/21/2008

I went in to Dynamite in 2006 with A substance problem. The upstate facility is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. It is very hard & def. agree that it is not a walk in the park . You meet a lot of people there with all different images. You learn to trust one another and find amazing friends, you learn more about yourself , they help you grow. Staff upstate are also amazing - Some are like fathers (Ray) ... Staff there are very great people , they will help you no matter wwhat and will never give up on you. You begin to love the place and it becomes your home and the people start to feel like family . Now ofcourse you will not be perfect when u get there i wasnt either i v made a lot of mistakes and recieved consequences but i learned from them and they made me a stronger person ... Not everything there you will like nor will you find fare but just trust ... Cuz it did work for me....Brooklyn stage is different for everyone ... Good Luck ! - KT Pros: Upstate Cons: Different for everyone.... more

falling and re-building 5/13/2008

i graduated dyc in 1988. i fell around 1996. i rememberd all i learned from mark, billy, rea dibble [rip], eddie, frank and his wife [forgot her name], gloria,vinny, joe, denise, and sorry if i forgot anyone else, i'm old; lol. but it is true that i applied all i learned there and straightend out once again. i do feel a little guilty that i hav'ent visited; but they will always be in my heart. i hope that from this little letter about dyc helps, encourages or just makes someone in trouble pick up a phone and calls dyc for an interview. please if anyone who remembers my name drop me a hello@, imjtw2u@aol-- good luck to all in dyc and keep an open mind. more

Gave me a life 3/20/2008

I've passed by this review on several occasions and never knew what to write or post or comment on or rate. Dynamite isn't something that can be rated on a scale or something that can be reviewed. The essence of DYC is hidden within the feeling that it gives, and not in the image that it presents. Wednesday night meetings and home request only scratch the surface of what Dynamite really is. There is so much more to it. Pros: Everything Cons: Every man shapes his own destiny more

A hidden treasure 3/18/2008

I was just inform of this site by someone I meet while going through the program with my child. I wish I had know this was here before so that I could have shared what a life saving place DYC is a lot sooner. Like many others who have been through here I was at the end of a long hard road trying to find a place to get help for a child. There are not many places that are designed for teens, and they are so different that adults. When I finally did find this place it was not easy to get my child to enter the program, one of the reasons was that it had to be his/her choice. At the time I thought that was very wrong... But I learned it was the only way it would work, and that is because they had to finally see that THEY had a problem and needed help. There were things that I found very difficult to deal with but in the end learned these people know what they are doing. Yes its hard on them they don't make it a walk in the park, they teach them that life is hard and you have to be strong to get pass the bad times to get to the good. The most important lesson I think I learned is that the child is not alone in the battle, it is a FAMILY fight. This is why it is so important for the family to be a part of the program the group session that they have for the parents is SO VERY IMPORTANT for the program to work. I thank DYC everyday for what they have given me. Like one of the others said I also asked my child if DYC was a good thing or bad, I was told it was the not only the hardest thing to do but the best because he/she would not be here today if it were not for DYC. Pros: The staff that have gone through the program, they know how to reach the kids more

Thank You, DYC. 3/18/2008

My son entered DYC at the age of 14. He went from a happy kid to a dark, depressed, teen under the influence of several illegal substances in a very short period of time. After about a year of counseling with several different doctors and treatment in another residential facility, I was begnning to lose hope. Everything seemed to be geared toward adults and did not understand how to deal with kids and young adults trapped in a world that they did not know how to get out of. After finding out about DYC, it took me months to convince my son to agree to go. When he finally did agree, he went to the upstate facility for a year. It was tough, a couple of times he wanted to leave, but he stayed strong and so did I. I followed all the guidelines of the program. I figured that what I had done before DYC wasn't working so let's see if they can help. I cannot say enough about it. The counselors and support I received was amazing. I met other parents there in the same situation. That was a big help when you needed to talk to someone. These people have become life-long friends. My son is now an adult living in his own apartment with a good job. Although it was difficult in the beginning moving back to the place where he was in trouble, my son made a decision to steer clear of anyone that was not healthy to his new way of life as DYC taught him. I am the parent, and I did not have to go through the program like he did. I asked him recently if DYC was the right thing to do. He said that if he did not go to DYC, he doesn't even want to think about what would have happened to him. I am sorry for the the person that stuck it out SIX DAYS. I know treatment is hard, but it is SO worth it in the end to get your life back. more

A Place Devoted To Your Child's Recovery From Addiction 3/17/2008

Our child had been on heroin several months before we were able to convince our child to enter Dynamic Youth Community. From our initial conversation with their wonderful intake counselors to our child finally walking through the doors, we were completely supported and guided through the horrendous process of finding help for a beloved child addicted to a horrendous substance. We are relatively new members to DYC but as the weeks pass and our child remains in DYC, we are starting to see the wonderful changes that can occur. The child that was lost to us, due to heroin use, is starting to reemerge. The counselors have an understanding of addiction, the havoc it causes and many of them are graduates of DYC. They are always willing to talk to you, give guidance, support and necessary information about your child but most importantly they truly want to help your child. The weekly family meetings are filled with supportive members of the DYC community. Pros: Supportive staff, wonderful facility more

hated it.. 2/20/2008

i was on heroin for about 2 years i went to detox then right from detox i was taken upstate. Pros: YOU ACTUALLY MAKE FRIENDS Cons: NASTY COUNSELORS more

Need answers 7/9/2007

Can anyone tell me about dynamite? The rules, etc. My husband just signed himself in yesterday and I understand there is no contact for 30 days until he earns it. Also where upstate is the facility? They told me but now I can't remember. Please help. more

A Substance Abuse Free Life!! 7/3/2007

On July 23rd 1998, at the urging and insistance of my parents, I entered Dynamite's residential program. DYC saved my life, got me off heroin, and now I live a life free of substance abuse. Call them...they can save a life! Pros: Amazing staff, frienships, safety, high success, beautiful property. Cons: None....only cons if YOU make them... more
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