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Dylan's Candy Bar - 26 Reviews - 1011 3rd Ave, New York, NY - Family Restaurants Reviews - Phone (646) 735-0078

Dylan's Candy Bar

1011 3rd Ave (at 60th Street)
New York, NY 10021
(646) 735-0078
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Dylan's Candy Bar - New York, NY
Dylan's Candy Bar - New York, NY
Dylan's Candy Bar - New York, NY
Dylan's Candy Bar - New York, NY
Dylan's Candy Bar - New York, NY


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They have great chocolate bars. On the upper east side, very rich and upscale, though junk food is by far not healthy. This is located right near fao schwartz. I think that Hershe...


For my daughter's 16th birthday we made a trip to NYC. I had our evening planned with the final stop for birthday dessert at Dylan's Candy Bar. Well, let me say we were majorly di...


For my daughter's 16th birthday we made a trip to NYC. I had our evening planned with the final stop for birthday dessert at Dylan's Candy Bar. Well, let me say we were majorly disappointed! I had read some negative reviews before going, but thought maybe some of it was exaggerated. Sadly, that is not the case. The customer service is terrible, prices too high, and \r the restaurant is very dirty. I had to ask for prices on just about everything I was considering buying because items weren't marked. When i did find someone to ask they didn't know and had to go and ask another associate. When it came time to check out the salesperson ringing didn't know the price either and I had to tell them and also mention I was told there was a 30% discount. She rang it up wrong anyway in the end. Suprisingly, for a Saturday night during the holiday season it wasn't overly crowded but we had a little wait to order food and sit down. The tables were disgusting and I had seek out someone to clean it. Trash and spilled food was all over the place, and I saw only one person cleaning up in the food section. Something I was unaware of and wouldn't have thought much of is that the ""cupcake section"" advertised is ONLY if you are a bar customer. It is roped off and unless you order alcohol you cannot sit there. I had promised my daughter dessert in a cupcake booth but that did not happen. I am not sure why alcohol is in a store that probably attracts lots of kids and teens but it is available and that is how you get to sit in a cupcake. I would suggest to you if you really want to see this mega candy store then go, but be prepared for nothing too spectacular. I won't be going back ever again. more

Hard to Sell 3/21/2011

I had passed dylans by on several occasions and my review is based on two visits. On my first visit I went there during this past holiday season. The store is incredibly busy!!!! There were tourists EVERYWHERE and you could barely reach the candy to even buy it because there were people everywhere! The traffic flow in the store is HORRID! I dont know who designed the layout of the store but it is absolutely terrible. The shoppers who come here definitely try to take advantage of the busy traffic and try to eat from the bins and steal merchandise. I really have to give it up to the staff who have to be there the whole day dealing with all kinds of people. Staff was running around trying to keep an eye on all customers making sure everything was sanitary and no one was putting hands in bins. It is so hard to walk around the store that I have to give it up to them for doing that. I saw so many rude customers talking to staff as if they were their personal slaves. The staff worked endlessly to help customers and restock the floor which looked like it had been hit by a bomb. I finally got together my stuff and got onto a endless line and finally when the register base came into view I saw three people behind each register working like Chinese sweatshop workers trying to ring up people as quickly as possible. Customers had all kinds of crazy requests for candy they had spent 5 bucks on and the cashiers fulfilled each request with a smile. The entire staff looked like they were in a toothpaste commercial with big smiles and just a great attitude. On my second visit I decided to go during a much slower season (feb). I saw a guy standing outside (freezing cold) trying to get customers to come inside. When I went inside it was relatively slow but still some people in there and I really got a good look at the store. There are some aspects of the store that are good such as the giant lollipop tree in the middle of the store or the Chocolate bunny by the door however there is nothing else special about the store. The candy collection is just OK... nothing too great and it was just too over priced. I didnt even get to see that it was 13 dollars a pound!!! The tables where they had seasonal products (valentines day) looked really nice and were about the only nice displays in the entire store. The staff was very efficient even on a slow day... a bit too efficient I must say. There were two people going around handing out baskets to customers forcing them to buy things. There was a old woman who looked like Mrs Magoo with her red glasses (probably the manager) telling each staff member to hand out candy bags (bags to fill candy in) to each customer. Every five minutes someone would pop up asking to help you and I have to say it was incredibly annoying. I had about 5 people on each floor come up to me and list all the things in the store and I had to just smile and say thank you because I really cant blame them, they are just doing what the boss woman is telling them to. I actually think they were going for good customer service and turned it into bad customer service. The two stars I gave are honestly for the workers who work like slaves to create magic for people. The store itself is very expensive, has no real product, and is an absolute nightmare. more

Nothing Sweet Here - RIDICULOUS Customer Service! 1/19/2011

Like Quality, Knowledgeable Service and Common Sense? Then don't purchase something here! So my Mom ordered my husband a birthday gift from Dylan's - ""membership"" in the Candy of the Month Club (yes, my husband loves candy as much as a 6 yr old) which should have been a straightforward transaction. The gift did not come for his birthday as expected (it was already paid for well in advance), and when I called the next day they claimed they had no record at all of the order, including my or my mother's address. . .and then the day after (2 days post birthday) the box of candy showed up. Flash forward two months, I realized husband hadn't received more candy, and lo and behold when I spoke to the manager AGAIN they had no record of the candy or the address of me or my Mom! The other fun part of this is when you call them about things they sell online they say ""Oh, I don't know anything about that, that's part of our online store"" like there is a Chinese Wall divide that means one part of the store can't comprehend merchandise on their own company's website. Then today my mother called and said the candy got delivered to her. . . halfway across the country! And we haven't gotten a shipment. So once again today I had to call, got the ""Chinese Wall"" claim of no knowledge and then was told that they ran out of stock of this month's candy but my husband will get his shipment. No explanation of why my Mom got candy (free gifts are never bad but obviously a mistake) and the totally different manager I spoke today when I asked her to confirm the info said ""Is your husband named Joe"" to which I had to tell her that like many people that live in Manhattan - 30 blocks from Dylans - we have a doorman and for the 4th time my husband's name is ____! Did I mention that only two calls ago did I get an apology and nothing more (not that I asked)? Where is the 0 star rating? more

Candy Heaven!! 10/27/2010

This store is heaven for those who have a sweet tooth!! This candy bar by Dylan Lauren is a fantastic place to find the best selection of candy. Great customer service only appropriate from the Ralph Lauren family. more

Nope 4/11/2010

If you're looking for extraordinarily overpriced candy administered by staff that far too often acts as if the customer should be honored to shop in such a cool place, Dylan's by Bloomingdale's is the store for you. I'm sorry to say that I twice ventured in, over a six week period, and both times left with a ""bitter taste in my mouth."" There shall not be a third. Pros: Pretty Cons: Price, attitude more

Dylan's Dirty Candy Bar 10/19/2009

I was so excited to be coming to NYC for my anniversary with my husband for a long weekend. Dylan's was one of the place's that I had looked up and did some research on. So we decided to go there on October 17, 2009. When we walked in it was a bit overwhelming. It was fun to see all the different kinds of candy but the place was very unkept. When we went upstairs to the ice cream parlour the tables were absolutely disgusting. Food smeared everywhere and crumbs everywhere. Floors were dirty and looked like they hadn't been washed in years. Behind the ice cream counter, boxes were stacked on top of machines, toppings were all over the counters and floors not swept up. There truly was no neatness and cleanliness to the food area at all. Be sure to eat with CAUTION! Not only that I saw one girl take a scope out of one ice cream and stick it in another without washing it. Which doesn't seem like a big deal but there are people with certain allergies out there that the workers need to be sensitive to. I was so disappointed in the whole experience. I did buy some candy but it was out of the glass case where only the workers could serve you. I saw people putting their hands in the candy holders and eating right from them. I understand it is hard to control your urge to have some sweet, delicious candy but please by all means take it out of your bag after you scoop from the candy holders. One lady licked her fingers after having a piece of candy out of one of the holders and then moved on and stuck her fingers in the next bowl that she was taking from. Changes need to be made to this ""candy"" store so that the whole experience can be a ""sweet"" one. Pros: Huge Selection Cons: Dirty more

Candy Store 7/25/2009

They have great chocolate bars. On the upper east side, very rich and upscale, though junk food is by far not healthy. This is located right near fao schwartz. I think that Hershey's is better though. If you have a sweet tooth and crave for sweets, this is the place to go. Pros: Great, candy, fresh made lollipops, and candy apples Cons: Long waiting on the lines more

Try Chocolate Bar for a more sophisticated candy store 5/26/2009

If you're looking for a more sophisticated and trendy dessert place with amazing chocolate, try Chocolate Bar. They just opened up another location in the West Village and its the best in the city!!! Must try!\r \r CHOCOLATE BAR WEST VILLAGE \r Alison Nelson reopened her West Village location just steps away from her pioneering original \r Chocolate Bar: 19 Eighth Avenue between 12th Street & Jane, NYC (West Village)\r www.chocolatebarnyc. com/ info@chocolatebarnyc. com more

Go there 4/14/2009

So much fun more

Awesome Gingerbread House Kit 12/27/2008

This holiday season we wanted to make a gingerbread house (our first). We waited to long to decide what we needed and couldn't find all the ingredients. A co-worker suggested that I try buying a gingerbread house kit at Dylan's Candy Bar (I had stayed away from this idea because while doing research on gingerbread recipes/instructions, kits weren't recommended).\r \r The kit came with everything and it was easy to follow. If you ever need a gingerbread house kit, I would highly recomend that you buy the one from Dylan's. We loved it and it looked amazing.\r \r The gingerbread house was our decor and dessert for our family Xmas party and the family raved about it.\r \r Thank you Dylan.\r \r Pros: Easy to get to by public transportation, Fun Ambience Cons: Expensive more

Help! 12/12/2007

Someone sent me a Chanukah basket as a gift for my daughter. The box was huge and I was excitedly wondering what was inside as I tore open the box. After digging through a ton of plastic, cardboard and bubble wrap, i found A TINY BASKET OF CHOCOLATE INSIDE. Is it silly to say packaging can affect ones impression of how an establishment conducts itself? For a store that was built for children, it certainly doesn't bode well for a child's future to imagine an earth littered with this frivolous and thoughtless packaging. I certainly don't want my child getting that kind of message. We live in a different world know. It would be nice if the packaging could reflect a sensitivity to the issue of waste that is greater and more relevant with each passing day. Please consider a change for the better. Cons: wastefulness more

I waited 45 minutes, but the staff was so incompetent that I couldn't buy anything. 12/5/2007

I went downstairs to the chocolate case. I wanted to make a purchase, so I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Two more groups came in after me and were also waiting. Finally, the 3rd lady apparently knew what was up. She went around the counter to the register (which was hidden from me by the counter) and asked for help. The girl helped that lady first. Fine, whatever. She didn't know. I wasn't mad. Yet.\r \r Then the salesgirl rang up the lady and didn't comeback, even though the rest of us were clearly waiting. I finally flagged her down and got her to help me. She got me my stuff and handed it to me without ringing me up. Then she disappeared. Another girl was at the register. I went over to the register to pay, but there were other people in line for the register. So again I waited. And waited.\r \r Finally it was my turn! But alas, the couple who had been behind me at the case came over to the register and asked to get stuff out of the case. I didn't really blame them. They had been waiting a long time as well. Now if I worked there, what I would have done was to politely ask those people to wait a minute so she could quickly ring me up. Instead the girl left the register (and me standing there) and to get them their stuff. I stood there while the girl answered tons of ""What's that?"" and ""Which one is best?"" questions.\r \r Then she came back to the register. But instead of ringing me up, she rang them up with me still standing there. They literally had to hand their money over me. I seriously considered shoplifting the chocolate, but instead I just set it down on the counter and walked out.\r \r All this could have been easily avoided. Someone should have been standing at the counter to help people. They could have had one girl getting stuff and the other girl ringing stuff up. Or they could have had each girl get someone's stuff and then ring them up. I think that was the plan, but those girls seemed too lazy to actually do it. Pros: ??? Cons: service more

I Love Candy!!! 10/26/2006

i've been to Dylan's quite a few times and always love it. they have a great selection of candy and their desserts or amazing! it's a really cute store and everyone is always friendly and cheery. yea, it's a bit pricey, but it's worth it, and what do u expect in the city? Pros: yummy desserts! Cons: a little pricey more

overpriced 4/18/2006

i've been to at least two of the stores and while the lighting and decor are a lot of fun it doesn't make up for their over-inflated prices. their selection isnt anything amazing and you're mostly paying for the packaging. also, it tends to be really crowded. Pros: decor Cons: price more

Difficult Event Planners 11/15/2005

I would think twice about arranging a private function at Dylan's. We had verbally agreed to have a nice party for 10 people for 1 hour between 10pm and 11pm on a Friday Night. Not only did they renege on a previously agreed upon price for my party, they decided to give my date and time away. Be careful when dealing with these characters as they have no problem stabbing you in the back. more

SWEEEEEEET!!!!!! 5/31/2005


Expensive..... yet FABULOUS!! 4/28/2005

Mmm,, i loved this place. If i lived in NYC i'd go broke on their yummy jellybeans and fresh candy. It's a paradise. The staff was very nice to us people, who didn't look like wall streeters. Also fun for people watching. Pros: Fab goods, Down to earth staff, Great athmosphere Cons: Somewhat expensive more

Forget the candy! Try the hot chocolate!!! 3/21/2005

We visited this sweet spot after being told that there was a 1 1/2 hour wait at Serendipity 3 (which is less than a block away). After touring around the store for about 20 minutes (good variety of candy - but not too much that was tremendously out of the ordinary) we finally made our way back upstairs to the dessert/ice cream/hot chocolate counter. The desserts range from their homemade cupcakes fashioned after other snack food (Devil Dog, Hostess cupcake, Snickers, Reese's) to fudge or a ton of Rice Krispie treats. We finally decided on the hot chocolate and boy do they have variety! I tried the Cookie Derby which was hot chocolate topped with hot fudge, whipped cream and chocolate covered cookie dough bites. OMG it was to die for!!! They had a ton of varieties as well as a ton of ice cream choices! Pros: Great Variety, Lots of fun, Original Treats Cons: Pricey, Limited seating more

Big candy in the big apple 10/12/2004

Take a well-deserved break from shopping at Bloomingdales and go to Dylan's (a block away and in front of a subway stop). The store itself is reminiscent of Willy Wonka, with large plastic lollipops hanging from the ceiling, a downstairs room with translucent steps filled with gummies and other treats. The store itself has an enormous selection of treats, many of which are in bulk-store style priced by the pound. They also have a large selection of Pez and M&M candies, a few hard-to-find candy bars, their own line of chocolate bars, and other Dylan's merchandise. Downstairs is a room available for paries and in one part of the store ice cream (try the birthday cake or cookie crumble) and other treats are served. After a few minutes your children will be good for another round of shopping! more

2 Die 4 Rice Krispie Treats 6/8/2004

I recently lived in NY for four months, just a few blocks away from Dylan's. Once during a visit to this happening sweet spot, I decided to pick up one of their signature rice krispie treats. I highly recommend the caramel rice krispie treat with a thick, ooey-gooey layer of caramel and marshmallow cream sandwiched b/w two traditional bars. Now that I am back in Chicago, I have requested that people in NY pick when up when they come to visit me. Definitely enough to share!! more
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  • Whats not to love? This huge candy store is New Yorks FAO of candy. Its located on the Upper East Side on 3rd, and you cant miss it with...

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