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Dual Smoking Gunns Llc

12770 SW 1st St
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 626-2117
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I was in the market for handgun, but had no real experience to speak of. I visited a few of the local gun shops on the west side of town. A couple of shops acted as if they didnt...


If I could give them less than 1 star I would. I made an order for $75 through them for Brownell's back in May. In september they called and said they had the items in stock. I...

The worst experience with anything gun related 11/17/2010

If I could give them less than 1 star I would. I made an order for $75 through them for Brownell's back in May. In september they called and said they had the items in stock. I went about 10 days later to pick up my order and the shop was vacant and closed. The phone was disconnected about 5 days later. I am looking into filing small claims suite in Washington county against the owner, Chris Holmgren. This shop is horrible, horrible, horrible. If you purchase anything through their website, don't expect to get the item and kiss your money goodbye. For anyone looking to sue Chris Holmgren, his recent address is 460 NW 150th Ave Beaverton Oregon. I believe the filing charge for small claims is $50 which may or may not be fined to him if you win. more

just bad bad bad bad bad 8/19/2010

I wish I had looked for reviews before I came to this gun store but it was a spur of the moment decision. I was at the costume shop next door (great place by the way) and just popped on in to look. I could tell the store was in transition because the floor was broken up and the racks were bare. The man sitting behind the rifle counter acted as if he were hiding from me. I finally got his attention and he timidly came around to the other counter to show me the pistols. He acted very uncomfortable helping me but he also treated me as if I were a dumb girl. I grew up with firearms and my father is a police officer and an instructor. Yet every time I wanted to look at a particular handgun he told me how it wasn't a good weapon for a woman. I finally settled on a Glock .45 even though he told me it was too big for a woman. I got ready to fill out my background check and I gave him my Visa card. He told me, ""I cannot accept credit cards today because our machine is broken."" And then he proceeded to give me a long rambling speech about software and payments and updates and all kinds of other information that I did not care about. I was preparing to go to the bank for cash until I heard a lady yelling at somebody from another room in the shop. At that moment in time I just walked out. I got a very bad feeling from the moment I walked in until the moment I left and I will not be going back. As a side note I got the same Glock .45 at Keiths Sporting Goods in Gresham for under 500 dollars with none of the awkwardness. more

Read the reviews and stay away 8/13/2010

I don't even want to leave one star but I am forced to. Just like everyone else I went in to buy a pistol. They didn't have much there but they told me they could order it. There was three people in there including the lady who owns the shop, a big guy with short hair and then a skinny guy with glasses. The big guy found the gun I was looking for and gave me a rundown on it and made sure I was getting what I wanted. He took my cash and gave me a receipt and then the lady told me my gun would take a week to get delivered. Well 2 months went by and I still didn't have a gun but I couldnt get my money refunded because they always had some excuse. When I went back to threaten to sue them the lady told me that the big guy had stolen the money I paid which is complete BS since she was right there when I paid for it. All I got was excuses. My neighbor took a bunch of antique guns in to have then sell for him and they sold all the guns but didnt tell him. Then the lady wrote him a check for 3 grand and it bounced. She tried to blame it on the employees too. He still didnt get paid. more

avoid like the plague ... unless you like losing money 7/26/2010

Where do I start? I will not shop here ever again. \r \r In reading some of the other reviews, my experience was remarkably similar. Paid for gun, ordered it, never got it. Every week a different excuse. Gave up and demanded money back. But that was after getting a song and dance every week for six weeks. They said it would take one week. \r \r The variety of excuses was crazy--the UPS driver didn't come, then he came to the wrong address ... more than once, the gun was shipped in the wrong caliber, the gun was defective, I had a doctor's appointment ... the dog ate my homework ... ok the last one didn't happen, but you get the idea. It was ridiculous. How many different things can happen to one shipment?\r \r I have no idea how these guys stay in business. \r They don't understand the most basic law of the market: you give me money and I give you product.\r \r I would not shop here. I would worry that they would take my money and attempt to give nothing in return. It was plenty hard to get my money back. Don't go through the same thing.\r \r Pros: the shop has electricity; that's about it Cons: no inventory, did not provide goods, lots of excuses more


BACK ORDER BACK ORDER BACK ORDER I must love abuse cuz I kept going back to these thieves. I even took my little bro there to buy a pistol, and now he hates me for it. Three times I ordered guns there and all three times they flaked out. I had to go and beg to get my money back when my guns didnt show up. The last time I waited 6 weeks for a Glock 36 with no phone call or anything. I finally went in to pick up my gun, only to be told by the moron at the counter that it was on back order. It is funny that nobody else was back ordered. I asked for my money back, but they didn't have any money in the shop, and there was noone there who could help me get my money back. My brother ordered a 1911 and also had to wait 6 weeks. He tried calling, but the losers working there wouldn't answer the phone. He had to drive all the way into Beaverton to be told his gun was on, you guessed it, BACK ORDER. This time the idiot behind the counter had the presence of mind to write him a refund on his Mastercard. There is absolutely no inventory in the shop. They don't even have 9mm cleaning brushes. I honestly do not know how they keep the doors open. Pros: Close to Hot Box and Costume Ave Cons: too many to list more

dont even bother 5/30/2010

my kid took me their to buy my first ar15. It was supposably ordered. Ted is they guy I talked to and told me it was going to take a week to get here. So then 2 weeks go by and it was still not arriving. I got tired of getting lied to after 3 weeks. My gun finally showed up but it took forever. Then my kid had them sell a gun for him but they didnt pay him for it, kept telling him it was on a credit card and they had to wait for a deposit or some BS. Owners were never there and no money so finally my kid threatend them with a protest and bingo, got his money. The 2 guys who are working there seem like they try and they know a lot about guns but the owners dont want to run a business. Cons: liars and thieves more

Where are my guns? Where is my money? 5/30/2010

I've had some ups and downs with Dual Smoking Gunns over the years even back when they operated from their home. Used to order from Chris and Nate, and then Mark and my order would take forever to get here. I brouhgt some guns in for them to sell for me and didnt hear anything back for weeks until my friend told me that the guns sold a long time ago. So I went in to check and sure enough my guns had been sold. I got a runaround from the girl there, she told me that the guy who bought it used a credit card and that it can take some time to get the money. now, weeks later, I still dont have my money or my guns. so i went in again to ask about my money and the guys working say that the owners are out of town for a few days, and that they can't pay me anything. I don't think I am going to get my money. Pros: Friendly help Cons: Take your money but don't deliver more

Great Service for First Time Gun Owner 4/10/2010

I was in the market for handgun, but had no real experience to speak of. I visited a few of the local gun shops on the west side of town. A couple of shops acted as if they didnt really care that I was there and offered very little in the area of advice or assistance. Fortunately for me, I found DSG. Upon entering the store I was immediately greeted, by Heather, in a manner that was welcoming. What a difference from other stores. I have always been a very up front person and am not one to be a pretender. I let Heather know that I was newbie to guns but was in the market to pick up a handgun. With that knowledge she showed be a few and explained the basic differences. She allowed me to hold several of the guns to get a feel for them in my hand. It was nice to be able to get an initial impression of each of the guns as they were all quite a bit different. One of the guns I was interested in was not available to handle at that time, but she said her husband owned one and offered to bring it in the following day for me to check out. I took her up on the offer and returned the next day to find that her husband Chris was indeed there with the gun. Chris was great to work with as he showed be how it operated, field stripped it, and explained things I needed to know about handguns. I settled on the Sig P229. Bob, who joined Chris in their demonstration, took care of ordering the gun and has kept me up to date on the status of the order. Overall, a great experience. DSG has just made another lifetime customer. I can't say the same for everyone, but service is just as important to me as the quality of product I am purchasing. You will receive outstanding Customer Service... stop by and see what I mean! Pros: Friendly, Knowledgeable, Helpful more

Great West Side Gun Shop 3/15/2010

It has been a while since I was in Dual Smoking Gunn's, they moved and I found them again, they are on the corner of 1st & Main in beaverton. They have new employees in the shop now which is great. I was looking for a gun for quite some time and the other gentleman they had working there didn't seem to want to help out. I figured I would give them a 2nd chance and it was well worth it! The new guys in the shop were willing to help me, found was I was looking for and placed the order right away. Thanks! Pros: Service, Service, Service more

Nicer than Keiths 2/14/2010

I've went in the shop lots of times to see what is their. Every one is real nice and help full and I wanted a gun that they did not have in the store. So they ordered it for me and matched Kieth price for me. I had to wait a few days but the way I got treated was worth it. I go to Keiths some times and I never get helped or am treated not very nice. English is not my first languge and I think it makes a difference but not at Smking Guns. Pros: Bend over backwards to help Cons: dont have a lot of stock more

Nice guys + good service and prices 2/7/2010

A few months back I went to Dual Smoking Guns to buy a Sig P226. The older guy who was working was arrogant and a know it all. He told me that Sigs were overpriced and I should get a Glock. When I asked him to get me a Sig, he blew me off. \r \r Forward a few months - I ordered a Sig rifle and a Springfield EMP on Gunbroker and had them sent to Dual Smoking Guns. There were two new guys and a girl working, Bob, Ted, and Heather (who it turns out is the owner). They were very friendly, only charged me $25 apiece for the transfers, and Ted even offered to clean both of my new guns for me at no charge.\r \r I have been back for some odds and ends and they have all been very friendly and had just what I needed. Pros: Knowledgeable staff, more friendly than other local shops Cons: Location is hard to find more

they can show you how to scam people real good. 12/8/2009

I lost $740 in total. first he told me I can get the concealed hand gun permit with out the US citizen ship.( I asked 3 times) so I paid $40 for the class there.later I found out that was not true. and he sold a AR-15 lower (semi not auto)and the reason I bought it is he told me it is pre ban lower,so if I pay $3000 to buy a auto sear and install it by gun smith then I get fully legal auto AR-15 for around $5000 in total.....well,later I found out it was lie(stupid me) you can't change it to auto and I don't require to have preban lower to have auto AR-15.if I buy a sear with sereal number,I can install it in any AR-15s.the price of sear is around $ 12000.that is right! he told me it will be $3000. so I told him that and asked money back,he said no.asked to see the owner to talk and I said "" you are a liar and I trusted you."" and he said""get out! GET OUT!! you are trespassing and I will call police to under arrest you if you stay!"" wow! I couldn't do anything but leave. it is been over 2weeks it was hell.I was big customer.the nice one.they never even say' I'm sorry' not even one seems to be they know the laws and ATF rules and use it against other similar complains.there is pattern.they do this all the time.I contacted many of ex customers and they were so mad at DSG.but not all of them file complains.they just want to forget about it and find a better store they can.I'm one of them. so don't be fooled by the fake kind face.when the time is right,they will get you good. Pros: you will be ripped off for sure....when they see a sucker. Cons: they use laws and stupid police officers againt us. more

A reason for gun control 4/18/2009

Seven months ago I purchased a gun from DSG. It did not work. Returned it the same week and they said they would fix it within two weeks at no charge. They have avoided all phone calls, failed to return calls, and different stories of the location or status of my gun the multiple times that I show up in person. My most recent visit with dual smoking ended with one of the employees losing his temper, to avoid confrontation he threatened us with trespassing while holding his gun so we left.No money no gun. Pros: Not allowed back into store Cons: They have my money and gun. more

Honestly just seems like a scam. 3/10/2009

Made an order online 5 months ago. Received one automated order confirmation and nothing more. Waited patiently, assuming there was a stock issue, or holiday season delays. Attempted to contact. Absolutely no response to e-mails sent from address used to place order.\r E-mailed using another address and asked if the address I was sending to was suitable to check on order status. Received a reply from chris@dualsmokinggunns asking what the order info was. Supplied the requested information and again, no replies to any further inquisition. Five months that they've had my money, absolutely no product, and have yet to get any response on a return of funds.\r Seriously, just avoid this company. Pros: Nothing evident. Was trying to support a local business Cons: Take your money, don't ship product, don't reverse charges. more

Great Place, Real Friendly, and Knowledgeable 2/12/2009

Must have been about year ago now they changed staff and what an improvement! Mark is super friendly, easy to work with, and is willing spend the extra time to really make sure you get what you want! Heck, he doesn't even mind if you want to just stop in to BS and have a quick cup of coffee.\r \r The best part is DSG seems to have a good selection of ammo for handguns right now, better than any of the big name box stores I have been to. If he doesn't have it, ask him about ordering some and I bet he gets some within a few days. more

Excellent to deal with - very fiendly and cooperative. 1/2/2009

This is the best Gun shop that I have found. (and Im including the last 3 states that I have lived in) Very friendly and reliable, I have not dealt with many businesses that are as accommodating as DSG. I never get the impression that he is out to make a buck on the customer, and nearely all of the prices are less than what you would pay elsewhere, sometimes significantly less. And what ever it is that you want, he can get it for you in short order. Five stars. Pros: Friendly and great to deal with. more

Good Experience 11/20/2008

They couldn't have been nicer. I ordered a rifle and had it sent to DSG's. They called me within 1 hour of receiving it to let me know it was in. They processed my transfer quickly and friendly. The only reason I gave them 4 stars rather then 5 was they had a rather limited selection, but everyone I have visited lately does too right now. Pros: Nice, friendly service and reasonable prices Cons: Limited selection more

horrible service 9/12/2008

all around horrible service, they will take your money and then never deliver what they say they will. and just keep coming up with excuses.. DON'T GO THERE Pros: location Cons: not helpfull, slow, not trust worthy more

Great Shop. Top Notch Service. 8/15/2008

I've been to alot of so called ""gun shops"" around town and these guys are great. They have a great assortment of AR&AK Products that are near impossible to find around the portland area. Smoking Guns can and will order you anything you need with a fast turnaround. Only $25 firearm transfers and excellent service. I have used them on different occassions for different needs, all with 100% satisfaction. Mark is the frontman of the store and very friendly and helpfull. They carry a decent assortment of Glocks and other firearms. (or can order them for you) Best of all they are expanding to accomodate their customer's needs, which is rare for Gunshops as most only sale what they want you to buy. I highly recommend. Pros: Friendly, very accomodating, good assortment of hard to find product. Cons: Nothing as of yet. more

Dual Smoking Guns LLC 6/14/2008

These guys are absolutely ridiculous.\r \r They were supposed to hold a gun for me. They didn't want a deposit. I was just about to make the 2 hour trip to purchase the gun when they called me and told me the gun sold last night. WTF. It was less than 16 hours after they said they would hold the gun and they didn't. At least they called. But really, what is the purpose of saying you're going to hold something when you're just going to sell it anyways?\r \r They offered to order me one, but after reading the other reviews, I'll pass.\r \r Save yourself the aggrivation and avoid these clowns. Pros: At least they called before I made the trip to let me know they screwed me ovder Cons: Not trustworthy more
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