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Drs Bonded Collection Sys - 25 Reviews - 7745 E Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (513) 793-7900

Drs Bonded Collection Sys

7745 E Kemper Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45249
(513) 793-7900
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First of all, as a former employee of a DRS Bonded I can tell you first hand we all are very professional people and very reasonable.... What we are tired of is deab beats that wo...


We bought our house over 3 years ago. The previous owner used a relocation company and a real estate broker to sell the house. There was an unpaid utility bill occurred during tha...

Rude , poor service, don't use it for your debt collection 4/19/2012

We bought our house over 3 years ago. The previous owner used a relocation company and a real estate broker to sell the house. There was an unpaid utility bill occurred during that period. The debtor was the broker company. We received the bill multiple times in the past. I called the company a year or two ago that this collection should go to the broker not us. I was told to ignore the letter so there was no issue then. But we received this letter again after we live in our house more than 3 years. I called the company again and was trying to explain to the lady that this letter should go to the broker company not to us. She said the collection was related to our address so it was ours. I was unhappy to hear that and thought she should not conclude that without fully understanding the situation. After I told her that the bill occurred before we bought the house. Then she yelled to me that I should not open the letter. I was very unhappy and raised my voice to explain that I used a letter opener opened all the mail then looked individually. She yelled me again and hung up my phone. I'd ask you, if she should first apologize to me for sending the letter to our address??? Actually the broker company is a very good reputation banker in this area. If the letter had gone to the right recipient, the debt (only over $200) would have been very easily collected. If a debt collection company could not handle such a simple and easy case for over three years, what can you expect if a complicated case? more

I'd rather go through ANYONE else! HORRIBLE PPL 3/30/2012

After my latest unfortunate issue (car impounded)....the payment that I set up with Fairway Capital Recovery formerly known as Drs Bonded Collection System was declined.My phone was also in default because of this but when I got my phone turned back on one of the calls I received was from them. The lady was upset because my payment declined as if I literally owed her this money. She said ""look you're not going to pay because I set this payment up on the 16th and it declined"".....WTF!!?? I had no intentions on not having enough for this small amount ($166). When I called back to the manager/supervisor JASON (probably not a manager) came on the phone and I explained that maybe the employees shouldn't so rude to people and I didn't want to get her fired or anything just for the management can focus on straightening out the attitudes. However, Jason ""the manager"" pretty much agreed with her and said that they are ""NOT IN CUSTOMER SERVICE"" they can speak to people how they want to.I feel that when people are not rude to them and are willing to make payments these people should not be rude to them. Being rude only makes matters worse. I have the money now but I REFUSE to pay through them....It's the principle here, If I give respect, I would appreciate it be reciprocated. I WANT THEM SHUT DOWN!!!!! Anyone that has to speak with other people should know to be respectful...I'm not even saying be sorry for people or anything...JUST RESPECTFUL!! FURTHERMORE, it is not their money but they act like I robbed them and now I need to pay it back..Just irritated to the MAX with them. Something needs to be done more

68 Complaints with the Ohio Attorney General!!! 2/29/2012

I went to the Ohio Attorney General's website to file a complaint against these rediculous people. When I was done filing my complaint, for the heck of it, I looked them up to see how many they had against them. Guess what? 68!!!! And, that's just the people who took the time to file a complaint! Imagine all of the other people they've harrassed that have just been mad about it and done nothing. What's it going to take for the Attoney General to shut this despicable ""company"" down???? All of these reviews are saying the same thing: They threatened me, hung up on me, were incredibly rude, wouldn't give me the name of their company... When I got a call from them today, they told me they were a lawyer's office!!!! Then when I asked for the name of their office and the address, Mr. Somers told me the name of their company was ""Fairway Capital Recovery."" I had to push and push to get an address, but when I told him that I knew debt law, and that I would report him if he didn't give me one, he broke down and gave it to me. The address is how I found out that they were really Drs Bonded Collection Systems! more

Cincinnati's Worst service yet!!! 5/31/2011

This is the worst service that i have ever encountered. I have no problem paying the bills that i owe. these act as if we're not in a recession, companies have left they're employees helpless and families wondering where the next meal is from yet this company does not understand any of that. Then when you enter into an agreement to repay and something else comes and you try to call before it becomes a problem these so called representative that worked have the nerve to get smart and hang up cause they have to do some actual work. i wish i could see the representative (Lucy Furguson) that is on my case so i could say a few choice words as to why she hung up on me!!! all i was trying to do was get this situation resolved. more


First of all, as a former employee of a DRS Bonded I can tell you first hand we all are very professional people and very reasonable.... What we are tired of is deab beats that wont pay their bill. We offered settlements for less than half off of what you owe and we also offer more than fair payment plans. So you people can bitch and moan all you want but the bottom line is you would not ever have to hear from a collection agency if you just paid your bill and were responsible for your people make me sick! ....WE ARE NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU LOST THAT PRIVLEGDE WHEN YOU DECIDED NOT TO PAY YOUR BILL Pros: Everyone at DRS Bonded!!! more

Absolutely Incompetent 6/23/2010

Nearly every weeks they leave me a message to call them. I call, they ask about someone who doesn't live here, I tell them so, and they tell me they'll take my name off the list. The next week they call me again, and the game starts all over again! I am documenting every call I get and every empty promise they make, in hopes of filing a harassment lawsuit. Pros: giving employment to idiots Cons: giving employment to idiots more

DRA Bonded 6/16/2010

I owned approx. 3180 for furniture. I haven't been able to pay on it for some time now. They have offered to settle the account either with payments over 12 months, 6 months or a 1 time payment. So far they have been nice. I asked for a letter stating our agreement, and I received it. I have no complaints as of yet and hopefully I won't have any because I will not hesitate to take this further if necessary. But as of today, I am very pleased with them. Pros: friendly, so far Cons: nothing yet more



Rude,VERY hard to deal with! 3/26/2010

This company (if you call it that) are the worst people I have had to deal with in a long time! The representatives were extremely rude as well as the evening manager. They didn't want to help resolve the problem they just wanted money , by the way was already paid! The manager talked over me & then when I got a chance to talk he hung up on me! In my opinion...not very good customer service. They will never be able to collect when they treat people this way. They called to tell me I had 5 days (including the weekend as business days when insurance companies are closed as most businesses) to pay this debt or they were turning it over to the credit bureau. The next morning when I could get ahold of my insurance co. we had to get ahold of them by 3-way to resolve the problem & I still was told I had to write a letter to them stating to dispute the debt owed to them! There was nothing owed to them though!!! The representative was mad when my insurance co. told her she was going to file a complaint to the state regarding how rude , harrassing & WRONG they were to both of us! I really hope something is done to this company because it's not right how they treat people! Cons: not helpful,make things as difficult as they could be more

A Horrible Company 12/1/2009

This Compoany DRS Bonded is the worst company, also do any of you know that you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington D.C. over a third party debt collector, and this is what they are, even over credit cards, you can even file with your Attorney Generals office in your state, in these times no one needs to have all of these harrassing calls, and the way they treat you is humiliating for anyone, check out the web site and see what you can do god bless, and good luck I know I need it. Pros: worst people ever Cons: working with these people more

RUDE!!!!!!!! 10/27/2009

I am being contacted by DRS Bonded every 3 to 4 weeks concerning a bill I have with citifinancial. I had been advised by an attorney to get a written agreement when I enter into any payment agreement with specific terms. I offered a settlement and they would not provide me with a written agreement. If you have a debt it is reasonable to ask for this. I am unable to work with them. They are very rude and unprofessional. more

drs bonded 10/5/2009

My husband received a call from this company about 2 months ago about an old bill. The first two people he spoke to were nice and wanted to work with him. That being said, at 8 o'clock this morning they called. My husband could not believe the way Mrs. Lawson acted on the phone. My husband told her he wanted to speak to someone else, she put him on hold, she then came back to the phone pretending to be someone else. more


I had a old account from a few years back, I was getting calls and voicmail maybe, one or two times a month, which is fine, that is there job, people were writing below about how rude it is, but if its the wrong number just pick up and state the fact, im sure they cant read your mind, But any way i owed a 8,000 bill and they gave me a settlement offer for 3, 760, and gave me three months to pay it, and they reported to my credit just like they said they would, I was working with two ladies, Lucy and Elizabeth, they rocked, and got a settlement for me, thank you guys so much, anyone writing nasy commets about this company are most likely the people whom never pay there bill to begin with, and below someone stated that their daughter was on bed rest that is understandable, but not to be mean she wasnt that way when she charged up the debt. So ask the company for a settlement offer they will help you!!!! Pros: They took a settlement offer yay more

Unauthorized Credit Report Inquiries 7/6/2009

Is there something that can be done about companies like this being able to pull your credit report without permission? I was a victim of identity theft, and have had HELL trying to get my reports back in order. Scavenger collection agencies like this have accessed my my credit report with hard, unauthorized inquiries in the past; due to unknown accounts popping up as a result of the ID Theft. There should be a better way for them to approach this. Are there any attorneys, and or anyone else out there who may have some suggestions to combat this type of invasion of privacy by these scavenger companies? I just noticed 2 inquiries on my trans union report from these people. 2 in one day I might add! Please note, I only put the one star rating because the system would not allow me to submit without a rating. I would have preferred to put ""not worthy of a rating"". Cons: Hard inquires on credit reports more


Rude and harrassing! more

BUTTS, RUDE, AWFUL! 2/25/2009


AWFUL!!! 1/7/2009

In reading all the other reviews it appears that DRS has some sort of racket going on. For 6 months I received calls from Nancy Miller- sometimes I answered and it would just be a recording and asking me to call back. Tonight I sit down and call back and they immediately ask for my phone number. I advised them I do not want to provide my # with out knowing who they were/who they worked for. Because I refused to provide them my information they just bounced me around to different operators. One asked ""Tanya you need to provide me your phone number so I can tell you why I'm calling otherwise I'm hanging up."" I responded ""pretty interesting that you ASSUME my name is Tanya but I have never provided you ANY contact information. Clearly you traced my call and have my phone number- and I'm telling you I'm NOT TANYA- take this # out of your database and I'm advising you if you call me again I'm contacting the police to file a harrassment charge."" She responded ""I will call the police right now and put you on 3 way so they can hear you threaten me"" and hung up the phone. Cons: they are great at being rude to people. more

Rude 11/26/2008

I have never spoke to more rude people in my life. The caller called and threatened my babysitter!! Then when I called to ask why they were calling she asked to speak to my babysitter and wanted her name! WTF!!! I asked to talk to her manager they wouldnt give me any informaiton why they were calling unless I gave them my SS# (yeah ok let me do that even though you wont tell me why you are calling) I was screamed at by they supervisor and a girl named Kelly White. Talk about a bunch of B*&%$#@ that are unhappy about their lousy paying jobs :) Funny thing is they already received notice from an agency I went through for a debt consolidation and they are still harrassing me!!! Pros: No Pros Cons: Never been treated so bad in my life!!! more

DRS--smooth transaction 11/15/2008

I received a message to call Nancy Miller at an 800 number and I called late at night so I was able to get the name of the company from the message. I opted to call back because I have three brothers who consistently do not pay their bills and I, as a consumer, pay higher interest rates, especially these days, because of it. After a minute or so, a person came on the phone, asked for my phone number, which I did give out, she asked for Charlene Reagan, whom I do not know. Trust me, if I know someone's phone number or address, I'm going to give it up--sorry, guys, but I'm not covering for your poor judgement anymore--anyway, the lady said she'd remove my number from the account. If they do, good, if not, I'm politely telling them I still don't know Charlene Reagan. Overall, I didn't have a negative experience, but then again, I really don't know the person and the company is not trying to collect from me. I have a lot more important things to worry about than answering a wrong number. Charlene, if you read this, pay your bills. more


My husband was deployed to ""the sandbox"" when I first started getting contacted by these jerks! First of all there is something called the Service Members Relief Act...they need to read up on it! They acted as if they had never heard of it! Anywho...Citifinancial had turned us over to them. That was mistake number 1! We're going after them because they didn't abide by the service act. Secondly...DRS contacted me. Well, like it has been stated you answer the phone and it says please wait while we get a rep. ""F"" that! I'm not waiting and wasting my cell phone minutes on their laziness! I hung up! I didn't know who it was or what it was about! Finally after 7 husband returned home. Well, he answered the phone (this not even 2 weeks after he returned home) and then was told that he was being sued for the money. WHOA WHOA WHOA! I don't think so! So he inquired what it was about and let them know he had just gotten home from IRAQ and they needed to talk with his wife because she (that would be me) was the one that would know about it all financially. They told him ""We've tried that - she's difficult to deal with"" B!TCHES NEVER EVEN TALKED TO ME! Well as with any loving spouse, that started his temper...dude, he just got home from Iraq...don't tick him off! They furtered it with ""Well she needs to get her priorites straight"". My priorities are straight first of all! Second of all...I have handled the house, the family, the bills, the yard, MY OWN LONLINESS AND WORKED THE PAST YEAR WITH MY HUSBAND IN A WAR ZONE! They don't even need to talk to me about priorities! Pros: No pro that I can think of! Cons: Every bit of DRS Bonded is a con! more
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