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Dramatics Nyc

127 E 34TH St
New York, NY 10016
(212) 686-8430
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Im a former wall street executive who used to spend almost $300 on a haircut every 6 or 7 weeks. I recently stumbled upon dramatics on a whim. A friend of mine has an apartment r...


I should have read the reviews because I would have never gone there for a hair cut. I got a quick appointment and the salon was clean but that's where it ended. I should have r...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/12/2012

This the ABSOLUTE WORST SALON!!! I urge and beg whoever reads this to NEVER go here!!! They were not only negligent in the care of my hair but refused to acknowledge their mistake! They over processed my hair to the point that it actually fell out. I solely went to this salon because I heard good reviews, the reviews were wrong. I have now lost over half of my hair because of their work. Now the hair I have left is dry and flaky! I don't even feel safe blow drying my hair for fear that more will come out!! I called the salon and tried to get my money back and they wouldn't even call me back. They are rude, disrespectful and very unprofessional. I have been getting my hair dyed for over 10 years and have gone to many different salons and this one is the worst. This is the first time I have ever written a review but I am so passionate about my distaste for this salon and am trying to save other people from having my same experience. Please take my words to heart, don't go to this salon, save your hair! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/11/2012

Extremely unhappy with this salon. Hated my hair color, went back to have the stylist fix it and I was bombarded with the 3rd degree. After they agreed to correct the color, the stylist proceeded to make me feel bad by alluding that she may lose her job just in time for the holidays. Because of this I gave her an outrageously big tip that she did not deserve because, surprisingly, she actually made the color worse. Now I have to go to my old colorist to fix Dramatics’ mess. Needless to say, I will never step foot in their 34th street salon ever again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/13/2012

CONCETTA LoCicero is INCREDIBLE !!! Make sure to as for her. She is amazing at color and gave me my best cut. Her attention to detail and the talent of blending color she has is unmatched in the city. She educated me on how to take good care of my hair in between touch ups and you can't even tell I need one. It's amazing. I have been to many high end salons and I can't stress enough on the highest quality she gives each client. I Totally Recommend !!! more

Got a quality haircut at an incredibly reasonable price 2/12/2010

Im a former wall street executive who used to spend almost $300 on a haircut every 6 or 7 weeks. I recently stumbled upon dramatics on a whim. A friend of mine has an apartment right across the street and recomended his stylist one day when i was overdue for a haircut. I couldnt believe what amazing skills this girl has. Cut was phenominal. Concetta really listens to what you want and has some amazing talent. This was better than the haircuts I used to get for alot more. I used to think you get what you pay for and you had to go to a high end stylist to get a real good haircut.....That is usually the case. Usually you get what you pay for..... My guess is she wont be there for long. Pros: Concetta's talent Cons: Didnt find this place sooner more

horrible cheap haircut 8/10/2009

I should have read the reviews because I would have never gone there for a hair cut. I got a quick appointment and the salon was clean but that's where it ended. I should have run out the door when I realized that everyone had a made up name, like Sugar, Silver and Winter. Ridiculous. She listened to me as I told her what I wanted for my hair cut. Then she went ahead and did the complete OPPOSITE of what I wanted. She even changed my part that I had for the past 10 years. I look like a freak and I hate my hair. Next time I'll trim my hair myself. Pros: quick appointment Cons: terrible haircut more

Great place for Blonde highlights! 5/16/2009

Tibet was amazing! She took her time and really listened to what I wanted. She was amazing and gave me great highlights. I'm a blonde and very picky about my hair-she did it perfect! I went to her for highlights right before I went to the SNL show! If I'm on TV it's because of her! Thanks Tibet!!! Pros: Great Blonde Highlights! more

My friend told me that Concetta was good, but that was an understatement !! 12/15/2008

I had a great stylist that mysteriously disappeared from this salon, but I'm happy to say that I found a better one recently. My friend told me that Concetta was good, but that was an understatement !! . I could not believe how great my color turned out thanks to her , and my hair cut was amazing as well. I never realized a change to my hair could have this much of an effect on my appearance. She even gave me tips on how to style it. I've paid double Dramatics prices in the past and she is worth more"" It is so refreshing to get my hair done by someone who really cares. She told me she wants me to love my hair......that is an understatement"" Pros: best cut and color I've ever had more

great salon 12/9/2008

I have been going to 34st for the past 2 years. My experience has been great\r I never had a bad haircut or come across a rude person in this salon. The staff\r is always very freindly and very well trained. Pros: great customer service more

AWFUL Experience 12/2/2008

I went in to have my hair lightened and I was already pretty blonde so I didn't think it would be a problem. They seemed to understand what I was asking for when I explained it, or so I thought. I had no idea what I looked like when I came out of the drier so when I was getting my hair washed the lady told me ""oh I think you're really going to like your hair"". Well needless to say when they took the towel off my head I was horrified! My hair was glowing bright orange! What?!!! I could not belive this woman was serious. Then they put more highlights on top to help and that just made it worse. I was obviously unhappy with my color and they showed no signs of concern at all. They just wanted me to pay and leave. So I basically paid them to make me unhappy and wasted three hours of my day being tortured. They might be cheap, but the amount of money I've spent to fix my hair is incredible. DON'T GO THERE! Pros: CHEAP Cons: Rude Staff more

Great Hair Cut for Cheap price 8/26/2008

I've been getting my hair done at Dramatics for the past 5 years and all my friends go there as well. You get excellent service for a great price. I've actually been going to the same stylist and there was never a time that I was left there that I was unsatisfied with my hair style! more

Worst experience @ Dramatics on 47th and 2nd ave 8/23/2008

I walked in requested a very simple trim because I am trying to grow out my natural color and the insane stylist proceeded to tell me how I need to gloss my hair to make it look healthier and that he can't trim the split ends because then my hair won't ever grow out. He then dyed my hair jet black which is nothing like my natural color and then cut the shorter layer of my hair shorter and left the longer layers alone so my hair looks like I have long extensions underneath shorter hair. My hair does not look healthier like he said, in fact it looks more processed than before. I will NEVER go back to Dramatics...I should have known that a cheaper trim in NYC meant hundreds to fix it. I would never suggest this place even to an enemy if I had one. Pros: Cheaper service Cons: The stylist attitudes, not personal service, no attention to what the customer wants more

Worst Hair Experience EVER!!!!!!!!!! 7/22/2008

I had a terrible experience at this salon. I went last Saturday morning and ended up miserable. I was directed to a stylist who didn't appear to know what he was doing. I realized it half way through the cut and my heart sunk. His hands were not steady and he didn't seem to understand what it was that I wanted. I have long straight hair which is very easy to cut. When I asked him to go back and put some layers in he thought I meant ""cut it shorter."" It was horrible. Then he blew my hair dry with the dryer so hot next to my scalp that I jumed and said ""ouch"" several times. Before he was finished I realized that I just couldn't take it anymore so I bolted from the chair. I quickly paid for the service (which I should not have done) and quickly left. I am still upset about this and am going to need to find someone who will be able to fix my hair. Save yourself the grief and find a salon who hires proper stylists. Cons: Not professional and Unskilled Stylists more

Stay Away!!! 5/13/2008

Can you get a good cut at Dramatics? Yes, but you may not get the cut you want, and in terms of customer service, you will not get what you bargained for. I went to Dramatics for a few years because it was all I could afford, but they pride themselves on nickle and diming their customers and all complaints are treated with disdain. If you do not confirm every step of the way the pricing for each service, they will rip you off. For instance, they advertise a walk in price, but if you call and say, ""are you open, do you have any free stylists? I'll be right over."" They consider that an appointment and charge you the extra fee for appointments (by the way, they do the same if you simply walk in and tell them you'll wait until someone becomes available). I've also had them give me to a more tenured stylist and charge me more for him/her without letting me know. I've been charged for a deep conditioner when the shampooer simply asked if I'd like a conditioner; and I've been charged $60 extra for drying my hair. When I complained about each of these ""the manager"" wasn't available and the receptionist told me she couldn't do anything for me, when they weren't being outrightly rude.\r \r Additionally, you can expect the staff to make the experience fairly unpleasant as they complain about their working conditions. With the consistently terrible customer service, it is not a wonder that they do no better on employee relations. BTW: the reason they give all their stylists fake names is so that WHEN the stylist leaves you won't be able to follow them.\r \r In the end, you can get a good cut, but you won't be saving any money and it will be a frustrating experience unless you just open your wallet and don't care about the charges. Go to a higher priced salon or an affordable salon where all services are baked into the price or they are up front about all fees and they'll treat you well. Pros: It is possible to get a good cut. Cons: Deceitful pricing practices, disdainful staff and management, heavy handed upselling of products. more

Inconsistent--but you get your money's worth. 2/14/2008

I have had my very best and worst cut ever at Dramatics (34th). The best one was really amazing -- I felt like a movie star. But, alas, the stylist transferred to another location and the next time I went, the new stylist butchered my bangs (which I was able to fix after three attempts in front of my mirror at home). \r \r But, I'll keep going back, mostly because you can't beat the price. This isn't a high-end salon, but it does the job. If you keep that in mind, you won't be disappointed. Pros: Great value, friendly staff Cons: Inconsistent stylists more

STAY AWAY--Take your hair, and your business elsewhere 1/21/2008

I live in the neighborhood and I thought I would give this place a try--what a mistake. I asked for a very simple style--a classic bob, one that every hairstylist is expected to know how to do. The woman who cut my hair was extremely inexperienced, and one side was actually longer than another. The stylist also completely botched my bangs. I asked if another hairstylist could fix my bangs and the manager refused. I tried repeatedly to speak to the owner and was also rebuffed by various other employees. All in all, the hairstylist's and the management's attitude was one of not caring--they just wanted me out of there. One thing is for sure--I will never set foot in DRAMATICS nyc again. \r \r Pros: none that i can think of Cons: bad hair, bad attitude more

Horrible experience 12/22/2006

First of all I walk in and the receptionist says nothing to me, doe snot even look at me. Very rude girl.her name is Sugar. She was very unprofessional, has no personal skills with customers as well. Comes off very unprofessional and rude.\r Really avoid this place\r I really must say this place is a rip off. You do walk in expecting to pay less. You might as well go to a professional salon. The girl who did my hair barley layered it, after I asked her to, she put nothing in my hair, did not style it and I was charged $50. Nobody could tell I got a haircut. The layers are uneven and not even on both sides. more

Great cut, not so good color 9/17/2006

The receptionist is very pleasant, attentive and helpful. I have being going to this location for about a year or so to two different hair stylists. The first time, my first hair stylist gave me a wonderful hair cut. She suggested long layers, which she feathered. They looked great and were easy to handle. However, the second time, she gave me a terrible cut. She went the opposite way, and flattened my hair more than necessary, plus her chitchat on her night out smoking with her friends made me feel uncomfortable. I had observed a couple of others stylist and decided to try Jet for my next cut. He is an excellent hairdresser. There is more of a dialogue with him and he makes sure I am satisfied with my cut. I am into symmetry and I am very particular on having the back of my straight hair cut straight across and balanced on the front. He has been the only one within my budget that has accomplished this seemingly simple task. After living in NY for over 15 years, he is the only hair stylist whom I have gone back more than twice. Pros: I am impressed with the receptionist professionalism Cons: The location is very small and the women washing the hair could do a better job more

Just Don't Make the Same Mistake Twice 3/16/2006

So I went there for the first time, thinking it might be under $125 for the highlight, cut and blowdry. Alas it was not. It was half crown of highlights for $100, gloss for $25 and then a cut was $25. All together it was a total of $156, and then I tipped the stylist 20 and the shampoo lady $3. So that means it was about $175. The highlights are uneven too. There is this long blonde streak that is lighter than the rest of them, and I was not very pleased. I'm not one for expensive hair appointments, and if they are going to be pricey, then do it right. But it's NYC, so I guess that is cheap? I would say go to elsewhere, they seem less experienced than their price list and ""Master"" category would suggest. Pros: friendly, close by work, well-maintained Cons: inexperienced, costly, inefficient more

Not recommended for coloring! 1/21/2006

I had a really bad experience when I went in to gradually lighten my dark hair - it ended up turning bright orange! The stylist tried to correct the problem but it was obvious that she didn't know what she was doing. I eventually just left the salon because I thought she was going to further damage my hair without removing the orange color. The salon isn't cheap - I was charged a lot for a hair color that left me in tears and I had to pay more money to get my hair fixed at another salon. Luckily, my hair color was corrected but I wish I would have saved myself some money and never went to Dramatics in the first place! Cons: overpriced, lack of skill more

THATS HOT 5/30/2005

Hear is the woman, shes so great and she really makes u feel realxing, we all know that getting ur hair cut can be nerve racking she puts u at ease right away by showin u picuters from hot magazins to give u an idea of what u will soon look like, and 9 out of 10 times u do! more
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    Catering to those who have graduated from Super Cuts but can't bear to pay the hefty prices at big-name salons, Dramatics NYC's many outposts are innocuously simple with marble...

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