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Dramatics Nyc - 36 Reviews - 2468 Broadway Ste 1, New York, NY - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (212) 595-2830

Dramatics Nyc

2468 Broadway Ste 1
New York, NY 10025
(212) 595-2830
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Dramatics Nyc - New York, NY
Dramatics Nyc - New York, NY


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It was time for me to get a haircut, and I decided that I did not feel like paying upwards of 60 dollars this time. Not knowing what to expect, I walked into Dramatics without an...


I told the guy what I wanted. He did what he wanted. Seemed very pleased with himself too. Too much attitude for a second-rate joint. You're better off at Supercuts, which pro...

This is worse than any Supercuts or Wash. Heights Barber 9/20/2010

My girlfriend has been going here for years and has had pretty good experiences, except for one dismal hack job a year ago. When I told her i was going to get a haircut she suggested I try it. I have really typical hair for a guy in his 30's. Nobody screws up my hair, whether it's for $15 or $150. It's a simple businesslike haircut parted on the left. Easy, right? Well, not so much for ""Del"" at Dramatics on UWS. First off, I walked in at 3 PM on a Monday to find the place completely dead. The pretty boy receptionist told me to have a seat and he'd get a stylist. I took that one minute wait to look over the price list. I thought $19.99 for a simple haircut was totally reasonable, especially in that neighborhood. I was more than happy to pay it. ""Del"" came down the stairs and in a very thick accent called me by the completely wrong name and told me to follow him. I followed him upstairs and he pointed in the general direction of the shampooing sinks and said some gibberish that only he could understand. I took that to mean I should go sit down to be shampooed. All the sinks were empty so I sat at the first one I came to. The unpleasant shampoo girl came and grunted something that sounded like, ""That's not even my sink"" so I asked if I should move to another one. Her reply, ""Whatevah."" She roughly washed my hair which was freshly washed spraying water down the front of my shirt and quickly toweled me off before ""Del"" returned. He led me the three feet to his chair and made some sort of an attempt at speech that I assumed meant I should tell him what sort of haircut I wanted. I told him. He acknowledged that he heard me with a frown. With the lightning-quickness of Edward Scissorhands, he flashed his shears around my head, dropping clumps of hair every which way. Never once did he communicate with me, but he did have hurried conversation with another hairdresser and a seemingly regular patron. In his defense, he gives an okay haircut for someone who has a million better places to be. Was it the best I've ever had? No. I had to do a little touch-up at home on the sides to make it look complete. But, it certainly wasn't a bad haircut. I was reasonable happy, and had no problem paying the advertised $19.99. Then I went back to the receptionboy and he rang me up for a total of $38.11. I asked him why a $20 haircut costs almost $40 and he replied that that price included tax. I pointed out that even in New York City tax isn't that high. With a look on his face that suggested he had just waxed his lip with a fresh turd, he said, ""Del charges $35."" I argued that I walked in for a $20 haircut and it's not my problem if the stylist he assigned to me charged more than the walk-in price. In the end he told me that he was authorized to give me the first-timer discount and the total would be $31.35, but the next time I get a cut from ""Del"" I should be prepared to pay full price. He was also kind enough to point out that that price DID NOT INCLUDE A TIP! That takes balls. The next time I go to Dramatics NYC it will be the day every other salon on the planet has been wiped out by a nuclear explosion. more

bottom of the barral salons 10/25/2009

Have to believe all the hype their company hands down to the working class hairstylist who is stuck in a system where is capitalist, and these workers have to hand down most of their portion o f salary.. well then if you fell sorry for them and decide your hair cut is worth the price or more because they will need to sell the shirt off their backs.I am a journalist, and i worked for this company for a year, for a term paper..I EXPERIENCEDTHE WORST, BRAIN WASHING ,AND DEGRADING INSULTS ,THE assistants had to bare, just in hopes of getting a chair one day at one of the salons...MOST NEVER got the chance, even if they were so proficient with their skills..some said myst is a great hair stylist.. you should ,should want to work with her if you want to be degraded and egnored,, because french is better and oh yes the accents's far as hair is concerned.. none of them are any good..ONLY IF you never been anywhere else!!!... AND OF THE STYLIST WHO are ANY GOOD had BEEN SMART ENOUGH TO QUIT THE SYSTEMM..d Cons: If you are impressed with voice accents, and imigrants, who more

Cheap and Great Haircut! 7/8/2009

It was time for me to get a haircut, and I decided that I did not feel like paying upwards of 60 dollars this time. Not knowing what to expect, I walked into Dramatics without an appointment and after a short wait they were able to see me. The receptionist was very friendly, as was the shampooer (who gave a great shampoo), and my stylist (named Image). She cut my curly hair exactly how I wanted and I am very pleased! I do not plan to have expensive cuts in the future. Pros: Friendly, quick, inexpensive more

HORRIBLE.. RUN from the ATTITUDE 4/6/2009

It was time for my hair to be cut and colored and I was trying to find a new stylist closer to my house. I walked in here because they were having a recession deal; $10 on Monday and Tuesday. I thought that this would be a really good chance to try out a new stylist and see what they would recommend for my color. Pros: There are none! Cons: Everything more

Del is an awesome hairstylist! 3/26/2009

I went to Dramatics for the first time and was given a stylist by the name of Del. I don't know if that is really his name since everyone seems to have silly made up names. Anyway, he convinced me I should touch up my color as there was a lot of new growth showing, I really didn't want to have my hair colored since I have been going to my colorist for years....but he was right my hair needed help. I went ahead and gave him a try (i was really nervous), he did great! I'm so pleased with the color he applied. I have blonde hair and if someone doesn't know what they are doing your hair can trun brassy. My hair color is a really nice natural looking blond color! I will tell others to go to Del and I plan on going back in 6 weeks for another touch up! Thanks Del! Pros: Del's color is great more

Awesome Experience 3/1/2009

This salon is an exceptional experience. I got my first haircut at this salon a few weeks ago and I'm very happy with the results. The atmosphere is amazing. Very clean, professional environment. This is definately my new salon for all haircare needs. If you go, ask specifically for Picasso. He is very sweet, knowledgeable, and a great stylist. Best of LUCK!!!!!!. more

Don't listen to you 1/3/2009

Try to avoid the guy called Eagle. He just won't listen to what you say or he will argue with you that it would be much better to follow his idea. He cuts the hair so quickly and indifferently, and then blowdry by shaking your hair without any styling at all. It is obviously that he pays no attention to his job. Pros: clean place Cons: bad stylists more

What hacks!!!! 12/7/2008

I went in to get my shoulder length straight hair cut and inch or two. Sounds easy....not for this salon. When I was done I had a ton of choppy layers around the crown of my head. I had asked for it to be all one length!!! The stylist next to us saw the haircut and turned to me and said ""I just can't let you leave looking like that."" They said that the cut would be no charge, but I would pay a significant amount of money to have the haircut I asked for. They tried to fix it, but I ended up with a very short, very layered haircut that looks awful on me. I am so disappointed. DO NOT GO TO THIS SALON!!!!! I look like I'm wearing a helmet! Pros: Cheap fees and they won't charge when they screw it up! Cons: Poor cuts more

Pricing Scam! 11/28/2008

I knew that Dramatics charged more if you make an appointment and used a ""master stylist"" but I decided to walk in and ask if I could get highlights done. I was told yes and asked to wait. I stated that I wanted to know the price and level of stylist. The range on their pricing guide says full foil starts at 79.99-99.99 depending on stylist level. I am told the level doesn't matter and the price will be around $130-$160. When I ask why it doesn't start at the level stated outside their door I am told it depends on the hair length and texture. Now I have thin hair which takes and holds color very fast and although my hair is not short I was only getting a touch up so only a couple of inches at most would have been bleached. I told the receptionist I wasn't going to get my hair done within a rice range and wanted to know the actual price which meant I had to wait almost 10 minutes for the stylist to be ready. He looked at me and said $150 - I found out afterwards from the receptionist that he wasn't even a master stylist. I don't believe anyone has ever gotten highlights for the price that it reads outside which in my mind makes it a scam. more


I love Dramatics on 5th Avenue and I went to this location expecting to have a great experience and they RIPPED ME OFF!!!! Cons: staff more

Myst is the best hair stylist in NYC! 8/22/2008

I go to Dramatic for the stylist with nickname Myst. If you live in NYC and would like to have the greatest highlights you should try her. I am from Italy and came to NYC a couple of years ago. I have change many hair stylist in Manhattan because of my unhappy experience with my highlights done in the biggest name in NYC. Based on my experience Myst is the best hair artist in NYC. She really loves her job and is very talented and for the top quality of services she provides she charge very reasonable price. I think she is the best hair stylist in NYC! Thanks again Dramatic NY for having Myst! Pros: Myst is the best hair stylist in NYC more

rude employee at 92 st/ Broadway 7/24/2008

I highly recommend NOT getting a haircut from stylist EAGLE at the 2468 Broadway location. He was not very friendly from the beginning, and cut my hair quickly and not very carefully. When I asked him to trim my longer ""bangs"" in the front, he started arguing with me that he couldn't do it since I had asked for a graduated bob. He was yelling that it wasn't what I had asked for and actually refused to do it. It wasn't until I said something about how rude he was being and he could tell how angry I was that he agreed to do it and said more than once ""Whatever you want me to cut, I'll cut."" (FYI- That's something every stylist should say from the beginning, not just after you make somebody mad. You're there to cut their hair the way they want it cut, not the way you think it should be cut.) After that, he continued yelling at me about how much I wanted cut and where. I was seriously scared for my hair and was about to walk out right then because he was all worked up and not being the slightest bit careful cutting my hair. I don't feel like I got a professional haircut at all, and he was certainly not acting professional. There is absolutely no excuse for being rude and yelling at a customer for merely asking to trim bangs. There is always a way to be nice about it. Pros: cheap Cons: rude employees, bad haircuts more

Myst 7/12/2008

Myst is the best artist ive ever been exposed to. Ive been impressed every single time shes cut my hair. I really could not be more pleased. Thanks Myst! Your the best! Pros: Myst is the best! Cons: NO CONS when you choose Myst more

i love my new new hair................ 6/25/2008

i dont know why people say that dramatics is bad but i had a great time, Pros: qualified, quick, Cons: got allittle wet in shampoo more

Stay Away!!! 5/13/2008

Can you get a good cut at Dramatics? Yes, but you may not get the cut you want, and in terms of customer service, you will not get what you bargained for. I went to Dramatics for a few years because it was all I could afford, but they pride themselves on nickle and diming their customers and all complaints are treated with disdain. If you do not confirm every step of the way the pricing for each service, they will rip you off. For instance, they advertise a walk in price, but if you call and say, ""are you open, do you have any free stylists? I'll be right over."" They consider that an appointment and charge you the extra fee for appointments (by the way, they do the same if you simply walk in and tell them you'll wait until someone becomes available). I've also had them give me to a more tenured stylist and charge me more for him/her without letting me know. I've been charged for a deep conditioner when the shampooer simply asked if I'd like a conditioner; and I've been charged $60 extra for drying my hair. When I complained about each of these ""the manager"" wasn't available and the receptionist told me she couldn't do anything for me, when they weren't being outrightly rude. Pros: They do get some talented stylists for the short term. Cons: Deceitful pricing practices, disdainful staff and management, heavy handed upselling of products. more

DRAMATICS, NY on West 57th Street... STAY AWAY! !!! 3/22/2008

The bad experience began with a shampoo sink not made for humans. All ceramic, probably cheap, incredibly uncomfortable. Not wide enough for my neck, (I still have a sore spot on the back of my skull). Pros: convenient (for me) Cons: pretentious staff with fake names, uncomfortable seating more

STAY AWAY--Take your hair, and your business elsewhere 1/21/2008

I live in the neighborhood and I thought I would give this place a try--what a mistake. I asked for a very simple style--a classic bob, one that every hairstylist is expected to know how to do. The woman who cut my hair was extremely inexperienced, and one side was actually longer than another. The stylist also completely botched my bangs. I asked if another hairstylist could fix my bangs and the manager refused. I tried repeatedly to speak to the owner and was also rebuffed by various other employees. All in all, the hairstylist's and the management's attitude was one of not caring--they just wanted me out of there. I think they have a bad business model--the stylists are encouraged to finish as quickly as possible. One thing is for sure--I will never set foot in DRAMATICS nyc again. Pros: none that i can think of Cons: inexperienced, quantity over quality more

Great service, but not upfront about pricing 1/4/2008

I went here relunctantly with the previous reviews I had read but thought I could give them a chance and Im glad I did. I went there to get 12 inches of my hair cut off (pretty much my entire head of hair) and I didnt want to trust this job with just anyone. The hairstylist was very understanding of the big leap and walked me through the entire way. She was very upfront with saying that my hair wont do what I wanted and she was going to improvise.She spent a VERY LONG time perfecting my hair so it fell the same way every time i.e. snip here snip there. I could not be happier with my new look. I highly recommend them as long as you are willing to pay more than what they originally say. To me, it was well worth cut. And to top it off, everyone is super nice! more

prices different than advertised 12/2/2007

I will never go to dramatics again. this very location cheated me. i made an appointment like i would at any normal salon and that costed extra money. then they decided to make the appt be with a master stylist because i didnt specify anyone in particular to cut my hair. but of course they didnt inform me of this. that costed extra too. i like the harcuts there but when a $35 haircut turns into a $65 haircut because they don't inform me, the aggravation makes it not worth it. the final straw was when i had to go to the atm to get extra $ because i didnt have enough for how much it turned out to be. the woman ran after me demanding my id so i would be sure to return, which i gave to her. i ended up contacting the better business bearu (sp?) after i got charged all this extra (which you should all do if you dont feel satisfied here), and dramatics told them that i 'tried to leave without paying'. this place has zero integrity. i found a great place on 8th av between 25th & 26th st that charges like $45 for a regular trim. and they dont change the price on me, so it is worth every dollar. Pros: decent hair cuts Cons: Liars more

First haircut I've been 100% satisfied with -- ask for Autumn! 4/21/2007

I know Dramatics has gotten a number of bad reviews, but I am writing this to vouch for the friendly, talented stylist named Autumn who cut my hair yesterday. I have had my hair butchered at two different places (Astor Hair and Supercuts on Sixth Ave), and this is the first haircut I've been 100% satisfied with. I am growing out my short hair and it was getting shaggy, but Autumn knew exactly how much take off to give me back the style I wanted. Total cost: $38 (not including tip). I am definitely going back in a couple months. If you're looking for a relatively cheap, stylish cut from someone who knows what they're doing, go to Dramatics and ask for Autumn! Pros: Great cuts for a reasonable price, stylish and friendly staff, easy to book appointments. Cons: None! more
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    Catering to those who have graduated from Super Cuts but can't bear to pay the hefty prices at big-name salons, Dramatics NYC's many outposts are innocuously simple with marble...

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