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Dragon Fire Martial Arts Inc - 15 Reviews - 5728 Folsom Blvd A, Sacramento, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (916) 457-4636
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Dragon Fire Martial Arts Inc

5728 Folsom Blvd A
Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 457-4636
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Dragon Fire Martial Arts Inc - Sacramento, CA
Dragon Fire Martial Arts Inc - Sacramento, CA
Dragon Fire Martial Arts Inc - Sacramento, CA


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I love DFMA. It's a family-friendly, LBGT-friendly, supportive, encouraging environment with skilled, compassionate, and challenging instructors. If you're looking for testostero...


Ms. Skidmore - I visited your school 3-4 times. I have seen you teach, ""train"" and spar. It was difficult to watch. Techniques taught were unrealistic and disorganized. Wher...

Friendly, Supportive, but Challenging! 3/27/2012

I love DFMA. It's a family-friendly, LBGT-friendly, supportive, encouraging environment with skilled, compassionate, and challenging instructors. If you're looking for testosterone-cage-fighting-ubermacho-peeing-contests, you might be happier at another establishment. If you're looking for a fun, hard workout with interesting folks, this is your place. If you're looking to give your kids basic self-defense skills to keep them safe from abduction or other harm, this is your place.\r \r Before I started my training at DFMA, I hadn't been able to stick with a workout for more than one or two months. After four months at DFMA, I feel stronger, safer, and more confident. I've lost weight. I've gained muscle. And I have a great way to work off stress at the end of each day. more

Dragon Fire Rocks! 3/14/2012

As an employee of Dragon Fire, I have to say it is one of the best places I have ever worked! My bosses are professional, honest, extremely hard-working, and caring. As teachers, they push us hard to overcome our weaknesses while nurturing our strengths. It is honestly one of the most rewarding environments in which I have ever worked, and I highly recommend ANY of the many classes they offer. I love the drills and sparring in their main art (Cho Hwa Mo Yang Do - based in the hard-hitting Korean arts), as well as the grappling and throwing in Jujitsu, and the weapons work in their Serrada class. I also really appreciate the well-rounded kids program they offer. I have seen students young and old blossom both in their physical skills and their internal strength. I absolutely LOVE working and training at Dragon Fire. Come check us out! more

Dragon Fire is successful for a reason 3/14/2012

Let me start by saying I DO NOT work for Dragon Fire, nor am I a student. However, I have had the opportunity to watch classes at both their full time locations and the community center class in the Arden Area. So, I can only guess that Michael1269 must have reviewed this school in error. Either that or his hobby is posting erroneous reviews of businesses. Dragon Fire is successful for one reason, they are good. The instructors truly care about their students and want them to succeed. Unlike many chain schools that focus on looking flashy to do well at tournaments, Dragon Fire teaches their students based on a firm foundation of skill and ethics. And while it is true that some of the instructors have some weight on them, they are lifelong martial artists with multiple black belts in a variety of disciplines. I would rather have one Lois (the ""obese"" Chief Instructor) in my corner than 5 of the reviewer above. I would say that he watches too many Steven Seagal movies, but then I remembered Steven is technically obese so probably not. My advice, if you are interested in Dragon Fire, set up a time to watch a class and make your own decision. more

the best school in sacramento 3/14/2012

I recently visited the school and found the staff to be very welcoming and professional. The school itself was very clean And the students on the floor looked very good. I watched a class I noticed there was plenty of teachers for 1 on 1 1 teaching that is necessary in a proper martial arts envirement. the school teachers a variety of martial arts rather than focusing on just 1 which I find very cool as well. I would definitely recommend more

The area's best Martial Arts school 3/13/2012

Whether you're looking for a place to train for yourself, or a fantastic program for your child, this is the place to go! Dragon Fire offers a diverse range of arts for all ages and ranks; in fact, it's the most well-rounded school in Sacramento, as far as I can tell. The arts they offer cover everything from striking, sparring, and weapons-work to throwing, ground-fighting, and joint manipulation. The staff are welcoming, skilled, knowledgable, and helpful, and the adults who train there are a joy to work out with. For kids, it's the only place around here I would recommend. The after school program keeps the students busy with homework, games, and classes while encouraging personal growth. The youth classes focus not only on building motor skills and martial arts skills, but also internal discipline and integrity. Seeing those young students work out together, fight hard, and take care of each other makes me proud to train there. I couldn't imagine training at any other school. more

A message from the owner 3/13/2012

From the owner. I do not mind an honest review and not everyone likes everyting, and that is ok. But things that are untrue need responded to. I am not a 6th dan but a 7dan. I am obese (you did get that part correct). (I have lost over 120lbs, but do have 50 more to go. A large part of the weight gain was due to an illness. Overweight people are able to fight and fight well. To discriminate against people and think you know their abiltiy by their size is an unrealistice way to judge one. I have trained for decades, I have sparred and contnue to spar and have sparred pretty much every student and instructor at the school, as well as sparring with the Sacramento Area's Women's Martial Association, at previous PAWMA camps. I have sparred both women and men all my life. You have never seen me teach or train, nor have you ever taken a class from me. I have trained psy. techs in locked setting. I have taken RAW power classes. I am current training in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu, and Serrada. I am junior belt in those arts. I continue to train in other arts because I believe one should always be learning. , We did not just add a jujitsu class, but have had jujitus and other grappling arts at our school for years. We do contact sparring (but do not go for knock outs) If you want to talk about me at least make sure what you are saying is true. more

To the Owner and students 2/14/2012

Ms. Skidmore - I visited your school 3-4 times. I have seen you teach, ""train"" and spar. It was difficult to watch. Techniques taught were unrealistic and disorganized. Where did u get your ranking? What organization? I'd say go to Werneck's jujitsu, Ultimate Fitness, or a muay thai/kickboxing gym and test your skills. You will find out how much your ""7th Dan"" is actually worth. But you won't do it because you're scared to death of finding out what 30 yrs. will do for you. I studied judo for 6yrs and kenpo for 4yrs. I've had a few self defense street fights,and because I took my training dead serious, learned from excellent instructors and kept in good condition, I got out unscathed. Actually had to snap a guys arm once,and felt horrible about it. But I did what was necessary to go home safe. Congrats on the weight loss and adding juijitsu. Other than that you need a dose of reality. more

Dragon Fire has a new location. 11/9/2011

Dragon Fire has a new location in South Natomas. It is 1500 W. El Camino Ave. #1, Sacramento, CA 95833 more

A Great School with Great People 8/13/2011

When you are looking for a school, you have to ask yourself; How good is it, what is it's history, what is it's philosophy,is it a belt mill ?\r A great deal of time and effort was employed in building Dragon Fire Martial Arts. Extreme measures were taken to get it right.\r Many schools today are set up by individuals with dubious history, skills and motives. Do not join the first school you look at. Check out many. This school has history that precedes World War II. It's black belts have had to meet a very high standards. It is not only important to know who the instructors are but who their instructors were. In Dragon Fire's case, it is had to argue with the credentials of the founders instructor. Myung Kyu Kang is one of a few, old world, 10th Dan Grandmasters.\r If you are looking for a Black Belt in a year reconsider your motives. You won't get one in a year at Dragon Fire. But when you do get one, it will mean something.\r Although I am now retired I urge you to check out this sc more

Excellent School Excellent Values 1/13/2011

I have to say this school and it's core values are top notch. I also want all who are interetsted in joining a martial arts school, to check this one out. They have programs for the entire family. I also want to second the response review to "Alfredo" from the President of Dragon Fire Martial Arts. Darryl Liner has NEVER been involved in any way, shape, or form. So make sure you don't attack an innocent school when you have trouble with another one. more

You have the wrong school Alfredo!!! 1/13/2011

In response to Alfredo L. Please remove your review. We are Dragon Fire Martial Arts and have NEVER been owned, operated or had any affiliation with Darryl Liner. He has never been a part of our school. I believe he owns Liner's Karate. NOT affiliated with us in any way.\r Please check your facts and know who you are reviewing before doing so.\r Lois Skidmore\r President\r Dragon Fire Martial Arts. more

Long time student and parent 5/29/2009

My daughter has been with Dragonfire since she was 4 and continues to have a great time! Recently I began taking classes as well. It's a great workout while learning some useful skills and stress management---something we could all use! I highly recommend Dragonfire for kids, but also for the whole family! Michelle more

Excellent training facility 3/17/2007

Dragon Fire has been around in some form for over 10 years and it continues to grow in a positive manner. The head instructors are excellent and knowledgeable and continue to do what they do best for the reasons they started teaching in the first place. Clean facility, friendly staff, great attitudes between students. If you are looking for a "way of life" school, come in and check it out. I've been a student there for over 8 years and continue to learn new things all the time! more

Great karate instruction, family friendly 2/23/2007

I have been going to Dragon Fire Martial Arts Inc. for over a year now and have progressed greatly under the instruction of the highly skilled instructors. They take the time to help out each student to correct mistakes and progress on their way to learning the art. The history of the art is learned to help understand the progression of the art and to help promote it to keep it growing. Testing is appropriate to belt level and the curricilum get more stringent as we go up in the ranks. Respect is given to every student and expected by every student. Senior students help the junior students on their way which helps teach respect and responsibility toward each other. My daughter is in the Little Dragon's class. She started as a very shy little girl who was afraid to participate, to now she is one of the seniors in her class helping the junior students by giving them a good example and being able to socialize a little more. Several children have graduated from the Little Dragon's class and are now in the regular class and progressing succesfully. This school is very family friendly and everyone is welcome to join or just come in and watch. Pros: Instructors work with you to progress, they will work with you on payments if you have the need to more

best training around 2/21/2007

I've been going to Dragon Fire for almost 8 years and have found my journey to be both inspirational and challenging (both good!). The teachers I have studied under are knowledgeable and come from a pure and deep Korean lineage. They are kind, compassionate and continue to honor the reasons they became teachers in the martial arts over 30 years ago. The school has been around for more than 10 years and I have seen it grow. They provide opportunities for people to reach goals and to gain self-esteem. The classes are a mix of ages and ranks which interestingly work well so that juniors get to work with seniors and seniors get work on their techniques. It is a Moo Duk Kwan style which means a hard style and this school honors their roots (which is important) Check it out. Pros: knowledgeable staff; good energy more
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Owner Message

  • Founded in 1995 by Lois Skidmore and Andrew Vargas. Both are 5th degree black belts in Cho Hwa Mo Yang Do (the way of harmonizing styles). This style combined the traditional Korean martial arts of:
    *Tae Kwon Do
    *Street Defense
    *Weapons. *We Host Karate Birthday Parties
    *Extreme Self Defense Classes (Ku Dan Hoshinsul)
    *Self Defense Seminars and Demonstrations
    *Classes Also Taught at a School Near You - Please Call for Details
    *Retail Supplier for All Your Martial Arts Needs Including:
    Sparring Gear
    Training Equipment
    *Lil Dragons Program for Children 3-6
    *Martial Arts Classes for ALL Ages
    *Classes Offered Monday Thru Saturday
    *"Lunch Time" and Evening Classes Available
    *Brand New 1,200 Sq. Ft. Training Area

Additional information

  • Hours:

  • Neighborhoods:

    Central Sacramento, East Sacramento