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Dr. James Turnbull, DC - 24 Reviews - 600 S Cherry St Ste 1105, Denver, CO - Acupuncture Clinics Reviews - Phone (720) 941-5000

Dr. James Turnbull, DC

600 S Cherry St Ste 1105 (at Cherry Street at Exposition)
Denver, CO 80246
(720) 941-5000
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Dr. James Turnbull, DC - Denver, CO



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I had my first visit here last week and, so far, I'm very impressed--especially for having never been to a chiropractor. James at the front desk gives fantastic customer service a...


I'm not a patient and I was at Starbuck where this doc was telling, I believe a collegue of his how to write reviews on citysearch and other websites to draw clients to his office...

Friendly and Knowledgeable 9/30/2010

I had my first visit here last week and, so far, I'm very impressed--especially for having never been to a chiropractor. James at the front desk gives fantastic customer service and really makes you feel welcome. Dr. Turnbull spent a lot of time with me and seemed to really understand my problem. In addition to great treatments, he gave me a home stretching and exercise routine that really helps. Three sessions and I'm feeling about 80% better. I'm happy with my choice. more

Knowledgeable, Gets results, great place to go 2/9/2010

Dr. Turnbull's expertise of the human body is reassuring and comforting. Your are literally in good hands in his care. I've worked with MANY doctors in the area and he is certainly among the very best. His specialties have expanded into functional medicine, metabolism, hormones and brain function as well. This office is a great choice. Pros: Total body wellness, pain relief, metabolic & hormones Cons: not close to home for me more

More than Great Chiropractic Care 10/29/2009

I have been a patient of Dr. Turnbull's for over 4 years. I was first referred to him by my PCP for neck problems. Dr. T. spent a great deal of time genuinely listening to my concerns and asking lots of questions to pinpoint my problem. He diagnosed me and recommended some changes to my everyday routine to help me correct my neck issues and along with periodic adjustments from him, I got better. Since then, I have used Dr. Turnbull's services to help me rehabilitate from a bicycle accident that injured my AC joint; as well as from an injury that fractured both the tibia and fibula of my right ankle. I’m happy to say that I am recovered from both, thanks to his care. More recently, I have gone to Dr. T. for his expertise in functional physiology, where he has helped me solve some issues with pre-diabetes and physical endurance by identifying underlying metabolic issues and prescribing natural supplements and changes to my diet that have solved my problems. I highly recommend Dr. Turnbull and his methodology. I’ve received no less than the best care available, from a very talented, kind, caring and sincere doctor. Pros: Great listener/communicator w/ vast knowledge of physiology more


I have known Dr. Turnbull for over 8 years. I have referred several people to him. I am always relieved of my neck and lower back pain immediately.\r \r He has also assisted me with natural supplements that have balanced my energy and hormones. \r \r I appreciate his attention to detail and caring attitude. \r \r My clients and friends give him rave reviews as well.\r \r In addition, he loves dogs as do I:)\r \r Missy Santasiero Pros: VERY THOROUGH, GREAT LISTENER more

A Doctor who looks at the ""Big Picture"" 10/15/2009

I have been seeing Dr. Turnbull for several years for chiropractic care. He has always fixed me right up! Lately I've been having a lot of hot flashes, not only in the middle of the night, but during the day. They were uncomfortable and very annoying. I went to see Dr. Turnbull and told him about my symptoms. He recommended that I take Estrovite (K5) which provides estrogen metabolism support. After taking Estrovite for a little over a month, I've noticed that I rarely have hot flashes during the day and I only have them once in a while at night. Thanks Dr. T! \r more

More than Chiropractor... Holistic Health 7/7/2009

Finally, a chiropractor I can trust. I have suffered with extreme pain back pain for most of my life. After trying conventional treatment on and off over the years and a couple chiro's who should sit on their shingle, I found Activa. At every visit, Dr. Turnbull figures out what is really wrong, ""sets me straight,"" and proscribes a treatment plan that actually works. While I'll continue to visit Kaiser (my HMO) for my yearly physicals and the occasional infection, I will bring my structural issues to Activa. Pros: Individualized Treatment Plan, Effective diagnosis more

This Guy is a Quack 4/24/2009

I'm not a patient and I was at Starbuck where this doc was telling, I believe a collegue of his how to write reviews on citysearch and other websites to draw clients to his office. That is just wrong. It's just unethical. And after reading some of the reviews, they just sound as if they were written by the owner himself. This guy is a fraud and I just wanted to share this w/ the public. WATCH OUT. Cons: All reviews are made up. more

Amazing Results 4/7/2009

Before I went to Dr. Turnbull I couldn't run more than 2 days in a row without having extreme lower back pain the next day. I assumed that I would always have back pain until I went to see Dr. Turnbull. I was extremely nervous about receiving chiropractic care, but Dr. Turnbull was highly recommended and immediately made me feel at ease. Dr. Turnbull incorporated stretching and strength exercises into my treatment and was able to explain in plain English why I needed chiropractic adjustments. After a couple weeks of treatment I saw immediate results. Now, I can run as much as I want and have had no lower back pain at all. I would highly recommend Dr. Turnbull. He completely changed my perception of chiropractic care and has made my back feel better than I ever imagined possible. Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Great Chiropractor... 3/10/2009

Dr Turnbull has been seeing my family for years and is a friend of mine. Honestly, I can't believe the negative comments posted here. Of course someone would explain how to do a review if they had a business to someone who didn't know - big deal... Anyway, me and my family continue to see Dr. Turnbull regularly just to help keep our bodies ""tuned up"". And it pays off. I've had back problems before and he's helped me through them a number of times... Pros: Good approach, flexible schedule more

False Advertising 3/3/2009

After reviewing the website for Activa Chiropractic I attempted to make an appointment based on the reviews of Dr. Dukes only to be told that he is no longer employed there. \r \r Noone would tell me how to find him and the person I spoke to flat out admitted to me that they no longer offer the specific types of services that they claim to on their website. more

Dr. Turnbull is THE BEST! 2/18/2009

Dr. Turnbull is wonderful! I have been seeing him since aprx. my 9th auto accident (I've had 14) and he has helped me live a fairly normal life. I love his mom as well (she worked in his old office). I could not be happier for him and his wife for his business tenacity and his individual compassion and patience! Love ya, Jim. I would visit him every day if finances permitted! more

I'm still skeptical but I can't argue with the results 1/20/2009

I strained my back and my GP wasn't much help other than to say rest and I'll have a bad back forever now. I saw Dr Dukes, D.C., CSCS and he gave me a much more thorough exam than the GP and hooked me up to the most wonderful machine that helped with the pain a lot. He answered all my questions and didn't try any strange quackery with me, so I kept coming back until my back was much better. Pain free now with no issues. more

Best docs for marathon runners and other silly people 7/11/2008

I had no idea what chiropractors did until I started working out at a gym. My friends would get a pain and use it as an excuse to drop out. But I was lucky enough to know Dr. Justin Dukes at Activa Chiropractic. He has helped me go from poochy 50-something couch potato to fit 30-something marathon runner! Seriously, I get a problem in an ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, I take it to him, and he fixes it. He uses not just chiropractic adjustments but Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, infrared laser... Because of his skillful attention, instead of quitting when problems crop up, we fix them and I just get better and better. Even Dr. Turnbull is attentive and supportive and I'd feel just as comfortable going to him in Dr. Dukes' absence. I'm no world-class athlete but their kind of skill and care is worthy of Olympic athletes Dara Torres and Deena Kastor and that's how they make me feel! They are wonderful, wonderful doctors. Pros: Central location, nice facilities, Migan Thermal Massage Bed (usually free on first visit), rates for no insurance, massage therapist on staff more

Great Chiropractor! 2/24/2008

I have been searching for a good chiropractor since I moved to Denver 3 years ago and was ecstatic when I finally found Dr.Turnbull. He has helped me tremendously with my neck and back problems and has done the same with my roommates' chronic lower back paing and my good friend's jaw problem. \r There are several reasons we love going to Dr. T and trust him to help us get better. The most important being that he is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He also explains exactly what is going on and how he is going to help fix it, as opposed to other chiropractors whom have just started adjusting my back and then sent me on my way without a word. Dr.Turnbull gets to know his patients and genuinely cares for them. Dr.Turnbull is the best chiropractor I have found in Denver, and believe me, I have experienced a lot of them in my search!\r If you want a professional with sound knowledge who can give you the personal attention you deserve, then Turnbull is the chiropractor you've been looking for! Pros: Friendly Staff, Easy to find office, Reasonably priced more

Quality of Life 1/23/2008

I had suffered from back and neck pain for the last four years. A combination of sports, working in construction and bad posture had finally caught up with my body. Like most guys I tried to tough it out, but the pain was affecting my quality of life. I visited one of Denver's top spine care clinics to have the doctor look at me for five minutes and send me home with aspirin. Like I hadn't been eating Aleve like candy. At my follow up they recommended eight cervical cortisone injections. The pain was back in two months. I then sought chiropractic care. The handful of chiropractic doctors I visited created elaborate presentations, sometimes to groups of us, before jumping right into how we would pay for the service. It almost felt like I was being sold a time share. I had all but resigned my self to living with my pain when my wife urged me to try one more time. That's when I found Dr. Turnbull. He spent time to understand me and why I hurt, not just where I hurt. Where all other doctors wanted to get rid of the pain, Dr. Turnbull was concerned with fixing the reasons I had pain. He created a plan for me that alleviated the immediate pain while focusing on the long term health of my back and neck through various at home exercises and office visits. I no longer have the constant headaches that kept me from sleeping or back pains that had side tracked my involvement in sports. In fact, the recommendations of Dr. Turnbull have increased my productivity and health as an athlete. He has the ability to affect not only the back but the entire body. My wife started working with him to correct her TMJ and migraines and Dr. Turnbull discovered that she has a food allergy. At no point in my time with Dr. Turnbull have I felt anything but his genuine concern for our overall health and wellbeing. With Dr. Turnbull's help we are regaining our quality of life. With much gratitude. Pros: Wonderful person, great new office. more

Best Chiropractor of Denver 1/17/2008

When I was looking for a new chiropractor, I had to turn to Google web search & type in ""chiropractors."" Dr. Turnbull was one of the first names that popped up from my search. After reading his information on the website & talking to him via phone, I was extremely impressed with his zest for life & his overwhelming sense of wanting to help people return to optimal health! I have been seeing Dr. Turnbull for almost a year now, and I am 200% than the first day that I saw him. He is not only schooled in chiropractic but can also perform acupuncture, as well as recommend strength exercises, stretching exercises, supplements, & dietary changes. I have used all of these methods to restore my condition & get me back to optimal health. Dr. Turnbull will give you a strong foundation to restore your condition but it is up to you to take that to the next level by following his recommendations, whether it is a dietary change or adding a supplement to your daily regimen. You hold the key to making yourself better, and Dr. Turnbull will work collaboratively to help you get there! He is definitely one of the top chiropractors that I have ever worked with, and I highly recommend him! Pros: Highly Educated, Great Communicator, Modern Facilities, Massage Therapist is Available within the Facility! more

Made a chiropractic believer out of me.. 1/16/2008

Well, let's just say I was a ""chiropractic skeptic"" before I went to Dr. Turnbull... He is, by far, one of the best healthcare professionals that I have ever been to in my life. During my first visit, he went over all of the options, dispelled any concerns I may have had with regards to chiropractic treatment (I told him that I thought it was voodoo), and then gave me an honest assessment of what was possible. Within 3 sessions, I was feeling better than I had in years. I continue to visit him to maintain my general health and wellbeing. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone who wants to feel better or to speed recovery from any type of injury. Pros: Just renovated office and it looks and feels great. Not sterile like typical medical offices. more

Would you really trust anyone less than the best on your BACK??? 1/16/2008

When I first went to see Dr. Trunbull, I could barely walk. A childhood injury compounded with a very physical job had left me almost paralyzed. The pain was so intense that I had to be hospitalized with a catheter and intensive medication (which barely dulled the pain). I could not stand up straight, I was leaning over to the left. After working with ""Dr. T"" as I call him, I cannot event begin to describe how indebted I am to him for what he has done for me. Not only is my severe herniated disc COMPLETELY healed, but also I have full range of motion and absolutely NO pain. I started a yoga routine and am fitter and my back has never been better! I've waiting 30 years for this! (Did I mention I even got a bit taller?) This is the question I pose to someone looking for chiropractic care: This is your back, the life force of your body, do you want to trust it to just anyone or the best? Let me break it down for you: There is Dr. Trunbull, there is the best and then there are the rest. Not only is he a tremendous doctor but also his professional demeanor is both comforting and caring. He really does care about his patients and you feel more like a good friend than simply a patient. You are a crazy person if you event THINK of going somewhere else. Pros: Did you READ my review???? Great staff, access to massage and other tretments like acupuncture. Cons: I can't clone him!!!! more

Best chiropractor in Colorado 1/16/2008

I have scoliosis, the curvature of the spine. As a result, I need periodic maintenance work through chiropractic adjustments. I have seen many chiropractors. The best chiropractor I've gone to and will continue to go to is Dr. James Turnbull. Dr. Turnbull demostrates exercises and stretches to help whatever part of my body needing specific attention. After following Dr. Turnbull's recommendations and getting an adjustment, I'm able to live a comfortable, painfree life. I'm able to partake in activities that the majority of other people do.\r \r Dr. Turnbull understands the human body. I have been helped on various occasions with a sprained ankle, tendonitis in my knee and elbows etc. Dr. Turnbull is also bedside friendly. He had suggested an excellent mattress for my husband and I. (No pun intended). \r \r I have told several people about Dr. Turnbull's chiropractic work. I have been getting adjustments by him since 2003. This is the first time I've ever recommended a doctor through the internet. But I feel that it's important for people to know about excellent doctors and excellent chiropractors. Dr. Turnbull gets 5 stars and a high five! more

Highly skilled chiropractor, terrific guy! 10/10/2007

I have been to many different chiropractors and health care professionals over the past 8 years for chronic back and neck pain. Dr. Turnbull is by far the best. He is friendly, professional, a good listener and easy to talk to. He is a highly skilled chiropractor with a vast knowledge base. \r \r His chiropractic adjustments got rid of my back and neck pain and i now go for maintenance appointments. He also treated me with acupuncture for emotional pain which has helped me too.\r \r Dr. Turnbull focused on my particular problems, adapting his techniques and recommendations to my needs. I was impressed at how much he differed from other chiropractors i have gone to.He does not do the exact same treatment each time. Dr. Turnbull does not follow one narrow type of theory or practice. He is familiar with broad concepts and methods practiced by many different chiropractic specialities including neurology, orthopedics, and rehab medicine. He works within a network of local doctors and refers patients to someone else if that is what he thinks is in his patient's best interest. Pros: Excellent chiropractor, fabulous office more
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  • Dr. Turnbull blends his expert chiropractic care, acupuncture techniques, rehabilitative procedures and advanced knowledge of physiology to provide a unique perspective on the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic pain and neurologic, endocrine and metabolic disorders.

    Dr. Turnbull has successfully treated thousands of patients in the Denver area over the last 11 years.

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