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Dr. Fabien D. Bitan

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I am a 20 year old girl who has been suffering with scoliosis for 10 years. I had the first full spinal fusion when I was 12 but I was still always in pain. When I was 19 I fractu...


All reviews seem positive

Dr. Bitan: My Angel 10/22/2009

I am a 20 year old girl who has been suffering with scoliosis for 10 years. I had the first full spinal fusion when I was 12 but I was still always in pain. When I was 19 I fractured my spine and I truly believed I would be in pain for my whole life. I went to a neurologist for testing and got Dr. Bitan's card. The doctor told me that if anyone could help me it was him. Dr.Bitan was truly an angel sent to me from God. He told me I had to have my first rod removed and have a new one put in I had my surgeries 1 years ago on Sept. 29th and Oct.1. It was hard but through the crying and screaming Dr. Bitan stood by me and made me as comfortable as possible. He is the BEST SPINE SURGEON ever. Dr.Bitan saved my life. I never used to be able to walk more than one city block at a time with out my legs going numb and I was hunched over. I am straight and walking normal pain free!!! i can finally be happy and really be normal like other 20 year olds. There is nothing I can do or explain in words to express my appreciation to Dr. Bitan, and you shouldn't think twice about placing your life in his hands... he is god and he will treat you like you were his own child. Thank you so much Dr. Bitan I wish I could pay you back for all the happiness you brought me I will forever thank you and tell everyone who has back problems that you are an earth angel. My love and prayers go to you, your staff and lenox hill. Sincerely, Samantha Stendardi Pros: best doctor ever, genius, support, patience of a saint Cons: Everything associated with Dr. Fabien Bitan is Amazing!! more

If you're reading this you are with the right Doctor! 6/3/2009

I don’t typically take the time to write a review of most things that I do. But I know how stressful it could be to choose a Doctor, and I hope this helps a little. I recently had surgery performed by Dr. Bitan. The surgery was the removal of the discs and fusion of C5/C6 and C6/C7 . \r My entire process started when I visited Dr. Mick who is an orthopedic in Dr. Bitan’s practice. I was unsure of my exact problem only knowing that I was experiencing pain that kept me up through countless sleepless nights. Dr. Mick ordered an MRI, and after receiving the results and realizing the urgency of my situation Dr. Mick consulted with Dr. Bitan who then was able to rearrange his schedule to see me the next day. From the very first visit Dr. Bitan instilled in me a sense of confidence and security. \r Having been told of the severity of my situation and what my diagnosis was I reached out to anyone who would listen and received numerous opinions and suggestions and each one stated the same thing that I was in good hands with Dr. Bitan. I then performed lengthy research on my own and began to realize how lucky I was that I had landed in Dr. Bitan’s care.\r When I arrived at the hospital and met Dr. Bitan and his surgical team the anxiety that I was feeling was instantly removed. The doctors working with him and the group of amazing nurses were all top notch. One nurse told me how grateful she was to be working with Dr. Bitan and that the entire team always worked together which is not common in many hospitals but because of Dr. Bitan insistence it occurs here. \r While recovering in the hospital Dr. Bitan made frequent visits continuously monitoring my progress. I thanked him and told him how great everyone was and he simply replied that he expects nothing but the best from his team, and I just want to tell you that's absolutely what you’ll receive. \r \r more

The ABC of spinal surgery 5/20/2009

Hi everyone! I am submitting a review for this nice doctor. I am an internist myself about to start my oncology fellowship, so I believe I know doctors from an insider’s perspective as well.\r I suffered an unprovoked C5-6 disc herniation recently which gave me my dominant arm weakness besides the severe pain. I had already seen a neurologist and a neurosurgeon, but since my weakness appeared to worsen the possibility of surgery was being considered. I found Dr. Bitan’s reference on few forums I was researching about people with similar sickness. \r I visited his website and left a web message through the site; I got a response in few hours and could arrange an appointment the very next day. My visit was very satisfying. Dr. Bitan was not hurried; he took a detailed history, paying great attention to the chronology of symptoms while taking notes. After evaluating me, he came up with a possible plan for a surgery only few patients fit the criteria for – Posterior cervical foraminotomy and microdiscectomy. I asked for some more time before I made up my mind to go ahead and scheduled a re-visit for a week later. I spoke with another acclaimed spinal surgeon in a different state, who happened to be a friend to my brother and who also said Dr Bitan is a nice and intelligent doctor. Having made up my mind, I gave my nod to go ahead with surgery by Dr. Bitan, just 2 days after I saw him for the first time. The reason I mentioned “just 2 days” is – I still had time to do more research, talk to other doctors and wait another week or so before embarking upon surgery, but since the very first meeting – Dr Bitan had won my confidence. I mean come on – everyone who is told to undergo surgery takes it with a pinch of salt and wants to research further, take second opinions and I believe there is nothing wrong in it, I did too. I had no doubts in Dr Bitan’s ability to take care of me and I was very well satisfied with Dr Bitan and thus entrusted him to do the surgery. I am 2 weeks post-op now, recovering well.\r I have not written any reviews before this but for him I felt I should write one.\r The best things about him:\r A- Availability – I saw him 24 hours after my first ever communication with him over web. I have asked him various questions over the emails with very rapid replies – that’s a big plus – He did allay my anxiety and concerns before and after surgery.\r B- Behaviour – He listens to you, is compassionate and has a human touch – the most important thing – I am an immigrant and being a doctor myself, I found that medicine in USA is practiced a little differently, I guess as a business – probably secondary to so many litigations, and doctors seem to have lost that human touch over time – he has not and neither will I after undergoing this experience. \r C- Competence - I have no way to compare his surgical skills with another surgeon but from what I have seen and read on internet, he is widely appreciated.\r \r I pray to god to make me a better person and a better doctor so I can be of help in healing my patients with a human touch as he has been to me. more

Don't Fear Cervical Fusion Surgery IF The AMAZING Dr. FABIEN BITAN Is Your Surgeon! 3/4/2009

I am a testimony to Dr. Bitan's Outstanding surgical skills, Years of experience, Confidence in diagnosis, Compassion, Patience in sitting down, listening to your every concern...You know you are #1, no matter how many other patients are in the waiting room & although Dr. Bitan is World Renown, it is his Humility that further sets him apart from any other surgeon.\r \r After 2 1/2 yrs of pain management procedures, I was told that a cervical discectomy/fusion was inevitable. Referred by a co-worker I sought a 2nd opinion from Dr. Bitan. After all, who would want a painful bone graft, rods, plates, mobility, right? I viewed his entire Charite Replacement Disc operation on the website ...I knew that's what I wanted! However, after an exam, x-rays & prior reports, Dr. Bitan told me I was NOT the Perfect Candidate for the CRD. Oh, I was disappointed. But, Dr. Bitan explained how he performs the disc/fusion, iliac bone graft & what to expect after surgery. I BELIEVED in what He said...I TRUSTED Him & He DID NOT FAIL ME!\r \r Dr. Bitan performed two discectomy fusion surgeries (anterior & posterior) August 4 & 12, 2008. The 1st was scheduled, the 2nd was not. Prior to mtg Dr. Bitan, I had a Discogram to pinpoint the discs & levels causing tremendous pain or so we thought! It wasn't until he began my initial surgery that he was faced with removing another disc & now fusing 3 levels. He did so. Dr. Bitan told me of his findings & that a 2nd surgery was necessary to stabilize my neck. Surely, I was surprised, but it made perfect sense with my level of pain. Next week, I was made whole again. The Anterior surgery...I ate soft foods...The Posterior...I had some muscle spasms..The Iliac Bone Grafts were a discomfort...\r \r Dr. Bitan you are AMAZING! No more debilitating migraine headaches...sleepless nights... crackling sounds in my ears with the slightest head movement...or piercing pain across my shoulder blades & down my arms. \r \r Thank You Again & Again! Pros: Michelle Almaliah, NP - Extremely Caring, Returns telephone calls/answers questions ASAP from work or home - Office Staff are all professional, very helpful and courteous Cons: Absolutely None! more

Hands Down...Top Spinal Doctor on the Planet 2/5/2009

I was referred to Dr. Bitan by the Director of Medicine of a very well known and respected Fortune 50 medical company and was told he is the best of the best as far as spine surgeon's go. Well, thankfully I heeded his advice and Dr. Bitan performed a multi-level fusion on my lumbar region after a serious ski accident. It is over 4 years after the surgery and I am 100% pain free and back to living the most active lifestyle I possibly can and skiing harder than I ever have, climbing Mt. Washington with a 90 lb. pack and swinging a golf club again thanks to Dr. Bitan's outstanding talents as one of the world's best spinal surgeons. I can't say enough about what he did for me and the positive effect it has had on my life. If you're having back pain and need to see a doctor that will do everything in his power to avoid surgery, this is your man. If I could rate him 10 stars I would! Thanks again Doc! \r \r Forever Grateful,\r \r Chad D. Bennett Pros: The best care possible when it comes to spines. more

Extremely Knowledgable and Caring Doctor 9/25/2008

I went to see Dr Bitan after hearing wonderful praise about him from two of my colleagues. What impressed me most about him was the way he spent time listening to me describe my medical history and symptoms. He suggested many treatment options before we went to surgery. His expertise and kind bedside manner really put me at ease. Now just one month later, I am pain free for the first time in over eight years! I give this doctor my highest recommendation! Pros: Great bedside manner, easy to talk to more

Best Doctor anywhere 8/31/2008

Dear Dr. Bitan, \r \r It's been a year ago today Aug. 22, 2007 that you operated on my spine. I just want you to \r know that you have given me a wonderful healthy pain-free year. I spent 3 years in such agonizing\r pain and after meeting you my whole life changed.. I enjoy my life now and silently thank you many times during the year.... I also recommend you to anyone who has a back problem or even knows\r of someone who has a back problem!\r \r I think of you often and also your staff, Annie, Michelle and Dr.Scott Hanlon. I remember going into the operating room a little nervous and being treated so well and so professional that \r I was actually calmed.\r \r Thanks again for everything you did for me and I truly hope your life is going great.\r \r Respectfully yours,\r \r Pamela Gordon\r \r Dear Dr. Bitan,\r \r I have read your recent reviews and those who wrote them are so lucky to have found you. All the positive comments of your calming approach and professionalism and earnest concern for the patient you are with I personally received 2 years ago on August 22, 07 when you performed my spinal surgery.\r It took me three years of pain to find you but then for me it was like winning the lottery.\r \r Thank you for the last 2 years and I truly hope your life is going as well as mine [thanks to you].\r \r Respectfully yours,\r \r Pamela Gordon\r \r \r more

Amazing Surgeon 6/19/2008

Dr. Bitan is a great Surgeon. He helped my mother get back on track with her life by his treatment for her Scoliosis. I cant thank you enough Dr. Bitan! Thank you for changing our lives for the better! I highly recommend Dr. Bitan and Manhattan Orthopaedics. Pros: Dr. Bitan, Treatment, Careing, Post-Surgery Care more
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