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Dr. Emily- NY Abortion Specialist - 10 Reviews - 560 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY - Parliamentarian Government Reviews - Phone (718) 585-1010
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Dr. Emily- NY Abortion Specialist

560 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10455
(718) 585-1010
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Dr. Emily- NY Abortion Specialist - Bronx, NY


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I went there to get a 2nd trimester abortion. These procedures are expensive and my insurance didnt cover it. I called first and they helped me connect with funds that cover part...


I had an abortion very early on in my pregnancy. It was an extremely difficult decision & I honestly do not think I was very well informed. I had received vaccinations & thought t...

Better than I expect ' 12/11/2011

I went there to get a 2nd trimester abortion. These procedures are expensive and my insurance didnt cover it. I called first and they helped me connect with funds that cover part of the procedure for me. The clinics made calls and stayed in touch with me and the funds. The day I got there for my first day of the 2 day procedure I was really scared. They called me in with another girl and made us wait in another room, then they call us one by one, to get our counseling and sonograms done. In the sonogram they dont show you anything or say anything to you about the baby, but the sonographer was really nice with me. The counselor wasnt either nice or rude, she went straight to the facts like three times and ask me if i was sure about the abortion made me sign the papers and that was it. Then they sent to the back room with a bunch of other women, where they give you a coat and a basket, you go in the bathroom get changed, then you wait with the others there in a small room. It wasnt that bad really, sharing the room with other women that were going to do the same as me, made me feel like I wasnt alone. Some of them where talking, some of them didnt say anything. Then they call you in. The doctor, the nurse and the anesthesiologist are really nice, they talk to you about other stuff while they prepare you. When I woke up I was in the recovery room with other nurse, she gave me painkillers and they helped me to sit down in a chair to rest for another 15 or 20 minutes. Then I got changed and they gave me instructions for the next day. Since I had the two day procedure i had to go back the next day. That day I had to take a pill to dilate my cervix even more. I got there early and they welcomed me again really nice and friendly. They gave me the pills and sent me to a room where I laid down and waited for the pills to make effect. They gave me covers and let me sleep in the room. Every now and then one of the nurses came to check how i was doing and she was really really nice and friendly. She talked to me for brief minutes and even rubbed my back for a while to sooth the pain. Finally I went in to get the procedure done, the same doctor, nurse and anesthesiologist as the day before, they said hi and asked how i was doing. I laid back, when I woke up I was already in the recovery room. They gave me pain killers again, and helped me move to a chair, where I waited for the anesthesia to wore down, then they checked my bleeding. Then i got changed. They gave me the medicines and birth control, they are supposed to give you only one sample but the nurse gave me two. Then I went home. While in the recovery room you can see others come from the surgery room. One of the girls woke up and started crying, the nurse talked to her and tried to keep her calm, the nursed was warm with her and treated her really good. I recommend this place. They know what they are doing and they are fast and clean. The doctors and nurses are really nice. more

Compassionate, Caring Staff 10/20/2011

Deciding to terminate my pregnancy was one of the most difficult decisions I have made, but the kind, caring, and compassionate staff members at Dr. Emily Women's Health Center helped reassure me and make me feel at peace with my decision. Every staff member from the receptionists to the counselors, the sonographer, the medical doctors to the recovery room nurse answered all of my questions and helped me feel at ease. I also was pleasantly surprised by the modern, spacious, and well organized facilities. I also really liked the nurse practicioner who I saw for my postop checkup. She showed so much enthusiasm and shared a tremendous amount of preventive health tips to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. I thank Dr. Emily Womeh's Health Center for helping me get through a difficult situation and would highly recommend their office! more

RUN AWAY!!! 10/14/2011

I chose this service because they advertised that it was ""for women, by women"". When I got there you sat in a large room with about 50 other young women. They call you back and forth a few times and finally call you into the back room. They verify your insurance to make sure the insurance will pay. Then you receive papers saying if you choose not to go through with the procedure you still have to pay for counseling. Then you get an ""ultrasound"". At 4 weeks the only way to actually see the baby is through an internal ultrasound. They used an external one. You then sit in a hallway with 10 other women and wait for your ""counseling session"". The women tells you an inaccurate date of conception (because they can't determine these things from the type of equipment they use for the ultra sound) and then you go back outside. No ""are you being forced to do this? Are you sure about your choice? nothing! You are then sent into a back room with 6-7 other young women to change into a gown. So there's a room full of naked pregnant women scared out of their minds looking at each other. No privacy, no consideration just a bunch of animals they pack into a small area. You hear the suction, the screams and the cries of the woman before you. But you're too naked, scared and ashamed to run back now. They call you out by name into a medical room. You get on the bed and guess what??? NO WOMEN!!! The doctor is a man and the transporter is a man. I chose to stay awake with no medication. I wanted to remember every bit of the pain so I would NEVER put my self through it again. As you lay on the bed there is a women in a small corner in the back with a glass container full of the remains of the previous woman's baby. Picking at it and doing tests on it. You see the hose they use to suck your baby out of you and not once do they treat you like a women, a human. The ""nurse"" in the room asked why I was staying awake. She said I must be a pro at this because no one ever stays awake for it. I was in shock! I told her I had never done this before and began to cry. The doctor looks you in the face and turns on the suction. You feel the tugging and pulling. At no time did the nurse look in my eye, or hold my hand or try to consoled me. The worst part was that through the entire ordeal the transporter was walking in and out of the operating room laughing and joking with the people in the recovery room. I asked ""why the hell is this man here, what is going on?!"" He was shocked and said ""ooh I thought dey was knocked out back here"" The transporter pushed my bed into the recovery room where they give you Motrin for the pain. After 5 minutes they kept telling me to get up out of the bed. They needed to give it to the other people. I couldn't move. I was in EXCRUCIATING pain!!! There's no way I could have stood on my own. Finally one lady told them I didn't use anesthesia and to give me 15 minutes to lay there and rest instead of 5. Pfeeewww than God for that extra 10 minutes. In that same room they check you out, a man gives you medication and you watch all the other young women like yourself get wheeled from the operating room with the transporter laughing and joking around, into the recovery room where they are thrown around like animals because they are under anesthesia and will never know what happened. PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE!!!! THEY TREAT YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL. I HATE WHAT I DID AND IT WAS AN EXTREMELY HARD CHOICE TO MAKE. BUT IF YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT CHOICE PLESE GO ELSEWHERE. RECOVERING FROM AN ABORTION WILL NOT BE YOUR ONLY PROBLEM ONCE LEAVING. I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO CONCEIVE CHILDREN SINCE. JUST PLEASE, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR OR PLANNED PARENTHOOD. AT LEAST THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE A HUMAN. When more

Would NOT recommend this place 1/20/2010

I had an abortion very early on in my pregnancy. It was an extremely difficult decision & I honestly do not think I was very well informed. I had received vaccinations & thought that my pregnancy was now @ risk, etc. I couldn't help but to see all these ratings & give a review of my own. They refer to your pregnancy as a ""blood clot"" & had me WAIT until I was ""far enough along so that the blood clot is in the PERFECT position"". When you get there..don't expect them to comfort you or care. They are STRICTLY business and believe me...they will PRESSURE you and PUSH to make sure they make that sell on you! It's pretty sad that $365 is ALL it takes for their eyes to go green. They rush you & make sure they take your $$$ quickly. They all wear white lab coats, but there is only ONE doctor and it's not a woman. The doctor was honestly not mean or anything. He was matter-of-factly. But when I told them my medical concern, the ""counselor"" didn't even know what type of vaccine I had! It was a common one too. I will not say which one as I wish to keep my privacy. I cried SO many times there I wish they would have denied me the procedure...I cannot believe they didn't care that something was obviously very wrong with me..but's an abortion I guess I get the picture. The one review that said they allowed them to stay with the patient..uh sorry but that's false. My fiance tried to go back with me and they flat out denied him. If abortion doesn't phase you..then this is the clinic for you..they will rush you in and out pretty quickly in comparison to other places I suppose. However, if this is a hard decision for you..I don't rec. this place AT ALL. Go somewhere else where the counselors will provide you with educated answers and options. When I was crying there one of the medical assistants harshly told me to stop, twice. Really nice right? I'm sitting outside the operating room & completely I was quietly crying and shaking my leg and she yells at me, but then attempts to change her tone. Before I had the procedure done I had to go outside twice because I was sobbing..and the young receptionist behind the desk just looked at me like I was pathetic...just a nasty look. I will say that they were clean and quick..other than that...awful experience..and they really shouldn't push us around like livestock on an assembly line..and they shouldn't have the holding tank right next to the door of the operating room. Do you realize how traumatic that is? Most women were not showing when I went in..but one was seriously 5+ months along and I had to hear EVERYTHING...I still have nightmares about that. I think they should have late-term women wait somewhere's just too visually disturbing. I hope I didn't offend anyone..I realize this is an abortion clinic and not a honeymoon was just honestly an awful experience and I'm a bit frustrated looking back..I truly feel like I was taken advantage of..but it was my fault. PAY THE EXTRA $$$ if this is something that you are having a hard time deciding on...or just don't have an abortion @ all..I honestly would give anything to go back and undo the decision I was pressured into...but I got myself into I won't make this review personal. Pros: clean Cons: heartless more

Great Staff 3/11/2009

The staff really cared about my situation and tried to help me as much as they could. I really felt safe at Dr. Emily. The office is vey clean and it is huge!!! Pros: Very helpful staff Cons: n/a more

I man view 2/18/2009

I took my girl to have a abortion and I felt that the staff was very helpful with us. They let me stay with her when she spoke to the patient about the abortion procedure. I had a lot of questions and she answered all of them. All and all they made a difficult situation an d little less hard. Pros: they answered all of my questions. Cons: very busy more

Like Mahattan 2/13/2009

I got respect from the people at Dr. Emily . They treated me so respectful I feel like I was in a Mahattan doctor's office . The office was so big and clean. Everyone was very professional. more

Very helpful place 2/8/2009

I spoke to the people at Dr. Emily and they helped me and my boyfriend a lot. I was confused on what I wanted to do. But my boyfriend wanted me to have an abortion. The lady at the office told me that have to make the best decision for myself. that she was not here to get me to do an abortion. But that she was here to help me in whatever decision that I made. She really helped me and my boyfriend. Pros: The people at the office were very helpful. Cons: they were a little busy more

Doing what I got to do 2/3/2009

When I first came into the office I was so upset because I hated being in this situation again, but the staff was very caring and really listened to what I had to say. They did not make me feel bad about myself. We discussed my options. At the end, I did what I felt was best for me. Pros: staff Cons: n/a more

They made me feel safe 1/21/2009

I'm 15 and I never had a abortion before. I was so scared until the people in the office made me relaxed They did not make me feel bad about needing an abortion. They explained everything to me and answered all my questions I had even if they were silly. I did not feel as scared and once it was over I felt better. They help me laugh and made me feel safe. I don't feel so sad because they really helped me out. I told the doctor that I still wanted to be with my boyfriend, but that I did not want to have another abortion. So she gave me birth control. I start them on Sunday. Pros: The staff really cares Cons: I wish I did not have to wait so long for doctor more
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