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Dr Toothy's Dental World - 14 Reviews - 205 Worth St., New York, NY - Dentists Reviews - Phone (212) 924-8777

Dr Toothy's Dental World

205 Worth St.
New York, NY 10013
(212) 924-8777
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I am a father of 2 children i find Dr. Lyons though the internet Aka. Dr. toothy the office is open on the Weekend this is the best thing the office has great general dentistry, H...


I had a very bad experience with this dental office. that is why I come here. Don't trust the 5 stars review here. You can get more helpful review in yelp. This is very bad dental...

read this before you go 6/18/2013

I had a very bad experience with this dental office. that is why I come here. Don't trust the 5 stars review here. You can get more helpful review in yelp. This is very bad dental office. Bad services, bad attitude and bad quality stuff, no wonder they will charge the lower price. If you want to have a professional dentist and services, don't go this place. They charge you the low price in the beginning, but it wouldn't be your final price. more

The Best Dentist 3/15/2011

I am a father of 2 children i find Dr. Lyons though the internet Aka. Dr. toothy the office is open on the Weekend this is the best thing the office has great general dentistry, Hygienist, Prosthodontist and a root canal specialist. I had work done by there specialist and they were great. My children are going thru orthodontics. His office is busy and it should be. His prices are at least 50% to 40% less than most other offices.The location of the office is Chinatown little Italy. I recommend this office.................... more

Superb Dental Office 3/8/2011

Dr. Toothy's is the place to go to get all your dental needs. I came to this office after being recommended my a few of my friends who had their braces done here. Dr. Lyons is one of the most knowledgeable dentist. I had crooked teeth since I was young and to add to that I had lost a tooth playing basketball when I was younger. Dr. Lyons not only gave me a beautiful smile. He even had an implant specialist at his office that fixed the missing tooth. He also has a hygienist that does my cleanings. I am so thankful for my friends recommending this great office to me. more

Horrible Ortho 6/25/2010

I have been going to this ortho for the past 2 years to correct an overbite. After getting pricey xrays and consultation, I got my braces on and I was treated like dirt from then on. Everytime I go, it's in and out. If you like speedy service and having two people outside your door watching Toothy work on your jaws (for only 10 minutes) waiting for their turn on the chair, by all means, go to him. He is inattentive, but he will attempt to remember you by jotting down the most random things about you - such as where you live or your hobbies so it makes it seem more personal. However, you realize he looks at his notes everytime he meets with you before mentioning the fact, you know he's up to no good. By the way, I asked if he could take my braces off before a certain date. Big mistake because he did take it off without explaining to me that the procedure wasn't done!!!!!!!! He granted my wish but i wanted to know if the braces could be completed and taken off earlier than the designated time. HE JUST TOOK THEM OFF WITHOUT TELLING ME THEY"RE NOT COMPLETE! So I spent around $4000 (considered CHEAP what I did) on Dr Toothy and afterwards had to pay $2000 to another ortho to fix the problem. Very upset. I did try to go back to Dr Toothy to tell his staff what happened. They just said I have to pay more money to fix it and quoted me many different amounts! You'll find that all the other good reviews have been made up by the sneaky and greedy people from the staff of Dr Toothy. Don't buy into it. I beg you - I suffered my consequences. more

Great Place for Invisalign 3/9/2009

Dr. Lyons is the orthodontist at Dr. Toothys. Dr. Toothy is the most affordable place to get Invisalign. I am lucky to have found this place. I have finished with my Invisalign for about a year now and my teeth are still perfect. It took about a year and a half to finish my Invisalign. Dr. Lyons does everything by himself unlike other orthodontist where they have the assistants do it. Dr. Lyons doesn't charge for refinements and retainers unlike like other orthodontist. His office is very pretty and clean. The assistants are very professional and nice. Some might have a little accent but you can understand everything very clearly. During my Invisalign treatment, I had to have a filling done and the general dentist here is great. He is very professional and only will accept perfection. Dr. Lyons have great music choices. He plays the newest hit songs. Dr. Lyons is there almost everyday of the week. I think the only day he isn't there is Mondays. He even opens on weekends which is great for me. more

Positively The Best Dentist I've Been To In Years 11/18/2008

Dr Lyons is the one of the best dentist I’ve been to in years. His assistants are the unbelievably helpful and are helpful when I have any questions. The orthodontist informed me about what we needed to do about my teeth and I trusted him and followed all his instructions he has given me. Around 2 and half years my teeth were the way I always wanted it. This office also has a great general dentist Dr. Dmitry and he is very knowledgeable in his field. I recommend this office to all my family and friends more

Perfect 11/18/2008

Dr Dmitry is the general dentist at Dr. Toothy. This man is the most knowledgeable and patient dentist. This place save me a lot of time from traveling place to place for all my dental needs. Dr. Dmitry can help me do fillings, root canals, and cleanings. One of the best in my opinion. The assistants are very helpful and professional. Some of the assistants have accents but I can understand every word they say. This office is the best and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. more

Wonderful Dental Office 11/18/2008

I went to Dr. Toothy for my orthodontic treatment a couple of years ago. Dr. Lyons the orthodontist is a life saver. I have wanted a perfect smile in a long time. He made my dream come true. His assistants are the unbelievably great. They might be you assistants but they are very knowledgeable. I just took off my braces a year ago and its great. I always recommend this place to my family and friends. After my braces, I was changed to another part of the office,and I go there for my fillings and cleaning more

Fantastic Dental Office 11/18/2008

I went to Dr. Lyons for my orthodontic treatment 4 years ago.Dr. Lyons the orthodontist is fabulous.His assistants are the best and very professional.They might be college girls and boys but these are very intelligent young ladies and gentlemen. I took my braces off 2 years ago and my teeth are still perfect, I am often asked by people where I got my orthodontic treatment and I always recommend Dr. Lyons.I still go for my general dentist and Dr. Dmitry and he is the best.I definitely recommend this place. more

Great General Dentist 11/14/2008

I go to Dr. Toothy for my general dentistry. I get all my dental done at this office. The general dentist is a life saver, he does procedures from fillings to root canals. Dr Dimitry does everything at one location. I have been to many dentists and most of them always refer me out to the other offices which makes my life much harder. Dr. Dimitry is very professional and gets things done. more

Dr. Great Toothy 11/7/2008

I've been going to Dr. Toothy for my general dentist. The general dentist Dr. Demitri is fabulous, he takes care of all my dental problems. He is very skillful in his dental work. He solves problems from a small cavity to big jobs like root canals. The assistants there are very pleasant to talk with and they are not rude like the offices I've been to. This is a great place to go to if you want to great dental work with marvelous services. more

Saks Fifth Avenue of Braces 11/20/2007

I have been going to Dr. Toothy for many years. His office has a French style to it with many mirrors and spot lights in the waiting rooms that makes you feel like you're in Saks Fifth Avenue unlike the other gloomy looking dentist I have been to. The environment is very different. Also the floors are so clean that I think I can eat off of the floors. I feel less nervous and he is great at what he does. His braces are like Tiffany's Diamonds. I love the place and the assistances are very helpful. If Dr. Toothy was a brand, it would be one of the best like Gucci. They also have other doctors like an general dentist, hygienist, endodontist ( the person who does root canals) and Dr. Lyons is also a specialist in Laser for cutting gums. My family goes to this office to get most of our dental services from here. It’s very nice and you get your braces and other dental needs here that are fantastic and for a very affordable price. more

Dr. Toothy is A Great Place for Braces 10/24/2007

I have been a patient of Dr. Toothy for a couple of years. He's a really nice and understanding person. If you have any questions for him, he would answer them. The assistants are helpful and if you ask them a question, they would answer it right on the spot. I would always go there on weekdays when it's not pack on the weekend. It's probably because most of the people are off on weekends and that's when they do them. I took off my braces with straight teeth and a perfect smile. It's one of the better dentist office I've been to, most of the time I would only wait 2 housr but when I went to Dr. Lyons aka Dr. Toothy, I only waited for half an hour to an hour the most unless he's running late. He also let us know through the intercom that he is late. more

Dr Horrible Toothy 8/4/2005

What lure me into going to this dentist is the price. Like what people alway say "Good thinds come at a price" well this place is totally the opposite. #1 their service is horrible. Very unprofessional for a dentist place. When i walk into this place there's no space to walk and theres always so much people their. (it's there cheap price) Rude assistants, just nicely ask them a question and they'll ignore you. Making you feel unimportant. #2 The doc. dentist skill is not all that great because they took my braces off when my teeth is still crooked! The reason i had braces is to correct that. Well , when i confronted them they said "it's like that". Better use your money somewhere else! more
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