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Dr Galina Rabkin

11 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02445
(617) 734-7171
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Dr Galina Rabkin - Brookline, MA


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Last February my daughter came from school with a note from the nurse that she had failed an eye test. She needed an exam and glasses. My husband and I were happy with Dr.Rabkin, ...


I've been wearing glasses for ten years, recently moved to Boston and for the first time had a truly bad experience with an optometrist in Cambridge. According to him my prescript...

Perfect for adults and kids 12/8/2008

Last February my daughter came from school with a note from the nurse that she had failed an eye test. She needed an exam and glasses. My husband and I were happy with Dr.Rabkin, but I thought that a 9-year-old would benefit from a pediatric optometrist. \r \r The appointment with a pediatric optometrist who was covered by our insurance went bad for different reasons. But what made me really doubtful was the way they checked the eyes. It was like I came back in a time machine to my childhood with the weird things to check your eyes with. We ended up with a prescription but I was not sure it was the right one. \r \r After careful consideration, I decided that we should see Dr. Rabkin. The exam was unbelievably friendly, she explained every step of it to my daughter, and the equipment was so 21st century. She came up with a prescription that was different from the one we already had. I wondered why for a while, but then realized that it was due to the modern equipment as opposed to old methods and the friendly atmosphere she was able to create during the exam.\r \r Now we needed to pick up the right frame. Dr. Rabkin was so patient with my daughter; she let her try almost every pair in the store. The choice was made, now we had to pay for it. We were completely surprised to find out that the exam was totally on the house. The glasses were expensive, though. But they looked so nice on my daughter?s face, and she really liked the way she looked.\r \r But this is not the end of the story. Recently her glasses in a beautiful case ended up in the driveway and were run over by a car (or maybe more than one). The case was totally ruined, but the glasses survived. Not a scratch! Surely, my husband and I said that we had had a wonderful investment.\r \r Bottom line: Dr. Rabkin is an exceptional professional who's good with kids and adults. Next time any of us is due for an exam we?ll make an appointment with her in spite of the fact that she?s not among our insurance providers. more

Another VERY satisfied customer 3/4/2008

Before posting myself, I read many of the other reviews, including the single one-star review. This lone outlier is the exception that proves the rule: Dr. Rabkin's service, selection, expertise, and attention to detail are exceptional. I have been wearing glasses for almost 40 years, have lived in a Boston suburb for 25 years and have purchased my glasses at one optician (not Vizio) for that whole time . . . until now. Having just moved back to the city, I was looking for a whole new look to go with my new life. I also needed my first pair of progressive lenses. I found Dr. Rabkin here on Citysearch and off I went. Vizio's frame selection is wonderfully current without being too over-the-top. Finding a flattering frame was easy with the competent, attentive help of Dr. Rabkin's staff. The harder part came when my glasses arrived. The lenses were manufactured incorrectly the first time. No problem, said Dr. Rabkin and she whisked them away to be remade. Several weeks later I returned to discover that the lenses, while correctly manufactured, didn't feel right. I just couldn't see clearly through them. Ever patient, Dr. Rabkin suggested that I try them for several days and then get back to her. When I called still reporting problems, Dr. Rabkin invited me in for a complete exam, both of my eyes (she hadn't done my initial exam) and of the lenses. After the most patient, thorough vision exam I have had in a long time (at no additional charge), Dr. Rabkin ascertained that (1) the lenses were correctly made and (2) the prescription was correct for my eyes. What was necessary were several minor but important adjustments to the way the glasses sat on my face. An hour later I was done. My new glasses look and feel great. Even better, I am seeing better than I have in a very long time. Many thanks to Dr. Rabkin and her staff. I (and my husband) will be back. more

extraordinary results in prescription and lens suggestions 2/28/2008

I have been using progressive lenses for several years; however, the tradeoff between the convenience of a single set of glasses vs. clarity and field width was disappointing. In fact, I purchased additional glasses just to use for computer work, in order to have accurate vision. On my first visit, Dr. Rabkin not only gave me a prescription that resulted in 20/15 eyesight at every focal length, she also recommended progressive lenses that are so superior to anything else I have ever had, that I feel my eyesight is restored to that of my childhood. My new progressive lenses are such a perfect match to what I need that I can wear them all of the time, including sitting in front of a computer screen for several hours each day, without tiring. For the first time, there is no ""spacey"" feeling when walking with glasses on. In addition, she took the time to help me select the most beautiful and lightweight frames ever. The store, Vizio Optic, carries extraordinarily stylish frames (not cheap, but you get what you pay for!) Altogether, I felt thoroughly pampered, as though I had been to a spa.\r Unfortunately, as a new patient, the wait to see her is long, but well worth it - in my case 4 months. Also, she has chosen to not take on any new contact lense patients. I was disappointed until she told me that I would not be able to attain the same level of precision with contact lenses as with these progressive lenses. Until you experience what the correct prescription and lense can do for you, you won't believe it.\r Her office is very conveniently located, and I have never had a parking problem. She is a delightful woman, who is both professional and friendly. Speaking as a very fussy and particular person, I promise you could not do any better than Dr. Rabkin. Pros: Excellent technical skills, great product selection, convenient location, lovely atmosphere. Cons: Length of time to get initial visit. After that, no problem. more

Accessibility is zero 1/16/2008

I've been wearing glasses for ten years, recently moved to Boston and for the first time had a truly bad experience with an optometrist in Cambridge. According to him my prescription strength has dropped dramatically, yet I have gotten headaches and see blurry, now for 2 weeks. I have gone back and he claims that the prescription is correct. Out of desperation, I did a search on the net, found the amazing reviews for Dr. Rabkin and called her office. The Dr. is simply non-accessible. She does not take contact lens exam appointments for new patients, only eyeglasses, and her next appointment is in a month, with a ""very lengthy"" waiting list for cancellations. I explained my situation and there was no sympathy nor was there a hint of willingness to at least recommend someone that could see me sooner. I'm aware of the laws of supply and demand, but I also believe that someone that no doubt, is keenly aware of and enjoying her position (no matter how well deserved); could at least show some compassion. more

Best Eye Care, Bar None! 7/5/2007

Best Optometry practice ANYWHERE! Best eye exams I have ever had, and I've been wearing glasses for 30+ years! Dr. Rabkin is fabulous. She has top of the line equipment and is extremely thorough and professional, in addition to being very personable. The staff is excellent! Great customer service. The eyewear is top of the line, with styles to fit every personality. Ranges from conservative to outrageous, if that's your preference. Pricey, but well worth it. Eyeglasses are my new addiction! \r I would recommend Vizio to anyone who wants to wear glasses, prescription or non-prescription! more


Although I currently live in Chicago, I?m originally from Boston. While researching for a new set of eyewear, I accidentally came across Dr. Rabkin?s site. Upon further review, I could not find an optometrist with similar outstanding reviews in my area. Since I had scheduled a vacation to visit with my family in Boston, I took advantage of this opportunity and scheduled an appointment online. I have never had such a comprehensive and thorough eye exam. She immediately verified the Rx in my glasses and ensured that the Rx for my sunglasses was identical. For the subsequent hour, she performed a wide variety of tests and procedures to exam my eyes. In addition to using the latest technology, she takes the time to carefully explain (i.e. educate) you regarding each test and/or procedure. There was never any sense that you were being rushed. She is an absolute first-class optometrist. \r \r I want to thank all the individuals that submitted these reviews!!! Without you, I never would have discovered Dr. Rabkin. Without a doubt, she will provide you with the best eye exam you ever had. more

Excellent service and variety of glasses 8/3/2006

I was kindly greeted upon entering the store, and experienced the best and thorough eye exam ever. Dr. Rabkin always explained everything she was going to do, an offered an excellent service from beginning to end. I never felt rushed when in the store. She even helped me to pick the glasses that best looked on me. I was surprised with the variety of glasses that they had. It's a great collection of trendy eye glasses that will help you create a new fashion look for yourself. Pros: Great service, great eye glasses collection Cons: Prices are in the high end, but are definitelly worthy it more

Most wrm, efficient and stlylish store I have ever been in 7/15/2006

I grew up the daughter of an ophthalmologist and he also did my refractions until he retired. Then I started going to optomotrists and spent thousands of dollars on eyewear. My Harvard ophthalmologist who examines my eyes for diabetic issues too one look at my perscription and immediately sent to me to Dr Rabkin. She spent over an an hour checking my eyes and found gross mistakes in rx's I had been given over the years, such as Lenscrafters. She immediatelyhooked me up to the right rx and since then, I have purcharshed 12 pairs of glasses from her, including those of my partners who also needed rx glasses. Dr Rabkin is warm, profrssional, has a great sense of humor and does her job as I should be done. I will never go to another place. Her glasses run from classic to a more European style. Thank you, Dr Rabkin. You are the best. Ann E. Haley Brookline, MA 02446 more

Question 4/21/2006

For anyone who remembers them, how does Dr. Rabkin compare to Drs. Mechanic and Levine who were also in brookline for many years? more

User review by bostondoc 12/3/2005

I found Dr. Rabkin's practice online and am glad I did! Her store is very modern and the staff is exceptionally helpful. Dr. Rabkin was very informative and made me feel comfortable. I am excited for my new pair of glasses and will return to have my contact lenses fitted. Thank you! more

great store, wonderful optometrist 10/10/2005

I wandered in off the street into Dr. Rabkin's store in Brookline Village and ended up ordering my glasses there because I was so impressed with their selection, service and attention to detail. After my glasses arrived, I realized that my new prescription--based on an exam by another doctor--was not quite right. Dr. Rabkin did a new exam for me, which was extremely thorough, and then worked with the supplier so that the addtional cost to having my lenses remade would be minimal. I love my new glasses and I intend to have my eye exams done by her in the future. It is a pleasure doing business with a professional who is so attentive to detail and committed to her patients. I highly recommend her, and her store. more


After reading the rave reviews on Citysearch, I was very excited to meet Dr. Rabkin. In the back of my mind however, I was a little uneasy as a perfect 10 is hard to come by. Was Dr. Rabkin as good as others had said? The answer is simply, YES! In fact my visit far exceeded my expectations. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt as though I were the only customer in the room. She gave me an incredibly thorough eye exam, and explained every step in detail. By the time I left her office, I not only had a new pair of contact lenses with perfect 20/20 vision, but very comfortable and stylish glasses which she personally helped me pick out. Dr. Rabkin's knowledge and attention to detail has no equal. She is trully a professional in every sense of the word. Pros: Thorough, Attentive, Pleasant demeanour more

Best Optometrist in Boston 8/16/2005

There is no eye doctor like Dr. Rabkin. Maybe you think I am exaggerating...but then you woud miss out on discovering the absolutely greatest Optometrist who ever stepped on the ground in Boston. I know because I have been to many eye doctors and from the minute I sat down in the exam chair to leaving her office I felt like I got the most thorough examination, will full explanation of my eye health, correct prescription and I could understand much better what my eye problems were. No other doctor was ever as thorough and educating as Dr.Rabkin. I believe her residence experience puts her levels above other Optometrists who don't have this kind of expertise. Pros: very thorough exam, great communication, great person more

Absolutely BEST Eye Doctor in Boston! 7/20/2005

I always thoroughly research my doctors before I see them and I had a recommendation from my co-worker. I researched Doctor Rabkin by asking my Ophthalmologist about her - he actually knows her personally and gave her remarkable endorsements. After my visit I must say Dr. Rabkin is by far the best professional I have seen in Optometry. I also purchased high quality eyeglasses and they are the best glasses I ever had. They cost more than generic glasses but I really like the quality and they feel so much better than my old cheap, heavy metal frames I had from Lenscrafters from two years ago. I no longer have any red marks on my temples and no marks on my nose from the heavy eyeglasses that I had previously. I am a very happy customer and will recommend Dr. Rabkin and the Vizio Opticians store to everyone. Pros: Great eye exam, Great selection, Great service more


Dr. Rabkin is a true gem. She is just an incredible doctor who performed the most thorough eye exam I ever had and I would never go anywhere else. Her service was beyond excellent and her recommendations for eye glasses were perfect. I always was used to getting poor quality eyeglasses that I never loved but I got the most comfortable rimless eyeglasses (i got Lindberg) from the shop where Dr. Rabkin works and I aboslutely love these glasses. I cannot be more thankful for all her attention and recommendations. Pros: Excellent service, Best Eye Exam, Quality of work more

Beyond Excellent 7/17/2005

HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I am an extremely picky and demanding customer when it comes to everything and especially my health (eye health in this case). Yet Dr. Rabkin has truly exceeded even my expectations and I highly recommend her as an Optometrist even to those of you who think that you already have a good doctor. I now realize that until recently, I did not really know what is a great eye exam until I came to see Dr.Rabkin. Pros: Extremely helpful, Super knowledgeable, Amazing service more

A True Gem 5/20/2005

My partner and I had very positive experiences today. Dr. Rabkin is friendly, accommodating, and a consummate professional. Her training and equipment are state-of-the-art and her shop, which is spotless and brand-new, carries a fascinating array of designer eyewear. We feel lucky to have found her! more

Positive Experience!!! 4/20/2005

I found Dr. Rabkin by reviewing the information posted by other reviewers. Dr. Rabkin was extremely helpful, attentive, sincere and pleasant to be around. She gave my an eye exam and then even helped to pick out frames. The frame selection in her office is impressive. She carries a lot of designer frames from Europe. I would highly recommend Dr. Rabkin to any of my friends. I felt lucky to discover all of the positive reviews from other people posted here were true. more

Best Eye Experience Ever 2/14/2005

Dr. Rabkin was very thorough and gentle. Her staff was extremely helpful with picking out frames. I was able to schedule my appointment online, saving me a lot of time. I will go back to her office whenever I need new glasses Pros: Attentive, Gentle, Funny more

Excellent Service 2/6/2005

I needed to have my contact lens prescription renewed and was not very attentive to my eyecare. Dr. Rabkin was very persuasive in getting me to see that I should try out different contact lens until I found the ones that suited me. She also encouraged me to consider getting new glasses and to pay more attention to the health of my eyes. She spent a lot of time helping me to choose a nice pair of glasses that would suit me and my needs. At the end of my care, I had a thorough eye examination, finally selected contact lens that suited me and replaced my old glasses with a nice fashionable pair, which will not encourage me to give my eyes a break from the contact lens. So, at the end of my treatment period, I had a comprehensive and excellent solution to my eyecare. Pros: Dedication, Informed, Customer Service more
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  • Dr. Galina Rabkin performs comprehensive eye exams to diagnose your vision changes, determine your precise prescription and monitor your eye health.

    Dr. Rabkin completed a residency in Primary Care and Ocular Disease at the West Roxbury VA Medical Center. Because of her experience at a very demanding and prominent residency program, she is considered by her many patients as the best optometrist in Boston.


  • Brookline optometry practice, specializing in family eye care.

  • 6/11/2005 Provided by Citysearch

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