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I had a breast reduction two years ago this month. I meant to write a review sooner, but kept forgetting. Only recently when a co-worker mentioned how she wanted a reduction did I...


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Best surgeon and sweetest person ever! 10/26/2015

I had a breast reduction two years ago this month. I meant to write a review sooner, but kept forgetting. Only recently when a co-worker mentioned how she wanted a reduction did I think to write this review as I most definitely referred her to Dr. Suzanne Trott. I am still pleased with my decision to get the reduction and to go with Dr. Trott. She is super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the whole process. I love how she placed me on Arnica pills before and after the surgery to assist with the swelling and bruising. That alone helped a lot. I am so grateful that Dr. Trott worked with me as other surgeons (males) insisted on me losing weight first even when I explained that 1) losing weight would not reduce my breasts as it was genetic and 2) with my back problems, a reduction would assist me to lose weight to in turn assist with my back. Again, thank you Dr. Trott for assisting me. I am happy to say I have lost the weight and am very proportionate and love looking in the mirror every more

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Amazing Surgeon who is Dedicated beyond words 2/9/2011

Dr. Trott is not only an amazing surgeon, but is dedicated that goes beyond words....and here's why... I needed what appeared to be a removal and replacement of a ruptured silicone gel breast implant. My husband and I met with Dr.Trott to hear the lowdown on the specifics of what was to be done, how I could expect to look and the amount of time for surgery and recovery. Estimated time of surgery was approximately 5 hours from prep, start and recovery. My husband liked her secure confidence as well as her explaination of the procedure. When operating on me, Dr. Trott discovered that my previous ruptured breast implant had not been cleaned out thoroughly by the other docotr from 10 years before. She had to remove a lot more tissue than previously thought, so my surgery ended up being a repair, removal and a replacement! No one knew this until they were operating and so another 5 hours were added onto my surgery! Dr. Trott and her team never left my side. They did not eat, snack or have a glass of water for 10 hours straight. They were dedicated to making sure that all the mess from before was removed and that I was cared for properly. Today, I look amazing and have had an outstanding recovery and result. My husband and family are as grateful as I am for Dr. Trott's care and concern for my welfare and recovery. I highly recomend Dr. Suzanne Trott to anyone considering plastic surgery. She is one amazing doctor, woman and individual. Lois Gerace more

Impressive in every way 1/29/2011

Dr. Trott is the best doctor I have ever had. My leg was burned in a fire and I had some very scary surgeries ahead of me. Dr. Trott did the most wonderful job, in and out of the operating room. She brought me safely through two surgeries with beautiful results. What touches me the most is how she reaches out to her patients, always letting them know how much she cares for them. Dr. Trott is by far the most impressive doctor I have seen and I would recommend her to anyone. more

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Extremely knowledgeable, professional, accredited, personable, and meticulous 1/14/2011

Dr. Trott is what every patient dreams of.... extremely knowledgeable, professional, accredited, personable, and meticulous. Most importantly she listens to you and only wants to give you what you are looking for, and does NOT try to talk you into anything you are not. And she would tell you if you DON'T need plastic surgery/lipo and if you should just go home and do sit-ups! You can tell she genuinely cares for her patients, takes much pride in her work and is only satisfied with perfection. I am 5 months post op of a breast augmentation and Dr. Trott gave me exactly what I was hoping for. She did not try to talk me into a larger cup size, she knew i wanted a very natural looking shape that fit my body. She's real, easy to talk to, and an excellent physician and plastic surgeon. Her staff is wonderful. Office is very comfortable, bright, and modern. The surgical center was not only gorgeous, but also very comfortable and private. And all the staff there made me feel very relaxed and I knew I was in good hands. I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone I know and would ONLY trust DR. TROTT to care for my friends and family. more

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Go ahead, take a peek! 12/23/2010

Since my surgery I haven't walked away from someone thinking "please don't look at my backside!" Most of the time I think "go ahead, take a peek!" Thank you Dr. Trott, Cindy more

Top of Her Field 12/17/2010

Dr. Trott not only is one of the very few who are double board certified in Plastic Surgery but she is caring and compassionate and such a conscientious human being with such an eye for detail. It only helped that she is a woman but a very special woman who is not only at the top of her field but the most sincere physician I have ever met. - Gigi McDougal more
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