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Dr. Kirk Kollmann at Dentistry For Kids, Ltd

4801 W Peterson Ave #410
Chicago, IL 60646
(224) 518-1675
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Dr. Kirk Kollmann at Dentistry For Kids, Ltd - Chicago, IL


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All 3 of our kids have been seeing Dr. Berman since they were 2. They continue to see him even thought the oldest is 13. I travel all the way from Northbrook to have him see our c...



My parents took me to Dr. Berman once when I was a child, probably 30 years ago. I distinctly remember him yelling at me and throwing me against a wall. I didn't tell my parents...

mr. 1/10/2013

My parents took me to Dr. Berman once when I was a child, probably 30 years ago. I distinctly remember him yelling at me and throwing me against a wall. I didn't tell my parents until they tried to bring me back for another visit. When they confronted him, he claimed I had behavior problems to justify his abuse. What a jerk. more

Torture, horrible, scarred for life! 1/17/2012

I went here as a child, it was a horrible and traumatizing experience. No kid likes the dentist and as a young child of maybe 4 or 5, I started to cry. I was told very harshly I better shutup I was upsetting the other children and if I didn't stop I would be hit, by two of the dental hygenists. I was so scared I didn't tell my parents til they asked me what was wrong when I got home. After letting Berman know in quite unfriendly terms how angry they were, I never went there again.\r \r I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. And I'm guessing here people's kids are too afraid to say what goes on, or Berman finally got enough complaints and cleaned up his and his staff's act. \r \r Don't go here! more

Best Ever!!!!!!!! 6/10/2011

All 3 of our kids have been seeing Dr. Berman since they were 2. They continue to see him even thought the oldest is 13. I travel all the way from Northbrook to have him see our children and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my childrens' teeth. The people that are "scarred for life" must be "crazy". more

To choose or pass 2/15/2011

I was thinking to bring my child to this office, but I am totally not agreed that parents are not allowed join them in the check up room. If the docs think it is better for a child, they should think what is comfortable for parents too. Some parents don't care too much about their child's feelings, but there are parents who cares about every cell of their child. So, to make parents comfortable doctors have to allow parent at least to stay behind the door of the room where your child has procedure. In that case parents would really aware of what is going on behind that door and make a decision of using this office practice or not. But if the parent is not allowed at all step close to the room then I would believe those that posted a bad reviews here. Specially at the first visit. You and your child had never seen the doctor you don't know a way how he talks, what he says or acts with your child. Question for those parents who had a good experience: how could you trust some once's good more

Great dentist dr berman 10/25/2010

Best pediatric dentist around. None of the kids had a problem with the fact that their parent wasn't sitting with them in all the years I went there. Fillings are still perfect and didn't need to be replaced after several decades. Funny happy dentist, clean caring etc.. Nothing but great memories and a great foundation for a child towards a life time of good dental habits. more

Dawn Pizza 8/31/2010

I was lost trying to find just the right dentist. Many places are not clean or child friendly. So after allot of research I made a appointment here. When we walked in the place is clean, child friendly and friendly warm place to go. My little girl felt like a super star just walking in the door! I would recomend this place to any and all people who are looking for a dentist. more

Incredible dentist. Wonderful with kids with special needs 8/30/2010

I'm the father of the three kids and we make the drive from Deerfield, because Dentistry 4 kids is so great. One of my kids is autistic and we struggled to find a dentist that could work with him. On our last visit we got a picture of him with a great big smile sitting in the dentist chair next to Dr Kollmann. They are wonderful! more

The Best Pediadontist Ever!!! 8/17/2010

Dr. Berman was my pediadontist until I was 19 years old. He is absolutely wonderful. I never felt a shot as it was painless with him. I only found out after seeing a regular dentist, as an adult, that the novocaine shot really hurt! Yes, parents are not allowed to go in with their child, but that is with good reason. How many times has your child acted out with you but is a complete angel when they are dealing with an outsider? Parents tend to make it worse on the child as they reflect their fear and anxiety on to them. The reviews that state he is a monster, yells at kids & is mean are a load of baloney! My mother took five children there, with no dental insurance. We absolutely loved him!!! I didn't want to leave. I'd still go there, if I could. more

Don't bring your children here. Stay with them at their dental visits.? 8/4/2010

I brought my toddler here on a recommendation from the staff of another dental office. I was nervous when I saw I wasn't going to be allowed to join my child for his first ever dental visit. They sent an assistant to whisk him away; I paused and asked if I could come with him. She shook her head, pointed at the sign and said a few words that made it quite clear her English wasn't good. I later realized she was "the holder". Turning to the desk, I saw they had conveniently vanished.\r After an anxious wait, I was waved back to a dentist's office beyond the "no parents allowed doors". I found my flushed, hyperventilating, shaking, terrorized boy. Shocked I asked what the matter was, Dr. Furusho dismissed his condition. I mentioned that the sound proofing of the exam rooms must be impressive for me to not have heard my obviously traumatized child's screams. She was taken aback, but swiftly moved on. Never again. Thank god he doesn't remember it now, years later. Its amazing how horribly gu more

TOP NOTCH DOCTORS!!! 7/16/2010

Dentistry for Kids is an AMAZING place for children! Ever since I was a child I went to see Dr. Berman and still at 25 I'm still a patient there! Never once have ANY of the doctors been rude or mean to children there and as an adult goin in to the backroom filled with kids I can tell you many of them are handfulls! No matter how bad you are nothing horrible happens to you. The doctors talk to you to calm you down, but that's it! I took my 3yr old nephew with me and we both went back at the same time for our check-ups. He was affraid, cried, kicked at the doctors, but never once were they mean or used excessive force on him. These other reviews seem to be a scam to try and get patients for this Resnick guy, which is pretty sad if he has to create false claims against other reputable doctors just to get business. \r All in all, Dr. Berman and the Dentistry for Kids staff are TOP NOTCH DOCTORS that give you EXCELLENT QUALITY WORK! I'm staying until they kick me out!! more

best job ever 6/14/2010

I have been going to this Chicago Dentist, for years. My family and I are very happy with this dentist and his entire staff is great!. They also specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry, more

wonderful caring doctor 5/6/2010

We have been seeing Dr. Berman since my oldest fell at 20 months, and needed a root canal on his baby front tooth. He has treated my children with kindness and respect for the past 15 years, I now have three who see Dr. Berman twice a year, if not more. If there was any misconduct, my children who are all teens would have told me. He is patient with them, professional and caring with parents, and we love this practice. My oldest who is 16, wants to keep going until they kick him out.. more

Quite good! 3/13/2010

Dr. Marvin is quite good, in my personal experience. However, I prefer this Chicago Dentist, to whom I've been going to for years. My family and I are very happy with this dentist and his entire staff is great!. They also specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry, more

Berman Marvin H Dentistry for Kids is great!! 8/15/2009

My son has been a patient of Dr Cissy for 11 years. We have always been very pleased with the practice and found all of the dentists to be very professional and caring. I found it interesting that several of the reviews about Dr. Berman on this site indicate they switched to another dentist (Resnick). Hmmm. more


I have been taking my daughter to this practice since she was 2 1/2 (she is now 6 1/2). Her dentist is Dr. Furusho and I must say that we are extremely pleased with the dentist and the service received. My daughter actually looks forward to going to the dentist!! From reading the other reviews I see some parents didn't like the fact of being separated from their child during the exam. I too at first was a bit weary, but I did learn that my daughter did much better not having us in the room. I then did read in some parenting magazines that it's actually a good idea for the parents not to be in exam rooms with children because they tend to become more anxious, etc. I also noticed the awful reviews pertaining to Dr. Berman. We've never had him as a dentist so I can't comment on him- I can only comment on Dr. Furusho and she is AMAZING.All-in-all we love the practice!! more

Good place for us 1/20/2009

We've been going to Dr. Berman for a couple of years, since my daughter turned 4. The experience has been very pleasant so far, and many families in my neighborhood highly recommend going here. The kids are taken from the parent initially - which is probably scarier for the parent, quite frankly. Go check out the office yourself before making an appointment if you have any concerns. more

One of the worst dentists ever! 7/20/2008

As an adult, I remembered having Dr. Berman as my dentist when I was between the ages of five and nineteen. Unfortunately, he robbed my childhood, especially when he would yell and hit e every time i cried or got scared of his equipment. He also called me a 'bad boy", even when I was distressed. Worst of all, my parents were not aware of the fact that I went through pain and anguish, because of this dentist. So for those who are considering a dentists for your child, please do yourselves a favor: find another dentist, because Dr. Berman will not let you breathe one ounce of air. Trust me. Oh, and his hygienists are also as obnoxious as he is. more

I am 33 yrs old and I still remember Dr. Berman :) 3/7/2008

When I was 3 yrs old most of all of my teeth were in trouble. My mom told me that I was very scared of "doctors" as a child and the dentist topped them all! I had many health problems as a child and going to the doctor was always a challenge for my parents. I had a dentist before Dr. Berman and my mom told me that he could never get anything done because I would kick and scream and cry until I would vomit! My parents heard about Dr. Berman and they thought well lets try and take me there. To make the long story short, Dr. Berman saved my teeth then and I went to his office until I was 18yrs old! He is a wonderful dentist and he works great with kids! I am a pediatric nurse now and I know how it is to work with kids and the challenges we go through working with kids. I have been on both sides of the page and I know how it is as a patient and as a health professional. I would recommend Dr. Berman to every child in Chicago! He truly is a gifted person and a dentist. I have a 3 yr old boy more

Scarred for Life 3/4/2008

I am a former patient of Dr. Berman, now an adult with two children of my own. Marv had a great song & dance with the parents, letting patients play piano for him and putting our photos on his wall...but as soon as they got you back in the chair away from parents, it was nothing short of torture. I distinctly remember him pulling a permanent tooth when I was about 10 years old and I was terrified of the novicane shot and cried out of fear. Instead of calming me down with words, he nastily kept telling me that each time I cried he would give me another shot, which of course made me cry more. He was MEAN, as were several of his hygenists!! My brother and cousins had similar experiences that made us all terribly fearful of going to the dentist. Fortunatly, my children go to a wonderful, patient pediatric dentist named Thomas Resnick in Northbrook. more

brush those teeth! 10/29/2005

I took my kid to this place for dental work several times, and he loved it. In the waiting room there is a playground, where kids can climb, build forts, etc. There are also two TVs that constantly play great childrens movies and a really basic video game machine. In the office itself, there are stuffed animals and TVs everywhere, and the masks the dentists wear have clown faces painted onto them. In short, this place will make your kid love going to the dentist. more
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