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Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - 17 Reviews - 45 E 85th St, New York, NY - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (212) 517-5157

Dr. Joshua B. Hyman

45 E 85th St
New York, NY 10028
(212) 517-5157
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Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY
Dr. Joshua B. Hyman - New York, NY


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For many of us, high school has been tough. But sometimes high school reunions could be even tougher. I remember being teased because of my hairy arms back then. Some would even m...


I paid almost 10,000.00 for lipo of stomack inner legs and thighs, i couldve flush my money down the toilet, i only had 15 extra pound not a lot and after 1 year i have not even l...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/19/2013

After my tummy tuck (mommy makeover) procedure; I needed to have scar revision. Which after several months was finally performed. The doctor did an excellent job! Now I can say that I am truly happy:) My belly button is back to normal (better than normal) and the ""dog ears"" are gone...yeah! Thank you Dr. Hyman:) more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/11/2013

I too had a very bad experience with Doctor Hyman and am trying to get my money back to do work elsewhere. I wrote to the Board and they completely took his side. What protection do we have in US to do plastic/Cosmetic surgeries? I feel none.\r \r It seems its best to go outside thecountry, pay cheaper and get better results.\r \r I still would like to fight Dr. Hymans work and get my money back. He is a scam artist with Body cosmetica. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/21/2013

Very bad experience with this surgeon. Joshua Hyman is far from being extraordinarily detailed as described on Body Cosmetica's website. As a matter of fact, he is able to avoid being that way entirely. The consultation was very clear. The reason for my visit was to see if the indentation around my navel could be improved or removed. Dr Joshua Hyman was very positive, affirmative and optimistic about the procedure and results and made it look like a quite simple surgery. He said that he would ""pull the indentation out and make a straight line"". He did not do that at all. He did not even touch the spot in question. He just revised the scar that was next to the indentation. 20 min procedure, 1/2"" scar revision. I had agreed to pay $3500 because I had that specific request. He did not appear challenged by it at the time of consultation. However after the procedure, in a subsequent email, he said ""You are lucky that it is not worse"".\r How desperate for money is he? It is impossible that during the procedure he did not see that he was not doing what I had signed a consent for. Also, after the procedure, since I was not happy at all with the outcome, his assistant Kendra looked at my scar from 5 feet away and exclaimed how so much better it was. (She definitely could not see it from where she stood. Which made me all the more furious. She did not like to be called on her bs afterwards either). They just don't care. They are salespeople. I find them totally dishonest and unethical.\r And now of course they do not want to talk to me as in previous review. So I think that Dr Hyman and Body Cosmetica are just a ripoff. \r more


I paid almost 10,000.00 for lipo of stomack inner legs and thighs, i couldve flush my money down the toilet, i only had 15 extra pound not a lot and after 1 year i have not even lost 1 pound with that not even 1 size down, and when i had my surgery the doctor was late and only had less than a hour to do it so i dont know if hejust didnt care and didnt do it right but for that price pffffffff i am so mad you cant imagine please save your money and go to someone else !!!!! more

Went down to Manhattan to raise my spirits 12/15/2010

I was feeling down in the doldrums due to a recent unachieved major goal at work. I felt so down that when I got a good look at my legs, the hair there that didn?t bother me before, became a major distraction. And for a girl, there?s always the beauty shop to rush to in times of emergency feel-good experiences. I chatted online with one of my workmates and she ?pushed? me here. I tried one of their facials. While having my ?treatment,? I ended up confiding my failure to one of the staff there. Her words really comforted me. After the session, I had a smile on my face because of the uplifting results and experience. Oh, and about their laser treatment, I couldn?t say anything less. Thank you! more

Ready for any reunion 12/15/2010

For many of us, high school has been tough. But sometimes high school reunions could be even tougher. I remember being teased because of my hairy arms back then. Some would even make monkey sounds when I would walk down the hall. So I made some preparations for our upcoming reunion. A few weeks ago, I started laser hair removal treatment here. Now, I can?t believe the hair on my arms is almost invisible, even under bright lights! I feel I?m more than ready to go to that reunion with glowing skin like this. And now, I?m sure that the only sounds I?ll be hearing when I walk down the venue?s halls will be those of admiration. more

Looking sleeker, feeling cleaner 12/9/2010

When I went here to have hair on my chest and belly removed for good, I thought I had done the unthinkable for a guy, it being a beauty salon and all. But when I saw two guys who has been undergoing laser treatment for two weeks, I started to feel better. But it was after I talked to them that I really felt great. The two buddies showed me a picture of themselves before they had the treatment, and I was really impressed with the results. They also said that felt cleaner for some reason. Now that I?ve seen and felt the results for myself, I couldn?t agree with them more. more

A new kind of ?hot? 12/3/2010

When I travel to places where the temperature is warm, I can feel a lot of moisture on my skin, and not in a good way. I?ve always felt that my excessive body hair is the culprit behind making me feel stickier than normal. Turns out, it is. I confirmed the research I did with the skin-care specialists here. So when I had the time, I grabbed the chance of getting that laser treatment that rid me of my body hair forever. Now, I still feel hot. But in the beautiful sense of the word! more

Everybody listen up. 11/30/2010

Im a football player, but my insane back hair was getting to me so much that I was willing to do something some would say is un-masculine. I did hair removal on my back and am happy that I'm no longer beastly for lack of better words. Girls find me more attractive and at my age that's important. Def. recommend laser hair removal to those experiencing the same problems. more

Ready for a new me! 11/30/2010

I recently transfered to a school in Brooklyn from Albany, NY, and wanted to start off fresh and confident in a school where nobody knew me. I big problem of mine was all my flabby skin from recently losing a noticable amount of weight. Laser cosmeticas skin tightening procedures have given me the results I was expecting and I am excited to start classes this winter! more

No more cuts for me 11/30/2010

Okay, lets start off by saying I am the QUEEN of razor cuts. I am literally known for it by my friends and family. I don't know why, but everytime I would shave my legs,bikini,arms,stomach I would cut myself at least once. This is no longer an issue for me thanks to laser cosmetica. I have done full body treatments in the past two years and can safely say I no longer need to purchase bandaids weekly! more

Free to party 11/29/2010

I?m always careful, but I still manage to nick myself sometimes. I had heard of laser hair removal and decide I wanted to check it out. I did a consultation and then talked to a friend about it. Turns out, she?s done it. That?s when I decided to end shaving forever by getting their hair removal treatment. Now, not only do I not shave anymore, but my underarms actually feel softer and smoother. Best of all, I don?t have to worry about them getting in the way of my social life. more

Ladies, cellulite reduction is gods gift! 11/24/2010

I did cellulite reduction before my wedding and felt 100x sexier on my wedding night! Jake never said anything but I could tell he noticed that change and was very much pleased with it. It was pain free and just knowing that i was reducing the clump look in my legs made me feel great waking up every morning. Thanks laser cosmetica! more

My skin feels refreshed 11/24/2010

My skin looks nice and clean and fresh now, which is great. I've struggled with acne throughout my teenage years and had scars down to my neck from them. Through the hard work of the fabulous estiticians in Laser Cosmetica my skin looks new. Thank you team. more

botox plz 11/18/2010

iam a customer at laser cosmetica.,,i love getting botox its the best thing that man has created, and laser cosmetica . and alison, dont b afraid to talk to her, she is very more

Wrinkle Free is the Way to Be 11/17/2010

Being a luscious women in my 50's, I decided it was time I got a little work done to keep up appearances. I always thought this meant having surgery. Then upon doing some research I found out about laser wrinkle reduction techniques. Since I received a free consultation from Laser Cosmetica, I decided to see what the wrinkle reduction service is all about. I bought a package for wrinkle reduction and I am so excited about my results. My friends always comment that I look years younger and I seem to have a glow about me. A few of my friends scheduled a consultation with Laser Cosmetica because they want to look years younger too. more

lovity love micros 11/17/2010

I purchased a package from Laser Cosmetica for 4 micros and I am so happy! My face has never felt this smooth. I have had rough textures on my face my whole life and after moving to NYC, I become self conscious and thought that everyone was staring at my skin. Thankfully I won a free micro at my companies health fair and went in to give it a try. I was sold after the treatment and opted into a package to finish smoothing out my face. I no longer think anyone is staring at my skin. more

Thanks Laser Cosmetica 11/16/2010

Honestly, thank you Laser Cosmetica. My family is from Uzbekistan, and for those of you who are familiar with the Country, us Uzbeks tend to have thick dark hair. It's kind of tormented me my whole life. I heard about Laser Cosmetica through a friend and decided to give it a shot. I happened to walk in during a week when they had some great specials and the clinic director made me feel confident in making the final decision. I don't want to go into too many details as for what areas I targeted, but I will say it worked. I don;'t know if they have better machines than other hair removal places, I honestly didn't do a lot of research just trusted my girlfriend. Im more than happy with my results, my sister and several cousins have already booked their consultations. Def. recommend it. more

laser hair removal 11/16/2010

the whole staff was very helpful, and friendly, I was so nervous but after i had a talk with one of the clinical director, she explain the procedures...What can i say..I'am very happy with my results. more

Botox Baby 11/16/2010

I have never even though of having Botox before. I went into Laser Cosmetica for my monthly hair removal and my esthetician was telling me about it and how great I would look after. I have to say I was very skeptical. I?m only 33 and I think my skin looks great. Just as I was leaving my girl introduced me to Dr. Camden. After only 5 minutes of talking to her I was convinced I had to do this. It?s been three week and I can?t stop looking in the mirror!!! I love it!! more
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