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Domann, Katherine, Dvm - Hillside Veterinary Hospital - 28 Reviews - 2364 Fort Union Blvd, Salt Lake City, UT - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (801) 943-2154

Domann, Katherine, Dvm - Hillside Veterinary Hospital

2364 Fort Union Blvd
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 943-2154
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Domann, Katherine, Dvm - Hillside Veterinary Hospital - Salt Lake City, UT


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Dr Bartholomew and Dr Doman and their associates and staff are A+ in my opinion. I have gone to them for years with a variety of pets. They are always courteous, thoughtful and...


I have taken my animals to Hillside Vet for 30 years. Dr.'s Brown and Salmen were wonderful, understanding and loved their patients. The younger vets they have working there now...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/5/2014

As I have only ever brought my rabbit to this establishment I cannot vouch for their knowledge of cats and dogs but if you own a rabbit I strongly dissuade you from using this veterinary service. I brought my 3-4 year old rabbit in due to concern about cataracts having formed in both of her eyes and was told that it was simply that cataracts. Later the following week I noticed reddening and slight irritation of one of her eyes returning to this clinic provided the diagnosis of pink eye and I was prescribed medication to apply to it, a short time later extensive swelling was visible and I returned again to find that the eye would need to be removed. At this point I began to question the initial diagnosis and went to another vet for a second opinion, I was told that cataracts forming so young is an indicator that the rabbit may have Encephalitozoon cuniculi a fairly prominent parasitic disease and that one of the medications that was prescribed was not good for rabbits as it suppresses the immune system And was “only used in rabbits with cancer”. If you are seeking a veterinarian for your rabbit Wasatch exotic pet clinic is a much better option they are more knowledgeable about small animals and the veterinarian there has much better manners than Ryan Centini. more

I won't go anywhere else 12/1/2012

I cannot recommend Dr Michelle Schilling enough. My parents began taking our pets to the original Hillside Vet with Dr. Brown and Dr. Tobiason about 25 years ago. I continued this with my own pets as an adult. When my beloved dog was diagnosed with diabetes it was primarily Dr Schilling that helped us through it. She lived an extra 3 1/2 years with Michelle's love and care. I can't tell you how many times I was there at opening with a sick baby and the techs and Michelle always took such great care of her. Michelle would even meet me at the hospital on Sundays to give my dog fluids so she could come home with me. I will forever be indepted to her and everyone at Hillside. I now bring my other dogs there and wouldn't go anywhere else. Pros: knowledgable, caring vets and staff Cons: too popular and are busy more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/17/2012

We have been using Hillside for over 20 years - Dr Schilling is the perfect replacement for Dr Brown ! She is compassionate, insightful and always available for our many pets and us. She knows how to cater to neurotic pet people (and pets) like us. We wouldn't go anywhere else! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/22/2012

Dr Bartholomew and Dr Doman and their associates and staff are A+ in my opinion. I have gone to them for years with a variety of pets. They are always courteous, thoughtful and thorough and rule on the side of being conservative as far as test, etc. I appreciate that and I always feel very included in any decisions. They are very fair and reasonably priced and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to everyone. I have been in when they have been slammed with emergencies and have probably waited a while and they may have been a little quicker with things but I know in an emergency they would always be there for me and unfortunately it may make other wait a while but it all works out in the end. They should get 10 stars! more

Dr. Katie is the BEST! 3/20/2012

Dr. Katie Domann has been treating my Yorkie and Keeshond girls, who both celebrated their 13th birthday at the end of 2012. She truly cares about her ""seniors"", as she calls them.\r \r Dr. Domann went so far as to call me after hours just to let me know the results of a biopsy on my Yorkie, because she didn't want me to worry over the weekend.\r \r It is because of that level of dedication and commitment to both her profession and her patients, that Dr. Domann will be my vet for as long as I live in Salt Lake City! more

Compassionate Care 3/14/2012

Upon moving to Utah two and a half years ago my senior citizen labrador became one of Dr. Bartholomew's patients. Being a senior she developed some ailments that required special care. Dr. Bartholomew and her entrie staff were so sweet to my lab while giving her exceptional medical care. While enroute to SLC she had to stop in St. George for emergency surgery. She lived another happy, healthy two and a half years because of HIllside Vet. When it came time to make the difficult decision that her time with me was coming to an end they provided me with the medical information to help me make that decision and the compassion to help during that painful time. When it is time to add a new canine to my family Hillside Vet will be out first stop! more

Best VET ever!!!! 8/19/2011

I want to let you know how wonderfull and caring Dr. Schilling is; I called her late at night and told her of my situation with my cat (Symba) and was able to send her pictures of his situation and Dr. Schilling responded very quickly and actually cared about my cat!!! She helped me out and made me feel better about the situation with my cat.... She is very professional and actually cares sincerely about animals!!!! I could not recommend any other vet!!! If you care about your animal then be assured so does she!! Which is very rare in this day and age!!!\r \r Thank you Dr. Schilling!!!\r (your one in a million)\r \r Mrs. Liza Corwell more

Awesome Service! 3/29/2011

We have taken our old girl Gypsy (13) to Hillside for several years and now our new puppy Thor is a regular at the clinic. We love all three of the Vet's and have used their different services from standard dog care to acupuncture for our older dog (it really helped!). The level of care and concern for our babies has been very high and we like going to this clinic and now at least four of our friends go as well! The pricing is very competitive and the microchip is no more expensive than PetSmart and instead of a tech we get the doctor to do it..;) I am happy to answer any questions about Hillside you might have regarding our experiences over the last five years. Best Wishes! Randall & Lisa Wall more

Best Veterinarian Hospital in Town! 3/25/2011

I?ve been around dogs my entire life, and have had my own for 15+ years (1 Beagle, 2 Boxers, and now a Doberman). Hillside is by far the best veterinary hospital in town, because you can tell they genuinely care for your animals. They try to keep costs low and offer to help wherever they can, which is not common in this industry (or world for that matter). I?ve had dogs with horrible genetic diseases to the point that nothing could be done to cure them (horrible skin allergies, blindness, kidney failure, brain tumors, mange, etc.), so I?ve had experiences with quite a few veterinarians over the years. In the cases where my dogs were lucky enough to have been treated at Hillside, their staff has always truly gone out of their way to make their time on Earth as enjoyable as possible. I fully credit them with saving my current Doberman?s life. She had a horrible case of mange as a puppy, and if it weren?t for Hillside she wouldn?t be here today. She?s now going on 6 years and is a beautiful, strong, and most importantly, happy girl. Looking at her now, no one would ever think that she almost didn?t make it as a puppy. They even worked with me financially because they felt so bad about all the health problems my previous Boxer had, which were not Hillside?s fault in the slightest. It sickens me to see people complaining about their practice, as you just don?t come across genuine people like this often. These people deserve nothing but praise, and I wish there were more people like this out there. In reading each of the negative reviews, it?s the reviewer you really should question, not Hillside. I?ve been around plenty of vets and ?specialists? who claim they will help your dogs, but in reality all they want is your money. There is not a person like that at Hillside, they care for your animals more than anyone else I?ve found, and truly want to help. I will never take one of my dogs to another vet so long as they are around, and I am truly grateful they are here. more

Great place to take your dog or cats!! 3/8/2011

My family has gone to Hillside Vet for 15+ years. We have had only good experiences. I trust all of the veterinarians there. Dr. Brown should be very proud of the legacy she left behind when she retired. It continues to have very high quality animal care. I have had many pets in for routine visits as well as surgeries and always have had excellent results. I highly recommend this veterinary clinic to anyone with dogs or cats. All of the employees I have dealt with have been considerate and professional. more

Best Vet around 12/14/2010

I have been going to Hillside Veterinary hospital for close to 20 years. That means I have been going since Dr. Brown owned the practice and have been through several Veterinarians there.\r \r Michelle is an amazing Vet who has always taken time out for my pets and my questions. She has bent over backwards to help me save money and only do what is necessary for my pets medical care, young or old. She has been sensitive about our feelings and concerns every time we have been there.\r \r They also try very hard at this clinic to keep the cost down so people can afford medical care for their pets. Just call around to other Veterinarians for quotes and you will see what I mean.\r \r Although they have been through a few receptionist that were not very friendly the current staff is amazing and always smiling and greets me as I walk in the door. For those people who wrote a bad review, I wonder if they were at the right place, or if it was their own attitude that caused their poor experience. \r \r I recommend Hillside Vet and Dr. Schilling to all my friends and family!\r more

Michelle Schilling/Hillside Vet Clinic 8/13/2010

Exceptional clinic and all of the doctors are absolutely fabulous. I've gone there for years and me and my little ones have been treated like royalty. To the person who gave them a bad review, I'm in shock! Maybe you were having a bad day or something. These doctors are wonderful. more


We have been going to Hillside for 2 years. We have a 2 year old beagle boy and now a 3 month old beagle girl. We had a great experience with our boy - we only had to have routine shots & checkups with him. more

I highly recommend Dr. Michelle Schilling, DMV 3/22/2010

Our experience with Hillside Veterinary Hospital has been stellar over years of patronship. Many years ago, (on a recommendation from a friend) our animals began seeing Dr. Kaye Brown. Dr. Brown gave our lab/pit mix great care for years and ultimately provided a very peaceful and humane experience when her life came to a sad but expected end. We have seen most of the other staff at Hillside now including Dr. Michelle Schilling. Pros: compassion, honest, generous, true animal lovers Cons: far from my home, terrible speed bumps in parking lot more

I highly recommend Dr. Michelle Schilling, DMV 3/22/2010

Our experience with Hillside Veterinary Hospital has been stellar over years of patronship. Many years ago, (on a recommendation from a friend) our animals began seeing Dr. Kaye Brown. Dr. Brown gave our lab/pit mix great care for years and ultimately provided a very peaceful and humane experience when her life came to a sad but expected end. We have seen most of the other staff at Hillside now including Dr. Michelle Schilling.\r \r We repeatedly were impressed with her knowledge and by the honest care Dr. Schilling provided to our animals; ultimately we began asking for Dr. Schilling exclusively. She not only is one of the most skilled animal practitioners we have worked with, she is also kind and caring. We believe animals can sense much in humans which we miss. Our little dogs (we work with a chihuahua rescue society) trust and feel safe with Michelle. Every time we brought in our oldest chihuahua, Dr. Schilling would say, ""I just love this dog""; we knew she was not putting on a show, because, for this animal in particular, the feeling was obviously mutual. Our sweet little girl recently passed away at home, and once again Dr. Schilling and the staff of Hill Side walked us through the mourning process, comforting us as they too (honestly) mourned her loss. The staff even gave us a thoughtful expression of sympathy by making a donation to Best Friends Animal Society in her memory.\r \r Going to the Vet can be an extremely stressful event for our pets. The staff sees them only on their (and subsequently OUR) worst days. I can not imagine how difficult it must be to see animals suffering day in and day out. I strongly believe that these people are saints. Even though they possess special talents needed to do their work, I also know, from experience, that they are not all equal to Dr. Schilling and her staff. Hillside Veterinary Hospital is nearly a half-hour drive from our home. And even though its a complete pain to have to drive past so many other (likely skilled) vets, I will not go anywhere else. For as long as we are able to keep rescuing and fostering animals, our home will remain full of animal companions. Likewise, Dr. Schilling will remain our Vet; she has earned our trust and respect.\r \r I highly recommend Dr. Michelle Schilling and Hillside Animal Hospital. Pros: compassion, honest, generous, true animal lovers Cons: far from my home, terrible speed bumps in parking lot more

New Owner - Michelle Schilling Bartholomew 2/18/2010

I went to Hillside Vet with my cat and saw Dr. Bartholomew who now owns this business. I had to wait for 40 minutes for my appointment. Once I saw Dr. Bartholomew she was rude. She kept cutting me off and not listening to me. She rushed the appointment. Pros: Nothing positive Cons: Not impressed with new ownership more

Michelle Schilling Bartholomew, DVM 2/18/2010

I was referred to Hillside Vet by a close friend who had gone there when it was owned by Dr. Brown. He said they had great vet care at a reasonable price. \r \r When I called I was informed the practice had been sold to Dr. Shilling Bartholomew. I was put on hold by the receptionist repeatedly. I went to my appointment I had to wait 40 minutes for Dr. Bartholomew to see my cat. \r \r She wasn't very thorough and wanted to redo some tests that had already been done by another vet. I felt like she just wanted to rack up some charges. She was quite rude talking over me. She seemed to be in an extreme hurry and rushed me out of the room in 10 minutes.\r \r The prices when I went for my visit were higher than what I was quoted on the phone. The receptionist seemed afraid to go and ""bother"" Dr. Bartholomew with my concerns. In the end I paid the full bill, but won't be going back.\r \r I would recommend Dr. Schilling and her staff take some customer service classes. Pros: Nothing was positive Cons: She's the new owner - not impressed more


We took our 8 month old puppy to be neutered. The Vet or staff thought he was still sedated he woke up and torn out his sitches and torn into a blood vessel. According to the staff he was left alone in a room by himself after surgery. Pros: I'm never going back more

Excellent care given with compassion!! 10/22/2009

I just relocated to Salt Lake City from Tucson, AZ with my labrador, Samantha. During our drive to SLC we were in the middle of nowhere and she developed bloat. I had no idea where to go to get her the life saving treatment she needed. Dr. Schilling helped me locate a vet who performed the surgery and then coordinated her care when we finally made it to SLC. First and foremost Dr. Schilling is extremely knowledgable about veterinary care. Secondly she was compassionate with me in my time of crisis. As for Samantha, despite all of the medical procedures she still gets excited when she sees Dr. Schilling. What better recommendation is there!! Pros: My lab loves Dr. Schilling. more

Going downhill 7/22/2009

I had gone to Hillside many years ago with our family pets while our kids were growing up. I had great experiences with Kaye Brown and Gayle Salmon. Very very compassionate women.\r \r My kids got me a new puppy so I decided to go back to Hillside. I was told Dr. Kaye sold the business to M. Shilling. When I arrived there was a mousy woman at the counter that just looked at me. She didn't smile or greet me, just told me to sign in. I was surprised she didn't even say hello since we were the only two people in the room.\r \r I hadn't realized I had make the appointment with a Dr. Domman. I didn't think it would matter I thought they would all be nice. She wasn't nice. She seemed abrupt and not very warm. I really didn't like her at all. I thought this was just a fluke and figured I would see the new owner next.\r \r What a disappointment! She talked so fast I couldn't even follow what she was saying. She wasn't dressed very professionally, more like she was going out to a bar. I was out of there so quickly I didn't even know what I had paid for. It was quite expensive. I believe Michelle S. is motivated by making money not making lasting relationshps like Dr. Kaye was.\r \r I didn't go back. I figured 2 tries was enough to get a feel for the place. Was so different than the old Hillside I was used to going to. I was really sad to see it had changed so much. Pros: parking availablity Cons: staff not friendly more
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  • Offering veterinarians and pet sitting services.

    Hillside Veterinary Hospital is a full service small animal pet hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care. We know what an important part of the family a pet is and are committed to giving families the highest level of veterinary care including our in-house pharmacy, orthopedic surgery and ultrasound services. You can trust our doctors and technicians to provide your pet with the highest level of compassionate care to facilitate the highest quality of life for your pet.

    Hillside Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to becoming your partner in your pet's health care. We treat your pet as we would our own. We strive to practice the highest quality veterinary medicine, dental and pet surgery...with an emphasis on client education.

    Preserving the human-animal bond is our primary goal. We look forward to seeing you and your pet.

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