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Dolores Restaurant - 27 Reviews - 11407 Santa Monica Blvd, West Los Angeles, CA 90025, Los Angeles, CA - Eclectic & International Reviews - Phone (310) 477-1061

Dolores Restaurant

11407 Santa Monica Blvd, West Los Angeles, CA 90025 (at Purdue)
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 477-1061
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Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA
Dolores Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA


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As part of a professionals group, we've meeting here every week for the past year. After the first couple of weeks, the restaurant has been consistently getting high marks from al...


Oh what a waste of money this joint is. For ages it was a comfy homelike friendly place, with competent servers serving quality meals at a reasonable cost. Well, all that is in ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/20/2012

The new name of this place is called West LA Grill Cafe. \r \r This new owner needs to take some classes in proper customer service. I told him I was a loyal customer of Dolores for years and I felt bad that it closed. I was willing to give his new establishment a chance but when I asked what the requirement would be to have a breakfast party in the back, he told me it would be a flat $175.00 rate! HUHHHHHH??? That was one of the most awesome distinctions about Dolores - they offered that back area WITHOUT charge. Instead of winning over a new customer, this new owner just lost scores of prospective customers. Wow. tsk, tsk, tsk! more

Terrible Terrible 3/5/2011

I had been going to this restaurant for about 14 years then it was taken over by new management, well that was the end of Dolores. With the new management for the first few months the service was basically non existant, the cooks couldn't get any thing right, the waitresses were running around trying to help and the guy who now runs the place got in the way. I thought OK I'll give them time to get the place sorted out so I continued to go there and things got no better it got worse. The last time I went for breakfast there was no one working the counter its was hurry up and wait when I finally placed my order I was given my coffee and 40 minutes later was still waiting for my ham and eggs, I gave up paid for the coffee and left. I had not been back for about 9 months so today I made the mistake of going in for breakfast. The waitress could care less about taking orders, when I finally ordered the prices have gone up toast is not included with the breakfast item its hash browns or toast, I ordered the toast as well. She took my order and wandered off. So here comes the new owner and I suppose his wife the waitress runs off up to the front of the restaurant and starts yapping to her boss mean while my order is ready and sitting under the heating lamps where is the waitress? still yapping with her boss, so a waiter starts telling her the order is ready she pays no attention so he serves me my meal, I had ordered toast but its not served now the waitress is busy making her bosses wife a latte, when I ask where is the toast she's like oh wanders off to the toaster and brings me cold toast puts in on the counter and walks off like I had interrupted her day. All of the decorations and paint they have slapped on the place can't cover the fact the restaurant is poorly managed most of the waitresses could give a rip if they took your order or not. Today was the last time I will be going there. more


AWWWWWFFFFFFUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!! Sunday afternoon, not very busy -- not hard to mess up, right? WRONG! When... more


AWWWWWFFFFFFUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!! Sunday afternoon, not very busy -- not hard to mess up, right? WRONG! When the waiter FINALLY comes around (didn't see him for the first 10 minutes we were sitting there) I asked for a cup of chili and a PLAIN bacon cheeseburger, with nothing on it and one request: crisp bacon. The chili comes right away and it was horrible -- Hormel would have been better. Then we wait for our main food, and we see it come up and the ""waiter"" (I believe he was the manager, being cheap and saving on hiring an extra waitress) is busy talking on his cell phone. He then starts to try to prep the food while talking on the cell phone. He finally finishes and brings the food and walks away (very gruff). I open my burger and it has THE WORKS on it. I try to catch his attention, but he's back on the phone. I finally bring the plate UP to the counter and wait while he continues to talk on the phone for another minute or two. He hangs up and by now I'm fuming and begin to complain. He puts his hand in my face. ""There is no need to yell! I am a human being!"" he chastises me (I was annoyed, but not yelling). I explain things and I wait (as my wife eats HER food) for another try at it. He's still off and on the phone and then brings me the replacement and it has pickles, tomatoes and lettuce on it! And the bacon -- not very cooked at all -- not even NEAR crisp. (And the burger tasted very funky.) When he comes to see how things are and I point out the mistake again he begins to get irate again. I point out that if he wasn't on his phone he might have been able to check the order -- EITHER time. He yells that he has business to do! Un-freaking-believable! I've lived on the Westside for a long time and heard good things about this place, so I went in expecting good things! BOY was I given something else! This was my one AND ONLY trip to Dolores! AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE... which might be in the food! (I had to put ONE star because they wouldn't allow ZERO -- and they didn't have negative stars!) more


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AWWWWWFFFFFFUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!! Sunday afternoon, not very busy -- not hard to mess up, right? WRONG! When the waiter FINALLY comes around (didn... more

Dissapointed 9/27/2010

While visiting my sister I suggested we visit Dolores. We couldn't believe it was still there. When we got there we discussed with the waiter how we used to frequent Dolores many years ago, and remembered the secret sauce they put on burgers and the suzie-q's were the greatest french fries. He told us the susie-q's were now different. We then ordered and were so surprised when we received our meal. The burger did not have the secret sauce on it rather it had an off the shelf thousand island dressing. The advertisement is misleading. It is time for Dolores to say what they sell currently. To say the least we were very dissapointed. more

Best Place to Meet in WLA 8/30/2010

As part of a professionals group, we've meeting here every week for the past year. After the first couple of weeks, the restaurant has been consistently getting high marks from all of us. We have never had a complaint about our food, service is fast and friendly, also, PARKING, parking folks, parking, free for customers. The room in the back where we meet holds about 60 and has just recently been remodeled. Highly reccomended A+ more

Heavenly Bread Pudding!! 8/23/2010

I was across the courthouse paying a ticket and wanted a little treat afterwards. Dolores is right on the corner of Purdue and Santa Monica which is where the courthouse is also. I walked in looking for somthing fast and sweet, and the server suggessted the homemade bread pudding...OMG. You should try. more

Above Average 8/22/2010

After a lazy stroll into the local Sunday Market, I ventured across the street about noon along with the GF to get a cool drink and escape the merciless summer heat. We did not expect much at all but the first thing I noticed was how quickly we were seated. While the Ice Tea, my favorite, could have been stronger and so could the GF's coffee, we both loved the food. For me the French toast and for the GF the SouthWestern Chicken Wrap. Compared to other similar type restaurants their prices were very reasonable too. more

excelent food and service 8/15/2010

I was at the Shakespeare Festival across the street on Saturday night andwas looking for a late night cup of coffee. Dolores is right across thestreet and so I walked in with a friend. We were seated quickly and givenmenus. There was only one waiter working and I think only one cook in thekitchen and so our wait time was a bit longer, but not an issue. The servicewas friendly and the desserts were fresh. I had the 5 layer chocolate cakewhich satisfied and my friend had the strawberry shortcake. I would havepreferred a stronger cup of Joe, but no matter. I saw other people walksteadily in. the place was by no means full, but all in all the experiencewas satisfying. If I'm ever around here again, I might drop in to try somefood. more

Solid Neighbourhood Joint 8/5/2010

I moved here from Austin last January and being single, I don't like to cook much, and believe me I can't. I went to several places around the Santa monica Sawtell area and never ventured in here, honestly because of some of the reviews I read. One night I got desparate enough and as they were open late, I walked in. Ordered a pizza with abeer, I like the thin crust of the pizza, the sauce was fine and the beer cold. There were not too many people here, but I don't mind. servicer was relaxed and friendly and prices very reasonable. To be honest I don't know what these other reviewers are looking for. I'll be back again. more

happy with the changes 8/5/2010

Came here for lunch with my buddy from work, service was really fast, which counts. I had their bacon cheese burger with onion rings which they make fresh in-house I was told by the waiter really delicious. My buddy had the Cobb salad and he equally enjoyed. our tab for two for lunch was under $20!\r I liked the decor and the staff were friendly. I read the other reviews and really don't agree, but then everyone can chip in with their two pennies worth.\r I would come back and try their breakfast one day, and I'll be sure to report bacb. All in all, good service, good food and very good value. more

New Owner = better quality, healthier food! 7/19/2010

I've been to Dolores before they remodeled and changed the menu. It was disgusting. I was dragged back there last night and was expecting a horrible meal. I was wrong! The menu has changed and the food is much better quality! Gone is the grease fest that left a coating on your tongue and a lump in your stomach. \r \r The sandwiches were good, as were the hot wings and chicken salad. They have a surprising variety of beer for a diner. I had Firestone DBA. The new decor has updated the former eye sore, but it still smells a bit old in there. \r \r Recent reviewers don’t seem to be happy with the change. They must older, enjoy bad food, or just stuck in their ways. I am a 30 year old Los Angeles native, and appreciate the updated menu that boasts fresher ingredients and lacks the heart clogging grease of yore. I will no longer advise people to run away from this establishment. \r \r All in all, it’s a good place to drop in for a last minute or late night bite. \r Pros: parking lot, open till 4am Cons: It's a diner, so you get what you expect more

Upscale Diner 5/14/2010

I came here late last night, thinking they were open 24 hours as I remember reading somehwere, but, They said they are open til 4 Friday and Saturday,...Ok.\r The place has it's own parking which is a blessing on the west side. Food was decent, I had the blue cheese burger with garlic fries,...I don't want to count the calories!\r It is a big portion and with a Coke came to about $10. This is not fancy dining, but I would say an upscale diner, They have Wifi. Might be a good place for late night hangouts,..we'll see. Pros: Parking, Good food Cons: Not 24 hours more

We came We left We're done 5/26/2009

I miss Dolores. Been going for years. Moved to the Westside in 1978. Went in during construction and had a mediocre experience and thought I better let the new owners get their place together. After seeing their coupon on the back of Ralphs receipts for months I decided it was time to try Dolores again. We went last Friday at 6PM. The first warning was I was the only car in the lot. We continued in to see about 3 people in the place. The hostess was not exactly friendly but we were seated. She later came over as our server. She saw the coupon I placed at the table edge, took it, closely examined it and said something about trouble with the coupon vendor. Then she said we don't take this coupon anymore. Never mind it expires two months from now?? That was enough. We left. I predict Dolores will close sometime during the Summer unless big changers see made. We're done. Went to Rae's in Santa Monica and had a wonderful dinner. more

Terrible 3/9/2009

I used to go for the Jumbo Jim burger. My dad used to take there when we were kids. The new owner changed the menu, and also hired a cook that couldn't get eggs, bacon and hash browns right when there were 3 other people in the place. Don't go more

Overpriced food and horribly managed restaurant 1/17/2009

Oh what a waste of money this joint is. For ages it was a comfy homelike friendly place, with competent servers serving quality meals at a reasonable cost. Well, all that is in the past. New owners have taken over and for months the place was under construction right in the middle of business hours, making it impossible to sit & eat, or enjoy your meal without sawdust in your burger. It is now so overpriced for humdrum pablum food at poor quality that I won?t go back. A serious loss to the neighborhood. I rate it below average. Pros: they serve wine and beer, which you will need in ample amounts if you want a good eating experience at this place. Cons: yummy homebaked desserts are no longer; management has ruined the place. more

It?s under new ownership, ungone a remodel and unfortunately very few bits of charm remain. 1/16/2009

Too bad this fabulous old LA landmark sold out. It's not that the remodeling is bad per se, it's what came with the new look that's a tragedy. The new owner has taken great pains to try to maintain the style of the old place; it's bright and shiny-new version of the old now boasting wi-fi connection. However, with the new decor has come an unpleasant new attitude and vibe. It's a vaguely pretentious feeling of putting on airs and trying too hard to make Delores Diner a fine dining establishment. The food is unchanged, and is just what you would expect from a diner; solid and consistently good, not outstanding or remarkable, and certainly not gourmet. Sadly, the charming, funkiness & quirkiness that naturally comes with an ""always open"" 24 hour diner is gone, as is most of the staff. All but a handful have been relieved of duty, leaving the remaining few rushed hurriedly running from table to table which is made glaringly apparent by the things forgotten like your toast order or that you needed a clean fork. Meanwhile, the boss stands back and watches with a critical eye never lifting a finger to assist. Delores is now generally understaffed; hence the level of service has dropped from good to less than satisfactory. Finally as expected there has been a substantial a price increase. Two eggs and a side of sliced tomatoes that cost $5.95 three months ago is now a whopping $8.25, fountain drinks are $2.50, overall a staggering 39% increase in price. It's a diner not Delmonico?s. Save your money and head for the IHOP, Norms, or Denny?s; each of equal quality and all within a couple of miles of Delores. Pros: Tables are always available at any time. Cons: service, cost more

Good food, new decor, free wifi 8/17/2008

I go to this restaurant once or twice a week at night for the past two years. The decor is warm and the place is clean. Server are attentive, though sometimes they get really busy, the food leaves me with nothing to complain about. I order the burger and fries which is made fresh....I like that.\r \r Overall I am very satisfied and can tell you after reading some negative reviewes, that it is hard to believe what the reviewers describe as their genuine ""horrible"" experiences. I eat out a lot and am active on review boards. I can say that sometimes people are either flat out lying or they have an ax to grind.\r \r That is why, I won't let anyone else make my mind up for me. Just like the movies, sometimes movies have glaring reviews and I leave half way through the movie, because the reviews were flat out lies.\r \r I love Dolores, It is a neighbourhood icon and she gets my vote. Pros: Good value, comfy Cons: They are going through remodeling more

Forget Doloreses unless your a MILLIONARE 8/3/2008

My girlfriend and I saw dolores on logo as the place for GLBT's too eat breakfast/brunch. The service was fine and food was ok. We ate 2 orders of eggs and sauage, one slice of bacon, one dish of cottage cheese, 2 rootbeers and one coffee w/cream....IT CAME TO $35.83 are you kidding me? More than $40 bucks for breakfast after the tip! I can get the same service better food for $ 23.00 w/tip included at norms. We happen to eat breakfast every day and have been all over west LA for this same order. I would not recommend eating here unless you are just going to drink water. 2bucks for a soda is bad but this place charged 3. So if you have Money To Burn enjoy, but I don't. Me and my girl will be at NORMS! more
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