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Dogs' Den Doggie Daycare - 23 Reviews - 501 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (718) 499-3525

Dogs' Den Doggie Daycare

501 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 499-3525
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Dogs' Den Doggie Daycare - Brooklyn, NY
Dogs' Den Doggie Daycare - Brooklyn, NY
Dogs' Den Doggie Daycare - Brooklyn, NY
Dogs' Den Doggie Daycare - Brooklyn, NY
Dogs' Den Doggie Daycare - Brooklyn, NY
Dogs' Den Doggie Daycare - Brooklyn, NY
Dogs' Den Doggie Daycare - Brooklyn, NY


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I am the ""Kennel Tech"" mentioned in this very misguided and ignorant review of this facility. The reviewer was there this morning for evaluation purposes only. All ""kennel tech...


How to lose a customer in 3 sentences . . . BE RUDE. These people were rude. If you walk into a place and they act like your disturbing them by coming in then its already off to ...

Rude to you usually = mean to pet 10/25/2010

How to lose a customer in 3 sentences . . . BE RUDE. These people were rude. If you walk into a place and they act like your disturbing them by coming in then its already off to bad start already. I walked 29 blocks to get there to see if my dogs would be good candidates to an X-mas stay and was told to get there by 9am to do. SO I get there and was rudely told we can evaluate your pets but we won't give you a tour. Well I actually DO want to see where they will be at ~ hello. I asked if someone could accommodate me because I had walked all the way there and was told to be there by 9. More attitude . . . so I asked the girl at the front desk ""Are you"" and before I could ask for the name of person I spoke to when I called she says ""The manager! AND you will have to deal with ME"". Fabulous and if you had let me finish Ms. Manner's, all I wanted to know was if you were the person I had spoke to last week, then I would have known I was MISTAKEN . . . hello! I would have rescheduled etc. But because you decided being rude was the way to customer service and made you feel better, I will bring my two dogs someplace else. Having been a Vet Tech for a long time, I know that usually people and places that treat the owners like that ,do NOT treat the animals any better. It's clear it does not take a large skill set to do a job like that. So the one skill someone should bring to a job like that is customer service and not attitude. If I were the owner ""Alex"", I would want to know how many paying customers your ""manager"" and staff are driving away in these financially hard times. more

Please Please avoid this place 10/11/2010

Please do not ignore this advice. I regret ever letting my two pugs step foot in the front door. Here's the deal. \r * The staff is completely useless, untrained and rude. Everytime I return with my pugs (either for daycare or boarding) they NEVER ask me for their most recent medical records or are they up to date on vaccines. They staff uses fear to shut the dogs up and I have even been told by a former staff member they shut the webcam off to abuse unruly dogs and simply tell client they have tecnical difficulties.\r * When my dogs leave there they stink like they have been rolling in poop all day. I take my dogs to parks and outdoors very often and they NEVER smell that bad. \r *Now for the experience that sent me over the edge. I last brought my boys their for an overnight stay. (again not being asked for vaccine info) So i said "" Dont you want their med records?"" and the girl at the front desk replied ""No we know they're fine""\r WOW is all I have to say...I have never seen her before in my life..Imagine how many dogs are in their unvaccinated. \r I worried but stupidly ignored all the signs..I picked them up the following day and Shamus(three yr old) Had a huge cut on his mouth and looked about 5 lbs lighter. The girl at the desk, who was barefoot and in pj pants by the way, said she had no clue at all what happened. \r Now my little pug, Riley takes medicine daily for anxiety and I had specific instructions in his overnight bag, which was never even touched!! What if his meds were keeping him alive (ex diabetic, etc) Moreover, They weren't fed the dietary food I provided, given their blankets and worst of all, Riley was not given 4 does of his meds!\r I was furious and left. \r So i get home and Shamus did not look like himself .. would not eat at all..or dirnk water...I thought he was tired from playing...but after several days of this I rushed him to the vet to be told he had severe stomach inflamation and was very dehydrated and very very ill and had glass still in the cut on his mouth (my guess is from the poorly cut holes in the crates they sleep in)\r After a $500 vet bill, and weeks passed he still does not feel well, has lost 6 lbs and flinched everytime anyone other than me goes near him. \r Please please please..if you love your dog. Do not step foot in this place. After I called the owner and told him my story he literally laughed and said ""sounds like a personal problem"" I am filing several complaints and planning to take legal action as advised by my vet.. You wouldnt leave your child with an abuser and you shouldnt leave your dog with one either more

please trust me when i say this place is horrible. 7/13/2010

They use Fabulouso & bleach to clean the facilities. I understand that this place won't smell like roses but I would using a cleaning product that is animal friendly would be smarter. Sometimes the bucket of water they use in each doggie room doesn't get changed for 2-3 hours. Some of the workers there don't even actually care for the dogs sometimes scaring a dog is their way to make a dog listen to them. They have rusty cages downstairs for the big dogs so pray that your dog doesn't get time out. I'd suggest you bring food for your dog because most of the time they run out of food that's in house. Even if you do bring food for your dog, they'd be lucky if they even get fed correctly. Same goes for dogs that need medication. If you're gonna board your dog here and want to bring toys for them most of the time they won't give the dog the toy. Evaluations tend to be only after 11am, why is that? Because downstairs will be most likely a wreck. If the web cams aren't working don't bother calling them to complain because they will make up an excuse about there being technical difficulties but in reality they've unplugged it for the time being. If your dog easily gets sicks don't bring them here because they will easily get really sick. All the manager/owner tends to care about is money more than the safety of your dog. If something happens to your dogs and you bother him enough he won't give you your money back but will give you free services, that's his way of keeping you as a customer. I'm not trying to be immature by writing bad reviews for this company but everything I wrote is very true and I hope everyone who reads this believes me. I don't think this is the best place for people who love their dogs very much. more

dog den is not a bad place 7/1/2010

The place isnt bad at all it depends who works there when i sent my dog there he had the best time and they showed him all the love he needed especially the two young girls that work there seem to be a good team. I WAS ABLE TO HAVE an evaluation on my dog which i was able to see the behavior on my dog and the others it went fine. since i've been around many dogs in my life i would know the difference between a dog fighting and playing , and yea if dog gets into a fight dont bring them back to the facility it just might not be meant for your dog. I dont think that we should write bad reviews online about companies because maybe your dog is not into having fun with other dogs keep ur dog home and play with it you guys are ruining my dog from making new friends!!!!!!!!! >:o stop the rude comments and disrespectfulness !! its rude grow up people . if u have nothing good to say dont say anything and if u feel like people arent doing there job work for these types of companies and make a change !!!!!!! and if u cant handle doing the work maybe some tips can help the facility maake a change but from what i know my dog max loves it there !and yea the facility may have an ordor should it smell like flowers???????and if you care so much how much your dog smells stop being cheap get them a bath before they leave the facility that what i do its something smart the dogs are using the bathroom inside so ... should they smell good ? -sarah more

Find Somewhere Else! 2/23/2010

I love animals, especially dogs, and volunteer with the ASPCA regularly, so I was excited to see a kennel position open in my neighborhood. When I was interviewed here for a job I was immediately concerned about the conditions--the smell, and the vulgar and uncaring attitude of the employees. When I was in the ""Big Dog Playroom"", there were several fights that broke out (during the 5 minutes I was there) which shows (1) they don't screen the dogs (personality wise) to see if they are compatible, (2) they carelessly throw dogs together based on size and not temperament. EVER WONDER WHY THERE'S NO SOUND ON THE DOG CAMS? When fights break out in the dog playrooms we are supposed to yell. The employees there yell so loud at the dogs I thought I'd go deaf. I was not hired for not being loud and aggressive enough (which I shouldn't have to be because the dogs were sweet when they approached me separately, they probably were just agitated by each other). more

Heed the warnings 11/29/2009

I should have read the reviews sooner as this place is just as bad as everyone claims. My dog was there during the Thanksgiving holiday. The staff were just hanging around as if they didn’t know what their responsibilities were. They were shouting at the dogs like maniacs which made the dogs go even more crazy. When my dog was brought out to me he smelled like he had been laying in urine for hours. This was my first and last time I will be using their services. more

My dog kept getting kennel cough from this place 11/12/2009

For about six months I sent my rescue dog to dog's den regularly. After a few weeks he contracted kennel cough. At first I thought it was a random thing, took him to the vet, put him on meds and he got better. But, he KEPT getting kennel cough for several months while attending dogs den. At one point the place had to shut down because of a kennel cough ""outbreak"" in the facility. Eventually I stopped sending my dog there and magically he stopped getting sick. They have not asked me for proof of vaccinations once since I first signed him up (it's been about a year now) and I assume they do the same with other dogs. Perhaps this is why the dogs kept getting sick? All I know is that I no longer send my dogs there. Pros: he spent less time there Cons: expensive vet bills! more

Good place for any Dog 11/10/2009

I am the ""Kennel Tech"" mentioned in this very misguided and ignorant review of this facility. The reviewer was there this morning for evaluation purposes only. All ""kennel techs"" must undergo this very basic requirement. I doubt any business hires random people to begin work without training. The dogs who board every night are brought up from their kennels into the playrooms where they NATURALLY begin to RELIEVE themselves. Of course the room will get messy but if the employees and trainees are attentive and thorough the rooms are cleaned rather quickly. And i can honestly say that I do clean up after them as swiftly and efficiently as possible. As for the dogs eating their own feces it is, unfortunately, a very common occurrence in kennels,shelters etc and I'm sure anyone with experience could vouch for that. The facility is cleaned constantly by all of the handlers and night personnel who work there. I personally see to it that a clean and safe environment is provided to all dogs under my supervision. The reviewer can waste the time of the humane law enforcement officers with her frivolous and ludicrous complaint but our 24/7 webcams speak for themselves. I speak as a witness to what really transpired today in hopes that I can refute this unfounded review. Feel free to contact me with any questions or watch me work my shift mon-fri on the dogs den big room webcam! Sincerely, Paul C the kennel tech more

Terrible place for any animal - completely awful 11/10/2009

Let me preface this review by telling you I had an ""interview"" at this facility just this morning. I have been working in animal welfare for several years, having worked for the ASPCA and a veterinary clinic. You better be believe I am placing a complaint with Humane Law Enforcement about this place TODAY! I arrived before 7AM this morning for an interview for a position as ""Dog Handler,"" which, for them, is a fancy word for Kennel Tech. As soon as I walked through the door, the stench of urine was overwhelming. It was absolutely awful. After a few minutes, I was taken to a back room where at least 10 large dogs were kept. There was feces and urine everywhere. All over the place. The dogs were trampling in their own feces and urine, and several were eating feces. It was disgusting. How hungry could those dogs have been to start eating feces? Part of my ""interview"" was to help Paul, a worker, clean up the room. I wasn't even hired yet. Needless to say, those dogs were surely sleeping in those conditions, in their own feces and urine, all night long. I got feces all over my shoes because I couldn't avoid stepping in it. Of course, I helped clean the room, not only because I was trying to be agreeable for the position, but because I was in utter shock and felt so sorry for those dogs. There is so much more to this review, but the website allows me only so many characters. For more info, just email me. more

Two positive experiences 10/17/2009

My first visit to this place was for my dog's very first haircut. I was a little nervous about how they would cut his hair. I gave the groomer very detailed (and admittedly high-maintenance) instructions, and she listened attentively, and ultimately gave him the haircut I requested. I was very pleased with the result, and thought my baby looked rather dashing. The second time I brought him in was for a one-night sleep-over. I looked up the reviews online and was a little hesitant because of what was written about an incident involving ""animal abuse"". I decided to go ahead and book the boarding anyway, because I had had a good vibe from the owner and the staff when I met them a couple of months earlier. As I was entering the establishment to drop off my dog, I noticed that they had posted an open letter on their window, explaining what had happened. Apparently, two dogs got into a fight, and one of the dogs' jaw locked onto the other dog. The staff member who was there hit the dog to try to get him to let go of the other dog. In the letter, they admitted that the staff member's actions were wrong, and that that person had since been reprimanded. There are probably better methods of dealing with a dog whose jaw locks, but given the frightening circumstance of a dog who won't let go of another dog (and potentially fatally injuring the other dog), I think that the staff member acted not unreasonably. This, to me, does not constitute animal abuse; the staff member was trying to protect the other dog. Anyway, I went ahead and gave them my dog for a night. During the brief time that he was there, I felt comforted by the fact that I could watch him online on their web cam. There are web cams in each of their two rooms (one for small dogs, and one for big dogs), and you can see with your own eyes dogs who are just chilling or playing. It seems clear to me that the staff members do their best to accommodate their boarders. When I went to pick my baby up, he was calm and happy. I was content with how they seem to have taken care of him, and would board him there again. I would give them 5 stars, but am knocking off a star because they're a little pricey for boarding. Pros: great grooming & boarding facilities Cons: a little pricey for boarding more

Dog's Den Broke my Dog's leg :( 9/19/2009

I really wish there had been a review like the one recently where they said they saw the dogs being abused on camera before I took my dog there back in July. I had never been away from my dog before he was about 7 months old, and I was going on a vacation overseas. Everyone I knew was not gonna be home long enough to be able to care for a dog, so I thought I was doing the right thing by leaving him so he can play with other dogs and be taken care of around the clock...Well...not 24 hours later as I'm on the other side of the world, I get a phone call saying ""There's been an accident.."" My heart fell, and the ""story"" was that one of the handlers was reaching in to his cage to pull him out and allowed him to jump out his cage like 4 feet off the ground and slammed onto the concrete breaking his right front leg. The x-rays were terrifying. My heart broke and I was so upset you have no IDEA, something like that could have happened at a place they're suppose to know how to handle dogs in cages. After reading that other review, I guess I will never know if that's what really happened or if someone got rough with him, all I know is that my baby had a broken leg. When I came back from my trip about a week later, they did reimburse me my money, and offered to pay vet bills at whichever vet I wanted to bring him, which I did appreciate. I had continued taking him to the vet they had a contract with because they had done a terrific job in setting the bone back into place. It was just really far from my house (45 min) in a car, I had to get ride. They offered to pick him up but I never wanted him left in their care again. Fast forward 2 months later it was suppose to have been healed and the cast was suppose to have FINALLY come off after a grueling 2 months, but he would still cry if he landed on it wrong. SO, I wanted to bring him to My official vet and have a second opinion, but the other manager I had talked to ( the other I dealt with, was on vacation) told me that I should cancel my appointment because they would not be taking care of the bill because original agreement was to bring him to the vet first agreed upon because the bill would be alot more. I let him know that in fact that WASN'T the agreement, I could have taken him to my vet from the very beginning and the bill would have been alot more from the very beginning. YOU BROKE MY DOG'S LEG, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. And your complaining about the money? I was told that they were sorry it happened but quote"" Things happen for a reason"" , I was floored. OF COURSE THEY HAPPEN FOR A REASON, you had someone who was not even trained properly trying to handle dogs in high cages, but of course that's if I want to believe that story. I did not cancel my appointment, I chose not to ever speak with Dog's Den again, they covered the bills up until that point, his last visit I paid out my own pocket. To me it was not worth the hassle and headache trying to deal with these disrespectful people anymore. For his part the other manager Alex, did truly seem sorry and was the go to guy whenever the vet bill issue came up at the vet. But when he was on vacation I got that other guy on the phone. I will never know what truly happened, all I know is that when I finally got my baby back, he came back with a broken leg, horrible kennel cough ( the one thing I can't really say is their fault) but he also had GUM stuck in his hair in 2 places that I had to cut out, thank Gog his fur is thick and you couldn't really tell. I would hope this would help anyone thinking of leaving their dog at a boarding place, because I wish there was more for me to go on before I left my dog here..Overall, this place was the worst possible experience for me and my dog, Dog's Den? Try Doggie Hell. Pros: find a pro in this place? one of the lucky ones... Cons: I could go on..and on...and on... more

Abusive staff, uncaring owner 9/16/2009

*** UPDATE Dec 2010 Dog's Den has been shut down by NYC. Thank god! Please be extremely careful if your dog goes to Dogs Den and trust your instincts. Our dog started showing signs of fear and anxiety (being afraid to go in the basement, flinching, afraid of going into her crate), but we didn't connect it to day care until we really started watching the web cam. On several occasions she was put into ""time-out"" in the basement for 3 - 4 hours at one time. When I asked for an explanation, they had nothing but the flimsiest of excuses and the main handler even started yelling at me about the long hours he works and how he hasn't had a vacation. The horrifying, final straw - on the web cam, we saw 2 of the handlers breaking up a scuffle by punching the dogs in the face and kicking them!!! We asked the owners to watch the video, too. The response was, ""I'll try to watch it next week."" We stopped by the following week, but still no one had watched it. At that point we filed a complaint with the ASPCA, who investigated Dogs Den and found them guilty of ""gross negligence and abuse"". Unfortunately, they cannot take additional action unless a dog is seriously injured. !! Only, after the ASPCA went down there did the owner bother to call us and apologize. He doesn't care about the dogs, he just cares about making money. I very strongly do not recommend this place. Please don't let your dog get hurt, too. They can't talk to us to tell us the treatment they are receiving. Pros: Half-days Cons: Staff, Overcrowding, Lies more

Great dog-walking service 7/13/2009

We have two shelter dogs, both of whom have anxiety issues from years of neglect before we adopted them, which makes finding a dog walker who they feel comfortable with difficult. Alex at Dog's Den has been walking our dogs every M-F afternoon since we moved to the neighborhood and he has been wonderful with them! I was amazed how quickly our younger pup, who is usually very aggressive and afraid of men, felt comfortable with Alex. The staff at Dog's Den have also been very attentive and often call or text us during the day with updates about the dogs' walks or to let us know if they sense anything unusual with either dog. They also make a point of tailoring the walks to the dogs' preferences. We've had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend Dogs' Den's walking service. Pros: Extreamly attentive, great with *difficult* dogs more

Great Place to leave the furballs 6/28/2009

I left my 11 year old Maltese and 2 year old Yorshire Terrier at the Dog's Den for four days last week. I was so happy to be able to watch them on their webcam, which was excellent. The first two days my babies remained at the front door but on the third day they were running and playing with the others. The staff is very professional and I would recommend this place to anyone who wants their babies taken very well care of. You can look at the webcam at anytime and see the number of dogs they have there - that should be enough to tell you they have to be good. Thanks for taking care of my furkids. Pros: Professional staff and clean atmosphere more

Cost me an arm and a leg for Vet Bill.... Beware!! 1/19/2009

In the beginning I thought that the place was friendly and clean. As I keep bring my little one there for day care or boarding I had to bring him to a vet. It cost me more for vet bill each time I bring him to Dogs Den. The last time i picked him up from boarding, he ended up with ringworm. I was livid. It cost me an arm and a leg to get him and my house for all the spore from his disease. \r \r I emailed them about the situation and yet has the audacity to write back to me to apologize. Don't let them fool you with copies of shots. They only ask for it once and that's it. My little one came back to me with crusty eyes and dirty. He vomitted on his own bed. When you give them a bag with their belonging, you end up not getting it back. \r \r This is just the worst place ever. No wonder dogs keep running loose from their facilty. They want to get out of that place. If they were happy to be there, they will not want to leave. But if they dash out then their facility should speak for itself. \r \r Use your judgment and learn from the comments from others that had experience this facility. Pros: Price Cons: Unsanitary and Unresponsive more

Not fit for wolves! 11/16/2008

This place isn't fit for wolves! I took a tour from the guy standing at the door. As we entered the very dark rooms they smelled so strong with the aroma of bleach that it actually burnt my nostrils. I was hesitant to take my dog back for an evaluation because of it. I wondered what it might do to his nostrils, lungs, paws and skin. When I asked the tour guide about the overpowering smell, he told me not to worry because they use it all the time and it kills ""everything."" I'm sure it might, including my dog!!!! From there he took me down the stairs where the dog's eat and rest, Another nightmare! I could only think to myself what If someone would put me inside one of those cages with small air holes for venalation after breathing in bleach all day, if I would pass out from the fumes? So I asked him what they use to clean the cages with and he tells me bleach and water! That was all I needed to hear. I asked him if that was safe to do, he told me to take his word for it???????? I left with my nostrils still burning, worried for the dog's in their care and the staff too. Needless to say, we won't be going back! Pros: location Cons: nothing, beware more

Don't let it happen to you!! 10/11/2008

Another dog escaped from dogs den last night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cons: They might lose your dog!! more

Good Front for Shady Business 9/26/2008

1st off let me say that my experience at dogs den was as an employee, and that I witnessed these events 1st hand.\r \r On 1 night 2 dogs actually escaped from this facility. No one had a clue that these dogs were able to make there way out for almost 2 hours and it was not actually until the owner came in to ask ""\r wtf, my dogs just showed up at my house"" that the incompetent handlers responsible for this poor supervision found out they were missing at all. If those dogs had not gone home they would have been lost or dead and no one would have realized until the next day!! Also on many occasions your dog will spend hours and hours on so called ""timeout"" locked in a crate in there basement. The crates are awful conditions for the dogs they have plexiglass with small drilled holes (very makeshift) which trap the dogs in hot humid conditions for sometimes 4 hours a day as their 1 hr feedings often turn into 2 hour breaks for the ""expert"" staff. more

Two paws down 9/20/2008

I took a tour several months ago and was very put off by the facility. It was overcrowded, dark, and didn't smell good. The grooming area did not look very sanitary. There was no way I was going to leave my pooch there. I opted for Paws in Paradise down on 8th and 5th Avenue and feel much more comfortable about their daycare and grooming services. Cons: Crowded, dark, sad-looking more

Not clean. Do not recommend if you love your pup 9/20/2008

I had been taking my dogs there for over a year. They always came back tired and happy. Last 3 times, however, they came back stinking of bleach and urine. They were so filthy that I couldn't give them cuddles until I bathed them. The first time I let it slide, figuring it was summer. The next time I complained and they explained there were a lot of dogs there that weekend. I let it slide again. The last time, though, I expressed that I didn't think it was healthy for my dogs to be boarded there as they always came back covered in sticky bleach/urine stench. I was challenged to come down and check out the establishment and snidely told that ""...during cleaning time that the dogs get a bit wet from the remnants of the water from the mop bucket, go running around in the playroom and get sweaty even more so."" That's unacceptable. I will not be back. more
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