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Dobler Management

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I am currently a tenant of Dobler's Hennesey apartments. I am extremely unhappy with the management. It has become obvious that unless you are Hispanic, you will get constant friv...


I rented there in August of 2010, and as of now I am still in dispute over fees for moving out of thier property. I have called the management office numerous times, I went to the...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/14/2013

We lived in an apartment managed by Dobler for more than 10 years. We were the perfect tenants. We were never late on a payment and seldom asked anything of the apartment management.\r \r At no time during our 10 year tenancy did Dobler management replace a single worn item in the apartment. \r \r They are now trying to collect a large sum from us for items the Washington State Tenants Laws list as normal wear and tear. They have turned the matter over to a Collection Agency but have never provided us any documentation as to what the charges are for. They collection agency will not give us a written description of the things we are being charged for. We have offered to let them keep the sizable deposit we gave them in 2003 but they refuse to discuss the matter with us. They refuse to document the problems and charges - a clear violation of Washington State Laws. \r \r \r A week prior to moving out of the apartment we discussed the state of the apartment with the maintenance manager. He acknowledged the refrigerator was not working properly and would need to be replaced. The same situation existed with the stove which he also said would be replaced. \r \r He also acknowledged the kitchen linoleum floor needed to be replaced. \r \r At the move out inspection the assistant manager and the maintenance manager pointed out several worn items but did admit that the wear and tear was normal for a 10 year occupancy. They both admitted that they had no idea how to judge the situation since they had never had a tenant stay for more than 10 years. \r \r We told the apartment manager to keep our $250 damage deposit to take care of any items they were concerned about.\r \r We paid to have the carpets cleaned the week we moved out. The carpet cleaner was the same firm/person hired by Dobler to clean all the units in the complex. We scrubbed and cleaned all the bathroom floor, fixtures, and walls. \r \r The only thing not cleaned in the entire apartment were the windows, refrigerator, and stove since they were to be replaced.\r \r After moving out of the apartment we never heard a word from the Apartment or from Dobler Management other than one phone call to verify our new address.\r \r Three and a-half months later we started receiving phone calls from a collection agent. He says we owe $1063 in addition to the $250 deposit we will not get back.\r \r He would not send us a written description of what the $1,063 was for but did tell us the charges included $600 for cleaning appliances and the kitchen floor. Additional charges were for venetian blinds, damage to a bathroom sink, and other minor cleaning charges. The move inspection showed there were two (2!) broken pieces in four large blinds. There was nothing wrong with the sink - the undermount was stripped and I had been trying for several years to get it fixed but the management said it was in good shape. \r \r I talked to the Apartment manager about the additional charges and she told me she could not discuss it since it had been turned over to Dobler Management. Dobler Management told me they could not discuss the charges because they were turned over to a collection agency.\r \r The collection agency will not provide any details. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/19/2013

Dobler Management is so screwed.. We have been here at Windsor Square Apartment for 4 yrs and Dobler Management is now removing the assigned parking from the tenant, really NO assiagned parking, even though we all pay rent, parking will be OPEN to any body. What a messed up management , sound like Dobler Management is doing some freakin things in this place. NOBODY should rent any Dobler Management complexes.. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/5/2013

I rented a property managed by Dobler Management for 3 months in 2012. While certain aspects of the property were nice, Dobler Management is atrocious to deal with! Do you want your deposit back? You better not expect to see it. If anything, you will receive a bill. I, myself, have managed commercial properties handling the move-out of tenants etc. and understand and can appreciate what it is that a management service would want from a vacating tenant... everything was cleaned, carpets were steam-cleaned... In fact, everything was washed/cleaned etc. top to bottom. In any case, I could never recommend a company such as this or even suggest its a good idea to rent a property managed by these individuals who have such disregard for their clients. I have attempted to call them, e-mail them and provide certified notices. Again, they do not respond or provide any common courtesy. Watch out and stay away from any of their properties! more

Do Not Rent at Dobler Management 2/23/2012

I rented there in August of 2010, and as of now I am still in dispute over fees for moving out of thier property. I have called the management office numerous times, I went to them in person and was asked politely to leave. I have finally retained an attorney, and they still have yet to answer. The fees they have charged me are unfounded. I have paid them on time every month I was there, they rated me as a 10, it is the highest you can be rated for a re-rental. I have never had one issue with any other rental company. more

Royal Oaks SUCKS! do not rent with them! 9/3/2011

Everyone in this apartment complex is friends, your kids cannot be outside without getting a complaint by the neighbors who are friends with management(who also lives in the complex) i was told that my kids are too loud when they are using outside voices, outside.....No one is helpful...We have been here since Feb 2011 and it is now 9/2011 and we still do not have a screen door! after we have complained 3 times about the bugs because we have no screen. The noise from maintenance is ridiculous & there is a good size on the bottom of the front doors so when the use the leaf bloweron the porches dirt blows in. The painting of the parking lot was so inconvenient and you were only warned at 5pm the night before that cars would be towed at your expense if unmoved. i would not rent here again in my life & i warn other military wives that will wait until your husband is gone to make it seem like you are a bad renter and one week i received 3 phone calls about various things & I thank god everyday for me going home during deployment soooo BEWARE more


Let me start by saying, seriously, do not ever rent with them. Don't work with them. Don't work for them. Don't deal with them if you can avoid it. I use to work for Dobler Management, and having worked for them of course I lived on one of their properties as well. I was a manager, and I can assure you that every single one of these negative reviews is accurate. Dobler doesn't care about their renters or their residents, they care very little about their employees either. They expect you to work completely alone, with little or no help... they want you to drive to their Tacoma office DAILY (so you leave your office closed, and your residents can't reach you) and they don't pay you for gas, etc. This really isn't about my money though. I could care less about that at this point. They just treat their residents atrociously! They do not speak with their managers on a regular basis, and they don't listen to their managers when they do talk to them. They want your money. They WILL raise every possible thing that you pay to get more money, they will ignore every call you make to them (and subsequently ignore their managers to avoid their residents). They will take all of your deposit if they can get away with it, and will charge you for far more than you really owe. Sure, there are some honest managers out there that work for Dobler. I can almost assure you that they fire every single one of them. They ""fired"" me. Really what they did is they FORCED me to resign, and threatened me if I declined to resign my position. They CLAIM it's because of occupancy rates, and while they are low, the company acknowledges that this is THE WORST time of year to lease. I believe it's because I told them they were breaking landlord/tenant laws on several occasions. They are refusing to accommodate a disabled veteran (claiming he really isn't disabled, despite the fact that I've seen the papers that say otherwise), they REFUSE to paint a few parking spots for handicap parking, they will NOT advertise their handicap accessible units because they couldn't lease them to anyone other than someone who required that style of apartment, and they genuinely tell us NOT to rent to military under ANY circumstances at all. So, I'm glad that I no longer work for them. Now, having lived on one of their properties, let me tell you! They are kept in poor repair, they frequently aren't even remotely well sealed (like bad windows, bad doors) so you have really bad air leaks which is horrible over the winter months. They do everything they can to avoid your calls (and I was a MANAGER for goodness sake!), and they plain DO NOT CARE about anyone but themselves. I plan on talking to the BBB about them, as well as filing a complaint about their employment practices. I also plan on writing to the military (local) and informing them of Doblers practices. Seriously, if I didn't fear Dobler Management Company coming back on me, I would file a lawsuit against them regarding my treatment and my residents treatment. It's deplorable! more


I should have trusted my gut before I initially moved in two years ago. I could never catch anyone in the leasing office, and things have gotten worse in two years. At Tacoma Gardens, they have just hired the 4th office manager in two years! No one ever notified me that a new lease needed signed. Before leaving for four months on an internship, I asked the manager what needed done, and left post dated checks for each month. So you can imagine my shock of returning home to eviction notices. Funny thing is, I'm a student and have a cosigner on my lease. My cosigner was never contacted when in June, two weeks after they knew I had left, a new lease (6 months late) needed signed and that rent would be going up in August. I have spent the last five months trying to get someone to deal with this issue, to figure it out! And every month I get another eviction notice, and have to go back to the office to figure out why. And nothing ever comes of it. They have been telling me for five months that the asset manager is working on it. Really! In addition, don't expect to see maintenance if something breaks. When I told them my toilet runs, for the third time, they have me the number of a plumber. I have stopped trying to get help, and have started doing things myself. I also find it funny that this last month 3 out of 6 units in my stair well all had pink eviction notices on their doors. Save yourself a lot of stress, frustration, and irritation. Check out the management company, read the reviews, and pay a little extra for an apartment and a management company that actually cares about it's tenants. more


Please check out the Better Business Bureau before renting from any Dobler managed property. This company does not care what kind of standing they have in the business community. I have heard comments that they are not highly regarded. more

Finally got my refund! 10/14/2010

Dealing with Dobler is incredibly frustrating. I accidentally paid for my last month's rent twice; when I moved in, I paid my first and last month's rent and then when I moved out, I paid the last month's rent again. My fault, I admit it. But as soon as I realized it, I called and emailed Cindi Hunter, the one in charge of this. First I called her, left messages a couple times, and she didn't call back. I then emailed her every four days and she wouldn't answer my emails. I finally asked in an email if she was receiving my emails and she said that she was and - without apologizing (she could have said she was sorry, that she was busy), she asked what apartment I was in. Then she ignored all my other emails, including the one where I threatened to take her to court. Finally, I called her bosses and got an apology from someone else. Later, I received an email from someone who works for Cindi asking for my address so they could cut me a check. That was over two weeks ago. more

Shady Business Tactics 9/7/2010

When we moved in... the place wasn't cleaned properly and the carpet was worn out trash that wasn't even cleaned yet! Tack strips were sticking out of the worn areas and ripped holes in our socks constantly. We asked for new carpet multiple times but only could get a couple areas of the carpet repaired by Rainbow Carpet specialists. We ended up living there for 3 years. We left the place better than when we moved in. The manager's walkthrough went great and she said we would get our whole deposit back minus a small carpet cleaning fee. She also said that if they needed to put in new carpet that they would just wave the whole thing and we would get the entire deposit back. Days later in our new place, we get a phone call from the Manager (previous manager got fired 3 months ago) saying it wasn't her decision but the Dobler Management company to charge US for brand new carpet!!! This is outrageous! So they want us to pay for brand new carpet when we had worn out uncleaned carpet to begin with?? All i can say is SMALL CLAIMS COURT... the judge can decide about their shady business tactics and we have all the proof! STAY AWAY FROM ANY PLACES OWNED BY DOBLER MANAGEMENT OR THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER WHEN YOU LEAVE ALSO! THATS HOW THEY PAY THEIR MANAGERS BONUSES! SHADY SHADY SHADY! more

Worst Place I have ever lived! 8/25/2010

Dobler is a joke! We lived at Harbor Country Estates in Gig Harbor for 5 years. 5 Years too long! They kept raising the rent every year which made it hard for us to move and find something better. The maintenance staff was non existent. Last year we were informed that they would be doing ""renovations"" and possibly building more units but at the time we were informed of this they said it would take at least another year or two to get the permits from Gig Harbor City Council. We had been looking off and on at other places and then in July we were told we had til Aug 31st to move out because the renovations were going ahead as planned. One they lied to us they knew last year they had the plans to do the renovations yet dragged it out til July of this year 2010 and told all of us at the last minute so to speak. In June we learned we were going month to month so we asked the girl at the office if we needed to sign anything agreeing to a month to month and she said no. Luckily we found a new place within a week of getting our kick out notice. Again I asked the girl at the office if we were out by the 3rd of the month would we ""owe"" anything and she said ""no"". I even cleaned the apartment myself before we moved out I even have 8 witnesses that will attest to the fact that we were out by Aug the 3rd and they are still asking for a 960.00 ""cleaning fee"" which is bogus! If they are renovating then why are we being charged a ""cleaning fee"" ? Apparently, this is something they do to everyone whether they are kicked out or not. I am looking for people to join me in a Class Action Lawsuit against Dobler Management. If you have been over charged or kicked out due to ""renovations"" or been charged a Bogus Cleaning fee then contact me. I will also make a post on Craigslist as well. The more people we get together to do this the better it will be. They should not be allowed to get away with what they do. They are taking advantage of people that are low income or have no income. This has gotta stop! Please contact me. more

Filing Anyone?? 3/29/2010

First met up with Dobler Management at Fircrest Gardens Apartments. I was told I had gotten the apartment I applied for. As I start moving my things in, find out that Dobler Management had recently changed staff there at Fircrest Gardens. The new staff didn't know where the old paperwork was so turned out I rented an already occupied apartment. So, they send me to Aspen Park Apartments, another Dobler Management property. I moved in there no problems. Maintenance was always speedy and didn't think I had any problems. Until today, in June I filed a Roommate Cancellation Agreement. The lease, which had 6 months left on it, was then left to my roommate. I get a phone call this morning from Sound Screening for Dobler Management telling me that I have a balance owed. They apparently didn't have a copy of said Roommate Cancellation Agreement. Luckily, I did. I will never rent a property under Dobler Management again. Cons: Can't file properly apparently more

Shadey Business 11/17/2009

I lived at Westmall Terrace for a year. There were numerous occasions that I had problems getting things done in my apartment. The neighbors from next door, who were disgusting and had garbage all over their back patio all the time, moved out and I noticed I started seeing roaches in my kitchen and bathroom. Took two requests to get anything done about it and then I got charged for the exterminator. I am deathly allergic to yellow jackets and there was a nest above my patio. It took three requests and a threat to management of being sued if I got stung. Not to mention the the three people who did get stung. Pros: There are none.....Seriously! Cons: Too many to list. more

The company philosophy is: rent hikes are good for you. 9/3/2009

I have lived in one of Dobler's properties since before Dobler took it over. Pros: Maintenance is OK, some local managers are OK Cons: Constant rent hikes & new ways to charge more. more


I just moved out of an apartment that I rented from this company for 4 years. I didn't know I was moving out until the 7th of the month but had already paid my rent. They decided to keep all of my depoit and half of my last months rent! Maintenance is HORRIBLE Management is HORRIBLE! In 4 years we went through 6 apartment managers! Pros: NON Cons: NON more

My horrendous stay with Dobler 2/26/2009

If you hire Apartment leased from Dobler Management then you are asking for trouble. I had the horrendous experience for over 6months and it still continues. They are here to make money out of you, and if still not satisfied they try and rip you off to death. Their service is the worst, if you have not encountered any issues while staying..then wait while you vacate. I urge every one please not to consider Dobler when choosing to rent. I wish I could tell every new tenant who want to rent from Dobler the pain I went through. Pros: wish they had one Cons: Many to list more

Absolutely Atrocious 2/16/2009

this company is completely ridiculous. for two years my roommate and i lived at the Clocktower Apartments.Took them 2 days to replace a busted pipe behind the toilet, this was after telling them twice. Took them 3 days to replace our washing machine... again after telling them twice. more

Dobler Mismanagement 11/10/2008

I am currently a tenant of Dobler's Hennesey apartments. I am extremely unhappy with the management. It has become obvious that unless you are Hispanic, you will get constant frivolous eviction notices to harass you into moving. I am currently also involved with an apartment manager that has a problem with sticky fingers. Some how my rent check for a month vanished and I had to pay rent twice in one month with constant 24 hour eviction notices. My apartment has also been entered after a 48 hour inspection notice had expired. I have had the manager take my clothing from the washers and was witnessed by other tenants. I have had anything that I that I put on my door or outside of my door for decoration, vanish, and again witnessed by other tenants that the manager had taken them. more

Poor Management- Ripoff 10/12/2008

Currently living here at Alder Court Apartments for a few short months and the management will not deal with a very serious parking issue. Often there are no places to park at night and when tenants have to park in undesignated parking area, they tow OUR cars costing $200.00 or more. Funny thing is, they will not tow unauthorized cars out of the lot at night so we can park. The apartment was not painted or thoroughly cleaned upon move in, they didn't even do a walk through, just handed me the paperwork and tried to have me sign it. The broken things I wrote down have never been fixed (like the showerhead). I have sent written complaint regarding the parking and every night there are still unauthorized cars in the lot, some for 4-5 days. They sent me a letter though stating that if I didn't like it here I should move out. Yeah right, so they can charge me all kinds of fees for breaking a lease? No, I am taking pictures and documenting and when ready to move, I will see them in court as should everyone else. Stop the madness. Beware of this company, they are not tenant friendly. Cons: parking,cleanliness more


We ""leased"" an apartment from this company for a little over a year. When we signed what was supposed to be a new year long lease they replaced it with a 12 month rental contract...not the same thing. They are now in the process of booting us as I assume they are raising rents and want more money...Oh they dont like it when you call them on things that they are doing wrong. So if you like being walked all over this is the place for you. If you expect customer service, a clean property, friendly management...not so much Cons: parking, management, grounds, garbage, everything more
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