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Disney's California Adventure

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While not quite as magical as Disneyland, California Adventure packs in a day of fun. Their park is always clean, and their employees always willing to help you. If you have a lit...


Disney's California Adventure is a place that shouldn't be frequented more than once. It's not very exciting, the ticket prices are through the roof, and the food there is a comp...

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California Adventure 8/27/2006

What a great place to go! You can really do this park in 8 hours, its not like Disneyland that really takes 2-3 days. It is also not at crowded as Disneyland. We started our day @ Soaring over California! What an amazing ride. You sit in hang gliders like seats then you are lifted into the air and soar over all parts of California, you actually feel like you are flying. And at one point can smell the oranges as you fly over the orange tress. We rode this twice, it was so awesome. Next onto The Water ride (sorry, name escapes me) you sit in what looks like a tire built for 8 an ride down the rapids, a fun ride, but boy do you get wet. We then rode California Screaming three times in a row. Now my son has never been on a roller coaster like this he was very nervous. He screamed the whole time, and then at the end asked "Can we ride again?" Awesome, fun roller coaster. My son did refuse the Tower of Terror which drops you 13 stories. I was kinda scared but went on it with my daughter. Rod Serling talks to you in a waiting room then onto the elevator. All I can say is don't eat first. Man, what a drop, and multiple times too! You don't even know you have gone that high. It was a very smooth drop, not jerky They had one other roller coaster smaller with jerky turns, but it was also a lot of fun. Most of the other rides were carnival like, but I love the swings. Loved all of the shows, they were great. Skip the fast food (four corn dog meals cost 35.00) and go to the Sourdough tour. At the end of the tour you can buy soup in a sourdough bowl, much more satisfying and cost less. Not only that across the way they had margaritas and beer, great for those aching joints. legs, feet. The Tortilla factory tour is also neat, and you get a fresh tortilla at the end. We really enjoyed California Adventure and will definitely go back again. more

Park Hop Over Here 3/20/2006

I just came back from my first visit to Disney's California Adventure. While I will agree with the other posters about it being quite a bit smaller than Disney, I still feel it was well worth the money. My favorite ride by far was Soaring over California. (Ask to be put in the front row, for the best seats.) This ride is designed so well, that you actually feel like you are flying through the air. You can even feel and smell the sea breeze as you coast over the ocean. Amazing! I also thoroughly enjoyed the roller coaster on the boardwalk. I suggest the Park Hopper tickets to save you some money, plus you can spend the day as DCA and head over to Disneyland for the parade at night. One full day at DCA is just about perfect. more

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Aladdin the Musical a must see 3/20/2006

If you get the chance to go to california adventure you must see aladdins musical its a close to broadway as I might ever get, we loved it from the flying carpet to the elephants, the singing was beautiful and the genie hilarious. My children are smaller and afraid of tower of tower, and the bigger rides, the bugs life rides are very lame, They had quite a few shows included a scary bugs life one, and a cute muppets one. We saw quite a few characters, and enjoyed flying over california, and the bear mountain. Its not disneyland to me but its better then anything they have in Utah!! more

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Another High Priced Theme Park From Disney 2/25/2006

In my opinion, they should have just added California Disney as an extension to Disneyland instead as an extra theme park. Basically, California Disney is just a smalled version of Disneyland, but I have to admit, they have funner rides. There's a bunch more cooler shows too. However, what kills them is the price!!! Quite expensive for a park smaller than Disneyland!!! I don't think its worth it. However, if you have the money, then I suggest you go. Food in the park is quite expensive as well, so maybe you should sneak your own food in too! Parking is a killer if you come in late, so make sure you come early!!!! more

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smaller than disneyland 11/9/2005

Disneyland is still my favorite, but I like DCA also. There are more shows at this park, and there is an area in the back that for some reasons always makes me feel like I'm attending a small town's Carnival (not in a bad way! I just think the rides are not as cool as Disneyland's). Condor Flat, I think that's what the ride is called, is the best ride here at DCA. It basically makes you feel like you are flying over California. It ends with watching fireworks at Disneyland of course. It's definetly a nice place to visit, but if you have to choose between Disneyland and DCA, I would rather spend the day at Disneyland. There are more things to do. more

Given the choice, go to Disneyland 9/20/2005

Disney's California Adventure really misses the mark of Disney magic. As a season pass holder, I often take my children to both amusement parks. We tend to go to California Adventure when it's not warm because of the cement ground that gives off a lot of heat. Also, there isn't as much shade at this park as there is at Disneyland. Many of the rides are for older, taller children. The rides that do accomodate smaller children aren't worth the wait in line. The food is overpriced, although there is a wide variety, you really have to know where you're going as many of the food places are spread out. There are several rides and sections of Ca. Adven. that are closed off and unable to be enjoyed by parkgoers. All in all, Disneyland gives you much more for your money. Also, Downtown Disney , the large shopping district, is free to browse in. You could spend hours there and not have to spend a dime. more

Different experience than Disneyland, but still great 8/24/2005

It's a new, clean, small Disney theme park that is very different from Disneyland. The place revolves around California's culture of beaches, agriculture, Hollywood, etc. The rides are not many, but very cute and picturesque in that Disney manner. The place is very very small, and you can play around for about half of the day and you're done. Highlights include the Aladdin musical and the roller coaster. I thought the musical would be a dinky 5 minute special for kids, but it was in a beautiful theatre and the show lasted almost an hour. It is totally worth going there just for that. The roller coaster is actually not lame as expected, and has a very refreshing feel to it. Prices are high for only a CA Adventure ticket, and it's not really worth the $50-something price. If they ever have specials on tickets, go then. more

Disney's Cali Adventure 8/21/2005

Disney California Adventure is another one of Disney’s theme parks but this on is much smaller. There are not many kid rides and stranger rides. Disney California Adventure can be quite crowded at times and is not as fun as Disneyland. My favorite ride there would be the Mickey Mouse Head roller coaster ride. more

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Not for residents and adults 8/18/2005

Disney's California Adventure is a place that shouldn't be frequented more than once. It's not very exciting, the ticket prices are through the roof, and the food there is a complete ripoff. This amusement park might appeal more to really young kids and tourists rather than for the nearby residents. I didn't find anything extraordinary or worth seeing but you might enjoy the park more than I did. Be prepared to spend a grip load! more

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Not Much of Adventure For Me 8/18/2005

California Adventure in my opinion is a total waste of time. There isn’t much to do there and there is too much walking involved for the few rides and attractions there. Great for small kids and possibly tourist but I doubt locals would enjoy this place more than once because after three hours you’ve rode or visited every attraction and not many are worth going on or seeing more than one while your at the park. The ticket prices are outrageous and the eatery prices are just as ridiculous save your money visit Disneyland or one of the other theme parks in Southern California. more

Save Your Money or Buy a Park Hopper 8/15/2005

It's smaller than Disneyland, there are less than1/4 of the rides Disneyland has, the rides aren't as good (in general), and it costs the same. Not a great deal. Save your money. Spend the day at Universal Studios instead, or buy a park hopper so you can spend a few hours at DCA, then spend the rest of the day at Disneyland. more

Lots of fun to be had here! 8/11/2005

While not quite as magical as Disneyland, California Adventure packs in a day of fun. Their park is always clean, and their employees always willing to help you. If you have a little one, make sure to take advantage of their baby station, with tons of amenities for new moms. The best ride by far is Soarin Over California, it's a totally new ride experience. more

Great Addition 8/7/2005

This park is a terrific addition to the Disney Theme Parks. It has a wonderful kid section with the theme revolving around "a Bugs Life". The rides are adorable, and the 3 D show is fantastic. The lines are shorter than Disneland, but the price isnt any cheaper. If you get a Park Hopper ticket, you will definitely be glad you checked this park out. more

Better than Disneyland 7/31/2005

Ok...some people will say it's unAmerican, but I really like it better! If you don't have little ones or Disney character lovers, then I'd skip on the park hopper ticket and just visit California Adventure....but if you do go to both, I'd save the most time for C.A. The rides are scarrier, for the most part. The setting is great too. Little ones will love the Bug Life's's so cute! The Haunted Mansion ride is a lot scarrier than I thought it would be, but so much fun! more

A great new Disney theme park 7/30/2005

California Adventure is very inventive. Every ride and "land" was well thought out with imagination and fun in mind. Their light parade is like nothing you'll ever see. Everything is so magical. Try to see their new summer parade. The kids get a blast running after the balls that fly in the air. Don't mis "Soarin Over California". It's the most inventive, "concept" ride in the park. more

Average Park 6/24/2005

Disney's California Adventure is an average park to me. I guess i have lived in Orange County so long Disney's California Adventure or Disneyland does not appeal to me like how it appeal to other people from different states. I find Disney's California Adventure to be a boring park. There really fun to do. The parking fee is horrible. The food is not that great and they cost allots. I can get something better for way less elsewhere. I wouldn’t recommended. more
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