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Dilworth Animal Hospital - 25 Reviews - 814 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (704) 808-7387

Dilworth Animal Hospital

814 East Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 808-7387
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Dilworth Animal Hospital - Charlotte, NC
Dilworth Animal Hospital - Charlotte, NC
Dilworth Animal Hospital - Charlotte, NC
Dilworth Animal Hospital - Charlotte, NC
Dilworth Animal Hospital - Charlotte, NC
Dilworth Animal Hospital - Charlotte, NC
Dilworth Animal Hospital - Charlotte, NC
Dilworth Animal Hospital - Charlotte, NC


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First, I would like to say if there were more stars to give, I would. I moved to the Charlotte area a little over a year ago with both of my children (2 rescue mutts). Being a c...


The first few times we visited we were very impressed with the personable staff and attentive service of Dr. Wheelock and DAH and loved how convenient they were to our home. Howe...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/21/2014

How many vets do you know that would answer their cell phone on a Sunday morning only to find a sobbing guinea pig mother on the other end? Dr. Wheelock at DAH, that's who. My piggy was having convulsions and the emergency vets in the area would not see her. DAH are her normal vets (they are awesome with exotics) but with it being the weekend, I called the emergency vets first. After being turned down, I called Dr. Wheelock's cell phone and he agreed to meet me in his office 45 minutes later. Now I knew going in, that she needed to be euthanized and Dr. Wheelock handled her with such grace and care.... Never did he treat her as a rodent! To beat it all, he said I couldn't pay him because he doesn't charge for euthanizing animals no matter what day it is. \r \r If you want a Doctor that truly cares about all animals, big or small, and believes that animals are family..... The. Dilworth is the place for your pet. Thank you Dr. Wheelock. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/25/2012

I LOVED this vet when I took my pet for the first visit. The second visit..not so great. She was up to date on all vaccinations but because they did not take the time to call or wait on a fax from her previous vet , she received shots she did not need. Also I have always ordered her meds online because it is just easier for me and i never run out. My vet in the past always gave permission over the phone and it was not a problem. Dilworth would not. They would rather i purchase the same meds from them. I had to mail the prescription in and am still waiting for her meds. Money seems to be more important then her health more

You want your pet in their care 12/12/2011

First, I would like to say if there were more stars to give, I would. I moved to the Charlotte area a little over a year ago with both of my children (2 rescue mutts). Being a cautious parent, it took a lot of research to find a place that would provide outstanding care to my two dogs. I remember my first visit with my large, and clumsy hound mix. He had torn his paw in my backyard during one of his daily romps with my other dog. I'll never forget the vet at this facility getting down on his belly nose-to-nose with my pathetic looking dog to make him feel more comfortable. more

Best VET and Staff in CHARLOTTE! 3/31/2011

The BEST vet in Charlotte! Dr. Wheelock is one of the if NOT the best VET in town! I have never felt so at ease with the care for my dog. He was wonderful and never once made me feel like I was crazy or out of my mind! He was peace of mind for me. He made my dog feel at ease and always looked out for his best health. I truly am so thankful to him and to his staff. They went above and beyond their call of duty with me and my dog. I never once felt like I was bothering them with questions or concerns. They always got back to me and treated my dog and I with the upmost respect and care. Dr. Wheelock does what he does because of his love for animals and not the love of money. I have been to several vets in town and they will nickel and dime you to death with fees and erroneous charges....BUT not Dilworth Animal! If you love your animal like your child then take them to Dilworth Animal Hosp to see Dr. Wheelock! Hands down the best VET in Charlotte! I always will be grateful to him more

World Class Animal Hospital 8/10/2010

Best Animal Hospital HANDS DOWN. So helpful and so friendly. I have never experienced a more knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service.... they are top notch and treat your pets like they were their own. more

Wonderful first experience 7/15/2010

Words cannot express how grateful I am to the staff at this hospital. Becky was so kind and understanding. She aided my family with a wild lizard and helped us avoid a horrible experience. I will definitely return to this clinic with my dog because they were so helpful. Becky especially went above and beyond for the lizard. We will always be grateful to her for saving him. Pros: Excellent staff more

Inexperienced ~ is putting it lightly 5/18/2010

The first few times we visited we were very impressed with the personable staff and attentive service of Dr. Wheelock and DAH and loved how convenient they were to our home. However, they were unable to properly diagnose an issue with our dog for over 3 months and prescribed multiple medications/steroids which did more harm than good.\r \r After 3 months of concern, we took our dog to a different vet for a 2nd opinion and he was immediately diagnosed properly given consistent treatment and has shown signs of improvement, thankfully! \r \r If only we had taken him somewhere else more experienced first our dog wouldn't have had to suffer for 3 months with a misdiagnosis. Personality wise this guy is top notch but as far as experienced staff and quality/accurate treatment for our dog we were very disappointed. Our dog would not have gotten better if we hadn't gotten a 2nd opinion and I regret that we let it go on for so long. more

We LOVE it there! 4/9/2010

We have been taking our three dogs to Dilworth Animal Hospital for about a year now and we absolutely love everything about it. The staff is amazing, they always know who we are and put the dogs at ease with their kind and gentle nature(s). The facilities are always clean and never feel like a ""hospital"". Dr. Managan is great - very sweet, very knowledgeable, and even makes post-op/visit calls herself which shows just how much they all care. Pros: Dr. Managan, the Staff, the quality of care more

Best Vet around 3/8/2010

My doggie, Abbe, had a multitude of heath problems before we found Dr. Wheelock. After seeing several vets in two different states, we heard of a new vet in Dilworth. Not being satisfied with our vet at the time, we decided to give Dr. Wheelock at the Dilworth Animal Hospital a try. Wow, what a great idea that was! Dr. Wheelock looked beyond the traditional things that might be the problem. He persevered until he solved the health mystery. Now after ten years of health issues my dogs is feeling better than ever. Dr. Wheelock gave my doggie her health back! Pros: Wonderful staff, and homey facility Cons: Hmmm...can't think of any. more

Great clinic for your cat 2/27/2010

I have to say the care by Dr. Managan was just great. She called me after the surgery to let me know exactly what had been done and to let me know how Kittay was doing. She even checked on her after hours. She called the next day after Kittay had come home to let us know the results of her test. I have to say the care was better than what I received after my surgery. Pros: Quick treatment - compassionate care more

Dr. Managan is a wonderful addition! 2/2/2010

I bring all of my pets here to see Dr. Managan. She is very thorough and doesn't rush through the exam. You can ask her anything and she will give you an honest answer and help you decide whats best for your pets. She will not hesitate to give you a tutorial on how to clean out your dogs ears or trim their nails. One day I paniced after my dog had a very weird ""episode"" and I called her and left a message for her concerning my older dog. She called me back even though it was after hours and spoke with me at length about it. She is a wonderful addition to the practice and I highly reccomend her to everyone! Pros: You are never rushed through the exam, questions are welcome more

Best Vet in Town!! 1/29/2010

I have 8 year old English Bull dog named Rozee, Rozee had cancer and underwent chemotheropy at Dilwork Animal Hospital, she was a frequent visitor for 8 months. Rozee Has had a full recovery and with the help and expertise of Dr. Wheelock and his staff. Rozee is still a frequent visitor for nail trimmings, she enjoys visiting DAH and works around like she owns the place. :) Pros: Dr. Wheelock and his fellow workers are amazing!! more

Dr. Wheelock is wonderful! 10/12/2009

Dilworth Animal Hospital is the best animal hospital in Charlotte. It is clean and the staff is friendly and accommodating - they have gotten us in within an hour of calling for emergencies with our dogs, cat, and turtle. Dr. Wheelock is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, as well as truly kind and loving towards your pets. It is wonderful to have a doctor with knowledge about exotic pets, like our Red Eared Slider. We feel very fortunate to have found him so close. more

A vet who really cares!!!! 8/26/2009

My 12 year old cocker spaniel (Autumn) had a growth between her front to legs (under the skin) and it was diagnosed as cancer last September by my local vet. I was told she was not a candidate for surgical removal of the tumor because of a chronic coughing condition she has had for years. So, with that said I had prepared myself for her not to live much longer. Finally, in January of this year I felt like she was not getting worse, however, the tumor was getting larger. I started researching vets online and came across Dilworth Animal Hospital. I took her in to see Dr. Wheelock just at the right time. We basically had to make a decision that day: remove the tumor or put her down. I had a hard time making that decision because she was still a happy fun loving dog in good spirits. This massive tumor was the only real life threatening issue. I did inform Dr. Wheelock that I was told by my local vet that she was not a candidate for surgery and wanted his opinion. He felt that she was in overall good health and would probably survive the procedure. With that I put my little girl in his hands that day. Thank God!!! She survived the surgery as he said and has been doing well every since. Dr. Wheelock said that it was actually a localized cancer and would probably grow back in 6-7 months unless I chose to seek radiation treatment. Unfortunately, the cancer treatment is too expensive for me so I've just spent the time giving her extra TLC. The tumor is back like Dr. Wheelock predicted, but once again I find myself in the same situation and will be making an appt to see Dr. Wheelock very soon. I totally trust him with my baby and admire his work and companion for our non speaking friends that make life more enjoyable. Dr. Wheelock was spot on with Autumn and took care of her right away. No one knew Autumn was going to have surgery that afternoon. We were there for a second opinion only. However, it turned into an emergency and because of his quick actions my dog is alive today. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Pros: Compassionate, Caring, Knowledgeable, Experienced more

very grateful for this veterinarian 7/22/2009

Our three-year-old Maltese had been sick on and off for months. Her prior veterinarian had given a diagnosis of a disease that is usually terminal, so nothing could be done to alleviate any of the symptoms: it was just the natural progression of the disease. Needless to say, we were horrified, but also puzzled since our dog didn't seem consistently sick. Out of desperation we decided to take her to Dr. Wheelock, who had just moved his practice into our neighborhood. We figured it couldn't hurt. He carefully examined our dog and said it was very unlikely she had that disease because she was just too healthy. He immediately had a suggestion for what could be making her sick -- a parasite -- and prescribed medicine. She was totally 100% recovered within one day of starting the medicine and has been in perfect puppy-like health ever since. Obviously, we are incredibly relieved and grateful that he took the time to listen to our long drawn out story and to take a fresh look at our dog's problems. If you're reading this, thank you so much Dr. Wheelock!! more

A vet who truly works from the heart 6/22/2009

We have a wonderful little pet rodent named Oreo. Some filter on this website won't let me write what she is, so reverse the word tar. It was flagged as ""inappropriate."" Therein was the problem when Oreo developed a massive tumor 25% of her body weight. My 9 year old was in tears offering up her birthday money to help fix Oreo. I am primarily a dog lover and thought that this small rodent type of pet would be low maintenance. Since then I've found that they are almost as personable as the dog and letting this tumor ""run its' course"" was unacceptable. Now to find a vet who would understand. Some vets I called referred me to not so local ""exotics"" specialists who qouted very scary $estimates. Finally I came across Dilworth Animal Hospital's website. I was impressed by the variety of animals that they clearly enjoy caring for. After a very encouraging phone call explaining the situation, type of pet etc. I brought Oreo to their office. What a pleasant experience! It is the best of a nice home environment with confident capable welcoming staff. I knew Oreo was in good hands. The massive tumor was removed and Oreo is back to cheering everyone up with her friendly, playful nature. Dr. Wheelock understood our dilemma with a young but not very long life span creature (3-5yrs), that had a correctible but otherwise straight downhill problem. Plus the kids' hearts being all wrapped up in the situation and he worked with us on a more reasonable cost. Better yet. I've found a wonderful new veterinarian that I look forward to bringing all of my animals to in the future. We left a wonderful vet behind when we moved here 3 years ago. Finding Dr. Wheelock here in Charlotte definitely will help us feel more settled in knowing we now have a great resource to take care of all of our pets. Thank you Dr. Wheelock and all of the staff at Dilworth Animal Hospital!! more

Wonderfully Compassionate Veternarian 2/1/2009

I happened upon Dilworth Animal Hospital and the first thing I noticed was the veterinarian (Dr. Wheelock) answered his own phone when I called in a panic one day. My dog was out of pain meds and has cancer. He was kind enough to sell me a small supply of meds until I could get back to Waxhaw to her regular vet. I felt the warmth and caring of the Dr. and his staff immediately. It was the beginning of a wonderful experience for both me and my dog. We scheduled a regular appointment with Dr. Wheelock so she could get established. The visit was amazing. He spent so much time with her, getting to know her and discussing treatment options. He wrote a 3 page report card for her that covered everything we discussed. He spoke with me, not at me and made her feel like she was the only dog in the world. The outcome was a change in meds that has given her back the ability to jump in bed; she can now run and has much more energy. I am so grateful for Dr. Wheelock ? he shoots straight and really cares about the animals. If you are looking for a good veterinarian, he is your man. Pros: Love of animals, caring, options for treatment, personal attention, atmosphere didn't scare dog Cons: None that I have found more

Excellent veterinarian and caring staff! 1/13/2009

I would highly recommend the Dilworth Animal Hospital. We used to go to another vet's office in the University Area where Dr. Wheelock previously worked. He diagnosed our dog when no one else could figure out what was wrong and she has been healthy since. I don't find the previous review on here (re: negligence) very credible -- seems completely inaccurate and very hard to believe. Dr. Wheelock is an excellent vet - I have every confidence in him. We were thrilled to find out that he opened his own office and now go to the Dilworth Animal Hospital even though it is on the other side of town. Dr. Wheelock and the staff have a great manner with the animals and he truly cares about them. He always follows up with a phone call home and I can truly say that he has been excellent with any problems our dogs have had. I would highly recommend Dr. Wheelock and the Dilworth Animal Hospital to anyone! more

Excellent Veterinarian!!! So glad he opened his own animal hospital! 1/13/2009

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Wheelock and the Dilworth Animal Hospital. We used to go to another animal hospital in the University area where Dr. Wheelock used to work and he was able to diagnose and treat our Akita, when no one else could figure out what was wrong with her. When we found out that he had opened his own office in Dilworth, we followed him down there and now take all our animals there, even though it's on the other side of town. He has great bedside manner with the animals and truly cares about them. He is always willing to call you and asks you to call him with any questions. Any time we have taken our dog in to be treated, he always follows up with a call at home. I feel comfortable and confident with Dr. Wheelock and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a veterinarian. Pros: Great doctor and great facilities Cons: Absolutely nothing more

Dr. Weelock is the best 11/15/2008

When we first got our pom ""smokey"" we took him to Dr. Weelock for his vet care I was very impressed with his bedside manner and his loving nature for animals. This is a Dr. you can always count on day or night to answer any questions or concerns, never gives you the run around and always does what he thinks is best. Pros: everything is good more
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Full service animal hospital serves Charlotte and surrounding area.

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  • Welcome to Dilworth Animal Hospital, an exceptional provider for all of your pet?s health care needs! We are now open and are proudly serving Charlotte and its surrounding communities. We are always excited to meet new people and their pets! So, come on in and let us introduce ourselves. Our philosophy can be summarized in two words: "Compassionate Care." This means top quality medicine paired with a sensitivity to the needs of your family. We recognize that there are many factors that come into play for each patient and their family. We strive to listen to and address all of these needs. We take great pride in the amount of time devoted to educating our families. We will always treat your "family members" as if they were our very own. We are honest, hardworking, and very good at the medicine that we practice. Mostly we love what we do and we have a fun time doing it!


  • Full service animal hospital serves Charlotte and surrounding area.

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