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Diadem - Philadelphia, PA


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I've been a regular at Diadem for approximately a year and I've been pleased with the quality of service provided by the assistants & stylists. My stylist, Ronald, is creative, p...


When you are finished being serviced its like you are charged a random price. Like if the stylist would like to charge you more they can because their prices are always changing.O...

My experience was good... 3/28/2012

although it has been a while since i've been at Diadem, I had no complaints. the only thing i can say on a negative note is that my stylist was alittle late, but not so late that it inconvenienced me. this was one of my better experiences trying out a new salon. more

Love it... 6/11/2011

I've been a regular at Diadem for approximately a year and I've been pleased with the quality of service provided by the assistants & stylists. My stylist, Ronald, is creative, professional and accommodating. I love the fact that he, and the other stylists, specialize in healthy hair, in addition to, a complimenting hair style. I look forward to my Diadem experience each time I make an appointment. Also, the atmosphere is unique & relaxing. more

Always a good experience 7/28/2010

I originally went to Diadem about a year or so ago, following my former hair stylist. I chose to leave because I was not satisfied with my former stylist, but was very impressed with the look of the salon, and how other customer's finished hair styles looked from their stylists. Recently, I wanted to cut my hair very short and remembered the stylists at Diadem (even though I didn't know any of them personally). My great experience came as soon as I made my appointment! Carol and Dez, and other staff members are very welcoming and always accomadating. The support staff there are great and always making sure that I'm comfortable. Pros: Great hair products, nice atmosphere, professional service Cons: so far, no cons. more

Dez, YOU GO GURRLLL 5/30/2010

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED MY HAIR, First of all after months of relaxing and coloring my hair, my hair was a bit damage, after i let Dez do her thing, she worked it out, The girl can cut some hair, and style too, i give it to her, she have the touch, I finally found the perfect hairstylist!!!! THXS DEZ Pros: professional service,very nice environment. more

The worse customer service I have ever seen 5/30/2010

This is without question the most ghetto place I have ever been. After this horrible experience I started getting my hair don at Salon Thalia, a wonderful place. Pros: they say they do hair well, I wouldn't know I walked out Cons: The worse salon I have ever been to more

I luv how they do hair 5/14/2010

When you are finished being serviced its like you are charged a random price. Like if the stylist would like to charge you more they can because their prices are always changing.One time I went to get a service done and I was charged one price, then I went back for the same service just no trim or conditioner, and i was charged only $ 5 dollars less. LIke how is that Possible? I am a person who does not mind paying for good quality but when you try to take advantage of me, a regular. That's when I have to move on to other places. I am sure that they dont take advantage of their hardworking clients. Pros: They do great hair! Cons: They never have one set price? more

Extremely negative experience at Diadem 11/20/2009

I had such a negative experience at Diadem, that I am convinced the positive reviews are left by friends and family members of the staff. This band of immature, unprofessional stylists should not even have a business, and certainly do NOT warrant the effusive praise exhibited in these reviews. Yes, the price list is shrouded in mystery; only the stylists know the menu. When it was time to pay the bill, even then I was not given an itemized list of services. The bill was hefty: about a hundred dollars for a wash, haircut, and press. The consultation was nonexistent. Even the picture I showed the stylist of the haircut I wanted was ignored. The stylist proceeded to give me his vision of what he wanted to see on me: a horrific, angled, unreasonably short hairstyle that took months to grow out under the corrective services of an entirely different stylist at an entirely different salon. I left Diadem that day in tears. The wait was excruciatingly long, about four hours. What is the point in making an appointment if it won't be honored? Contrary to what has been posted, it is never necessary to spend that kind of time in a salon, unless the stylist is working on your hair the majority of the time. That was not the case at Diadem. They waste your time, period. They need better scheduling and better time management. For the prices, it is unacceptable and inexcusable to have patrons waiting. This group needs to operate out of a basement for about a quarter of the price due to their lack of professionalism and disregard for patrons. Yes, what was mentioned in other reviews about the cattiness is true. Yes, they waste your time. Yes, they hide their prices.Yes, they refuse to show you what products are used. Yes, they refuse to tell you about how to maintain your style at home. No, they do not give you a consultation. I wanted to walk out many times, but the stylist convinced me to let him finish and that I would not regret it. I regretted that experience big time. I regretted ever having heard the name Diadem. I would never recommend them and will never return. I am in awe that Diadem is still in business. Yes, my experience was that bad. The only positive I can state is that my hair had body, shine, and movement. But you can achieve a comparable outcome at a Dominican salon, for example, for a fraction of the price. CONSUMERS: Spend your money elsewhere. Pros: Shiny hair Cons: Everything else more

Experiencing Diadem 5/7/2009

Bottom line: Diadem is like anything else in life. Whatever and however you plan for a experience is usually your guaranteed outcome. I came to learn about Diadem through a friend who was referred by another friend. Nevertheless, I visited the salon during my friends appointment to have the opportunity to scope the location, parking availability, atmosphere and the like. I also wanted to talk to the recommended stylist, explore the use of hair products, price list, wait time and process of scheduling. I also had a discussion about the (then) current status of my hair, past chemical use, any health issues that may have an effect on the condition of my scalp or hair, and what I was looking for within the services of the salon. That was in December 2008, and I remain a satisfied customer as of this writing. Since then, I have had the opportunity to experience a very intimate level of professional hair care and treatment from a degree of expertise that I have truly appreciated. The professional yet friendly and relaxing atmosphere lends itself to the quality customer services and personalized attention, which has exceeded my satisfaction. As for the wait time, please note that quality care takes time, and the same time it takes for the person ahead of me is the same if not more time that is spent in caring for my hair and meeting my needs to expectations. Another perk that I appreciate about Diadem is the flexibility extended around the salon hours and my work schedule. It's been great to be able to go to a early church service on Sunday, grab a snack and run to the salon to have my hair fresh for the upcoming work week. Being a observant person, I really like how the staff at Diadem train and treat each other, especially the students who prepare the customers for the stylist chair. I have seen them use the time of error as a teachable moment versus a time of scolding. That matters to me because vendors treat their customers the same way they treat each other. A wonderful thing that happened to me at Diadem. A previous customer left a blessing for the 8th customer on Friday March 13, 2009, and that person was me. I received a special message from the ""Word"" and a $25.00 gift certificate. What a surprise and blessing. Lastly, I could go on and on, but don't just take my word alone, plan your own experience. Pros: Professional Hair Care and Treatment Cons: Variable Wait Time more

Ignorning the facts... 5/1/2009

Everybody has something to say about where the salon is located, parking, pricing but it seems like people are ignoring the big picture, their products. The most important ingredients to make your hair healthy is kept a secret at this salon. As a customer, I should have the right to know what exactly is used in my hair. High quality products right? Which one? Nobody knows for sure what their putting in your hair because their always behind close doors mixing your color or deep conditioner. And if you ask what to use for your hair in between your next appointment, they give you a generic answer and a product that you can find at Rite Aid. Why? If were all trying to achieve the same goal, healthy hair then why are we so secretive about sharing information like what types of products to use regardless of how expensive they may be and different hair regimens. Wake up people and really analyze your surroundings. You would want to know what ingredients are in your food right? Same principal applies to our hair. If your going to spend $100-$200 on your hair at least know what they use for your perms, hair color, deep conditioner, shampoo and styling products. If this information is kept from you then you should probably questioned their integrity... Pros: Beautiful hair... Cons: Never know what type of products their using... more

Diadem Is The Salon For Me!!!!!!!! 3/24/2009

Hello readers! I wanted to share with you my hair experience with Diadem. I remember my first appointment..I thought the salon was beautiful and most importantly the service was beyond my expectations. Im extremely picky but I had total trust in my stylist to cut my hair on my 1st visit!!! Everyone is very polite and you can tell that they all love and respect each other. My hair has never felt as good or looked as good as it did when I left that day. Sure I paid a little more than I would usually pay but that didn't matter to me because my hair has been so healthy every since. I love the products, the atmosphere is great and like other natural salons, you are going to wait. I've work in salons for years and I loved Diadem so much that I wanted to join the team. They truly care about YOUR hair and the products that use guarentee results. I recommend that you experience for yourself the benefits of a Diadem wash and curl. That's all it took for me to see that Diadem is the Salon for me:) more

I tried Diadem for myself..,, 3/9/2009

I came across the salon when riding through the neighborhood. Went online and found a lot of negative reviews. I decided to see to ahead and see what they had to offer. WOW! I must admit that the prices are a little steep but the beauty and healthiness of my hair causes me to overlook it. I have had plenty of stylist who were able to make my hair look beautiful but it was not necessarily healthy. They have really good products. The way that the stylists trim hair in that salon... It is remarkable. I look to myself as being somewhat picky- I really must say that they are good. As far as the prices are concerned, at this point, I don't know of any place cheaper with the SAME results as Diadem. As far as the attitudes that some reviewers spoke about, I have not experienced any negativity. more

It is time for change!!! 11/19/2008

I have been a faithful customer of Diadem for a at least 4 years maybe longer than that. Healthy hair is important and you feel great when your hair is fabulous. Nevertheless, I have a problem with the pricing!!! Pros: hair care, great products Cons: inconsistant prices, lack of integrity more

Diadem is the Truth! 11/6/2008

I highly recommend this hair salon! I have been a faithful customer for years. The negative reviews concerning Diadem are coming from negative people. I have not been to one black hair salon that I did not wait for at lease 3 hrs or more. Did we for get that our hair is a process (coloring,perming, blowing drying those kinks)? What in the world do you want, this takes time. Most black hair is truly work! The motto of the Diadem is ""healtly hair is our priority"". So if your hair is not a priority don't go to Diadem, and the truth will set you free! more

Reality check 10/28/2008

I am a long time customer of DIADEM and as I sat down to read some of the reviews that were left i got angry."" ENOUGH is ENOUGH "" Pros: Professional , friendly , and talented stylists Cons: None ( may be complimentary water or refreshments sometimes) more

Observations 9/12/2008

Lisa has been my stylist for quite some time and I'm happy with her. As for the salon, it is very nice, clean and comfortable. Everyone seems to be nice and I haven't noticed any laughing at clients but i tend not to pay attention other people. I'm usually in and out in a reasonable time. However, I have noticed people sitting for hours with damp heads. . Everyone in there is a good stylist. I think some of the comments lose some validity when you ""hate"" on Dez and her $300 jeans. What does that have to do with the service? Nada! Pros: Hair Care Cons: Wait Time more

customer svc is more than just smiles 8/25/2008

yes, yes, yes, staff is so friendly and courteous (most of the time, start questioning them about prices..). I was a client for several years.The wait time was always frustrating so I would alternate salons depending on my schedule. After awhile I began to really pay attention to the source of conversation of the staff and the whispering back and forth (w/o going into detail I will say they are immature and get a kick out of laughing at others) I also noticed staff would get upset if you were late for your appt. but they can start your appt. three hours later! There has been no efforts to improve the time scheduling issue (ie: high end salons do not have you waiting for hours and there is a grace period for late customers b4 rescheduling). I convinced myself to leave this establishment, felt as if i was giving my time and money to a place that was all smiles with no regard and respect to the customers. Pros: nice place, music & smiles Cons: indirect disrespect more

avoid if you have somewhere else go 8/25/2008

Not a good experience and I attempted 3x to give a sister a break b/c there are some days where it can be hectic. However, i realized that it was the norm to wait over 4 hours to get a blowout & curl. Then pay upscale prices for gheto service(what!!!????) How Ridiculous!!! -- I could have drove downtown to a reputable salon, got my hair done, met friends for dinner & a drink and still be home before they even attempted to wash my hair at Diadem. Now, if you do not have a good salon to treat your hair right -- I guess you will be stuck with this place & praising.... Pros: upscale hair products Cons: appt time problems more

not for me 7/30/2008

All i can say is ... never again. I was encouraged to write a review. My hair felt soft & bouncy, however, i wasted my whole evening for a blowout & curl (did not get home until 10:30 and my appt was at 4!). I actually left my job early when i shouldn't have. I beleive the staff thought I was younger, once my hair was washed and there was some evidence of gray, the attitude and persona changed. The ad indicates that this is an upscale salon -not by my standards. I can get the same services elsewhere w/o the sillyness and disrespectful wait time. Pros: quality products Cons: several- wait time #1 more

Review from the heart... 7/25/2008

I have been going to Dez since I was 12, and even then, my hair has always looked fabulous. Now as I have grown older, I still continue to use her services. I have recommended quite a few people to the salon, from classmates to random women of Philadephia, who give me compliments on not only the quality of my hair but the extremely detailed haircuts. From long black, to short black, to extremely short blonde, I have stuck with Dez, and I would never switch. I read ""reviews"" that say that she is materialistic, but how can one judge someone negatively based on their great success? She has been doing this since she was a teenager, this is something that she has a great passion for, combine that with a strong drive, and you have a young, beautiful, successful, black entrepreneur. Granted, you will be waiting a bit, buuuuut it definitely depends on what day and the time you schedule, because I've been there all day one saturday, and in and out the next. Personally, I've never had a problem with any of my styles; but honestly if you want something done, SPEAK UP. If you don't wanna walk out looking like an old hag, then say something. The stylists are not mind readers, and are definitely not obligated to do what THEY want, it's your hair. I agree with another reviewer, go to Ang' for lengthy styles and bouncy curls; go to Dez for funky asymmetrical cuts, and bone straight hair. Overall, I don't plan on leaving Diadem anytime soon! TRAP...=) Pros: One of a kind haircuts, Healthy Hair, Positive Atmosphere Cons: Wait Time more

not for those with a calendar 7/24/2008

OMG! I used to frequent Diadem and a friend of mine told me that all the reasons why I stopped going were on these reviews, so i had to view them first hand. What i do not understand is why haven't they changed??? Dont we all strive to improve our business? We want to support our people but if they do not care....... oh well. I cant beleive the staff is still snickering at people behind thier back; Older women are still being treated differently and referred to a Ms. while the younger women are on first name basis ( i thought we were all adults) and it seems like the wait time has gotten worse!! leaving Diadem was the best thing for me b/c i no longer could waste my time and pay $$. i get better service downtown w/ ammenities and maybe a 15 minute wait. Pros: products Cons: highlighting not great; awful wait time more
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