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Diablo's Cantina - 29 Reviews - 3770 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV - Late Night Dining Reviews - Phone (702) 730-7979

Diablo's Cantina

3770 S. Las Vegas Blvd (at Monte Carlo Resort)
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 730-7979
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Diablo's Cantina - Las Vegas, NV
Diablo's Cantina - Las Vegas, NV
Diablo's Cantina - Las Vegas, NV
Diablo's Cantina - Las Vegas, NV
Diablo's Cantina - Las Vegas, NV
Diablo's Cantina - Las Vegas, NV
Diablo's Cantina - Las Vegas, NV
Diablo's Cantina - Las Vegas, NV



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The food and atmosphere is great but the fact that the bartenders, upstairs and downstairs, are complete d-bags makes me want to never return to this place. It takes way too long...


I travel almost everywhere on business by myself - so I get a different taste of life than the couples and groups. I feel you can really tell what a restaurant is going to be like...

Nice experience 12/8/2010

I would recommend this place. The food isn't bad. more

DO NOT GO HERE 2/9/2010

let me first say i have watched the super bowl here two years in a row. last year i went and was fortunate enough to sit in front of a great bartender and enjoyed it enough. i did notice that some of the other staff was rude and really thought nothing of it when i was with my guy friends. however.... this year i knew i was going to be back so i made a reservation for super bowl sunday well in advance through light group. when i say well in advance i mean in november. i planned to do the same as last year; come early, and leave late. and spend a TON of money. coming from 2000 miles away, and expecting to be treated like a normal member of society was all i could ask for. after all its really about the game and spending it with the ppl i traveled with. we couldnt have experienced more of the opposite. the staff has no idea whats going on, (do you have a freaking manager on duty, or god forbid do you call staff meetings to get everyone on the same page??) and couldnt care less about being polite. i ran one of the largest college bar in the nation in college and i know what it is like to deal with a-holes at the bar. we werent those people. in fact we are the types that will spend a lot EVERY year in that town and be loyal to the places that treat us right. i have never written a neg review online. im doing it for one reason... because i often rely on these types of reviews to decide where to go and get viable info about places before i decide to spend my hard earned money, often multiple times. please please please do not go here. you will regret it if you do. i dont know if it is the light group or the in house management, but this is no question the worst run venue ive ever been to on any level. find another bar/resturant... there is plenty in las vegas. Pros: absolutely none Cons: horrible attitudes, rude staff, poor management, more

Turtles move faster than the bartenders. 9/8/2009

The food and atmosphere is great but the fact that the bartenders, upstairs and downstairs, are complete d-bags makes me want to never return to this place. It takes way too long to get a drink here, even when it's not busy. Plus, never ask for salt with your patron when your doing a round of shots. You'll be asking to much of your bartender. more

Great Atmosphere, Location, & Food 5/26/2009

I went with a group of friends to Diablos in the afternoon. We got great seats on the top balcony and were able to watch all the people pass by on their way to NYNY or further down the strip. I had a few margaritas, which were all very good. The bar tender was very friendly and I never had to stand long to wait for my drink. We decided to order some food after awhile and put our order in with the bar tender. When the food came out, they forgot our chips & salsa, but were quick to correct this issue and apologized. No harm done in the end. This spot will be first on my list for the next Vegas trip! Pros: great spot for people watching, friendly staff Cons: none more

STAY AWAY save some money 4/16/2009

1. $10 a pint for beer? 2. sitting at the bar it took 20 minutes to get my 10 dollar beer and the place wasnt even crowded. What a joke. Pros: none Cons: service, price and attitudes more

This Place Rocks 3/18/2009

Diablo's was recomended by friends who have been there before, and I finally wanted to check it out. Great bar scene with hot girls. The hostess sat me and friends right by the strip, (awsome people watching) the foot and drinks were great and they had a great music selection. After we ate, we went up to the patio bar where we spent about two more hours listening to great music and enyoying great margaritas and mojitos. All over all a fun place where you can eat and drink and chill, by over looking the strip. will be back soon!!!! Pros: Great Bar scene more

Great Place to Watch Live Music 3/9/2009

I absolutely love the Battle of the Bands and just heard that they are going to be starting this back up again! Yippeeee! Diablo's is a great hang out spot to watch live music. They keep the drinks coming and the upstairs patio is fun fun fun! Pros: Great Music, Great Food, STRONG Drinks! Cons: N/A more

Dont order a drink 3/8/2009

Mar8 2009, The 9.00 smoothy that is called a margaritta is a total fraud. happy hour is also a complete fraud. No resolution from mgmt either. Food was not bad, The service moved at the speed of smell. terrible. Not worth the money Pros: food was quick Cons: drinks, service more

Poor service and overpriced drinks! 2/14/2009

My husband and I go to Vegas once a year and have dined at some awesome restaurants. Diablos Cantina is NOT one of them. We were looking for a fun place to have dinner after walking the strip. The lights and the restaurant itself were very appealing so we entered and were seated. The decor was simple and authentic. Everything on the menu was ala cart. This would be ok if the pricing was accordingly. However, a quesadilla was almost $20.00. Add rice and your looking at $25.00. I personally have never been to a mexican restaurant where the chips and salsa were not brought out right away with no charge. Here you pay for them and any sauces. (I will say the chips were very good.) Our meals were ok but definately not worth the price we paid for them. Our waiter did not come around to fill our water or see if we needed anything. I had to finally get up and go to the bar for a glass of water which was given to me in a plastic cup. We finally received our bill and could not believe they charged us $8.00 a piece for 2 domestic beers that were brought to us in a plastic non chilled mug and were a little better than room temperature. My suggestion go to Taco Bell! Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Service, food value, drink value more

Worse Service EVER 11/24/2008

Need I say more. My parents come in from out of town about three or four times a year. They are very good gamblers at the MGM/Mirage group. They usually stay at the Monte Carlo, but due to some issues (personal not MGM/Mirage group) they stayed at NYNY this time. We have been to Diablo's 3 three times now, and each time has been bad. We go there becuase Mom loves Mexican and we get it comped. Well this last time (yesterday at 1:30 to 2:30P) we went upstairs to sit by the railling to eat and drink. I told the host that we were going to snack and drink. She started to get menus, but then when my dad finally got up the stairs, he said he just wanted a drink so she said sit at the bar. We tried to sit at a table then she PUSHED us out of the table for someone "eating" I had planned on getting nachos, drinks (the four of us all wanted drinks, and alot of them) and other snacks. It gets better, we moved to another table, not by the railing) and waited for another 10 minutes for a server to help us. We complained that we wanted to eat and was told we could not sit where we wanted because my dad had stated he only wanted drinks. We left and on our way out, I told a group coming in not to eat there and they turned around and left also. They have angered both a local and a high ranking member of the MGM/Mirage players club. I will tell anyone who will listen not to go there from here on out. I also am boycotting all Light management group places from here on out. I will never eat at Diablo's again, or any of the other Light group places. I feel if you can't make it right for one person, you won't care about anyone else. The service is horrible, the staff is rude and the food is horrible. Oh and don't forget that the upstairs looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a while. Do NOT go there. more

Were there servers here? 7/25/2008

I travel almost everywhere on business by myself - so I get a different taste of life than the couples and groups. I feel you can really tell what a restaurant is going to be like given the service you receive as a single diner. Most places, you can expect to be a little slower, or faster, but you won't get the attention a group would. Understandable. Here - I was asked if I would mind sitting at a high table in the bar area because the dinner rush was going to happen soon. It was 530- but whatever. I will make them as happy as I can. I sat for 30 minutes before I went back to the hostess and asked for a server. She brought me one drink and disappeared for another 30 before I left a couple bucks on the table and walked. I was so hungry I could have eaten a horse, I'm Central Time, so it was 630 when I sat and by 730 I hadn't even been able to lick the salt off a chip. The food looked and smelled wonderful. The drink the bartender made was super. Try their frozen signature drinks... Tasty tasty tasty. Service... ick. Pros: Great atmosphere. Great place to get the party started or sit in the back with a date. Cons: Service around the bar was non existant. more

Disappointed 6/23/2008

Arrived in Vegas Wed night excited about this place. Had a 30 min wait had 1 drink at the bar drinks were good. The food i had, the chicken taco's very dry and flour tortilla was hard. Wife had fish taco's said they were ok. The chips were great waitress did a good job. For drinks and chips good place Dinner i would skip. Total bill before tip $ 54.00 should be better for that price. Pros: Chips and Drinks Cons: Food and price more

Good margaritas, great vibe, good food 3/29/2008

We ate lunch here because we got coupons. We were seated by an open window on a beatiful day. I asked the server if drinks were included in the 15% off coupon. I was surprised when he said yes. We ordered a pitcher of margaritas which were served with glasses rimmed with crushed red pepper and salt. When I looked at the pitcher, I was disappointed. It looked small. However, when we were done with the pitcher, we were pretty happy. The food was really good and came out fast. Service was excellent. We told our server that if he took care of us, we would take care of him. He was friendly and fast. I wanted a plastic Diablo cup that could only be purchased with a $20 drink. He hooked us up and we tipped him well. I would recommend this place if you're looking for a fun laid-back atmosphere. Pros: Good margaritas, good service Cons: Wait can be long more

great place to party on the strip 3/28/2008

It's a poppin' bar with no cover on the strip. I've seen live bands here, some okay, some not so great, but it's still a rockin' atmosphere any night. Usually they have deejays. Really feels like being on spring break. It's got a nice younger crowd for the most part, and that's right up my alley. Music is kind of loud, but I've only been there at night, so I can't really comment on what it's like during the day. At night it's a party atmosphere with tequila girls and gogo dancers. The food is great, service is on par, and I really can't complain about the ice cold beers and delicious margaritas. Places on the strip are known to be skimpy on their alcohol content, but not this place. I give it my two thumbs up! more

Best Margartias, Nachos, and free entertainment on the Strip 3/28/2008

Diablos atmosphere is fun and edgy. The wait staff is friendly, professional, yet fun. The inside decor makes you feel like you just stepped off the Las Vegas strip and into a spring break college hang out in Cabo San Lucas. The food is excellent and the service is quick. I love their college night on Thursdays. They always have some kind of fun and quirky event and there are people there that hand out free drink passes. All in all it's a great place to dine, drink, and hang out with friends! Pros: Atmoshphere, location, tasty food, entertainment Cons: none more

Not worth it 3/28/2008

We stopped here for lunch back in November. I have been to Vegas many times and definately would not go back to this place. We had a waiter who tried to sell us a pitcher of margaritas for over almost $50.00 when the menu said $42.00 which is still a rip off. The food was over priced and not good. We ordered some gauc and it came in this large dish but only had about a 1/4 cup in it. Service was horrible. It was over $110.00 for four lunches and a pitcher of margaritas. more

Best Drinks in Town!!!! 3/27/2008

I went to eat here with my husband and 16 month old son...and had a great time. It is very Spring Break like...but it is a great place for family dining too! The wait staff was so nice and patient with our group, even as my son was throwing food EVERYWHERE! Make sure your try the Mojito's they are the best I have ever had. Pros: Always a good time with plenty of action. Great drinks!! Cons: Kind of loud and hard to talk to the rest of your group. more

Huge Portions and Hotties 3/18/2008

Can I just say that the bartenders and servers here are HOT? And I mean both the guys and girls. I'm a chick and the eye candy is just awesome! Lol. Anyways, the food here is great and the portions are so big you can probably split a plate with a friend. I got the beef tacos and they were delicious. Juicy and tasty! My friend got the grilled shrimp and it smelled so good I had to have a bit. Next time I'm trying that for sure. I definitely recommend this place, and it's perfect for your out of town friends since it's right on the strip... not inside a casino. Pros: Hot staff and huge yummy portions more

Pleasantly Surprised 2/26/2008

After reading the reviews here for Diablo's. I was hesitant to give it a try. We went to Vegas last weekend and the outstide of the place is so inviting, that I decided I'd give it a shot despite some of the poor reviews. I was pleasantly surprised! We had a large party (10) and we were seated promptly. The atmosphere is fun, the waiter was not spectacularly attentive, but he did his job. The food was super! My husband and I had the hot wings - they were meaty & spicy. We also had the caesar salad which was extremely tasty- the best caesar I've had in a while- lots of dressing & fresh, crisp lettuce, nice amount of parm. cheese & croutons too. The rest of our party had the steak fajitas and they were equally satisfied. The portions were not small by any means. We all "split" our plates with our significant others and there was plenty of food. Can't say anything bout the margaritas but the bottled beers were served very cold. I will return next time I'm in Vegas! Pros: good portions, tasty food more

A Definate recommend for FOOD and FUN!!! 2/12/2008

I had wanted to go in to this cantina back in September 07 (when the outside patio was open) but didn't. So it was definatley on my list "TO DO" when we went again in December and so glad we did. After looking overthe menu I decided on the "South of the Border" tortilla soup (off the "starters" list) I didn't want to get to full, needed to leave some room for the margaritas. It was EXCELLENT!!! Very filling!!! My husband ordered the Steak Tacos and he loved them as well. I did sneak a bite and have to agree they were very good!!! We ordered a pitcher of the "Twisted Sister" mixed drink and it was very yummy. If you are going to drink, it is a better deal to order the pitcher and not a single glass. It was well mixed and I felt a bit tipsy after. I loved the atmosphere. Our waitress could have smiled a little more but she was attentative. The hostesses at the front were lovely and so nice!!! A definate recommend for food and fun!!! Pros: Good food, Good Service, Good Drink Cons: A littel more smile on the server would be good...:) more
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Owner Message

  • Sultry and spicy, the sirens of Diablo's Mexican Cantina greet Vegas passersby?s in front of Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. This two tier Mexican hotspot is your one stop destination regardless of what time of day it is to enjoy everything from a mid-day Mai Tai and people watching, to a late night tequila fiesta that you'll be sure to regret in the morning.
    Located in front of Monte Carlo directly on the Las Vegas strip, Diablo's welcoming party atmosphere and energizing vibe draw the eclectic audiences that peruse Las Vegas Blvd. Serving Mexican food with an American twist, this innovative Mexican hotspot combines one part restaurant with one part nightclub to create a perfectly blended margarita of sin and cuisine seven days a week - salted rim optional.


  • In Short
    Expect Diablo's to be nothing short of a rowdy, non-stop, Spring Break-style party. Blame the fiendishly strong frozen concoctions, like the Big Bertha and the 44-ounce margaritas, the bartenders are whipping up. Or maybe it's those sexy senoritas pushing the 75 varieties of tequilas they serve. So get something in you stomach. The open-air, Strip-side cantina serves tequila barbecue baby back ribs, diablo death wings, red snapper tacos and other south-of-the-border staples with a signature twist.

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    Open seven days a week Restaurant: 11am-12am Lounge: Sun-Wed 11am-2am, Thurs-Sat 11am-3am
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