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Deyampert, Tara, MD - Womankind Ob/Gyn Associates - 8 Reviews - 301 Saint Paul St, Baltimore, MD - Doctors Reviews - Phone (410) 547-8400

Deyampert, Tara, MD - Womankind Ob/Gyn Associates

301 Saint Paul St
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 547-8400
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Depite all these other reviews I find that this Dr is the best OBGYN there is. I have been with her since 2005 and have been through 4 successfull pregancies. I travel more than 3...


I chose this OB/GYN office because they are a practice of women of color and I am considered a high-risk for pregnancy - this office advertises their ability to treat high-risk pa...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/11/2013

Horrific.\r I made an appointment after finding Dr. Deyampert had apt medical experience, was located conveniently, and when looking up the practice I was pleased that the women seemed pleasant and most of their credentials assured me they were capable. \r \r Then I went to my first OB appointment.\r \r Dr. DeYampert:\r -Was ill kept. No lab coat. No name tag. Nothing. Old sweater. \r -Did not wash her hands. At any point.\r -Did not inform me of maintaining stable blood sugar.\r -Did not inform me of DHEA/DHA in prenatal vitamins.\r -Did talk my ear off about a prenatal test for down syndrome and autism.\r -Did not give me any further reading or information to take home.\r -Did not recommend any further reading.\r -Did not give solid answers to my questions. She sounded like she was guessing, not speaking from knowledge or experience. \r -Did complain about needing to maintain constant learning in the OB field. \r -Did not inform me about anything pertaining to a pap-smear prior to the procedure. I had pain and bleeding which was only discussed because I watched her dispose of a bloody speculum. \r -Did cough into her hand during my visit. The same hand I shook when she entered the room. \r -Was very rough during my exam. \r -Only spent a total of fifteen minutes with me at my first prenatal visit at a new practice during my first pregnancy.\r \r These are the facts of my visit. I was not pleased and after deciding that I wasn't just being picky, but that I wouldn't trust this woman to deliver my child I decided to switch OBs. I'm really glad I did so after verifying a few of these prior reviews with a search of MD judiciary cases. I'll never go back and I've been recommending everyone I know away from that clinic. more

The Best OBGYN Ever!!! 4/26/2010

Depite all these other reviews I find that this Dr is the best OBGYN there is. I have been with her since 2005 and have been through 4 successfull pregancies. I travel more than 30 minutes for my visits and they are well worth it. This team is made up of a majority of black successful women and I am glad I am apart of that. Dr Deyampert is to the point and doesn't let you do anything you are not comforable with. She respects your veiws and any personal choices that you make regarding your body through your pregnancy. I would reccommend this practice to anyone. more

Unpersonable 4/18/2010

I chose this OB/GYN office because they are a practice of women of color and I am considered a high-risk for pregnancy - this office advertises their ability to treat high-risk patients. Upon my first visit with Dr. DeYampert, I found her to be cold and a bit snippy which is NOT the reaction I want from someone who could potentially bring me through a successful pregnancy. The standard tests I requested were NOT done and I had to return shortly thereafter to go through another pelvic to get further testing. I've gone back for my annual again and was hoping that when I saw her the first time she was having a bad day, but she was equally as rude and a bit demoralizing the second time and I refuse to to back to her. If anyone could suggest another OB/GYN with a good track record, friendly and nurturing physicians, and the ability to treat high-risk pregnancies, I'd appreciate it. \r \r I did see the ARNP and she was very nice - maybe the other docs at this practice are a bit more personable. Pros: Spa services Cons: Rude disposition more

Horrible and Irritating Service 7/27/2009

I took my under 18 year old daughter for her first annual exam and tests done. As guardian, I signed for her to receive full treatment...normal procedure...we signed forms stating I was the parent. We had the appt - I was in the room with them through it all. They gave the paper to call in for her test results. We went to lab for full test, but it would take a few days for the full tests and they would call me with those results. A few days passed and no call about the test from the lab down the street, so I called Dr. Deyamert's office and they put me on hold 3 times before they told me they couldn't give it to me over the phone because I wasn't my daughter. They were about to tell me before they found out I wasn't my daughter. (I told them I was her mother calling) First off, why didn't they call me and my daughter to say they were in? They told me after I said I signed a paper, she was under age and I was there physically with her and they still wouldn't give it to me. Receptionist put me on hold again and said it was a Maryland law and they could only give it to her. Why in the world is it a law if you have to call and get it over the phone. I didn't believe them. They didn't know what they were talking about even after I said I signed forms already stating I was the parent. So my daughter called and they said, ""Sorry Dr. Deyampert is out for the day call back Monday."" This was Friday at around the afternoon. I was furious. The receptionist was going to give me the results over the phone, but now the doctor is the only one...WHAT?! She wasn't there all of a sudden? So...I even argued that I could call in and pretend to be my daughter and what they are claiming still didn't make any sense. Not finished! My daughter calls on Monday and they say everyone's on lunch call back daughter sounding disappointed said ok...and they said ""yeah"" and hung up. Horrible....unacceptable....and should be reviewed by a higher board. I am through with them and looking for new doctor. (This was my daughters first appt) Pros: Distance to house - not worth it after all Cons: I wish I had seen these reviews before... more

Fetal Deaths----beware 2/3/2009

I think that from what I found out everyone should benefit. I just had my first visit with this doctor and I was not aware of the facts until the next day when I started talking to one of my colleagues about my visit. She has worked with this doctor in Mercy Hospital. Dr Deyampert has rarely ever delivered a baby herself, that's why she was kicked out of Mercy Medical as they got tired of her ignorance. She has ""high fetal death rate"" is what I was told and this comes from people who have worked with this doctor. She currently has an active law suit against her by one of her former patients which can be confirmed through the public record of MD court. There are at least 3-4 other cases against her that were settled. After finding out all this information, I feel that I ought to share this with all you ladies who want to see this doctor. Because it might be too late before we realize, we choose the wrong practitioner. I have already started the process of withdrawing my case from her office and transferring to another doctor. I want my first child to be delivered by an experienced, well qualified OB/GYN. Hope this information was helpful in deciding to avoid this doctor and this entire practice. Even the front desk girls are rude and inconsiderate. more

15 Years and Running 10/5/2008

Dr. DeYampert has been my ob/gyn for 15 years. She has delivered all 3 of my children. I have never had any issue with Dr. DeYampert not addressing any of my questions or concerns. I am not sure what happened with these other women, as indicated by their reviews, but I can say Dr. DeYampert is a wonderful doctor. She is professional and very friendly. I have recommended her to my family members, as well. I have only waited for my appt as a result of an emergency for another delivering mom. This is to be expected at an ob office. She delivers babies and they come on their own schedule. more

Lacks Professionalism or Personality 4/14/2008

This Dr. ignores patient concerns and lacks expediency and follow-up with time-sensitive matters. After finding a lump in one of my breasts, she failed to return phone calls to discuss the mammogram results or the ultrasounds results, or even to give me a referall to a general surgeon to have it biopsied! And the few times that I have had appointments with her, she has kept me waiting in the waiting room for over an hour - when no one else was in the waiting room! This last time, I even saw one woman come in after I had been waiting for over 45 minutes and she took that patient - who was more than 15 minutes late to her appointment - before she took me. \r \r Never again. Cons: Not responsive to legitimate health issues or patient concerns. more

Absolutely Horrible! 3/30/2008

I'm writing this so that other ladies can spare themselves the hassle of having to deal with this doctor. \r Through out my whole pregnancy, this doctor has been cold and insensitive. Refused to tell me the baby's heartbeat, or her measurements, and only told me that she was healthy. She's wouldn't take the time to answer any questions, and often left the room before I even had a chance to express and concerns. \r At 35 weeks, my water broke, I called the office, and had her paged. She never called me back. I called several times in 24 hours to have her paged, and she never returned a call. The hospital wouldn't admit me, until I heard back from my doctor, and because it was a weekend, the office was closed so I couldn't just stop in. I'm absolutely outraged, that the on call doctor/ nurse for the practice never called me back!\r This is not the type of doctor you want to have in an emergency situation, or in any situation where it involves the life of an infant/ unborn child for that matter.\r Take my advice, and stay away! Cons: Everything! more

Experience to be forgotten 10/14/2007

All of my visits to this doctor have been of utter waste. She has no patience and will not listen to you when she is in a spree to talk. It is as if we are paying her to listen to what she talks and she won't listen to your feelings. She is dead against VBAC. Given an opportunity, she would send you out of her clinic for asking for VBAC. Every medical procedure has risks involved - if this doctor is not ready to take up this risk, why she chose to became a doctor, God alone knows.\r Let me come to her front office ladies - they are very bad human beings. The lady who calls the patients in, never calls me by name. She uses finger to call me (always). If these people find it difficult to pronounce patient's name, why should they be in such profession. They have absolutely no sense of responsibility. Our first visit to this doctor was so bad, I can never forget it. This doctor was in the hospital delivering baby that time. We were late by 2 minutes and the doctor's assistants just declined to give us the appointment saying we are late. We literally had to beg for giving appointment - almost for 15 minutes. Then when the doctor was coming into the clinic, these assistants saw her and didn't want us to be standing there asking for appointment. So they said, we will let you in after all other patients are gone. We waited for another one hour to see this doctor.\r Overall I have had very bad experience with this doctor and her assistants. If they get to read this, they just need to know that they have to change their attitudes towards people in need. I am planning to visit Dr. Hundley and see how she is and her response towards VBAC. If she is also like Dr. Deyampert, I would go to another doctor for sure. more
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