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Detour 2 Discovery Day School

2001 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 949-2273
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I have toured so many daycares in the Chicago area, and this is hands down the best! Even when compared with the very high-priced centers (Presbyterian and Downtown Children's Le...


This is the real scoop about Detour from a highly educated (and I have received degrees in education), involved, loving, and generous parent. I do not have a nanny pick-up my chi...

D2D is the best in the area! 7/31/2009

I have toured so many daycares in the Chicago area, and this is hands down the best! Even when compared with the very high-priced centers (Presbyterian and Downtown Children's Learning Place). I think the bad reviews here are from parents with warped priorities, or competitors. I took my child here after she was injured and exposed to filth at a competing nearby center. She is soooo happy to be dropped off here (she has kicked and screamed at other places). Her teachers are friendly, nice and caring. The kids are taught and cared for in bright, educationally-stimulating rooms with terrific toys. Her classmates also are well dressed and very well-behaved, which speaks to the parents that bring their children here. I was seriously surprised that this place was as great as it is, given how bad some of the reviews are, and that I had combed through the city for a place I felt at ease with and come up with nothing except D2D. The only drawback is that the outdoor park is not very close by, and I think the kids have to walk a couple of blocks or so. But I guess that's the drawback of city daycares - proximity to green space. Other than that, it's an excellent place. Pros: Clean, bright, colorful, building, friendly staff Cons: Location more

D2D is Premium Care 7/16/2009

I also LOVE this school. I am an attorney and was extremely stressed and concerned returning to work. I have two children - one that attended D2D from infant to K and a child now in infant care. I researched all options and was completely discouraged until I toured D2D. I also thought the place was too good to be true. I also observed several day cares with children at the local parks; D2D was the only staff with 2 staff members that interacted with the children. However, the care has exceed my expectations. Staff greets the children by name with a very cheerful good morning - the tone is always positive. The children have fabulous activities each day - weather permitting, the children take advantage of local parks and city activities as age appropriate. There are strollers for the infants for walks each day. There is a large motor room. The children are fed quality and healthy snacks and lunch. Each infant parent receives a note each day detailing diaper changes, eating, naps and the activities. Staff is connected with each child and the individual personalities. The building is well maintained with high ceilings, large and colorfully decorated rooms and plenty of space for the children. There are half doors or large windows for each classroom so that it is clear to see what is happening in each room. In addition, the management has a camera in each room and can observe what is occuring. Parents are permitted in the front office to also observe their children. D2D sends the staff to a conference each year and promotes continuing education. The staff to child ratio is very low and demonstrates the dedication of D2D to the quality of care. I have not had a negative experience. Addressing some of the comments from other reviewers: (i) the hours are appropriate. At the beginning D2D had extended hours, but the director stated some parents were leaving children 5 days for 12 hours, and it was not appropriate for the children. D2D is supplemental care, not primary care. In addition, most of the staff have families and want to return home to see their children; (ii) Days Off - it is unbelievable to me that any parent would begrudge the staff days off and complain they need to take a vacation day to spend with their child. The staff is not highly paid and deserve the days off to spend with their families and this is one of the few benefits that are afforded to providers. Parents can use vacation and personal days during the D2D days off - they are published well in advance. I appreciate the school closing on ""snow days"" - why have staff, parents and children out in dangerous conditions. I am shocked any parent would complain about staff days off to attend a continuing education conference or to clean the school - most parents view these as positives! I also feel the need to respond to the review from ""msmommy"" on May 02, 2009. I have never witnessed any act of aggression toward any child - it would not be tolerated. And it would be noticed due to the cameras in each room. I have never seen a child treated in way other than positive. The toys are cleaned at the end of EVERY day and I have seen the staff cleaning the toys, which are age apppropriate and well maintained. The published D2D policy is that a child sick for more than 3 days must have a note to return to school - this is for the protection of all staff and children and a positive, not a negative. Staff is diligent about changing diapers and records each diaper change in a daily note. Any ""Mommy"" who would leave her child at a day care she alleges is neglectful, poorfully run, aggressive with children and in a ""run - down"" building for her own ""convenience"" says far more about the mother than the truth about D2D. If the events described were true, I would not have sent two children to D2D. It is truly premium care. Pros: Staff; Low Ratios; Activities; Philosophy; Food; Location Cons: No benefits for Staff due to size of business more

Telling it like it is 5/28/2009

what is really going on!!! I am currently a parent at D2D. I have a child there and one at another school. I have to tell you, if i had my way both of my children would be there. I really, really, really love this school. The teachers are great with the kids and i'm always greeted by them, rather it be my child's teachers or not. I love the fact that there are many friendly faces there. I feel really good about leaving my baby there. I can remember when I was first given a tour at D2D, me, my husband and his mother couldn't believe this place could really exist. I remember us saying that this place was too good to be true. We said that maybe because they know we are watching everybody are on their best! Well...after being there for over three years, everybody seems to still be on their best so it wasn't just a front. As i read other reviews it seems as if some are angry that the teachers are given too many days off. If you ask me or maybe you don't want to ask me because i would tell you that not only D2D teachers but teachers all around the world have the hardest jobs there is. how could you be selfish enough to complain about the days these teachers have off. After all they are only humans not robots. And just because they care for our kids doesn't mean that they have to bend over backwards and lower their school standards for us. If anything we should bend over backwards for them after all these teachers care for our most prize possesions... our children. So instead of me treating them bad or barking demands on them, I show my child's teachers every year (and throughout the year i might add), just how much i really do appreciate them caring for kid. To me there isn't enough that i can do. Some one also mentioned that the teachers are paid pretty close to minimum wage, i agree that is not good but some one also mentioned that's not D2D fault, I also agree it's the nation's fault. Keep in mind people caring for a classroom full of kids is not easy and because these teacher's are not paid what they should, we need to be careful of the way these teachers are treated and respect your child's school. maybe i said to much already! I'm just telling it like it is. D2D is the best, try it for youself and i promise you will agree. Pros: SOME great teachers, kids really learn there,catered food Cons: underpaid teachers, open too late, close too early more

here's the scoop from an ex-employee 5/27/2009

A parent of a former student told me should write in to clear the air. Pros: Low Ratos, Great to the kids, Great to the staff! Cons: Since it's such a small business, no insurance/401k plan more

SEE IT YOURSELF...This place is the BEST school PERIOD! 5/26/2009

I think those writing negative comments about D2D are confusing the meaning of QUALITY. 1st & foremost-anyone trained in education(myself included, having my masters in EC, with specialization in infant care/special ed)would not make comments like the ones I've read & then continue to keep their child there out of ""convenience."" Convenience has NOTHING to do with quality. The directors are WONDERFUL-every school should be SO lucky to be where they pay 2 directors when the state only requires 1. Those of us enrolled are also so lucky to have so much staff-the ratios are the absolute best anywhere! I have never heard of a school willingly having a 6to1 ratio for preschool where the state allows 10to1! Standard by state regs for preschool is a group of 20 with 1 teacher/1 aide! I actually found out about this place from someone at DCFS, she said it was the only place she & co-workers would ever send any child they knew - believe me, she's seen it all! Another point is that some comments were made about teachers not being treated well, but then also complaints that they close school early & for holidays/conferences. Can't anyone see the forest for the trees? They do this as benefit for the staff -- giving them early shifts, extra days off and taking them to off-site conferences, I think that is so ahead of the times, and I think they have been doing it for like 15 yrs! So, yes they don't offer insurance & staff aren't paid like those of us who utilize the center. NEWS FLASH. Daycare professionals are among the lowest paid workers in our country. That is not a D2D problem, it is a national problem. I think D2D does the best it can & still retains top notch, loving staff year after year. My last thought is that any comment on how this place is run can't be taken seriously without considering D2D PURPOSELY has way less kids per class than they could-that means they make less tuition & have more staff. To me that means the program does what it can within its means & is NOT GREEDY. Pros: LOW RATIOS, SMALL GROUPS, GREAT MANAGEMENT & PHILOSOPHY Cons: Parents enrolled who are negative, non-supportive more

This is a great place to send your kids 5/4/2009

I have to respond to the review from 5-2-09. I have never once seen any teacher be aggressive in any sort of way. I am shocked anyone would ever make that allegation toward this school. I have 2 kids in the school and have been going there for 3 years. I will agree that the hours should be extended for the amount of tuition paid and the school is closed too many days throughout the year. But I have to say that the pros of this school outweigh the cons. The staff is caring and helpful and kids really do come first at this school. Pros: lunch, staff, parks and field trips Cons: hours, too many days off more

The REAL Scoop!!!!!!!!!!! Take a DETOUR Away from here! 5/2/2009

This is the real scoop about Detour from a highly educated (and I have received degrees in education), involved, loving, and generous parent. I do not have a nanny pick-up my child, I DO volunteer for story time, I DO bring wipes, diapers and any of the materials that they ask (mind you most other schools will provide paper, paint, markers, tissue, classroom wipes, snacks, etc...), I ALWAYS pick up my child on-time or even early and never on my cell phone, I ALWAYS say hello to staff that I know and don't know. My child is ALWAYS bathed and in clean clothes. I have had my child there for several years and have been waiting to take him out to send him to pre-school. I have stayed simply for convenience to my home and to not change him too much before he goes to preschool. I have been counting the days and I am a few months away! YAY!!! There are many other daycares opening nearby and if I started again, they would go somewhere else - NOT HERE! I too, as someone else mentioned have been begged by staff to hire them as nannies but I simply liked the socialization for my child. This is an old, run-down buildiing. I see that the enrollment has gone way done and there are reasons why - just walk in the door and be greeted by the wrong administrator. They will change the rules for different people and different times. My child was sick for 1 day (maybe if you cleaned the toys there, they would not get sick as much) and I decided to keep him home for the next two because I had the days off. THey would not let me bring him back without a doctor note. He has been sick numerous times before this and they never made me bring a note. My son was playing at a table and a piece of the ceiling fell right in front of him - luckily on the table and not on him. And I also experienced the days of not having heat last winter. ANd I experienced the HOT days in the summer. I have never seen a daycare close because it snows and they want their teachers to go home early. Then reimburse us for the time that I am now using for my personal or sick time to care for my child. I have friends in the suburbs whose daycare is open from 6:30 AM -6:30 PM. I am charged extra if my child stays past 4:30! Who has working hours like that? I could count on one hand the teachers that I would be happy for my child to have, most of the other good ones have moved on to other daycares or have been hired as nannies. They do not give these teachers health insurance even and close to minimum wage. I ALWAYS give excellent holiday and end of the year gifts and even birthday gifts for the teachers because someone has to treat them nicely. Most of the teachers do not have education degrees and are just thrown into a classroom - just ask them if they have educational training or even training when they start there. I bring my child home with a dirty diaper almost every day but they expect that my child arrive with a clean diaper everyday(of course I would do this anyway). I saw a teacher mixing my child's infant cereal with water... weren't they trained to know to mix with milk or formula? It even says it on the box. I am glad that I caught her doing this. Pros: a few teachers, catered lunch, parks in neighborhood Cons: administration, old building, days open, hours of operation more

Very Happy with Detours! 12/6/2008

I am totally shocked by these reviews below. My son has been in the infant room at Detours since May of 07. We have had a very positive experience, from the first tour with the Admissions Director to today 6 months later. I was very stressed out about daycare for my son, and spent most of my maternity leave researching and touring daycares all over the loop, downtown and south loop. My sister is a teacher and she even recommended D2D to me, and I was referred by a friend of mine that had her two children there until she has a third and is no staying home. Pros: Friendly Staff, Good Value compared to others in the area, great parent communication Cons: closed on many holidays that not everyone has off work more

OH YEAH!! 10/23/2008

I am a HAPPY Detour parent and I must say that some of the parents who have posted complaints about the school should be ashamed! You are the same people who cannot be bothered to volunteer for a field trip, read a story for circle time, or even pick up your child on time. When you enter the building, you don't greet the staff; you're waiting for another parent or friend that you know to come moseying down the hall so that you can whine about EVERYTHING!!! Some of the parents are really great, but the few who gossip with the employees, have affairs with the employees, and disrespect these employees are just getting what you give. How about you bring diapers and wipes for your child when the teachers inform you that you child is running low? OH better yet how about you pick up you child on time, fire the nanny and and spend some time with your child? The teachers at Detour have a life outside of the school but if you know that the school closes at 5:30 why come strolling in on your cell phone and not making apologies for the inconvience that you've caused? Pros: Great staff, field trips around the city, attentive teachers Cons: Rude parents, non-kid friendly menu, last minute volunteer requests more


I sent my child to Detour and it was horrible. I kept giving it 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.. chances because the options around were not great. Each time it was something else and something worse. I have had at least 3 teachers ask me if I wanted or if I know of anyone who needs a nanny because they hate it there. That one specific administrator is REALLY NASTY HUMAN! The other seems to be scared of the first. The owner is nearly non-existent after she moved out of state. There are some teachers who are good but you have to get lucky and get one of them. The heat was out SEVERAL times last year and they didn't seem to feel it was a big deal - it was probably 50 degrees in there, not so great for an infant! And often no air conditioning. Old run down building and they only update a couple things a year. They throw teachers into classrooms without ANY training! I could write specifics that would horrify you! And as I saw others wrote... yes, let's close down the school ANOTHER day. This is daycare, NOT elementary school. Isn't the meaning of daycare to care for children while the parents have to work. Well, if you close for every govt holiday and we don't work for the govt then we have take off. And then add your seminars and ""clean the school day."" And oh yes, let's close the school for 2 days to go to a conference and then ask the parents to donate food and supplies. OK< SO... hire a nanny, find another daycare, don't work but don't send your kid here. I know they pay close to minimum wage to the teachers. OH< and they won't let them babysit... what are they afraid of, someone stealing them or the teachers realizing that they are treated poorly? Oh, there's more but I hope you have read enough! Pros: Plum Catering Lunch, the occasional good teacher Cons: closed often, fair teachers, management, run down building, no parental contact unless you beg! more

Please avoid this school! 6/10/2008

The school is overpriced and gone significantly downhill since I started sending my child. Some of the teachers are good, most can't be bothered. It is closed all the time, every single government holiday and then they piggy back and close on non-holidays, like New Year's Eve and the day before Christmas Eve. I am convinced it is because the teachers will not show up on those days. And the whole school closes at 5:30. If you want to have your child there from 7:30 to 5:30 be prepared to pay over a hundred dollars extra. And if you don't make it to the school until 5:25, your child will be sitting in the office. They even shut down the entire school so the staff can go to conferences, and then they put out requests for the parents to donate snacks! They complain about putting sunscreen on the children! One of the administrators is really rude and condecending to parents, two qualities that you certainly don't want in a child care provider! I really hate this school now and can't wait to pull my child out. Pros: catered lunch serves fruit and vegetables Cons: bad hours, staff uncaring more

Closed Again. 2/26/2008

I find this school nothing to write home about. Teachers are lazy and don't want to get up and go the extra mile for kids. Don't get me wrong, there are a handful of good ones which my daughter never seemed to get. They are closed SOOOO much and unless I worked for the government, I am taking off at least 10 days a year. They don't seem to listen to direction from the parent. One of the administrators is not nice at all, can you smile??? Owner is almost never there which may be why it is falling apart. They also seem to make up their own rules as they go along. Pros: location to Hyde Park, South Loop and West Loop Cons: building, staff, hours of operation, rates keep going up more

some issues 8/17/2006

There are several issues with this school. Do I think it is the best? NO. Is it the worst? NO. Staff is hot & cold. You may get a good teacher or you may get a bad one. Owner there 1X a week. The building is old which comes with problems. Upkeep is fair, could be more up to date. Toys could be more up to date too, I think they get alot of hand-me-downs from families. Large facility. Close to many parks and they take the kids on walks. Pros: small teacher/child ratio Cons: would like more communication more

Best program in Chicago! 4/9/2006

Seriously, this school is the best around. Low ratios, great staff, great administrators! It really has it all. Next best thing to having a private nanny -- without any of the worries...your kids are in the best care if they are at Detour! Founded by a thoughtful, young couple who really knew what the child care field needed! I think they have been in business for like 14 years now and I still hear wonderful things about it everytime i talk to anyone with kids - everyone knows about it - it's the best -not kept- parenting secret that everyone tells their friends about. Pros: cool build-out, good to their staff, they love children! Cons: nada, zilch, none more
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